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Female, 31 years old
Santa Clara, CA, Western US

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A car accident? AGAIN? - Mood:Good
Friday August 17 20071:35:56 PM |
This is my third car accident. The first one I was actually in a car, but the last two were me on my bike getting beat around by cars.

Yesterday morning my health insurance was cancelled (even though it should not have been). To calm myself, I decided to go on a relaxing 20-mile ride. As I rode away from my house, I jokingly thought, "I'll probably get hit by a car with my luck."

About 5 miles in, on a busy street with lots of parked cars on the side, a door opens up suddenly right in front of me. So sudden that I had absolutely no tme to react, and just slammed into it, and was propelled out to the left side.

If a bus had been coming by, or even just a random car (it was lunch time, a high possibility), I could've been kiled, or paralyzed.

Stupid f*cking bitch should have LOOKED before she opened her damn door. DUH. Not even just for a cyclist, she could've opened her bike onto a car too. I'm a really aggressive rider, and I don't ride close to cars to prevent thi

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Nerdy? Me? - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 15 200712:52:47 PM |
Friday I plan to go party with z3riesp in San Francisco in honor of my 21st birthday. (It was on the 13th) She and I haven't been to a bar together yet.

I have a doctor's appointment that day, and am gonna meet with her after.

I invited my friend Eric to go, but suddenly I have a change of heart. See, I normally ride my bike around the city, but was gonna forgo this so Eric could tag along.

But I just got new cranks, pedals, and a spanking new gear ratio on my bike, and I HAVE to test it in San Francisco, therefore I must leave Eric in the dust.

Eric says that I ride my bike so much because I have exercise bulimia, but he has no sense of what it feels like to be this passionate about bike riding. It's so freaking FUN!

I don't rag on him for having endless movie knowledge.

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Happy birthday to me! - Mood:Good
Monday August 13 20078:03:38 PM |
That's right motherf*ckers, I'm 21 goddam years old!

I went to lunch with my dad in Santa Cruz at a vegan restaurant today, and he bought me beers.

Then I wandered over to this bitchin pub on Pacific Ave, Rosie McCann's, and the bartender and some dude paid for my beers.

Now I'm gonna go out to my local hang out, and they're probably gonna buy me beers too! My life rules!

And all of these people calling me up, wishing me happy birthday.

Oh, and I've gotten $550 so far!

The only thing that could make this day better is if I caught AIDS, and then cured it.

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Photoshop, anyone? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 05 200710:08:02 PM |
Okay, so I got some pictures from a party I was at Friday night, and I want to edit the background, but I don't know how. Can any of you do it?

In the background of this one, I want it to be brright yellow, and with random geometric shapes.

And in this one, there should just be rainbows everywhere in the back.

I know, I being such a vain assh*le right now, but I really want it done and I can't, so I'm putting myself at your mercy.

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Drunk lesbians and alcoholic children? Yes, it was a great party. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 31 20078:41:59 PM |
Alcohol, weed, cocaine, sex, and a little dancing, this was one of the best parties I've been to in a long time. Started drinking at 3:00 pm, stopped at 3:00 am. (I didn't participate in the cocaine, or sex, by the by)

A hot wasted girl and a nerdy guy are making out in the back room, and my friend Eric is sitting there. A lesbian (the only one, regretfully) walks in, and starts making out with the drunk girl! Nerdy guy watches for a while, THINKING he's gonna get in on a threesome.

Nope! Lesbian straight up tells him to leave, then turns to Eric and makes him leave too. The nerdy guy got so mad that he went around punching walls.

Since everyone was drunk, we decided to be assh*les and peer through the window to see what was happening. They had taken a vibrator out of the drawer and were using it on eachother! That wasn't their vibrator! Yuck!

Then, one of them had to puke, so they walked to the bathroom, she puked, and then they continnued making out.

Please hold for more

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How do I meet this guy and become romantically involved with him? - Mood:Good
Friday July 27 200712:34:43 PM |
Oh Sandy Casar, you woo me with your win of the 18th stage of Le Tour De France!

In the beginning of the stage, a dog ran into his front wheel in the road, knocking him and another rider to the ground. Yet he still came out and won!

Okay, I'm such a cycling dork right now, I have been watching Le Tour daily for the last few weeks.

As of now, I'm determined to marry a cyclist, preferrably a sprinter, since they have better bodies.

I gained three pounds of muscle and lost a pound of fat. Impossible for a young lady, you say? Apparently it's not!

Are there any cyclists out there that want to marry me? Or maybe just make out with me?

We can go ride bikes!

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Try a little tenderness!...when you dump someone. - Mood:Good
Saturday July 14 200711:48:05 PM |
I'm going to a party with this dude tonight. We had two previous dates, but I just don't like him, he doesn't excite me. And we don't really connect on the level that I want in a boyfriend.

I just need to get him the message, and I don't want to just start ignoring his phone calls. I've done that a few times, and I just feel like such a bitch. ESPECIALLY when you run into that person later on, zoinks.

Black nail polish for 99cents. It doesn't work very well, my nails look like a bog exploded on my finger tips.


I rode my bike with my backpack on, sweated, and it made a face!

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What`s the difference between babies and sand? - Mood:Good
Friday July 13 20073:00:14 AM |
You can't get babies in sand's eyes!

It's really supposed to be, "You move one with a pitchfork and one with a shovel," but I like my way better! No hurty babies.

I got really stoned today with my homeboy, and we were laughing our asses off.

We started talking about selling babies on the blackmarket, and I said, "What if someone wanted to buy just the hands, and you're so desperate for money that you just sell the hands, so you have this handless baby on your display table, crying, and waving it's handless arms. Oh, and it's missing it's right big toe."

I rode my bike, swam laps, and ran today! I'm on my way to triathletism!

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Kill yourself! - Mood:Good
Sunday July 08 20079:45:30 PM |
Psyche! I don't want any of you to die! That would bum me out to the MAXXX!

This dude took me to a drive-in movie last night, when we'd just had our first date the night BEFORE.

When he called to ask me out, I asked, "Aren't you being a little desperate, calling me the next day?"

I was just joking, but he gave me a sincere answer, " I thought I would just go for it."

How sweet. Yeah, we made out a little at the movie, and he's really nice and stuff, and cute, but there aren't fireworks in my heart. And it was JUST fourth of July!

With a practically infinite amount of pictures on my digital camera, I've started taking pictures of my own outfits before I go out, because my mirror doesn't give me a full view.

I can't decide if I like this dress or not, but the flowers ARE deliciously dainty!

I wore this on our first date. Not really to impress him, but simply because I'd just bought it, needed

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Go to hell, kid! - Mood:Good
Saturday July 07 20075:00:59 AM |
I hate when I look at my journals when I get home to see if someone postd something after I logged off, and I come across some person that I've NEVER seen before mocking me for no reason. I mean, I'm not hurt, because that would just be dumb, but come on. Who the f*ck are YOU to make fun of ME?

Especially when all they can muster up is a sarcastic "ur so kewl." Yeah, I'm talkin to you, girl-who-said-that.

Anyway, I had a pretty tight date tonight, and we made out.

Yeah, I made out with THIS GUY.

I asked, and the canadian tuxedo WAS just a joke.

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I`m totally stoned, and I need to get ready for my date, but all I wanna do is sit around and eat. - Mood:Good
Friday July 06 200711:04:41 PM |
Word. I smoked a coupla joints with my boys when I got home this afternoon. I went on a craazy long bike ride and swam laps, so I was in need of some relaxation.

I think I look like a 12-year-old being forced to do creepy sexy poses in this picture.

I'm such a photo whore, but I don't care. I have a camera, I can't help it!

This personality of mine is quite stunted, to the point that my date my become a big flop. But I'm going to wear an irresistible shor dress, and he won't even care if I say stupid stuff.

I really wish that I could have sex with Christian Bale. He's just so hot! Oh, kiss me Christian!

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I`m going on a date with THIS GUY? - Mood:Good
Friday July 06 20071:32:34 AM |
F*ck eye: it's what I've been giving this dude for about 6 months, but we've never spoken, or even come within 10 ft of eachother. I see him at school, and downtown. Today he FINALLY stopped at talked to me.

(How could he resist ME for so long? Oh, wait, duh, he was just shy)

He got my number, and tonight, mere HOURS after I gave him my number, he called to ask me out on a date. So we're goin on one tomorrow.

Then I checked out HisMySpace, and came across some incriminating photographs.

I find them to be quite amusing, and slightly disconcerting.

People, this is why you don't post pictures of yourself on the internet! Some girl that you're gonna go on a date with posts them on a blog and her internet community picks them apart!

I post pictures of myself, so I can't really talk.

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Mmm, boys, boys, boys. And food. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 04 200712:51:28 AM |
I have been super horny lately, and have made out with two guys since I became single again back in March, but I haven't "gone all the way," during my singleness.

There are so many cute and great pesonality guys out there, I can feel myself getting closer to...TEH SEX.

Here's an idea of the guys that I talk about in my journals, and maybe stalk.

This is a guy from my math class (which just wrapped up). I was in love with him all spring, but only on my end. I think he would've liked me too, but he has a stupid GIRLFRIEND.

I met this guy at the vegan restaurant I frequent, but he lives in Santa Cruz. He's vegan too, and rides a bike! Talkative, and has green eyes. We'd be perfect to have sex with eachother. I have his phone number.

Gah, I hope none of them are on YT. I'm bored.

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Today commemorates one year of me being a vegan. - Mood:Good
Friday June 29 20071:39:24 AM |
So I ate a feast! Of cakes and vietnamese food! YUM YUM!

Last night I got drunk. My friend Eric and I bought some beer and a bottle opener/nail clipper. As we were sittin upon the wooded steps that descended to the creek of one of the city parks, drinking Coronas, Eric decided to use the nail clippers.

I looked at him and started giggling, he looked at himself and said, "Oh my god I'm clipping my nails right now like a f*cking faggot."

We were already pretty buzzed at that point. Here are the steps, and here he is (and yeah, he's gay)

I love drinking just cause.

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I love beer!! - Mood:Good
Sunday June 24 20071:02:20 AM |
It be da best. I have a newfoundlove for beer, after getting completely wasted last night and the only thing I drank was beer. I used to try to drink hard liqour out of a fear of too many beer calories, but I recently came to this conclusion:

I'm not freaking fat! DUH! What was I thinking? I'm so physically active, I should start drinking beer so I don't get underweight.

Last night I drank 40s and rode my bike around town with my awesome friends, and met new awesome friends.

I really want a boyfriend named Paco, Juan, or Tito, because I think those be some sweet ass names. I meet a lot of bike guys from the Eastside with names like that, and they're all f*cking adorable.

Plus, I want to tell my mom that my new boyfriends name is Paco, and have her say, "Oh, god, Vanessa," and then I call her a servant of the white man, because if I told her I was going out with a guy named John she wouldn't roll her eyes!

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Modelling is quite embarassing if you aren`t used to it. Here are some of the results of me being embarassed. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 200712:15:37 AM |
I hair modelled for a salon the other day. It was quite fun. The only thing that sucked was the fact that they did me up like a total club rat.

So here is the Velcro that you all know and love:

And here I am with a sh*t ton of make up trying to look seductive, when we all know that I'm a total spaz:

Ack! My friends are all saying how pretty I look and sh*t, but it just totally creeps me out to look like that. Normally I never wear make-up.

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I dyed my eyebrows yesterday! For the first time. What do you think? - Mood:Good
Sunday June 17 200711:13:44 PM |
I modelled for a salon yesterday, which was awesome because they touched up my highlights (a service I thought I wouldn't be able to afford unless I sold my soul to the devil) for free, and trimmed my ends. They also told me they wanted to dye my eyebrows because it would open up my eyes in the shots.

Modelling is super fun! The photographer (my new MySpace friend) said that the pictures turned out great, and that he'd give me prints in order to start a portfolio.

Woohoo! My friend Andrew models, maybe he can give me some pointers. I know that so many people are doing it that I really don't have a chance of "making it," but it'd be great to make a little money.

Oh by the way, my special lady, my bike Sherry, is in the background. We spend everyday together, for hours and hours.

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Dear heart, have sex with me... - Mood:Good
Monday June 11 20079:02:05 PM |
I ran into my Whole Foods worker crush today. Well, by run into, I mean I waited in his line at the checkstand.

We started chatting it up, and I said, "Man, you have hella carabiners!"

He smiled and said, "I dunno, I just have so many keys, all over the place! I just moved, so I have my parents key, and the key to my new house."

"Where did you move to?"

"San Francisco."

Nooooooo!! My heart totally broke. We were flirting so nicely, I was closing in for the kill, and he's moving an hour train-ride away.

He's just working here for another month. I guess that means that I'm doing all of my shopping at Whole Foods.

Ugh, I met this guy at the gym who is so totally hot, and hella into me, but it's like talking to a f*cking brick wall.

I am having some bad luck with guys.

Oh, and I made out with this guy that I actually like and know and I thought he liked me too, but GUESS WHO isn't returning my texts???

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I`m depressed, and it has to do with nudity. - Mood:Good
Friday June 08 20071:42:29 PM |
I just want to do everything naked. But nooo, I rent a room from this creepy ass family, so I can't go in the kitchen and cook naked, I can't sit in the living room and play x-box naked, I can't play my keyboard in the living room naked.

It's bullsh*t!

I want to get a roommate so so much, these people are ridiculously annoying. The mom was talking to me this morning, and she annoyed me so much that I almost cried.

I was already a little emotional, but I think that was kind of a strong reaction.

Everyone tells me that I'm totally great and gorgeous, yet I don't have a boyfriend.

Hmm, what the f*ck eh??

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Umm, is this totally retarded? - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 06 20072:47:38 AM |
So there's this guy that I like, and we hung out the other day, rode bikes, watched a movie, and totally made out and I fell asleep at his house, it was all really sweet and I think that it's going places.

There's this one problem: we both have snakebite piercings (one on each side of the bottom lip).

It really wasn't a problem when we were making out, I didn't even notice. But it's like we're wearing freaking matching sweaters! And loafers!

Hey guys, not only are we both vegan, ride single speed road bikes and have tattoos, but we also have our lips doubly pierced!

So dumb! I know I shouldn't care what people think, but I don't want people to see me as one of those girls that does whatever their boyfriend does just to make him like her. I've BEEN like this.

I got an A on my math test! Woot!

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How do you post a You Tube video on your MySpace page? - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 22 20079:05:53 PM |
I've looked, but I can't f*cking figure it out.

And I don't want to ask my friends, because they'll tell make fun of me.

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While scouring the internet for video of Lindsay Lohan doing cocaine, I realized something...(And a question for cyclists) - Mood:Good
Monday May 21 200711:14:23 PM |
I just want to see video of people doing cocaine, it doesn't matter whether or not it's Lindsay Lohan!

If anyone gets their hands on that Lohan footage, though, hit me up. Coke heads are hilarious!

I'm going to NYC in the summer, and I had high hopes for riding in their Critical Mass. Reading into it, though, leads me to believe that Critical Mass is getting shut down like nobody's business, so I'm going to miss the boat!!

Does anyone have any information about Critical Mass rides in NYC? Or anywhere, just to see how it's doing everywhere else.

I know Critical Mass rides have been getting rough, and bad publicity, but the idea of it just makes me happy, as a cyclist that gets nearly run off the road daily.

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Who is this woman? - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 08 20079:23:02 PM |
I want a print of this picture from my birthday. I sent the picture to my mom, but she says, "Find out who it is, and I'll do it." Why does she have to be an evil witch, my mother? It'll be my 21st birthday, cater to my every whim! No, she's not an evil witch, she's just sassy.

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Oh Harry Potter, you make me feel funny in weird places. And I need some help. - Mood:Good
Thursday April 19 20078:41:44 PM |
Well, NOT. But I was thinking. I started reading those books when they first came out, and since the last one is gonna come out in July, it'll all be over! No more anticipation! I'm going to have to start using meth in order to get that same rush that all of the kids at Hogwarts give me.

Or maybe I'll just keep smoking weed and read the gazillion other books that I haven't read.


Okay, so there's this guy that works at Whole Foods. He's completely my type, he's so so sexy and he seems like our personalities would mesh hella well. I'm a complete nerd: I go to his checkstand every time he's there, even if there's a shorter line.

Desperate? Yes. But god, I just love the way that he looks at me! The most he spoke to me was right after I got my lip piercings, and he was asking about the swelling. He NOTICED?

How do I get him to fall madly in love with me? He's working whenever I see him, and I don't want to be a total creep.

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Living with an ex-boyfriend: yay or nay? - Mood:Good
Monday April 09 200710:00:51 PM |
So, one of my best friends is my ex-boyfriend, Jake. His best friend (aside from me) is Ryan. They used to live together, and due to some rather sucky events, they now live with their moms. Now, they're looking to move in together again, and want to to come with.

They would make SUCH good roommates, we would have hella fun, and Jake and I totally don't like eachother.

Plus, I'm MISERABLE at the place that I live now. The people are such motherf*cking jackasses, I wish that they'd die.

The problem is, this would most likely scare off any potential boyfriends, or scare off my other ex, Nick, from wanting to get back with me. (Which is dumb, because Jake has a girlfriend, and she and I are friends)

I also feel if a guy doesn't trust me then we shouldn't be together anyway, but then again, would I trust a boyfriend who lived with his ex-girlfriend?

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