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Male, 120 years old
, , Europe

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This may be interesting or extremely uninteresting - Mood:Bored
Wednesday January 02 20139:43:06 PM |
Haven't really been active here for a long while now, what's new, and who's still around?
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I hate customers sometimes - Mood:Happy
Tuesday September 14 20103:24:58 PM |
Luckily, I have a few days off though since I work on-call.

My job is to serve food and work the ovens at IKEA food at the moment, and we get some real annoying people sometimes.

Listed from worst down:
1. People who hold up a 30+ person line deciding what they want even though they've already had at least 5 minutes to choose whilst in line.

2. People who don't realize that there are several sizes to each dish, even though it says so on the goddamned posters!

3. People who complain about the breakfast portions, even though they only cost 10 kroner (which is about 2 bucks) and is next to nothing in super-expensive Norway. Just buy 2 plates then ffs!

4. People who change their minds about what they want right after you finish making the dish because A, it wastes food and B, it wastes time.

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There once was a girl from Blight - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday July 20 20102:27:46 AM |
Who could travel faster than light,
She left one day in a relative way,
And came back the previous night.

I just remembered that limerick my grandfather used to love.

So I'm currently on vacation in the US staying with my mom and my sister (my cousin is also here) and they just returned from New York City earlier today.

It was really nice to have the whole house to myself for the week, but a strange thing happened; normally I don't give a crap about the house being clean, but immediately when they left last Monday, I felt the need to have the house rid of all junk and properly cleaned, so I did it myself.

Also, my friend from Norway is coming to visit me for my last few days here, what do y'all suggest I show him while he's here?

He's never left Europe, so this should be fun, I'm thinking of making him eat a different restaurant everyday, considering the lack of variety in Oslo.

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Ring ring ring ring ring - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 14 20109:50:27 PM |

So apparently today is the day of my 5th YTiversary! I can't believe I've been on this site for a half f*cking decade, jesus.

I ate a burger at Five Guys today, and also snuck into my old high school with a former classmate.

The front door was open for cleaning, so we went up the stairs to the third floor and sat on a random couch we found lying around.

We decided to leave once we began feeling dizzy, apparently they were waxing the floors with some hella strong stuff.

I also discovered that I really dislike this smiley:
I mean, wtf is that? Seriously?

End journal

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Just click on this thread, you aren`t that pressed for time if you are on YT. - Mood:Surprised
Friday February 26 20106:38:44 AM |
So you know that older girl that you've always had a crush on when you were in High School, the one that you would hang out with and joke around with, but was still too old for you?

Well apparently she thinks I'm old enough for her now; saweet!

In other news, I'm going to introduce Northern Norway to Quesadillas tomorrow during my school's foreign food event, I'll also introduce them to Coke Floats! (Root Beer doesn't exist here, I don't have much choice when it comes to sodas sadly.)

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Wonderful birthday gifts - Mood:Shocked
Tuesday October 27 20094:05:12 PM |
So I recently turned 18, on the 24th to be exact.

However, I've been on vacation away from school, and as such I haven't gotten any letters until today.

So today at dinner my teacher came up to me with a huge bunch of letters and a package; excitedly, I opened them up.

I received a letter from my friend who is studying in Germany, a letter from my aunt and a letter from my grandmother in the US; The package was a personal present I had bought for myself.

Now I had one letter left, the biggest one I decided to save for last. I opened it and out came a Norwegian Army draft notice; I am an American, but I also have a dual Norwegian citizenship.


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Guess what!? It`s dedication time... - Mood:Excited
Thursday June 18 20098:33:28 PM |
2000th post!

I would first like to dedicate this wonderful awesomeness of a post to Lyntess, for sending me delicious cakeballs and being all around awesome!

Next, the close runner-ups are mostly people I do not know very well (or at all) but seem to be totally awesome:

Le_Berger (or Le_Burger, whichever)

If you did not make it on the list, perhaps you can make it on the 3000th post dedication!

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My region has now changed to Europe - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 17 20099:10:17 PM |
It is quite strange to see myself as European on all the threads...
The reason it has changed is because I moved out from my mom's house, and arrived in Norway yesterday. I will be going to school here to learn some Norwegian, and various other survival skills, such as hunting, fishing, and dogsledding!

I am also extremely jet-lagged, so I will be staying up all night to facilitate my falling asleep tomorrow night (it is currently 3:10 AM here.)

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The end is not nigh, it is happening as we speak! - Mood:Ecstatic
Friday May 29 200910:42:39 AM |
So today I have finally finished High School (albeit not with flying colors, but I passed at least!)

The only downside to this is that my class was incredibly lame, and didn't even attempt a senior prank. Oh well.

Also, I am going to Ecuador tomorrow! It's gonna be fun, regardless of the fact that I'll probably be high for the first two days because of the altitude of where I'm staying.

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Thursday April 09 200912:08:32 AM |
I have a picture to upload in the next post; it is proof that YT is glitching out like crazy.

Also, I got a semi-job for a French restaurant owner, which means that I will be getting, (HOLY SHIZZ), free French food!

Also, I bought a laptop, plane tickets to Norway, an external hard drive.

Also, I bought Cow Tales today at CVS, and they were delicious.

In conclusion, I saw Monsters vs. Aliens today in 3D, and I must say that it was pretty decent.

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Lyntess` Magic Cakeballs - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday March 24 20099:45:05 PM |
So yesterday I finally received a package of cakeballs from Lyntess!
It was absolutely delicious, and I think everybody should buy from her, just 'cause. I'll upload pictures eventually, since I am currently having memory card problems...

In other news, I recently brought my Compound Bow down from 80 lbs pull weight to 60 lbs, since I am pathetically weak. I still have trouble pulling it back, but am working on muscularizing my arms. I was able to shoot it several times, however, and actually hit the target successfully!

In other other news, I was finally accepted to the Norwegian Folk High school I want to go to next year! Links will follow with info.

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You can`t stop me cause I`m on a boat! - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 18 20098:46:22 PM |
So apparently I will be having Ethiopian food tonight for dinner.


Also, today I performed the final scene of Hamlet in my English class, except I used lightsabers.
I think it went well, according to my teacher it was "the best performance she had ever seen." The class was in tears from laughter, so that is a good sign (yes, I know Hamlet is meant to be a tragedy.)

As a final note, you should all look at this: - -aiyznGQ

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Why the hell are people so dense!!?? - Mood:Enraged
Saturday February 21 200911:35:56 PM |
So my mom's boss is constantly sending me these emails promoting right-wing crap, and other stuff for some reason I cannot figure out.

Today she sent me an email that would constantly insult French people, and the whole nation of France. Now I am usually cool with a joke, but this wasn't a joke, it was a criticism of one of my nationalities based on false pretenses.

The email pretty much repeated that France "hates the US even though we saved their asses in WWII" over and over.

I decided to respond and tell her how pissed off I was, and she responded by saying, and I quote, "try to be open-minded."


Anyways, I also went to a party for my mom's birthday today, we had some delicious cake, and we played some Wii Mario Kart, until we pretty much fell over from frustration at never being able to get higher than 10th place on rainbow road.

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Just finished taking the SAT - Mood:Spastic
Saturday December 06 20082:47:33 PM |
I seriously should have taken that freaking test before, I'm in my senior year and this is my first time taking it, I'm all stressed out now, I don't think I can wait 3 weeks for the results.
Normally I don't give a crap about test results, but this is really bugging me since I skipped a bunch of math questions.
I hate that I looked forward to being relieved after I finished the test, and that now I am the complete opposite of it. Has this happened to anybody before?
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Jeg heter Gabriel - Mood:Good
Sunday November 16 20089:40:02 PM |
So I'm moving to Norway next year, and desperately need to learn some more Norwegian, otherwise I'll be totally screwed once I get there.
Any suggestions on learning a new language by, say, next August?
Also, I'm really hating "The Yellow Wallpaper", has anybody ever read this, and maybe have any analysis tips?
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Sigur Ros is the strangest - Mood:Good
Monday October 13 20089:43:01 PM |
and most beautiful music on this planet.
Friday was quite fun, I made crepes for my French class on a little crepe-machine we bought in montreal, I got to stand in the front and crack lame jokes while the teacher taught the class (or at least attempted to).
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I probably should be studying, but I am - Mood:Overwhelmed
Monday September 22 200810:45:30 PM |
a YT addict.
I have a play I have to present tomorrow in French class, and I've put it off all month
I still have 2 pages to memorize, crapcrapcrap!!
Then I had a genius plan; I recorded all my lines and put it in my iPod, so that I can listen to it all... night... long
It will drive me nuts, but it will hopefully be effective.
I also wrote all the lines 15 times each, but to no avail.
Any tips?
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How to cheat on a test - Mood:Happy
Tuesday September 02 200810:46:24 PM |
So I finally realized that knowing how to write in Tibetan is useful, for cheating on tests.
I had forgotten the names of some characters in Their Eyes Were Watching God, so I wrote them on my hand in Tibetan, I had no idea it would be so useful!
So I'm beginning to think I have insomnia, or a real crappy sleeping pattern, any suggestions?
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Russia may ban emo - Mood:Good
Monday September 01 200810:55:16 PM |

I thought this would be relevant to this site, considering all of the emo posts we seem to be getting.

I can't sleep, I seriously need to take a sleeping pill or something because of school tomorrow, I probably shouldn't have gotten up at 12:00 today...

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Overworked - Mood:Exhausted
Thursday May 01 200811:05:31 PM |
God I can't stand this anymore
So I went from having school, to having three jobs at once, thus bringing my grades down to multiple E's
I really don't want to quit my job (the real one, the other two aren't always weekly), but how can I bring my grades back up?
Any advice from my fellow YTers?
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Why did the chicken cross the road? - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 25 20089:43:01 PM |
I-Am-Bored has, for the first time, not made me un-bored, so that is why I am here to ask you, my loyal journal reader, to tell me what your favorite response is to the age old question,"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
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I need something to do... - Mood:Spent
Friday December 14 20077:15:17 PM |
I usually don't spend that much time on YT, but I'm sick right now and I need something to make time fly by.
What do you do to waste time?
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I`m feeling strange... - Mood:Shocked
Tuesday November 20 20074:08:33 PM |
One of my friends at school died yesterday
I feel really strange, I just can't believe he's gone, I mean I talked to him just yesterday in PE. He was healthy and fit and was kicking our asses at soccer, I'm just completely shocked.
I feel like I'm in a dream, everything feels like it isn't real.

How do you usually cope with death?

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First Journal - Mood:Bored
Sunday November 18 20079:05:20 PM |
So this is my first journal entry
I was just curious about whether anybody would respond to this, so yeah.
Out of curiosity, how much time do people usually spend on YT? I probably spend about an hour or two every day. What about you?
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