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Female, 32 years old
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Western US

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I feel old - Mood:Overwhelmed
Saturday March 07 200912:00:02 AM |
Today I suddenly feel old: It is 20 days until my 23rd birthday, which is not old but I suddenly feel old. I swear it was just a bit ago I was 15 in high school and now I live thousands of miles away, married and have to do boring stuff like buy tires

Hows everyone else?

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I miss England - Mood:Good
Sunday May 27 20071:52:43 PM |
I am rather homesick right now, so you English people tell me crap things about home so I don't miss it
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I`m feeling particulary lazy today! - Mood:Good
Sunday February 18 20071:12:13 PM |
Its sunday.
My husbands been at work for 2 hours and wont be home for another 7 1/2. Theres things in the house I SHOULD be doing, but I won't be just yet.

Now, big question, do I venture to the shop or not?
Its freaking cold out there.

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On a friday night I decided to...bake a cake! - Mood:Good
Friday February 16 20078:41:18 PM |
Yes thats right, bake a cake.

How womanly of me
Actually, I did it cause my husbands been in a really foul mood the last couple of days and I hoped this would cheer him up.

Now, lets just hope I didn't poison it! haha!

Whats your favourite cake?!

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What shall I make for dinner? - Mood:Good
Friday February 16 20075:52:58 PM |
I'm hungry.

But I'm by myself so I don't know what to cook. I hate cooking for just me, I nevr know what to make. Nothing fancy, been at work all day and I'm feeling lazy.

I had an energy drink today at work, wow that thing worked, I was bouncing off the walls.

So...any ideas?

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Napping makes me feel guilty....why?! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 15 20077:15:29 PM |
I just woke up from a 2 hour nap.
Now I feel guilty, tis silly really cause I was tired and knew that laying down in a blanket would induce sleeping

How are you fine and not so fine people?

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Anyone remember poor old flutter? - Mood:Good
Monday February 12 20077:32:33 PM |
Probably not, its been age.
But hello if you do!

I actually live in the US now, it took a battle to get here, but I'm here and....I'm married!
Hows you folks?

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Do you believe in past lives? - Mood:Confused
Thursday April 20 20063:23:14 PM |
Well, do ya?

Tell me your thoughts here.

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You guys need to help me with a job dilemma! - Mood:Confused
Wednesday March 29 20063:32:37 AM |
OK heres the deal peoples:
I have this one job I just started last week, I have done 3 shifts and I am supposed to be working all the rest of this week. For my first proper week they've put me on 46 hours for this week, however I know lots of other people work like 55 - 60 and I know it'll go up. Now thats a good lot of money, but lots of 13 hour shifts and I am not so keen on that, I like to at least sleep. But its not a bad job, I don't have to deal with food and that kinda thing.

All this is for 5 weeks anyway, that's all I'll be there for.
However, one of my old places of work have offered me a job with the knowledge of how temporary it is, offered me like 48 or so hours a week, at 20p an hour more.

What do I do? My dad wants me to do the second one and not the first, call today and quit. But I'll lose 25 hours of pay, and I kinda need that. My boyfriends in two minds and seems to think the first is better due to money.

What do YOU think? I'd appreciate it.

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So its my birthday - Mood:Good
Sunday March 26 20061:01:05 PM |
Birthdays are good even when other things in your life do not make you happy, or a certain someone cannot share it with you.

Still pretty cool though.

Got some cool stuff, awesome smoothie maker and new DVD player after exploding the last one (yeah long story)

And good b-day cake

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Flutter got a little drunk last night - Mood:Good
Sunday November 13 200511:41:24 AM |
I never drink, actually I tend to be a complete non drinker but last night, I got drunk I needed a bit of fun and oh did I have some fun. My friends and I had a good time and just sat in a pub all night. I am a very huggy drunk, my male friends got alot of hugs. A few of them had not been drinking at all and told me how I was so drunk, pfft not drunk enough for you to NOT hug me

But then bad stuff happend, we got the last bus back and it took us to another town where there was supposed to be a connecting bus but it had already left without us!!! So I had to complain to the inspector and he tried to fobb me off but it ended up one of his drivers took us home in his car, haha!

Another one of our friends got mugged though

Oh and I got another peircing yesterday!

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Ever talk to someone on the phone and fight and put the phone down only for it to ring right back again and you answer with WHAT?! and it turns out to NOT be that person - Mood:Good
Monday November 07 20054:18:20 PM |
This just happend.

My annoying psycho mother was going on and I got rid of her and the phone rang again quick and thats her usual game to call right back and so I answered: what? - Silence - WHAT?! -More silence - ....hello? Oh hello, is Maz there?" "ah yes, just a moment" it was my step mothers boss

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Tomorrow I am going to London and if you call a national traffic line, you will be speaking to me! - Mood:Good
Friday November 04 20054:05:22 PM |
So tomorrow I am going to go and see my brother in london. Should be cool. Oh and I'm gonna meet his new boyfriend, Shane. Should be interesting.

My brother works for traffic link that does all the traffic and travel news for all over the country and generally he does the middle and north of the country, a little south but not far but tomorrow he's doing just southern BBC stations and I am gonna be the one answering the phones

If you ever hear Matt Rockley after a traffic report, its my brother

Other than that, the other crap in my life isn't resolved yet, but I guess its getting there.

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We seemed to have won a honeymoon today! - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 05 20053:33:56 PM |
How cool is that? But ofcourse who knows for sure. my guy got a call this morning and we won 3 nights and 2 days at several destinations in mexico and ofcourse domestic but domestic is what its gonna have to be, cause once I get there I can't leave the US for like 3 years. She said theres no catch but when I get back we have to call and we'll see for sure then.

We have gotten a free tux for the groom and ring bearer and I won a free make up party and $10 gift voucher for mary kay with davids bridal, they are good. But I don't know who I won the other thing with

I have a chest infection How are you?

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Fancy listening to some english radio? Flutters brother? yes, no? - Mood:Good
Sunday October 02 20053:03:04 PM |
My brother currently has his radio show going onhere Its a general mix of pop stuff, but if you have a few mins to spare, listen and watch away
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Will someone get me a pizza? - Mood:Good
Sunday October 02 20051:53:27 PM |
Please? I want a pizza but I am sick and I don't want to go out Not only that I live in the middle of no where, with no car and its a sunday so bus service is really bad, any takers?

I have a horrible cold, I was hoping it was going to be better for work tomorrow, ha not so lucky but when there is money to be made, I must go.

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I`m not having the best day ever - Mood:Depressed
Friday September 30 20053:39:43 PM |
But it is a friday at least.

Work was long and annoying and I should/could of been there for alot longer because our CEO left today but I didn't cause of a couple of reasons.

I woke up with a cold, which means I couldn't go out with my friends tonight Which I was going to do, and one was going to crash here cause he lives near me and I wasn't going to make him walk out in the middle of no where off his trolly and now he can't do that.

And some other reasons are making this a none nice day

How are you?

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I cannot take anymore from that woman called my mother. - Mood:Depressed
Monday September 19 20053:46:44 PM |

some of you old schoolers might remember about my mother, the mental headcase one. Well I moved out from her house two years ago but she still makes my life hell. She has ruined so many things in my life. she is mentally unstable. I knew this weekend was going to cause trouble cause my brother came down to stay and she hates it when he and I are together and shes not, and she just gave me hell wanting to know everything and getting annoying and mad cause he hadn't txt her on his way home and how she was the only one who cared and really just trying to make it seem like shes the only person in the world that cares for him and stupid crap and gah I just had to vent.

Shes the only person that makes me so furious I see white and yet just makes me want to cry all the time. And I am strong, I don't cry easy. GRRRR

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I thought it was about time I made a journal. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 17 20059:52:15 AM |
Its certainly been awhile, so lets play catch up.

I work for a corporation...sounds cool but not really, I just work as a temp in their cafe but its the easiest cafe work I've ever done, just have to serve their staff, so you know everyone, no money its all swipe cards, and it actually pays above minimum wage!
And I have to wear a security pass, so I feel special

Now we've got that boring bit done, tonight my brother is coming down to stay and we're going out tonight

And I'm counting down the days till I go back to america and then counting down untill I can stay forever, cool huh?

So whats happening with you?

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I thought it was about time I said hello! - Mood:Good
Friday July 22 20056:45:00 PM |
Hey guys! how are you all? I am fine. I miss you guys, and I just wanted to leave a message to let people know i was still alive and well here in PA

How's you guys?

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My brother had a car accident this morning - Mood:Good
Monday May 09 20051:25:03 AM |
Well this is a strange morning, its 6:20 am and I am up cause I have to go pick up my fiance from the airport, but my brother just called and hes in hospital He was going to a wedding this weekend that went horribly wrong, the groom went to wal mart an hour before and got knocked over by a car and died! He was only 24. So my brother drives home and there was alot of debris in the road and he hit some and rolled his car over in to the ditch. His car is now scrap metal and apparently hes ok, but his arm is cut up bad and hes got some glass in his head. So now we have to go pick him up from some hospital in the middle of no where

What a morning and its not even 7am!

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Woo my first nursing training day - Mood:Good
Thursday April 21 20053:54:26 PM |
It was pretty good but pretty long. Learned how to move people safely for me and for them and how to talk to them, blah blah.

Then we got to do pratical in the afternoon, now that was fun. We all had to learn how to use the machines that help you move people. We first did the standing aid and learned how to put people in that and learned what its like for the paitient, no wonder they get scared cause it is a weird feeling! Then I got chose to do the hoisting up from the floor, that was a weird feeling, but kinda fun cause there I was in a hammock Then I have to put a huuuuge guy in it and talk him through it and lift him up

Sorry, lots of reading, hope it won't tax you too much

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I now got me two jobs - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 19 20051:56:09 PM |
I rock. I know.

Finally have a job. Its not great but its a cafe job and literally a 3 minute bike ride from my house. I got it because I have more experience than what they need so that is cool. She was telling me about this and that and would that be ok? and I'm like hell yeah, thats 5 times easier than what I used to have to put up with.

And also I have the nursing thing too, just got to wait for my police check to come through.

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Say hello to Nurse flutter - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 13 20053:48:52 PM |
Yes, me...

I have gotten myself a job but it will be awhile yet untill I can start it due to policing checks but I am going to be an auxilary nurse! go me. My step mother does it and I am on the bank so I will go where I am needed to go and fill that shift. I am not a trained nurse, so I get to do the not so fun stuff, but I can call myself Nurse

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Sick and tired of interviews. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 06 20052:22:25 PM |
They do honestly get boring. I had a good one today though, with a marketing company. It went really well. The only question that I didn't like was "What upsets you?" um...when someone steals my candy? I dont know
Two more tomorrow. I am also joining the nursing bank, to be the run around clean up after people nurse.

How are you all doing?

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