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Male, 39 years old
Rural City, PA, Eastern US

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Should I cash this check or what? - Mood:Good
Friday November 21 20147:24:13 AM |
I got this surprise check in the mail for twenty five hundred U.S. Dollars. I'm all like wow, all the things I could buy. And right before the holidays and everything. So I'm reading the tear off top part and it's saying that this is a loan, and after I cash it they'll send me the terms and conditions. Which is like, that's cool we can worry about that later. Right now cash in hand heck yeah. Can't beat that.
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You guys are smart. I like hearing your thoughts. - Mood:Good
Monday September 15 20147:39:22 PM |
And funny. The humor here is nice. I feel like the people I work with are a bunch of idiots. My favorite example is the flags on my desk. Several people have asked me what that flag on my desk is. It's our state flag, they should know that. Once I mentioned Freud in a joke. They told me they had no idea what Sigmund Freud is, and I should stop using big words. It's not just where I work, it's everyone around here in hillbilly hell. I'm glad to see some thoughts and ideas on YT. Even if they're mostly wrong.

Why do you come to YT?

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Starting My New Job Tomorrow - Mood:Depressed
Sunday August 17 20145:51:37 PM |
(Whitman)O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead. ( /Whitman)

So I got this big promotion at work. Its really not that great, better hours more money, whatever. Its a living.

Its a bad time for our company, last week we got hit by some hack attack. Bad news, a lot of our people are furloughed until they get some security junk worked out.

Training tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

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i got a cat... unless you want it - Mood:Good
Thursday August 07 20146:15:47 PM |
So yesterday there was this cat sitting outside, just making itself at home by my house. I pretty much ignored it but it stayed there all day.

Still there today so I made a vet appointment for it. 5pm tomorrow. I figure if this creature is going to be hanging around I don't want it giving my dog parasites or anything.

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I hit a doe. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 08 20141:21:14 AM |
Its not my first time.
She sorta ran into the side of my car, I was going about fifty mph.
I checked on her though she was fine.

I tried to take a pic but it was too dark.

Then I ate all the pizza and a can of fried apples.

Sliced my finger open real good on the can. So much blood

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FREE CHEESE - contest - Mood:Good
Monday June 02 201411:05:11 PM |
I can't sell these six bags of cheese because they were mislabeled as Swiss when they're really mild cheddar. So I'm going to give them away to the the winner of the contest.

Here are the rules :

Only joking. Nothing's free in this life and you should know that by now. I do hope you're sorely disappointed.

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Easter is not a real holiday - Mood:Good
Sunday April 20 20148:51:30 PM |
Not a federal holiday

Not a state holiday

Don't get a day off work or school or anything

Easter is lame.

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Just a little jarring. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 19 20143:00:43 AM |
So I'm just listening to music at work a lot more the last few days. I usually just put my iPhone to randomly play everything.

It doesn't really matter because I'm not really paying attention, I'm doing work. But every time it gets to the end of 'What I Got' its just a little jarring when 'Wrong Way' doesn't come on next. It just randomly goes to something else. I can't handle it.

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home early - Mood:Good
Saturday April 12 20149:52:35 PM |
This can only mean one thing...

The party I was at got broken up by the cops.

If you're having fun I assume you're doing something illegal.

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April fools, go to schools - Mood:Good
Friday March 21 20144:22:05 AM |
I'm thinking of becoming an astronaut.

Oh. No hold on, I mean I'm thinking of playing an April fools day prank on you.

That astronaut thing was just in the back of my mind again.

Maybe fake pregnancy for April fools this year.

If so, it'll be some fake twins.

I think ill name them dylan and marley

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Happy St. Patricks Day - Mood:Disgusted
Monday March 17 20147:30:59 PM |
In my country this is the day we celebrate our acceptance of Irish immigrants and their progeny after decades of treating them like second class citizens. Go St. Patrick Go!
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I yelled at someone and made her cry. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 16 20149:59:42 PM |
Knowledge can be a powerful thing.

Have you ever watched Orangutan Island? You see the Orangutang is a solitary creature in nature. Yet on this show these nerds are teaching them to live in a group.

Most of the time, when i see people i feel like I'm watching that show, only the apes are much smarter.

OK fine cry, I don't feel sorry for you.

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Any Tall Ladies Wanna Get Busy? - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 12 20144:49:47 AM |
I need someone to clean the ceiling fans. Cheers spring.
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Vicodin fail. - Mood:Good
Friday August 23 20138:34:39 PM |
I have a huge mouth.

Like seriously, I have the jaw of a caveman.

All of my wisdom teeth have been fully erupted for over a decade now.

I've never taken any prescription pain killers before.

Remind me to tell you about Van Gaugh some time.

Today I took Vicodin and I don't know why I bothered. Its done absolutely nothing for me.

When my oral surgeon asked me what kind of painkillers I preferred was just like, I don't know I don't take that stuff.

I shoulda been like, MORPHINE! haha

I got one of my wisdom teeth pulled out today. And cereal, that was so easy I feel bad about taking the day off work.

It was disgusting and awesome, I wish I'd taken a pic.

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Why do you want my compleat undivided attention clerk dude? - Mood:Good
Friday August 16 20131:19:57 PM |
So I'm gettin my oil changed and this greeter clerk guy taking down my info and signing me in or whatever. He's like annoyed with me because I'm clicking around on my smartphone the whole time. Because I'm a rude donkey. He got an attitude with me and now he's looking at my car and crap. I'm just like forge this its not that convenient imma do it myself from now on. I don't care about robbing you of your livelihood or whatever.
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I Quit Smoking - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 13 201310:13:22 PM |
I quit smoking

Then I started again. Then quit and unquit over and over. I don't think of it as struggling though. I don't think of it at all. Except sometimes I can't stop thinking about it.

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Finding the light in the tunnel - Mood:Good
Sunday August 31 200810:11:43 AM |
On the subway today I was reading E. Stanley Jones, and this old man boarded. I let him take the only available seat. And so I hoped he would honored me by sharing his wisdom with me.

He looked at the book I was reading, and asked me about it. I told him E. Stanley Jones went to India and wrote about his experiences. The title of the book is The Christ of the India Road.

He shared his wisdom with me and told me that Jesus had the light. That it was the same as Confucius had and the same as the Muslim. He warned me to watch out for preachers who only talk about the man and never about the light. And he told me that he hopes E. Stanley Jones Finds his Indian Christ and that I will find mine.

E. Stanley Jones met Gandhi in India. Gandhi told him, "I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians."

I can really relate to that sentiment with American Christians. The arrogance.

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Morality of Behavior Modification - Mood:Good
Saturday August 16 200811:21:54 AM |
Did you know that fluoride is one of the most dangerous toxins in the world? And in the US government puts it in drinking water. Apparently a mild does of it is good for your teeth.

B.F. Skinner wanted to put behavior modifying drugs in the water supply in the same way. Actually this whole school of thought in modern psychology grew up around the idea. They really believe that drugs can solve society’s problems.

One of the students in my class has been acting up a lot lately. He doesn’t participate, he doesn’t listen, he runs around disrupts everyone else who’s trying to do what they’re supposed to be doing. He’s so young, maybe around ten I guess. And he’s really cute, always smiling with his deep dimples. And he’s really smart too, he understands even if he’s doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

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Puff Up or Build Up? - Mood:Exhausted
Thursday July 24 200812:07:38 PM |
I’ve been worrying about y friend Mr. Lee lately. He’s been talking crazy talk. Like how he’s not going to be nice to anyone anymore.

Also I was reading a mystery novel on the subway when I went to work. It’s the Innocence of Father Brown by GK Chesterton.

It’s been raining and raining nonstop here for like a week.

And I’ve been telling my neighbor that I’d play ping pong with him for a while.

Mr. Lee says “I don’t have time for idiots.” And he says, “I’m not gonna waste the energy loving on someone who doesn’t appreciate it.”

I personally have never read a mystery novel before; I was always too cool for that. But then someone told me that the Harry Potter books are mystery novels in a sense.

I haven’t had a chance to play ping pong in a long time, but today I went and played even though I didn’t really feel like it all that much.

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Look Both Ways Before You Cross The Street - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 16 20089:41:59 AM |
Oh man, the other day a friend of mine and I were in a taxi. And the driver totally hit this little kid! It was terrible I was sure the kid was dead. I was so scared you have no idea.

But it turned out okay. The kid was alright, his knee was pretty banged up.

The driver kicked me and my friend out of the car (without making us pay) and took the kid to the hospital with his mom.

I was pretty mad at the driver at first. But when I think about it, it was really the kids fault. He ran out into the street without looking. The driver couldn't have done anything about it.

I'd say he even did the best thing he could do.

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Uncool april fools day pranks. - Mood:Good
Thursday April 01 20048:16:03 AM |
This morning when I first woke up my suitemate Ryan knocked on the door and came in here with a grave sense of urgency.

He told me there’d been a terrorist attack in DC and I needed to put my TV on the news.

I was like aaaw sh*t man, and I put the TV on the news.

There was this uniformed military type dude sitting there and he was talking about some crap.

I hadn’t had any coffee yet and I was like a zombie still.

Then my Ryan just started laughing and said “April fool”

It wasn’t funny. That’s not something to joke about.

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Important announcement: Music necessity. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 17 20049:52:19 AM |
Tonight at midnight(EST) the Dropkick Murphys are playing on Jimmy Kimmel live. So make sure you tune in to ABC for it or I'll stab you in your crotch.
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I can`t believe it`s snowing. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 16 200410:12:22 AM |
It's been a while since I saw any snow. It's kinda nice.

The beautious part is that I'm not here so much I'd get sick of it.

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Is today the 8th? - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 09 20041:29:56 PM |
Hey what's up? I havn't seen you here in like forever.

Tomorrow is the primary election.

I think I'll go vote.

Kerry and Bush already have the whole thing wrapped up so I'm gonna vote for Sharpton.

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Then end - Mood:Good
Sunday February 22 20049:15:52 AM |
And they all lived happily ever after.
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