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I pose to you these questions - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 17 20101:58:33 AM |
-Is it looked sideways upon nowadays to wear a white wedding gown if the bride is not a virgin?
Are there virgin brides anymore actually?

I'm watching an episode of M*A*S*H where hawkeye is supposed to be naked. But i can see his green pants on. Couldn't they have at least put him in nude colored pants/ shorts?
-Is there any movie/ show that theres a slip like this and it bothers you?

-What do i hear scampering around in my ceiling?

-Why is my mother offended when i don't want her never ending bagfuls of clothes she doesn't want anymore?

-Are parks any more dangerous than anywhere else?

-Why must financial aid f*ck me over at every turn?

-Why does everyone assume that anyone who goes to college is doing so on mommy and daddys dime? Its highly insulting and makes me want to rawr and jump over tables to claw at people.


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I wonder how many YTers became nuns. - Mood:Good
Monday August 16 20104:49:24 PM |
Maybe i'll be the first

Seriously though, I think if i was religious in the least, i would give it some serious thought. It kind of embodies all i've wanted in life. Well, what i know of it anyway. It looks calming. And simple. I love the sense of community and service. The whole God thing gets in the way though

Is there a way to take things out of the firefox dictionary? I keep accidentally hitting "add to dictionary" on misspelled words.

I'm all bleh today.
And i want a burger.
Well, not really. They always make me feel gross.
But i would like some type of food.

I'm all.. mellow today. I don't like it. My normal state of being is hyper and talkative and bubbly.
I dislike the up and down.
Then again, i don't think i'd want to be stuck in neutral either.
Ah well.

whats shaking YT?

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OK, someone please tell me sh*t i already know but just need pounded into me. - Mood:Good
Monday August 16 20104:16:56 AM |
An ex bf of mine, that i broke up with about 5-6 months ago IMs me once in awhile, to rant and vent which i don't mind, we tried to stay friends, and really, we always felt more like friends.

But at the moment, he is pressuring me for 'closure", and wants to know exactly why i broke up with him, he says because it'll help him get over it and he can take the things as 'things to work now'.

now.. my brain thinks this is a bad bad idea. But part of me soooooooooooo wants to lay it all out there. But.. again.. my brain thinks this is a very bad idea.

I've told him vague things here and there.

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"See this? This is butterscotch pudding that i made this afternoon. i was gonna let you lick it off my tits but guess what? You blew it! forget it! Yea? Well.. you should have mentioned the pudding first!" - Mood:Good
Friday August 13 20109:29:12 PM |
I cant remember what thats from.

I want to watch Brigadoon. I'm not sure i've ever seen it. Saw a stage production of it once, high school.

i'm watching an old movie about a boy with green hair. It seems like a political/ societal commentary type movie.
Kid is cute though. Hate the ending.

I'm attempting to make the rainbow cake lapis posted in OS

only with less frosting. and marshmallow fondant covering it.

So my going away party is tomorrow. I feel so loved. My bfs going to a magic card thingy instead. My mom has to work 7pm-3am, so she's not coming over. My aunt is coming over. but says "going away party" in quotes and rolling her eyes. My sister is waiting for something better to do tomorrow and if she can't find anything she 'might be over'.
Thanks yall.

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A thread devoted to my fingernail - Mood:Good
Thursday August 12 20104:52:19 AM |

My boyfriend calls it a weapon All my other nails are normal

I bite the rest but my thumb nail is too thick so i don't bite that one, it gives me the heebie jeebies. So it grows til it breaks Which is usually sooner than this. Every other day when i worked stock. Hopefully it doesn't hurt when it breaks
My bf keeps pleading with me to clip it, but i have never injured him with it, ever! I'm aware its there

I need some good karaoke songs to sing.
I need low girl songs.
I have a crazy low voice. But it sounds weird when singing guy songs.
But most girl songs are too high for me.


One of these days i am going to wake someone up doing karaoke at 5am.

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I`m on a 70s/ 80s musical kick. - Mood:Good
Monday August 09 201010:16:41 PM |
Namely Billy Joel But i am working my way into John Lennon and Carole King at the moment.

I went back to my old dance studio today, after about 2 years. I was nervous I figured i either wouldn't know anyone anymore, or be all lost and forgotten.
But it felt like i was visiting home, visiting family It was so nice. Also, 4 of the other 6 girls i recognized, and were about my age, and i had danced with for years and years so that was awesome. I still suck at floor work also

I feel calm and jumpy at the same time its odd.

Anyone ever get this? If i try to eat anything other than sweet/ dessert like things I feel full and like can't force it down. But have no problem with cookies and whatnot.
Its like.. i don't wanna live on cakes and cookies, but i don't wanna eat nothing either Weird.

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My body hates me - Mood:Good
Monday August 09 20101:00:49 AM |
I feel about 50. My chest hurts, my hand is tingly and hurts, my back hurts. I blame sitting at the computer all day Or maybe i pulled a boob muscle.

Maybe a hot shower would help.

What are yall up to today/ tonight?

I have about 5 hours til bed and not sure what to do with them.

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I kinda want to be a professional juror. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 08 20106:00:18 PM |
I got a check for 50$ in the mail for the 6 hours i was at jury duty. awesome. Thats like half a weeks pay at my old job

Apparently i am supposed to be 'getting an education online", instead of playing games.
Yea. Nah. I'll stick with my game thanks.

20 more days until the dorm! THANK THE LORD.

I went dorm shopping yesterday I do enjoy shopping. My poor bf was drowning in boredom. He's not a shopper We only went to walmart and Tops. 3 hours i think. I got drinks, food, a plate, cereal, etc.
I told him if he was that bored to drop me off and come back but he was like then where would i go? i said i don't know I figure it gave him something to complain/ be negative about which he seems to like anyway

I want to get one of these:

But it won't fit in my mini fridge

Dance starts tomorrow!

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Another journal about my grandparents? oh god. - Mood:Good
Friday August 06 20104:33:32 PM |
This one is different though. It's less and more lol

I am watching Oprah with gram & gramp.
Then this happened :

Gramp: "is that another show about claustrophobia?"
Gram: "no, claustrophobia is being afraid of being in tight places. this woman is a pack rat."
Gramp: "its the same thing. cluttsterphobia. cluttster means to keep a lot of junk."
Gram: "that is not a word sal."
Gramp: "yes it is! claustcluttyphobia! thats what it is. its the same thing."
Gram: "okay sal."
Gramp: "right dj?"
Me: ""
Gramp: "you are all wrong. clustra means clutter!"

Amusing over here sometimes

I got my auryn necklace in the amil today! Its sideways It throws off my OCD.

I may attempt to fix it. 15$ though! I think it came from finland or iceland or somew

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This is f*cking awesome. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 05 20103:58:16 AM |
I feel the need to tell someone and no one else is awake so.

I have just discovered karaoke on youtube.

omg this is so fun.

I've gone through heard it through the grapevine, my girl, what becomes of the broken hearted and sittin on the dock of the bay so far. I kinda rocked at dock of the bay.

I am such a dork. I am sitting, by myself, at 4am, completely sober, singing alone with karaoke online.
And its so f*cking fun.


I think someone should duet with me.

Carry on.

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Lets play `teach djembe tolerance and understanding". - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 04 20105:28:10 PM |
Yes its another bitching ranting thread The last two weeks of living here usually is like UAGHHHHH.

I still have like 4 week here though and its AUGHHH already because my grandpa is such a miserable bastard.

My Aunt says its because he has to go into for cataract surgery on the 23rd and is all spazzing about it.
Yea. I can't muster up any sympathy.

I probably could if he didn't call me a whore. And hysterically scream at me for no reason, and never have anything to say to me that isn't insulting.

However, i do have to live here for 23 more days, any ideas of how i can force myself to 'not be heartless'?

I already have changed my schedule around so that i am sleeping while they are awake & vice versa, but that just gives him more ammunition.

I don't want to be sympathetic. It goes against my nature to feel bad for people who treat me like sh*t, i've had enough of that thanks.

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I can`t feel my face - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 03 201011:28:38 PM |
So, i've discovered alcohol gives me a headache. That seems semi unfortunate.
It tastes pretty good though, what i have anyway. Most alcohol tastes disgusting. But this stuff is crazy good, which bad. Because i finished off half the bottle in like 3 minutes ha. But its okay. Its like 4% alcohol Nothing to most of you i believe. I don't drink though, and i'm tiny, so i have yet to learn what affects me how

Which i still don't know.
But i do know it gives me a headache. Every damn time.

Anyway. I'm hungry. I kinda want some chicken fingers.

24 more days til i move ito the dorm. YAY! i can't WAIT to get away from my family. But.. yay i get away from my family, but then i am completely alone and have no one to talk to. I don't make friends, i'm a hardcore loner of sorts. So that part sucks. Its kinda like being in solitary confinement living in a dorm.
But at least im on my own

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I would like a key. - Mood:Good
Monday August 02 20105:18:32 PM |
To my grams house. I've lived here all summer, all last summer and last fall, the summer and fall before that. Then a couple years before that

Point being, this being my 'not living in a dorm' home address, i would like a key I don't think that's too much to ask.
I left last night with my bf, locked up before i went (everyone else was sleeping). Then realized i forgot something and couldn't get back in.
If i ever have to get in the house when no ones here or everyones sleeping i am SOL. Which seems unfair since, you know, i kinda live here.

I keep asking to borrow grams key to get it copied but she looks at me sideways and hesitates and grumbles.
I don't understand. My mother has a key, she doesn't live here. My aunt has a key, she doesn't live here. You think you'd give the person who actually lives here a key.

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To cut my hair or go have it cut. Decisions... - Mood:Good
Sunday August 01 20104:04:31 PM |
On one hand. I HATE going to hair peoples. for one. I just don't like it getting shampooed then all sitting there while someone moves about your head. For two, its crazy expensive. for three, i hate tipping. Not the giving them of extra money, the actual physical act of tipping, it throws my anxiety for a loop usually for some reason.

For three, my hair has gotten murdered before.

On the other hand. If i cut it myself, it could f*ck up my hair However, i just wanna cut like.. 4 inches off. How bad could i f*ck that up? i used to cut my hair all the time.
On the other hand, it would be nice to get some styling to it.
I was thinking

Something like that.

I'm getting tired of having long hair. I keep it in a bun or ponytail 96% of the time anyway.

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And I would open the door and I`d be all wet With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt That I`m wearing and you would open the door And tie me up to the bed. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 01 20104:12:09 AM |
I dislike three's company. Its on tv right now. But i'm not watching it anyway. It's on mute and i am playing music.

Matt caplan at the moment. though i don't like whatever this song is he is covering.

I've been crazy, hyper, bubbly, off the wall, little girl manic type lately, which is odd. I annoy myself when i get like that, i can only imagine what other people think of it.

22 more minutes M*A*S*H comes on. I usually watch it from 4:30am-6am. Even though i've seen them all before. Still a good show. I rarely get sick of it.

27 more days until i move back into the dorm. I'm not as excited as i usually am. I mean, i'm excited, because its something to look forward to. But its just like. Blah, same old. Its not as sanctuary looking as it usually does from living at home. Not better or worse there. Just different scenery.

But i AM excited to go back.

and actually do something

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You know you wanna road trip with me - Mood:Good
Thursday July 29 20105:15:58 PM |

Mraz is coming to Buffalo!

Which.. while close, is still far away when you can't drive

Anyone happen to be passing through Rochester headed towards Buffalo around September 15th? Oh, and back the same day?

Unfair. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE mraz. But can i get there? No.

Why can't he come to my school and not UB Well, in addition to UB

I've been there (kinda) for like 4 years (maybe 3?). Someone i totally want to see and love is going to actually come to my school the year after i graduate. I bet anything.

We get crappy people

Someone tell Mraz to get his butt to Rochester.

So. I need some kind of income i've concluded. But i haven't quite figured out how to do that while being a full time student. Hm.


If you were a donut, what type of donut would you be?

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I think i`m hormonal. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 28 20106:37:49 PM |
I'm watching A League of Their Own, for the 50th time, and i've almost cried 3 times already. its only 25 minutes into it! They just got to the tryouts ffs.

I'm on a Matt Damon kick, but i think i've seen all his movie that looked interesting to me

I'm all out of shape. I've never been out of shape in my life.
I haven't danced since May, and even before that i wasn't dancing all day like i used to.

At least school is in 31 days. Then i have 2 dance classes and more opportunities and motivation to actually exercise. Plus i have to walk everywhere.

If you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?

And what should I do with the rest of my night?

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Someone who lives in the west needs to send me a bunch of rock road candy bars - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 28 20103:52:48 AM |

I saw them on tv, never had heard of them before. Apparently they are only available in western states? Unfair. They should sell everything everywhere. They look delicious I want some.

get on that.

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A test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 27 20107:26:02 PM |
What is wrong with this picture, that i JUST realized:

I was reading The Sociopath Next Door outside today. I got about a chapter in to it and had to stop. It said if a person fits 3 or more of the 7 criteria, they are a sociopath. I SWEAR i fit 3-4 of them

Some of those books are grams though. The Fern one. Whatever the green one is. I'm not sure how long those babysitter club books have been there I used to read them when i was like 12.

Sometime i should gather ALL my books, all 6-7 tubs of them, line them up, and take a picture

Everyone on YT should actually.

Like a "post all the books you own" thread in lit or such.

Though, half of those books i pictured are library books

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A thread devoted to ice cream. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 25 20108:06:05 PM |
So i've never been able to eat ice creamw tihout dying, or wanting to die at least, lactose intolerance. Well I finally gave in and tried to find ways to eat it without dying. I bought a carton of lactaid ice cream and a carton of normal ice cream, moose tracks, grams fav, and figured, i can eat half lactaid ice cream and half moose tracks and i won't die.

I tried it out yesterday, and while the lactaid ice cream doesn't taste wonderful, i didn't die! and got to eat normal ice cream!

Well now i'm all excited and plotting what ice creams to buy in the future

I'm thinking:
Birthday Bash (takes like birthday cake apparently?)
Vanilla fudge ripple/ swirl
Cookies N Cream
Maybe a coffee flavored one

Whats your favorite flavor?
And whats your favorite brand?
Whats your least favorite brand?
Fill me in on the wonderfulness of ice cream

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Interactive phone conversations - Mood:Good
Friday July 23 20106:42:33 PM |
So my grandma is like the switchboard lady. People call her and tell her things then she has to call like 6 other family members and spread the word, of whos in the hospital, whos having a cook out, who died, who wants to go out for ice cream.

I always end up part of these conversations.

Gram: "Yea, she got into an accident on a moped.. Ran into a tree i think.. I KNOW.. Oh gee, I don't know *turns to me* Mimi, do you need a license to drive a moped?"
Me: "Yea, in nys you do."
Gram: "She says yes you do.. i'm not sure.. I know..shes in a full body cast... OH Alice wanted me to tell you about the annual BBQ! its the 15th..Yes.. Oh, i think its a Sunday.. let me check *turns to me * Mimi is the 15th a Sunday?"
Me: "Yes, it is."
Gram: "he says yes it is.... its been hot out hasn't it?.. I know.. Oh i'm not sure *turns to me* Mimi, whats the temperature? Can you look it up?"

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Oh great. I have jury duty. - Mood:Good
Thursday July 22 20108:10:28 PM |
Grrrrr. Tomorrow at 8:30am. I go to bed at 6am most nights. So i get to look forward to laying in bed for 6 hours not being able to sleep before trudging off to jury duty on about an hours sleep.

Maybe sleep deprivation will help me get out of getting on a jury

Kind of weird to be called on a Friday isn't it?

I hope I don't get picked for anything, get to come home tomorrow and be completely done for 4 years.
I hope my social anxiety comes out in full force and makes them dismiss me.
My bf can take me tomorrow but works nights next week. So.. i'd have no way of getting there.

I just went to the library, so i'm going to bring like 5 books. A good mixture of heavy fiction, non fiction, kids books, etc.

Wish i could bring my laptop and watch movies.

Apparently cell phones aren't allowed. Hopefully they are allowed in but turned off since then i have no way home.

This sucks.

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I don`t care what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast this morning. (vacation pics) - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 21 20104:16:23 PM |
Someone make gram stop watching the insider every damn day. I think my brain is rotting.

So! i went on vacation. It was a pretty good time, though it was like me and my parents were on two different vacations. my mother is attached at the hip to her (very opinionated) friend. This friend somehow dictated what we did everyday even though there was 7 of us. My mom just always does what her friend wants. which is annoying to me, my sister, and my sister's husband. I hung around with my sis and her hub most of the time, while my mom went off with her friend the whole time. Which sucked. Because me mom and my sis haven't been on vacation together in a long time.
Thats WHY my sis and her husband don't go, because whenever wendy goes, it becomes alll about wendy and what wendy wants to do. And wendy goes every damn time.
Oh well, at least i got to hang out with my sis

Pics to come.

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A journal of nothingness and boredom. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 13 20109:04:50 PM |
You know whats uncomfortable? Watching Rescue Me on the computer while gram watching tv 10 feet away. I think she thinks i'm watching porn or something.

I rode my bike to the store to get food for the trip and realized once i got there i forgot my bike lock oops So i just rode around a bit.

I've been having issues falling asleep again, awful images and thoughts when i try. Unpleasant. I hope that goes away.

I cant figure out what to have for dinner. Hot dogs or some kinda of pasta whatnot? Or meatballs. Or pasta and meatballs. sans tomato sauce though.

So. I realized in getting 500 characters into this journal that I have no life, and nothing to write about

So tell me about your life.

If i were to show up at your door right now what would we do?

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"she may be sucking your dick for the time being, but her ass belongs to me" - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 13 201012:14:37 AM |

My packing list for vacation.

bf can't go He couldn't get off of work.

So my new show to obsessively watch the entire series of: Rescue Me.

In Treatment was pretty good, but only 2 seasons.

Rescue me is pretty good. Little crude at times. Funny though. Makes me feel less dysfunctional, which is nice. Its an interesting mixture of crude, gross, heartwarming and dysfunctional all in one. And i go back and forth between hate/love with the main dude.

I'm having boy issues. its unpleasant.

If my sister even has room for me, which should i do: ride up 3 hours with my sister and her husband (who i am not fond of, who drives too fast and is an annoying bum opening douche). Or ride up with my mom and stepdad and 2 labs?

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