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I just got an email that made me cry, in a good way. - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 03 20101:40:56 AM |
I feel like such a girl. Such a f*cked up girl really

So. I'm avoiding writing a paper. I already wrote the one thats not due til next Tuesday (referenced in generals btw ). The ones thats due tomorrow when i have a 9am class however (its 1:35am).. i haven't started yet.

I really don't want to write that paper. It's f*cking boring. All about what makes a good manager, and what role management plays, and wht do managers in different sectors ave in common. Who the f*ck cares.

How many wine coolers do you think it would take for me (4'11, 105 lbs, not much of a drinker) to get a nice buzz going?
I can't drink that much liquids yo. I may have to invest in something with a higher alcohol percentage.

Anyway. I have re-read this simple email 3 times, and all three times i have started to cry and had to close it Such a f*cking girl.
And its not from a boy.

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Shop for something Apple with me! - Mood:Good
Monday November 01 20108:34:39 PM |

I have a 75$ gift card (and can spend up to 100$) at Apple Store.

I have no idea what to get. I don't have a mac. I don't really want an iPhone. Most of the stuff is out of my price range.
What should i get

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My food keeps mysteriously turning green/blue AND I DON`T UNDERSTAND WHY. - Mood:Good
Monday October 25 20106:33:06 PM |
I have a CRAZY craving for pizza. I have no pizza though It's sad.I have been eating everything in sight too.

I think my boobs grew.

I think i got all the pieces of my costume finally I should try it on tonight.

Otis (my laptop) died! It got some kind of think point virus. 300$ later, and otis works again. My grandma is going to KILL me, i used her credit card to pay for it (i don't have a credit card and thats all they took). She lets me use it for emergencies and stuff. I also charged my costume to it But that i pay her back for right away. Thing is she is going to FREAK when she sees the statement with the costume AND the virus whatnot.

i LOVE how i met your mother. I'm watching a re run and its just so

In Treatment season premiere tonight!!!!!

Do you know anyone with borderline personality disorder?

Can you bring me some pizza?

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I feel like celebrating and exclaiming and theres no one else online - Mood:Good
Sunday October 24 20103:19:19 AM |
YAY! I just got my midterm grades!


YAY!. I am happy Thats good for me.

Hopefully i actually keep those up til finals.

I am having a wicked hard time writing a paper for my class atm. Wtf can i say about a chapter about technological advances for disabled people? I have to write like.. reactions and personally relate it to myself. Uh. Can't figure out how. PBTH!


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Are you a former addict? - Mood:Good
Friday October 22 20101:34:57 AM |
I feel like a cokehead, gah.

Anyone who tried to quit anything, how on earth did you get through the crazy bad cravings?

I feel like i'm crawling out of my skin man.

Normally i'd like.. paint or something tactile like that but my hands are too shakey, i'm too fidgety.

This is f*cking awful man I feel like i'm going through freaking withdrawal.
How do people DO this.

I have no will power at all apparently.

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I don`t have nearly enough alcohol. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 21 201010:02:46 PM |
Which is a good thing i believe since i'd probably chug it all.

It was not a good night. God i hate Thursdays.

Goooooooood i hate Thursdays. And now i get to feel like this and be alll by my f*cking self, and through the weekend with no distractions.
Mother drating hell

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I am burning paraphernalia. I feel like such a rebel. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 21 201012:32:35 AM |
Ohmygod it smells so good.

Spice cake candle Technically not allowed in my dorm room. But it smells SO GOOD.

Things in my room right now that are technically not allowed in my room:
- Candle(s)
- Fish tank (with filter)
- Alcohol (for Jamaican Me Happy Thursdays)
- Toaster
- Hm i think thats it.

Oh the rebel.

My class is affecting my brain. Which i believe is the point of the class. I'm watching a documentary on HBO about a couple with Down syndrome i probably wouldn't have watched before being in a disabilities class.

No one stole my pumpkin yet! I am shocked.

My neighbors think i am insane. I keep karaoking songs in my room. I'm trying to learn the 5 harmonies of Mama Who Bore Me, record them, and put 'em together. Its not going so well. Those things are hard.

I'm writing a paper about voodoo in haiti. I am getting on my Peta-esque soap box cuz i have to fill 2 pages.

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Oh, what did you see, my blue eyed son? Oh, what did you see, my darling young one? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 19 20104:34:49 PM |
So i don't mean to have so many journals active but no one posts anymore and makes them disappear down the list.

I had the weirdest dreams. In the first one.. dr. drew came to help me and some other girl only he helped her more so i decided to run really far away without shoes on so my feet would be all torn up and he'd have to help me too, but i passed him not far into my run already coming back to aid me too so i was like.. oh.

THEN i had a dream i had an abortion. It was weird. I have WICKED bad cramps from it and had to sit out of my classes from it. It was my friends kid. i kinda wanna IM him right now and be all "hey i dreamed i was pregs with your kid but aborted it!" but i think i'll keep that to myself
I expected to wake up with wicked bad cramps figuring thats where the dream came from. but no. woke up to feeling fine. Odd..

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Are there any halloween-esque disney characters? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 19 20102:31:21 AM |
I could google. and i am actually.

But maybe yall know disney better than i do. Are there any disney characters that could be halloween related? like.. bat cats or ghosts or like.. i don't know, anything creepy?

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I annoyed the piss out of some guy in the grocery store and it makes me happy for some reason - Mood:Good
Monday October 18 20108:50:32 PM |
So i was on the phone with my mother while grocery shopping, mostly because she makes me since i walk up by myself at night, shop by myself, then walk back by myself. So i was talking to her about my father, who called me for the first time in years the other day when i hear this guy behind me say "oh my god girl get off the damn phone, you are shopping why do you need to be on the phone. i can't even remember what i came in this aisle for." So i turn around and there is this 40-50 yr old guy talking TO the air fresheners. I had to bite my tongue to not say "Thats why i make lists! You won't forget that way "
I think what was so amusing was that he was talking to the air fresheners. And to no one in particular even after i left the aisle.

People are weird. If your biggest problem is the girl talking to her mother while buying lightbulbs, i think you are fine.


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I saw Craig Ferguson dance (live and in person) to Britney Spears yesterday - Mood:Good
Saturday October 16 20106:04:43 PM |
He came to a college around here.

I am debating if i actually want to walk up to the store today. A friend offered, but this friend also went to craigy ferg with me, and is bringing somewhere tomorrow for school, and keeps telling me i'm pretty I am not looking to get involved in ANY way with ANY one.
But its cold and i don't want to move. So my options are to walk up, or not go.

I'm all bleeehhh today.
I have Monday and Tuesday off from classes, and i think i am the only person who wishes i didn't. What am i going to do all long weekend? Be by myself in my dorm room. I'd rather go to class.

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I have become a freecell master. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 14 201012:13:54 AM |
I've discovered when i am bored and walking in circles going out of my mind trying to figure out how to occupy myself, freecell. I love logicy type math problems, even though i hate math, and i like puzzles, so it makes sense i like that game i suppose.

I have like a 20 game winning streak though.

I may need an intervention soon.

My friend's daughter is selling girl scout cookies I bought 8 boxes Same friend is also pregs with baby #3!

I'm going through my mid semester nervous breakdown as usual

My dance teacher is putting ALL kinds of crazy pressure on me. She wants me to be a leader in the class, almost like a TA, help her out and always be front and center. I am not that good lady. I may have been here longer and am old, but some of these girls have MUCH more training and know what they are doing more than i do. I had just gotten semi comfortable and not spazzing.

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I got a futureme letter! - Mood:Good
Monday October 11 20109:09:08 AM |
Apparently i had it sent on my birthday :P Is it sad if it makes me cry?

I gave myself some pretty good, scarily accurate for my current circumstances, advice.

I didn't listen to myself then though, why should i listen now

I feel all loved now, how weird

Ahhh i got about 2 hours of sleep and off to dance class in 5 minutes.

I wish i could actually sleep man. How do people with insomnia not kill themselves. i've had it for like 3 weeks and am about to throw myself off something.

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I just snapped at and had an argument with Word. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 10 20103:09:09 AM |
Yea. I may be writing too many papers. First of all, i try to ctrl + s EVERYTHING nowadays. Journals. Posts. IMs. Its annoying.

Word does not like my grammar or style choices. Some stuff i am grateful for the squiggly green line, but most things, seriously, its not wrong! Stop squiggly green lining me! Half my papers are also very casually written journals for one of my classes, i can use incomplete sentences! Stop yelling at me! Gah. OMG RED SQUIGGLY LINE UNDER GAH YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

*ahem* anyway.

I am going home to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Maybe. I called home today and my mom told me maybe i shouldn't come home this weekend. I was like WHAT?! It's my birthday! We have been planning my party for a week! she was like, yea, but.. you are getting over a cold and no one here wants to get sick so maybe we should do it another time.

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Why do people write "um" in text message? I don`t get the reason. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 07 20106:46:25 PM |
I suppose i understand "ummmmm i don't know" since its less blunt than just "i don't know" and shows you thought about it for a second

But really? "hey um i just talked to mike and he said maybe tuesday so um i guess if you are free we can do it then?"

What is the point of the ums in that sentence??

Anyway. I am sick. I don't like it. But nyquil is my friend. Course.. it means i slept through my class, but whatever. I happen to think sleeping and not being sick is more important than class and i think college has sh*tty policies about it. Yes, lets force everyone who is sick to go to class or they fail and therefore make everyone else sick. Brilliant plan. Stay the f*ck home if you are sick, get better faster and don't infect everyone else.

It feels like friday.

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The journals where i whine and moan and photowhore my hand - Mood:Good
Monday October 04 201012:20:42 PM |

Modern dance class today was painful. She chose today to work on handstands


People keep telling me to go to the health center but i don't see the point. None of the cuts are deep at all, theres just millions of them. And i'm pretty positive i got all the shards of glass out.

I usually nap right now but i am wide awake Dislike. I haven't been able to sleep much lately, i don't know why.

List your injuries/ aches and pains of the day!

- hand
- knee
- throat
- left groin area

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I think my body is slowly failing me. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 03 20104:34:58 PM |
Yea. Couple days ago i KILLED my knee in dance class, i get a sharp shooting pain every time i bend it.

Last night i tripped over nothing and end up feet over head falling in my room. I caught myself on stuff, didn't get hurt but sent a glass of vinegar everywhere. So i went into the bathroom to wash vinegar off of stuff. I was washing my glass when it fell out of my hand. I tried to catch it too late and now my hand is all cut to sh*t, i have gauze wrapped around it now and neosporin is my BEST FRIEND. It hurt and stung so bad i was shaking last night I had to wake up my RA at 7am on a sunday morning to get into the RA office for first aid kit.

So then i wake up this morning and my throat KILLS. like.. KILLS. I feel like i swallowed some of the glass from last night.

wtf man.

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I love when my homework requires me to watch tv - Mood:Good
Sunday October 03 20102:03:34 AM |
So, i'm watching an episode of Family Guy to write a paper about. The one Sarah Palin got her panties in a wad about.

I saw it a looong time ago so i figured i'd watch it again.

I honestly don't really have an opinion whether it was 'offensive' or not since i don't completely get the joke, or what the joke was saying. But offensiveness on Family Guy in general is kind of the point of the show. So i do believe i will be arguing from that angle. Maybe it was in 'poor taste'.. but everything in family guy is in 'poor taste'.


I hope my teacher considers this article to be about "people with differing abilities in an recreational setting". I think its pushing it a bit But i just can't write a paper about an article like "New Park Opens Up For Disabled Kids", or "Handicapped Baseball Team Wins Championship". Its boring. There's nothing to write about.

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I`ve realized just how boring my Friday and Saturday nights are. - Mood:Good
Saturday October 02 20102:54:51 AM |
What did i do tonight?

* I watched Thursday's project runway.
* I took a really really long shower
* Edited an essay i wrote a couple days ago thats not due til Tuesday
* I painted my leg
* I went to wholesale club store earlier with a friend to get some gatorade and snack foods.
* I ate some soup

The highlight of my night was the guy knocking on my door at 2:45am with the most bloodshot eyes i have ever seen, asking if Joe was in here. I don't know who Joe is, or who that guy is. So nope, not in here.

Would have made my night more exciting if he were though.

Such a wild one i am.
I'd say its because i'm old, but I was the same way 5 years ago.

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What am i doing wrong - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 29 201010:25:06 PM |
I am trying to find small, cheap, plastic, ball shaped, multi colored christmas ornaments


I can only shop on and ebay.

I have been searching for an hour and coming up with nothing

I searched
mini ornaments
mini ball ornaments
miniature ornaments
christmas ornaments, and narrowed to balls
small ornaments
small plastic balls
1" ornaments

Are they just not out there or am i looking wrong??

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If you`ll be my bodyguard , I can be your long lost pal. I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can call me Al. - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 29 20107:22:25 PM |
Wtf is up with guys who play games? He has a gf. Its on fb. Also, mutual friend told me. Yet he avoids saying so. And flirts with me in a 'gee gosh i'm so innocent' way. And when he said he didn't like glee, he doesn't know anyone who does, i said " your gf doesn't?"

To which he replied "hahahahah" then "bbl, dinner".

Way to be avoidant and untrustworthy guy

The sky is purple Its kinda pretty.

i LOVED the glee with week. heather morris.

Oh, the sky is dark and black now

My neck hurts.

I can't decide if i want to wine cooler it on up tonight. On one hand why, on the other why not. Its kinda delicious. I hate going against rules though, and technically i live in a dry dorm. But its a wine cooler ffs. Way too much thought is being put into this.

How are you?
What are you up to?
Has someone pissed in YT's cheerios lately?
Where's the love people, wheres the love.

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Gr. Unpleasant dreams put a damper on my day. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 28 201010:56:48 AM |
So. I had a dream. The world was ending, everyone looked old, like family and friends. The first step of the world ending was that the world flooded. Everything was underwater, though, people (and animals) grew gills.

My fish kept escaping. His tank had a whole or such, and he kept swimming right out of it.

My dog. My max! Hes 14 years old now. He came over to me. i put my head on the back of the couch. He put his head against mine, nose to nose. I wiped my eyes with his ears like i used to. He kissed me then died Wtf dream.

So chaos was on tv, and gram went over to a great aunts house, mom was who knows where, so i was all alone at grams house, with Theo, my fish, and max, underwater. Though no one was swimming. It was more like a slow motion gravity thing. Like.. you just KNEW everything was underwater, you couldn't outright see the water.

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Excuse me why i rant (again) (about something else) (this one is uninteresting though) - Mood:Good
Monday September 27 201012:07:13 AM |
None of my friends are online, or my sister, and i need somewhere to get this out so


The guy i just broke up with. We haven't been speaking, obviously, i've been giving him time to.. whatever.

So he IMs me on facebook.
HE ims ME.

where's my pokes? =P=P

*i fb poked him back* i am busy youtubing sesame street

i shall leave you be then

oh pbth

it still hurts :-\:-\ so idk how much i want to talk right now, just wondering about pokes

i miss you, a lot

ah, ok

you knew it'd be like this, you had to have

i'm just trying to get through things for now

maybe we can reconcile later, but right now it just hurts too much



WTF?? YOU imed ME.

Its all so f*cking dramatic and soap operatic.

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I`m sure you are all going to disagree and argue with me, since this is YT and thats what you do - Mood:Good
Sunday September 26 20106:55:17 PM |
But i shall rant anyway. Oh how i hate drama

This is how i live:

Me and the guy above me are a bit cut off from the rest of the building, so we get a little more noise freedom.
However. We can hear each other pretty well. Especially since right across the hall from my room is a stairwell that leads straight up to his room, which is always open.


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Yes, I use YT to organize my life. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 25 20109:16:16 PM |
Things i have to do this weekend:

- paper about articles for disabilities.
- journal for disabilities
- read No Pity
- paper for management
- modern dance journals

would like to do:
- karaoke
- clean room
- work on piece for concert
- practice modern combo
- henna
- make a birthday list

The birthday list is hard to make man. I used to have like 4 pages of stuff when i was little.
My family still wants a list yet.. all i can come up with is "an apron".

what else do i want?

And what do i want for bd dinner/ dessert?

Does it make me a terrible person that i don't want to go home for my birthday?

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