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Male, 25 years old
Bend, Oregon, Western US

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What are the evolutionary benefits of emotions? - Mood:Good
Friday July 02 20105:39:00 AM |
Okay, I know this is a journal, but the questions only allow like yes or no.
So what do you think the evolutionary benefits of each emotion is? Anger, sadness, devastation, happiness...etc.

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Ahhhhh! Zomg! Interesting title here! Click now! - Mood:Good
Saturday February 28 20098:44:44 PM |
Intelligent Bastard.
That's what my father is, my mom's depressed cause my dad's taking her back to court for more money. and we live 20,000 dollars below something, which means I live in poverty. And, well, yeah, my mom's depressed.... Yeah, so if he get's his way, he gets to stop paying what he owes us, and we have to make drastic changes or whatever, to not go into debt, like moving out of this awesome house we're in right now....
But uhh yeah, before I make a wall of text or whatever you bastards call it, im gonna end this journal with this dot.
Yes, I realized this is hard to understand, I don't really feel like taking the time to explain, but if you want it simple, here it is.

I might lose alot of stuff, and might have to move away from my family.

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I`ve had an interesting few weeks or so - Mood:Depressed
Thursday February 26 200911:44:11 PM |
Well, for starters, I learned that my dad pretty much cheated on my mom while they were married, and he came home drunk a lot. I didn't know that, I must be a heavy sleeper after all, and now I'm having mixed feelings about seeing him again, I wanted too for a while there, but then I learned some other things about him. Then after that, I played music at some re-enrollment night thing and then stayed in a room with a couple of other children while the adults consumed alcohol. There's a lot of other things happening, but I don't feel like talking about them all.

One more thing, I'm looking for a new body spray, mom threw away the AXE cause she has asthma and coughed to much at it, so I need something that's not overwhelming, but still smells good.

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I ate mentos pretty much all day - Mood:Good
Sunday February 15 20098:06:54 PM |
Yeah, so today, I hung around the house and annoyed my brother and listened to Aerosmith.....
I'm almost out of Mentos, which is really disapointing. Also, my mom bought me two pairs of shoes, one is really cool, the other is really dumb. Guess which one fits me?

What's up with you people?

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I just got busted..... - Mood:Good
Sunday February 08 20093:26:26 AM |
I just got busted for playing rock at midnight on full volume..... I think I'm gonna be grounded..... So what's up?
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Boooo - Mood:Bored
Thursday September 18 200810:27:26 PM |
Well school was boring
then afterwards we ran at a crosscountry meet and the track sucked, it was like a loop.
My friend "the pirate" made 6th place or something, i made like 16th or something. And the kid in 8th grade who has won every track meet since ive been in the team, won again.
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Umm - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 16 20088:24:34 PM |
Well, the school day sucked, i forgot to pack a lunch so that wasn't so good. And umm well, i couldn't run at the cross country meet cause my brother had a doctors appointment, so i had to skip the best part of the day lol.
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Friday September 12 200811:42:21 PM |
Ok, today was a school day, that sucked
but afterwards i went to my friends house!!
His name is "The Pirate" and we had little lego guys!!!! and we protected a magic tennis ball from his dog (roxy)!!!!!! I had an axe on my guy!!!!!! Teh lego huys went crazy and wacked roxy alot!!! SHE WAS SCAREDE!!!!!!
They set you freeeeeee
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GET OIT OF ME WAY! - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 10 200810:04:53 PM |
well first i woke up,jk
in football i lost it was like 63 to something
i ran a 6:53 mile,
then i came home a threw a football around with my brother who stalled a hell of a lot before he came out, umm
my elbow hurts,
I dont know what to do,
but i seem to be creating ideas of stuff to do
so im not bored. But i dont know what to do.
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School - Mood:Bored
Wednesday September 03 200810:08:53 PM |
School was extremely boring, the teachers go blah blah blah blah, and my head is filtering, the stuff i need to know and dumping the rest, and then i got home and did my exetremly boring homework, then i talked to a couple of people, then they left, then i became all alone.
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Idk - Mood:Anxious
Monday September 01 20083:53:06 PM |
I cant wait to get my laptop, its going to be cool, cause im going to get alot of money for it, i was thinking about settling for a 800 dollar one, or something but i want a super fast, great graphics one, so i want some ideas from you people so come and tell me your opinions.
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Idk - Mood:Bored
Sunday August 31 20085:12:13 PM |
Sooo bored, i got hit in the face with a branch while riding my bike, then this lady pulled out with her car without her lights on and almost hit me, then i tripped on the dog gate, then i jumped on my bed and my foot hit the wall. And im bored cause now its too risky to try anything else before i start cross country lol, and non of my friends are here to talk to me now...
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Blah - Mood:Good
Friday August 29 20082:29:09 PM |
i went over to my friends house "the pirate" is his name, for now, we dug a hole in the grouned and started making a fort and grind rails for the winter, and then we played turok on the gamecube and fought off dinosaurs, and killed eachother. then i came home and listened to aerosmith and iron maiden, and wrote this journal, because the fact is, boredom has its needs, and what it needs now, is victims to feed on, victims like me.
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Crap - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday August 27 200811:51:05 PM |
My friend screwed up my computer and i cant get it fixed so far, and i broke over 1000 dollars worth of stuff in the last week involving a dvd player. I shut down the internet by accident but my bro got it back up but my "friend" screwed up my computer and im pissed!!!! RRRAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRRRRR
stay back people!
whats enraging me the most is this "im innocent" less then five mins later "ok it was partly my fault" its annoying!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!! i should have taken the offer of all his money cause he felt bad but the repeating of the same words over and over!!!! hes tring to brianwash me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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vet - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 13 20082:01:51 AM |
The puppies went to vet and then i ate subway. the course is gone they started to eat it. it was funny.
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Blah - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 12 200812:20:38 AM |
I Spent day three lounging around and playing with the puppies.
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A Day - Mood:Good
Monday August 11 20081:40:53 AM |
A friend came over, its the 2nd day of having my new puppies and me and my friend made an course for them, ive been taping them when they play and stuff so i can make a video of them and edit it so it will be something ill play a long time from now and laugh because their so funny some times.
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