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Male, 20 years old
city, state, Southern US

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je t'aime, ours de miel - Mood:Good
Saturday May 12 201811:14:59 AM |
i dont wannnnaaaaaa gooooo tooo woooorrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

i dont waaaaaannnnnaaaaaaa

also i might go camping sometime this upcoming week or next. or go see my friends open for kendrick
or both

which is cool i guess

im so g.d. slumpy today i just dont wanna do anything.

i’m learning french though. my goal is to be able to travel to france next summer.

i wish i had more to say but i really dont. how are you all.

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plus and minus about the person above you - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 25 20181:43:43 PM |
you know how it works shut up
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the lights stay off till my mind is made up - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 25 201812:29:51 PM |
its weird how different i feel. i don’t quite know what that means so bear with me. like sometimes things are sh-tty, like really sh-tty, but it doesnt hit me as hard as it used to. Now i’m more just like “ugh whatever” and roll with the punches. i’m trying really hard to get my sh-t together, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

Work is going. Life outside of work is going. I should probably genuinely slow down on the drugs and alcohol but i did slow down on drugs already but maybe stop doing them entirely ? i like psychadelics. I like party drugs. i like pot. i should probably keep in this area but maybe not do them as often. but often these days is like once every other week. other than pot. sorry i didnt mean to talk so much about drugs.

i’m going to a party tonight thats red themed and i dont have any red clothes outside of like a red flannel.

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do me a favor - Mood:Good
Friday April 20 201810:52:41 AM |
it costs no money

it costs less than 10 seconds of your time

vote for thelo-que feat banks and peez

theyre my friends and they work really hard at music

thank you for your time

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oh my god yall - Mood:Good
Monday April 16 20181:15:57 AM |
i know it gets annoying to you guys but

i am on so much acid right now that idek how im typing

the visuals insane

im trippin



i have a lot of things on my mind and i will post them here as i come across them

starting here

i finally get animal collective

bothing matters we all die and we leave nothing behind

my outfits always slap and if i lost more weight i would be cool

i like cats

im tired of this new generalizations made by modernwave feminists which isnt really adding a voice or an argument. like my friend was assaulted and the only thing one girl said was “knoxville keeping it scummy i see” in what way is that helping. its not even attempting to add anything intellectual or even supportive to the conversation and it hurts me because it feels like we’re taking a step backwards

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my roommate was being an bum opening to me so i roosterblocked her - Mood:Good
Friday March 30 20181:53:20 AM |
ask me if i feel bad cause i dont not even a little bit

im rl drunk

rl rl rl drunk

i want mcdonalds sweet tea so bad

thank u this has been a certified fresh drunk cola journal

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hipster lyrics - Mood:Good
Saturday March 17 20187:10:20 PM |
I uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i got fired lol

but its fine cause i really hated that job. the owner of the salon i worked at was a rude woman who only cared about herself making money, no matter the cost to anyone else. she neglected necessities for clients and stylists, and i started to snap back at her and it led to too many arguments so she fired me via email.

so i went that day and got a job at a much better salon across the street. which is honestly fine, because

i dont wanna do hair anymore. i’m over it entirely. a lot of stylists are stuck up and i didn’t get into this industry because i’m a pretentious bum opening, and i want to do better.

so i’m saving my money doing it at this salon, waiting for my lease to be up, probably save like crazy after that, and then i’m going to film school. because i love movies, and i have a ton of ideas. then, who knows, maybe i’ll be lucky.


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talk to me - Mood:Good
Saturday February 10 201812:38:10 AM |
my roommates dog is being annoying as hell

im drunk

ok i did ketamine also

but i cant sleep and i wanna chit chat

whats up? whats going on? whats the gossip?

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wow boy am i stressed and trapped - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 06 20181:15:00 PM |
so i moved into my new place and it kinda drained my bank account and all my savings and then my car got broken into and my windshield was busted so i had to replace that. so i have no money. well thats not true. i have 2.93 in my checking account. so i signed up for a credit card. and it was supposed to be here today to my mom’s house. so i asked her this morning if something came, she said yes. so even though my gas light was on i was like “well i can get there on fumes and then activate the card and then be okay” so i drove to her house an hour away and it didnt come and so now i have no gas and no money so i guess i’m trapped here until i get paid.

so if anyone wants to come kill me, private message me and i’ll send you the address and leave the doors unlocked and i’ll await my fate

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uggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! - Mood:Good
Monday January 22 201810:45:24 AM |
so today im moving most of the big stuff to my new place. itsngoing fine and everything is working out great and i have a really good feeling about this place.

and i’ve gotten 3 texts from clients cancelling this week because they had bills to pay. like yeah. me too. thats why i work, doing your hair, often undercharging you, so i can pay my bills too.

maybe im overreacting but 3 in one day... man that aint cool!!

anyway im trying to focus on the positive... theres some good things happening! i’m moving! its great! i love my new roommates and i love my room it’s huge and also all ihave left to move is not much yknow.

so good things sre happening!!

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its time - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 16 20186:52:28 AM |
i’m moving

in a healthy, adult way this time

ive got a sh-t ton of packing to do, and i really really really wish i had a truck but its fine.

my best friend/coworker’s roommate just left in the middle of the day and didnt leave a note and whenever she called them all they said was “yeah i just didnt like living with roommates sorry. you can keep the couch”

so i’m moving in.

i’m excited! scared but excited. its not the first time ive moved out but it will be the first time i’ve lived in a good environment

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its friday night. it’s 10:30. the kids are tucked in bed, you’re pouring a glass of wine. welcome to Youthink.. After Dark! - Mood:Good
Friday January 05 201810:30:49 PM |
i recently snuck away after having a food time with my friends. we’re high and tipsy and dancing to music trying to ignore the fact that i have work in the morning.

im getting a tattoo on the 15th. with like a good tattoo artist. who will give me an actually good tattoo.


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im drunk - Mood:Good
Monday January 01 201812:51:45 AM |
india at this party

so are all my best friends

i did stand up comedy

it we t well

im so glad you guys exist

im on currently 5 drugs

hope your new years is well

i wanna fight my ex

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so i didnt wanna say anything until i was sure - Mood:Good
Thursday December 21 20171:47:31 PM |
i’m gonna be a father!!!!!!!!!!

no just kidding. i’ve been a vegan for one month. didnt want to say anything if i wasnt gonna stick with it, but it’s going well! ive also been taking those weight loss pills so this is the healthiest ive felt in a long time.

anyway. i had more to type but my clients here. hope youre well

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immediate assistance required - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 19 20177:12:16 PM |
should i buy these shoes

pic incoming

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have you ever gone to a funeral for someone you hated - Mood:Good
Thursday December 14 201711:04:12 PM |
cause im about to

its my great grandfather

he walked out on my grandfather and great uncle and aunt and my great grandmother when my grandfather was a kid and then magically came back into his life when he came into money.

he also was friends with my white supremacist meth head father

anyway hes dead and i’m going to his funeral

also im insanely attracted to that one person thats in stuff but most recently i know her as the sister from kevin probably saves the world

also i uh... started taking phentramine. so thats a thing i guess. its been nice not being hungry and slash or eating all the time

is it too late for me to go to film school

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im so MAD - Mood:Good
Friday December 01 201710:29:48 AM |
my boss just pissed me off hardcore and ive been debating walking out for an hour. im FUMING mad still and i dont know what to do

ive honestly never felt so angry at a job before. im not a perfect human and i do make mistakes but i will not be treated the way that she has been. i will not take it in stride. im tired of it im so angry.

sorry i just needed to vent

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YOU!!!! as YOU ARE - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 01 20177:55:22 PM |

im going to play the wholesome game of lazer tag

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wait a tick! that means... - Mood:Good
Monday October 30 20171:41:09 PM |

oh well. im not sad abt it. things werent going so great so it was a mutual thing. but thats okay. i was a little bummed out this morning but then i watched tv and redownloaded tinder and got hit on a bunch and now im ok.

we wanted different things. she wanted to let mental illness take over her life and refused to take her medication and then would blame it all on me, and i didnt want her to do that. for example.

but its all good no hard feelings.

i went to a really cool show on saturday and got really drunk (7 beers, 4 jello shots, 5 mimosas, and one, count em one, four loko) and then passed out on the couch and then somebody took off my shoes for me that was nice. anyways also im starting a band where i’m the frontman and its gonna be sick as hell. probably gonna go do something today but i dont know what whats up with you

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i got a bottle of wine, cherry garcia, and stranger things - Mood:Good
Friday October 27 20178:48:03 PM |
it’s weird to me that will is a real character now

tomorrow im going to a party where someone threatened to show up with a gun and kill himself and his ex girlfriend if she went to it

but i also have an incredibly busy day at work

i got a haircut today and it was a lot of hair off and im not used to it yet

whats up im tipsy!!

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someone told me i’m the definition of a millennial - Mood:Good
Sunday October 01 201712:59:33 PM |
howdy folks hows it goin?

took off work today because i felt like going to gatlinburg instead and i still havent left lol.

im going to an open mic night later this week to try out stand up just to see if my material is any good. so that’ll be cool i’m pretty excited about that.

life is goin alright but i really wish i had a better grasp on time because it truly feels like i’m in a rut and just caught in an endless time loop and days bleed together and i only sleep 15 hours a week really so i feel like i’m “living in the moment” so what the hell is up with that

my mom and i got into it because even though i’m paying her 600 bucks a month to live independently from her in her house, shes still mad that i’m... living independently in her house. but hopefully the beginning of next year i’ll have my own place covered in halloween sh-t all year long

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fresh to death like he got dressed in a coffin - Mood:Good
Sunday September 24 201710:55:51 PM |
time moves so weirdly these days

days themselves take a long time but they also blend together. yesterday was saturday but it feels like last wednesday was yesterday and friday is tomorrow.

makin money move at work. busting my ass off to pay off sh-t before i move. emptied out my bank account today to make a car payment, phone payment, groceries, and gas. i've also been going to classes and such for work and its been really fun and all but i dont want to go tomorrow cause i'll have to leave my house at 6:45 AM cause its in chattanooga at 10 AM.

i've been doing real well in my personal life too. ive been seeing somebody for a couple months now and its been really fun and good and the sex is amazing and stuff. so thats good.

my friend life is going great and i've been growing as a person a lot these past few months also i do ketamine a lot so i should probably stop that soon

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hey you guys are wiser than me... maybe. possibly. - Mood:Good
Monday September 04 201711:43:57 AM |
apartment a:
750 a month for a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath
16 minutes away from work
11 minutes away from downtown
exposed brick wall in the living room.
average of 4.2 stars online

apartment b:
633 a month for a 3 bed 1 bath
17 minutes away from work
14 minutes to downtown
right next to a high school so no sex offenders but it's not a GREAT area to be honest. i'm not worried about my safety or anything it's just not yknow pristine
average of 3.2 stars online
one of the buildings burned down a couple of years ago and they're finishing construction on its replacement. my mom's boss owns the apartment complex and she ASSURES me that if i decided to move there, I'd get the new building.

apartment c:
550 a month for 2 bed 1 bath
not great apartments
25 minutes to work
8 minutes to downtown
awful part of town

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some questions - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 02 20179:13:46 PM |
will provide context to any questions asked if need be

1. do you like my new tattoo
2. how soon is too soon to go on a trip together
3. should i shave everything down there or just my balls
5. what do you think my color is afa eyeshadow/ makeup
6. what should i watch tonight hulu only

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my birthday thread is starting now - Mood:Good
Monday July 31 20176:14:37 PM |
tell me what a good boy i am
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