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Male, 25 years old
Kaitaia, North Island, Australia/NZ

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My name is Eminem

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Ah sh*t - Mood:Good
Friday October 09 200910:42:50 PM |
School holidays be gone soon, and they went to quickly.
Though something interesting did happen during the holidays...

My mate Grayson came up from whangarei the other week, and we saw his mother and the old empire mart.
She said if we want to see him we have to go to his brothers house.
She explained where he lived an we were off.

So we (we bein' me and troy) arrive, see grayson, catch up all before we enter his house.
Then his brother comes out with a loaded bb gun.
Shoots me 'n' troy and tell us to run, so we do.
Me and him both have scars where he hit us.
They are hardly noticable, if I can get pics, I will post them.

So how is you?

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I`m gonna do it... - Mood:Good
Friday August 28 20093:41:39 PM |
I'm going to never come to this "blakeizorsom" account again.
The name is getting old and the "slangy slang" is pissing me off.
My new account will post here (when I think of a semi-decent name.

Seeya later.

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O.K....I need advice... - Mood:Anxious
Friday July 31 20094:16:58 PM |
So there's this girl I've knwon almost my whole life, and I've been crushing on her for a while.
We've been in all the same classes for every year of each others lives.
I don't hang out with her, but I could start.
I can make her laugh and we're are quite good friends, but I don't thinks she likes me.
If I ask her out and she says no things will be all akward between us and we'll never be good friends again.
YT, what should I do?
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Saturday July 18 200911:26:45 PM |
I went to the All Blacks vs Australia rugby game, and the All Blacks won! 22-16!
My step-brother, my step dad, my step brothers step dad and I all went to eden park to watch that game.
It was epic, big hits, mint tries, and the guys behind us would sing "You f*cked up, you f*cked up..." everytime someone made a mistake.

I also got my picture taken a put in the news paper .
I got face paint done which WOULD NOT come off.
Good game australians.
*though we kicked ass*

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Woohoo!! I get to go see The All Blacks vs The Wallabies!! - Mood:Ecstatic
Wednesday July 15 20091:31:12 AM |
It's rugby...just to let you know.
It's the first match of the bledisloe cup...I think.
I don't think we'll win, we have a sh*t team this year.
All well, we'll see what happens.

And to the Ozzy YTers; GAME ON!!

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An activity...but day (so far) - Mood:Good
Saturday July 04 20095:14:25 PM |
Name or descoribe a household object, and I will take a picture of it.
Simple enough?
Get asking people

Oh yeah, betta include my day so it's not spam...
Well I woke up, watched seinfeld for some reason (no offence, but no american sitcoms are funny), mised breakfast and logged onto YT.
Well, YT is having one of it's dumb, slow, boring days, so I've decided to make his activity.

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HOLIDAYS! - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday July 04 200912:06:21 AM |
That took aaaaaaaaaaaaages.
I cannot wait 'till I'm in year 10 classes, no more of my stupid, annoying, obnoxious class.
Most of them don't want to learn, so they yell, scream, and shout (Yes I do know those three things are the same) at the teachers, swear and put all us ready learners off.

And there's this one chick inparticular that I hate.
She yells, drinks, smokes weed, lost her virginity, and has had sex once after that.

Jesus I'm happy that it's the holidays...

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One year dedications!! - Mood:Good
Friday June 26 200910:33:59 PM |
I'd like to dedicate my year at YT too...
*drum roll*
...everyone on YT!

Ya' see, Qhen I was 1-5 YT months old, I was a spammy, whiny, stupid litle newb.

But throughout my nonsense, the goos samiritans of YT helped me become a "good" member.


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Awwwww...cute! (pics possibly) - Mood:Good
Friday June 19 20092:49:33 AM |
My Dad just got a new kitten (I may post pics later).
Though we can't think of a name, suggestions?

Other news, I was on the radio, talkiing about refugee awareness week, then offered to go on TV.
I did.
It was only the local channel, but it's better then nothing.

Anyway suggestion for cat names.
Thank you.

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Wanaa kill a few minutes? - Mood:Good
Saturday June 06 20095:48:40 PM |
Me and troy have just finisheed our hardstyle shuffling video, no...not cards.
Here are some of the "proffessionals" for all who don't know...

Some "gangstas"

And for the ladies...

And for those willing to learn...

I'm not doimng this because it's "cool" or "gangsta" or whatever.
I do it cause it's freakin awesome looking!!

Hope you enjoy.

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Well that sucks. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 23 200911:18:43 PM |
I just realised, I can never be a key member.
I don't have any U.S. money.

Meh, who cares.
Though it would be nice if someone bought me a key *hint hint*.

The news: I went dwon to paradose (not paradise) bay, and put some curtains up.
*shoves drill into someone randoms forehead*

YT is very boring today and no-one will rate me in the rate the avy thread

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I now aprreciate that I have the ability to hold my anger in and then let it out at once - Mood:Exhausted
Friday May 22 200910:35:08 PM |
I snapped like a popsicle stick being bended slowly.
Before rugby today, we we're at the feilds, setting the flags up.
When this kid from the other team walked up and insulted me...repeatedly.
He also had been doin' that a school, along side deleting ma' work (on a computer), scribbling my work, blaming me for stuff he did...yadayadayada.
So when the game cam, he was on the wing, as was I.
I was thinking "He's gonna regret everything he's done to me."
The centre of their team received the ball from the half-back, and did a pass right over to him.
I ran as fast as I could, launched at him...and may of accidentally...ya know...broke his collar bone.

He won't be playing for a couple pf years.
Now I feel really guilty that I did that.
Stupid emotions.

Oh yeah, and my cellphone was stolin at rugby.
Doubley damn.

Altogether, a stink day (so far).

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We kicked ass! - Mood:Overwhelmed
Friday May 08 200911:53:27 PM |
Well, I had a game of rugby today, and you wouldn't beleive the score!!
I scored a try, and then 19 mored were scored.
We missed 3 conversions (if we got them it would've been 140-7), but they were from the sideline anyway.

My borther is watching this cheasy cartoon about a boy having a secret agent family with super powers, and a pet big foot.


So, what've you been up to?

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Wanna see somethinginteresting? - Mood:Good
Friday April 24 20093:25:00 AM |

It f*ckin scares me, the fact that he rolls over and over again, and then dies like that.


Anyway I died my hair blond(er), I hope cherrie likes it.
Oh yeah, we go out know, she rung me up and said yeah.
Kay, enough of my love life.
I reckon my hiar looks puckin awesome.

Puckin, word of the day, it's a substitute for f*ck.

Yeah, so what's goin on in your life.

And comment on the vid.

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Ask me anything - Mood:Good
Monday April 13 200912:01:33 AM |
Bored Bored Bored.
Boredy Boredy Bored.

I think you get the message.
Ask me anything...yada yada yada...Yt is espicially boring today....blah blah blah....yeah.

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But I can`t right so baby kiss me through the phone.... - Mood:Good
Saturday April 11 200910:34:20 PM |
That song by Soulja Boy, it's the only song he's written that is remotley good, and it reminds me of cherrie.

Before I start babbling about my relativley stalker like love life (say that 3 times fast), I need a new subject to talk about.

My Dad got his Lappy-top back, which means no more "Windows ME" slow loading.

I am so bored I'm listening to that stupid soulja-gay-boy song, I hate it, but some how I'm addicted to it.


My best friend is friends w/a absolute d*ck head named elijah.
He's stupid and annoying.
He's crushing on one of my friends who's dating someone else, which is disgraceful.

I've actually punched the back of his head, out of anger.
I wanted to, but I knew if I did I'd be in sh*t up to my neck
My emotions took over and I struck and threatened him.
So conclusivley, I was in sh*t up to my neck

How do I break it to Nat that I hate elijah?

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I broke up w/Tania - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday April 09 20098:21:50 PM |
And now I asked out Cherrie on the last day of school.
She said "I'll tell you term".
So I went home, thought about it, and biked down to mum's work, hacked into a computer, figured out Cherries phone number.
I rung her up and said: "I need to know"

So she stalleld and stalled and then she said yes.
But she took a while to answer and got me suspicious. (,- Correct me if I spelt that wrong)
So I rung her up the next day.

I asked "They way you stalled, and then answered aftered a while, did you just answer yes cause you didn't want to say no?".
And she relpied "Yeah...I didn't know what to say, gimme a couple of weeks to think about it".

So, when the first day of chool comes, I might not be single.

Wish me luck YT.

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My first game of rugby - Mood:Exhausted
Friday March 27 20098:20:47 PM |
I now play for Takahue under 13's, and I'm the flanker, lock and prop.

Man is it awesome, my job is too completley waste people, I just have to follow the ball, tackle if the opponents have it, or be support if my team has it.

If you don't know what rugby is, just google it.

We lost two games and won one.

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I`m in lovvvveee...... - Mood:Good
Friday March 27 20091:22:55 AM |
I now go out w/this sweet, cute, funny, and modest girl called Tania.
I love her more then anything.

Girls of YT, how do like being treated by guys?

I dont wanna lose her, I'd really appreciate some help.

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Is it the weekend yet? - Mood:Good
Friday March 13 20093:30:46 PM |
I'm so bored, you could surf me...

So what's been going on in my life you ask?
Well, I failed health at I have to take that class again.
(we change classes every six weeks)
I now go out with Tania, but her laugh pesters me.
In the weekend, I'm gonna invite troy over and we'll replocate the series of this, this and this.

That's how bored we are.
This guys are NZer.
Just type "Pulp sport" into youtube alright..

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Ask me anything. - Mood:Good
Friday February 27 200912:44:26 AM |
I am as bored as hell and, I feel as though I haven't posted a journal in about 3 weeks... so here I am.
So ask me anything, and I will answer.
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First day of college. - Mood:Happy
Thursday February 05 20096:11:10 PM |
Well, my first day of college, what a day.
There are five house groups at college;
And one I forgot.
I'm in trigg, but Mc-F*cking-Marn always wins the cup.
Each house group is divided into 20 mini-groups.
Who gets the most points win the ALMIGHTY HOUSE CUP.

Anyway, there's this girl I'm considering, and I'm trying to build up the courage to ask her out.
Cupids of YT, what do I do in the mean time?

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That was so f*ckin awesome. - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday January 31 20092:41:55 PM |
Yesterday, Dad had too go to Albany and meet all these other people, they all had something in common.
Some NZer had moved to USA and is ripping people off.
No, I don't mean a lollipop for 10 cents rip off, I mean he posts ads in the NZ newspaper, advetising motorbikes, boats etc, for $10,000-$100,000, that don't exist.

So we went to albany, and I got to se the snow for the first time in my life, and it f*ckin rocks.
I learnt how to ski, the first few times I fell, and it hurt, but then I got better and better and now I can officially ski.

Also, I had wendy's for the first time ever, for dinner.
Along w/ B.K. for lunch.
And Lift plus for Breakfast.
I'm so healthy.

Anyway, Dad and his crew met up in bar, and they've deciced to send the authorites after him.
Kinda obvious.
So you americans, If you hear of ripinig-off-ness, please, hurt him.
SovietGuy is on the case!!

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Hotis-erectus. - Mood:Good
Monday January 26 20093:17:54 PM |
As tony calls it, we (Me and troy) were at his work, at it was 28 f*ckin degrees.
It was pretty awesome, I got to ride in one of those BIG BAD LOGGING TRUCKS, and go to the JNL mill.
I got to go "backstage", and there was this random Chinese guy who seemed as though if he gonna stalk me...

I also got to go in this 1/2 a million dollar crame thing, called a forwader.

It was cool, it was keyboard controlled, and AIR CONDITIONING...oh yeah that was the best...

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Does anyone know a surefire cure for sunburn? - Mood:Bad
Sunday January 11 20099:21:06 PM |
I'm in a lot of pain right know...

I have HUGGGEEEE sunburns on my shoulders, face, neck and abdomen.


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