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Female, 37 years old
Charm City, Hon, Southern US

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What a beautiful day for a drive through the mountains. - Mood:Good
Saturday November 11 20175:24:15 PM |
This weekend was the annual open house for a dear family friend's pottery studio. So my mom and I took a little jaunt down some *very* winding roads, farther south and west into the Appalachians.

Here's our view of Mt. Rogers, the highest peak in the state of VA:

Aside from making pottery, our friend is one of the sweetest and most talented banjo players I have the pleasure of knowing. Yes, for those who frequent the News forum, she does in fact have all her teeth, and is not married to her brother. Thank you for asking.

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So I`m super freaked out right now... - Mood:Good
Sunday April 13 20144:13:10 PM |
For electrical work reasons, there is a panel in my kitchen that's temporarily removed. It's above a set of cabinets, and the opening is probably 1ft x 1.5ft. But it accesses all the areas where water pipes, wires, insulation, etc. are, which is huge.

Kitty got scared and ran away from the delivery guys this afternoon...I did not believe it possible, but he managed to get up in that space. Apparently he can vertical jump about five feet if scared.

Anyway...he's out and happy now, but I'm freaking out. The insulation up there is OLD, fiberglass stuff. I didn't even want to touch it to try and get to him. But...he was all up in there, and cats lick themselves to clean, and...I'm freaked out.

Should I be? I know that stuff isn't good for you, but HOW not good is it?

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I made a huge commitment this weekend. - Mood:Good
Monday April 07 201411:44:06 PM |
I know, I know...he's a ginger. But I love him so much.

So far
LOVES: my bed. Doctor Who. The kitchen counter, which he is NOT allowed on (and he knows it, the stinker...I'll go to get him off it and he runs ). Snuggles. Genesis (yes, the band...he reacts to it). High places (in every new room, he immediately looks around for the highest possible spot to jump).

HATES: Being in a car going more than 25 mph. Anytime I leave the room (follows me if possible...tonight he jumped in the SHOWER with me).

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SKYFISH - Mood:Good
Friday February 14 20146:35:24 PM |

(also I wanted to make another thread besides the two active ones )

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What would you do in this situation? - Mood:Good
Friday February 07 20143:33:24 PM |
This is a question about kids...kind of.

So I was in the grocery alone and the first thing I saw was a kid, maybe 3, just wandering by himself.
That part of the store was pretty empty and I couldn't find an adult who seemed to be missing a kid/seemed likely to be with him.

He wasn't acting scared, but I also didn't know what to do because again, empty part of the store, prime location for someone to snatch him up.

I didn't really want to ignore the situation, even though it was likely to be fine. I didn't want to go up to the kid and start talking (asking if he needed help finding his adult), because it could be seen as creepy, unfortunately. And there were no employees around to tell.

So the question is, what would you do? And if you were a parent who momentarily lost track of a toddler in public, what would you want a hypothetical stranger to do?

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U AS U R! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 29 201312:05:03 AM |

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Political crochet strikes again! - Mood:Good
Friday August 03 20122:10:57 AM |

Granted, a much less ambitious project, craft-wise, but at least I was able to deliver this figurative bomb in person, rather than just mailing it and never getting a response.

And tomorrow, I'ma go protest in person and kiss a girl!


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Today I yarn-bombed. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 09 201211:12:41 PM |
Hampden VFW Post

I had wanted to take the flowers to different parts of Baltimore and decorate boarded-up foreclosures but the look I got when suggesting that was...less than happy/comfortable. I still maintain that I would not have probably gotten mugged or shot but it's Baltimore so really who knows. So whatever. Strung them together in a little makeshift garland and decorated the chain-link fence on Falls Rd.

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I swear to Thor, if these storms destroy our new house the day after closing... - Mood:Good
Friday June 01 20125:38:52 PM |
Right, so, we bought a house.
A townhouse, actually. Closing was yesterday; we have the month to move.

Anyway, I'm ridiculously excited. I'm not sure Himself has gotten over the whole "being in debt" thing yet.
Also, super-overwhelmed. As you will see, there is so much painting to be done. O, SO MUCH.

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How far do you think a cat would actually jump? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 16 20126:40:39 PM |
After last night's ordeal, I'm wondering.

We had windows open/screens closed for like 3 months to save on using the A/C.
Last night I found the kittens had clawed open the bedroom screen and one of them was just hanging out, front paws on the outside sill like it was nbd.

So I freaked, picked him up (WRONG move) and it took both me & the guy to pry him off the windowsill. The whole time I'm hanging on for dear life thinking he's going to either jump on purpose or fall out from trying to struggle away from me (he's skittish & I scared him).

We live on the 3rd floor. Now clearly he wouldn't just jump out for no reason, cause he was just chillin and totally would have loved to go outside. But I wonder...if he was scared enough...would a cat *actually* jump from that height? Can they tell it's too high?

idk, the whole thing really scared me.

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Kungfullama exists. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 01 20121:59:41 AM |
I know because we went to see Giant Lincoln tonight!

Also all the other monumenty/memorial stuff on the National Mall. I forgot how amazingly creepy the Korea memorial is at night.

And I managed to have a D.C. driving fail...on FOOT. Seriously. We got off at the Smithsonian stop and somehow managed to not make it back to anywhere even close to that stop (as the closest thing to a "local" I was navigating, which anyone can tell you is not a good plan unless your plan is to wander about halfway to DuPont Circle before asking a cop where the blue line is).


A good time was had! Blurry cell phone pictures were taken by me (and much better ones by one of KFL's friends)! And we proved that you cannot, in fact touch Lincoln's foot.

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Crochet is politics. - Mood:Good
Monday March 26 201211:19:58 PM |
Mailing this to the governor of my home state in protest of his antiquated stance on women's rights.

Since he's so all-fired interested in lady-parts, I crocheted him a set of his own.

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Job security: Take your Christmas lunch and shove it. - Mood:Good
Monday January 09 20128:16:25 PM |
So I'm lucky in that I have a job that pays regularly, I'm good at it, and it's secure.

Problem: the company I work for has not given so much as a COLA raise in over 5 years, much less merit raises or bonuses for people working at my level. My boss gets a (small) monthly bonus and usually does something nice like buying us lunch when we meet goal, since that's what determines her bonus, but none of us doing the day-to-day get anything from the actual company. They took us out for holiday lunch this year, and that was IT. For five.years.

They have been "developing a merit bonus system" for us for longer than I've been here, and it's never materialized. It was supposed to start this month, but I haven't heard jack about it.

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I just opened this backpack... - Mood:Good
Monday December 12 20119:33:43 PM |

looking for the gel pens I was sure had been in there for at least five years.
They were not.

...But a fully-used, undeveloped roll of Fuji max 24 400 speed color film was.

I haven't opened this bag since at least 2008.
I haven't had a working film camera since probably 2006.
I'm legit scared to find out what's on that roll.

Do places like Ritz even still develop film?

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Ok, who knows how to knit, for real? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 15 20115:35:13 PM |
Seriously, I asked my boyfriend what he wants for Christmas, and he wants me to knit him a sock cap.

I can make...straight lines. That's about it. If it's a scarf, or I can sew the edges together into a small bag, I'm good!

I've never so much as picked up a circular needle in my life.

Is there a way to do this with straight needles? It can be so so so simple looking and he'll love it as long as it functions as a sock cap and I made it (and it's blue).

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The great Scrabble Costume Adventure. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 30 20116:44:46 PM |
[immense amounts of photo-whoring inc.]
It started so innocently, with an idea, a ruler, and some foam board.

Gridding out for the letters:

This would eventually be the board. It's regulation sized. There was a lot more measuring than originally anticipated.

Yes, the letters are accurately distributed and scored.
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Three hours after arriving at my parents` house, I have: - Mood:Good
Friday October 21 201110:48:55 PM |
• slipped back into the local patois/slang
• taught my dad how to do something new on his blackberry (seriously, this happens every time I come home)
• desperately wanted everyone to leave me alone, after being alone in the car for 6-1/2 hours
• reverted back to college years by going to the store after everyone went to bed, to buy beer & sneak it into the house, even though I'm 31 years old and can darn well have two beers and fall asleep and no one would care
[also discovered you can buy Heavy Seas at the grocery here! amazing!]
• run into an old high school classmate in said store, after not having seen her for at least eight years

Oh, and my high school football team apparently wins all the time now. They were awful when I went there. I was thisclose to going to the game.

Tomorrow is crazy-busy see everybody day [possibly even secretagent!], and Sunday I drive home and die.

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We`ve added to our family! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 04 201110:05:31 PM |

Alex (no collar) and Sasha (pink collar).
They're litter mates, five months old, and positively adorable.
Adopted from a rescue org that found them as strays in a field. They're a little skittish of people who aren't us, but overall they are warming up to people in a major way, even over the past week and a half.
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Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again... - Mood:Good
Friday September 16 20115:06:30 PM |
[...actually, it was Wales.]

There was international intrigue (though I'm not sure what about), Kyle MacLachlan was there, and he had something to do with the spy drama, which I was irritated by because I him, but the spy things kept conspiring to make me not able to go visit Ongooshk which is what I really wanted to do.

There was also rugby, which is funny because I don't know how rugby is actually played, really. Never watched a match. My dream version was essentially like this video game, which is...depressingly dorky.

Anyway, it was the most vivid dream I've had in quite awhile. I used to have super-lucid dreams, especially if I took a melatonin to help me sleep.

What's YOUR most recent vivid dream?

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Three cheers for sexual harassment! - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 29 20115:20:17 PM |
So, on the one day out of like...a hundred, I wore an actual dress to work today.

Proceeded to step out of my chair this afternoon to use the ladies' room, straight-up rolled my right ankle, and fell pretty much spread-eagle on the floor.

Normal day: haha, embarrassing, but I'm wearing pants, so whatev.
Today: holy poo I just flashed my panties to my whole row of office mates. I wasn't worried about getting up; I was worried about covering myself ASAP.

There is only ONE male worker on my row. After finding out I was okay, he proceeds to say:

"Well, I gotta tell you, you were quick at yanking that skirt back down...but not quick enough!" [insert winky face]


Mind you, this guy is about 15 years my senior, and has an irreverent sense of humor, but I felt like that was pretty OTT for work. From a friend, yeah, I'd probably lol.
But now I'm to HR?

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Tax law question... - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 28 20115:03:45 PM |
It's been a long time since I've been this mad.

My lovely future MiL is apparently trying to claim the boyfriend as a dependent on her taxes for last year (he's already filed single, but apparently there's a way to file an adjustment to this? I've never dealt with that kind of thing).

She has some legal claim, as he was a full-time student for at least one semester (though she paid for none of his tuition—scholarships—and he paid her market-value rent, utilities, etc. while living with her). Basically, he was not, in any way, financially "dependent" on her.

So my question is, if she wants to push it, does he have recourse? Can he just say "no, I'm not re-filing as adjusted" and that's the end of it? Or can she try to push the issue?

I'm hoping he can just be like "" and that'll be the end of it. But I'm afraid she'll get her accountant involved and try to push it.

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You hear me, babies? Good. Reeeeal good. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 26 20111:02:21 AM |
[ask me anything]

Warriors! Come out and plaaaa-aaayyy!

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I hate moving. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 12 20118:56:27 PM |
...but I am SO HAPPY to be out of that sh*thole.
I don't know where any of my stuff is. But I have clothes for work, and things are moved in.

Too bad this was the hottest weekend so far this whole year. Record-breaking in some places.
And there were severe thunderstorms, hail storms, and even a tornado warning just north of here.

But WHATEVER. No more living in the bitchy apartment complex that LOCKED US OUT of our building last week, as sort of a parting shot. And threatens to evict people who throw cigarette butts into the bushes, but takes months to address the security issues/never addresses rampant vermin problems.

I am dead curious to see how they manage to try and get our security deposit back. They'll trump up something, I'm sure...I just want to know what we could've possibly done to the place to make it WORSE than how we found it.

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Science Fiction (ooh ooh ooh) Double Feature...Rock Opera - Mood:Good
Sunday May 29 201112:20:17 AM |
Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary, and my fiance made Secret Plans of Secret for tonight.
He kept alternating between laughing to himself, and saying things like "there's a slight chance you may hate me after this."

20 minutes before time to leave, he tells me "dress for the opera."

THEN, has me put 9 West 25th St. in the GPS...I don't know much about Baltimore geography, but I know that's...not the awesomest place to be.

We get there, and it's a DOUBLE FEATURE ROCK OPERA. At a refurbished old movie theater.

Locally-written & produced shows. The first one was about ancient Rome/Persia, and the sound was awful but the arrangements were very prog & lots of Monty Python-ish humor.

The second was about aliens and lasers, and the sound was considerably better, as were the props.

Apparently the theater group bought the place & refurb'd it from derelict to usable in 4 months.

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Is it too daggone much to ask... - Mood:Good
Friday April 22 20118:26:31 PM |
...for people who celebrate a religious holiday to actually like...know stuff about it?

I can't count the number of people who wished me a Happy Easter at work today.

These same people were terribly confused by certain businesses being closed today. They did not realize that 1. it was Good Friday, and 2. what Good Friday is.

REALLY?? How do you even DO EASTER without Good Friday? It's sort of like...necessary, man.

Is this NOT a common knowledge kind of thing, at least among practicing Christians? Am I expecting too much of people, or what? Because right now, I'm kind of rather annoyed.

It's that same weird, indignant "do I have a right to this?" annoyed that I get when people who DO fly the U.S. flag don't do so properly. I don't do that and don't care if others don't either, but it annoys the F*CK out of me when people do it WRONG.

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