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Female, 44 years old
Memphis, Tennessee, Southern US

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I don't know what she ate, but... - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 08 20104:03:05 AM |
my dog has the WORST smelling farts tonight.


Who says Pit Bulls are horrible, mean, aggressive dogs? IDIOTS, that's who!

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People say they want to work- but they seem to be full of SH*T! - Mood:Disgusted
Friday August 28 20091:17:30 PM |
Everybody claims they need a job- so why is damn near impossible for me to find people who actually want to show up? And I am already short staffed (again, because nobody wants to work apparently) and someone just called out!


All I want is to hire people who NEED money... where are they???

Gee, thanks to the old boss who got transfered and left me short of staff... You SORRY C*NT! You KNEW school was starting and you didn't hire anyone!!!


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I have CRABS!!! (pics) - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 17 20092:10:12 PM |
My daughter named them June & Johnny

They are so much fun to watch! I love watching them eat and just crawl around. My b/f cannot stand for them to crawl on me, but it doesn't bother me at all- he thinks they are disgusting, lol.

pics next post

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Y`all come be excited with me! - Mood:Excited
Tuesday March 10 20093:11:28 PM |
Mike is taking his prelim tests today for the police academy! His first test went really well this morning, and now he is taking something they refer to as "the battery of tests", lol. I have NO IDEA what that is- could be psych tests?
Anyhow, I am very happy and excited! I am SO ready so see him in the academy and then graduating! Police Officers here in the city make GREAT money, which is wonderful, because we could use it!
The poor guy has been working two jobs for a while and last week just started a THIRD job- so between the both of us, we are ready for him to have a career finally. Alos, he said if he doesn't make it into the academy he was going to join the Army, but I really don't want him to do that- so you all cross your fingers he makes it in!
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In between the cover of another perfect wonder where it`s so white as snow (PIC) - Mood:Good
Saturday February 28 20097:03:20 PM |
It"s snowing! VERY unusual for this time of year where I live.
I am bummed though, because both of my wipers aren't working now, I think the arms are stripped out, and I am NOT happy about this. I can hear the motor working, so I know it's not that. ARGH! This happened to my other car last year when it snowed too!

I ordered Papa John's...yum! I can't wait til it gets here I am STARVING!

First day of inventory down, only one more to go- gotta be there at 6am though, so that sucks.

Talk to me, YT...

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Ok, I know they call the older women `cougars" but... - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 25 200910:59:20 PM |
what do you call the younger men who date them?

And we officially have a 'milf' section at my store. In order to keep all the card lines organized, everything has a code, and one of the new musical/recordable card lines is MLF or 'milf' as we call it. It also happens to be cards for ages 40-50 year old. rofl.

Ah- I have to go back to work tomorrow- but no boss- so it shall be a GREAT day. But then we will be starting our yearly inventory, which I am NOT looking forward too. But last year, when I was still at Bed Bath & beyond, I did overnight inventory for 4 stores and if you have ever been in one, you see how HIGH everything is, (it's like that in the stockrooms too) so not only was I up all night for 3 weeks, but on a ladder the majority of the time- and it wasn't TOO bad. SO, hopefully counting a bazilion cards won't be too bad. *crosses fingers*

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My life as a picture book - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 25 20092:06:17 AM |
I wanted to just post random pics of stuff that I miss, or whatever... but next post, as YT plays favorites and never lets me post picsin first post and also- my day.

Work was ok, got to work with T, whom I absolutely have grown to love. Most gorgeous 38 year old I have ever met, she doesn't look a day over 35 either. *is jealous* I am off tomorrow, which explains the late night posting. I plan on doing nothing but sleeping and reading. I the library. And I am starving, but there is only ramen noodles. *note to self, go to grocery store*
eh.. my life is boring. On with the pictures!

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Aw, she looks so cute! - Mood:Good
Sunday February 22 20091:41:54 AM |
I was scared when my daughter told me she was cutting her hair off... but it turned out great! I think it makes her look more her age. (she is 19)

pics to come

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So we bought an XBox 360 and the ENTIRE Rock Band setup - Mood:Good
Saturday February 21 20093:33:41 AM |
BUT- as soon as we started playing, the dumb dog knocked the 360 over and scratched the disk all up, so now we can't play! >:(

Ok, technically it was our fault, since we had it on it's side on the floor- but still! UGH! And it was already late, so of course we can't do anything about it until tomorrow.


And YES, we are JUST NOW getting one.

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My Boss is a F*CKING BITCH (Part 3) - Mood:Good
Monday February 16 20097:55:42 PM |
Ok, so we have all been busting our asses at work, doing the after holiday changovers, basically non stop since right after Christmas- while the lazy cow sits on her ass and hands out orders. Whatever. So anyhow, she made sure she was off for Valentine's and the day after, and today she showed up in jeans and stayed in the office all day again. She had the NERVE to come out today and tell me that we should be farther along and what the hell was taking us so long?

It takes time to take everything down, ticket it for clearance, and ut it away neatly in the clearance section. Then RESET all the shelves, and then FIND the new merchandise and then start putting it out.

Ugh! I could go on and on.

Also... One of the girls caught her sleeping in the office last week, and I just found out about it today.

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I finally got a new(ish) car! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 12 20098:04:02 PM |
Pics to come...

Anyhow, I love it sooo much, NEVER thought I would buy a Cadillac, but it is really nice inside, plus the sound system is awesome- it's a Bose...

Been a MONTH without a car since the wreck, so I am super happy!

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My dinner tonight is not very healthy. - Mood:Disgusted
Friday February 06 20099:38:55 PM |
It consists of cheddar and sour cream chips and chocolate covered cookie dough bites.

The B/F is working the club tonight, so I am alone. *sigh* we both work tomorrow all day too, so I won't get to see him but for an hour or so til he has to go to the club again. I'm sad about this. We did spend the entire day together though. it was basically him driving me around while I went from car lot to car lot looking for that "perfect" used car. We drove through Memphis in it's entirety 9damn, this city is UGLY!) and even went into Mississippi for a look. Cars are cheaper there, but it will cost me more to tag it here if I buy there. Bummer.
Almost got a Jetta, but I decided not to because fixing them can be so costly.
Also found a gorgeous black Buick Regal whihc was AWESOME, but they wanted too much. That's how I know I am old, btw. I like cars like Buick Regals, lol.

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I have a headache and it`s probabaly because I work with bitches - Mood:Spent
Wednesday February 04 20097:21:35 PM |
Seriously, one really IS a huge bitch, unfortuantely, she is also my boss... so I can't get rid of her. She is ALWAYS late, never does anything other than talk on the damn phone and sit on her butt, and complains about our near perfect scores on our CSIs- and we are in like, 2nd place in our region! How about some praise once in a while you lazy cow? I mean, I am just SICK of doing my job AND hers too!
And the other chick is as fruity, as well, a fruit loop. Not only is she a nasty whore, but she rarely washes her hair and she talks NONSTOP, about crazy stuff. I mean, she tells people BS all day long, she annoys everyone who works there and all of our customers too. UGH! And when I say crazy stuff, I mean CRAZY. It's soo off the wall and random.
On top of my crappy job, my washing machine is on the fritz- and I can't afford to buy another one right now. Bummer.

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When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandpa did, not screaming like his passengers. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 01 200910:33:18 PM |
Post pics of your dream car (this is inspired by wilde's dream house thread)

pics to follow cause YT never lets me post pics in the 1st post.

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G.N.O. (pics) - Mood:Good
Thursday January 29 20097:21:08 PM |
Girls Night Out

we had a great time Saturday night, I can't wait to do it again... We went to a pub called the Fox & the Hound 9hence the portrait of the dog)

They have the best Long Island Ice Teas! yum!

pics in next post, YT hates me.

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Sometimes I want to just cut myself - Mood:Mischievous
Tuesday December 30 20089:59:02 PM |
But I'm too vain.
vain, vein...get it?


I am so bored. Seriously, had too many days off from work lately, and I have realized that apparently I LIVE to work. Because there really is nothing to do when I am not at work. how sad.
I watched Eagle Eye & Get Smart today. Am I too old to drool over Shia LaBeouf?
Who knew he would ever grow out of that uber dorky look from when he was on Even Stevens and turn into Mr. Hottie?

Get Smart was pretty decent. Everyone said they hated it,but I enjoyed it. It wasn't as funny as the tv series, but it wasn't as bad as people told me. Besides, the Rock was in it, so it's all good. haha.

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I just finished half a bag of sour gummi flip flops - Mood:Good
Monday December 29 20088:08:31 PM |
I want moooooore! So yummy!

What's your favorite kind of candy?

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Hallmark should make vibrating cards for National Masturbation Day - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 23 20081:25:18 PM |
It's May 28th. I would buy one for every single friend, lol...

and another thing. I am SO sick of people calling our store talking about how they are going to boycott us because hallmark wants to sell gay relationship cards.
Hello? We ALREADY have a coming out card... People are so dumb and obnoxious.
I keep telling them I don't OWN that storem, I just manage it, it is a CORPORATE store and whether or not the bring their business back there doesn't affect me in the least.

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TEENAGERS!!! - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday July 30 200810:42:47 AM |
Ok, so I came home from work last night and my 18 yr. old has sold her pit bull (my b/f bought it for her) for $200 to pay her frickin phone bill! And when we told her to go get the dog back, she said she couldn't because she already spent the money. Then she startes screaming and acting crazy and tells us she is moving out, and leaves! She won't answer her phone now and I am PISSED!
let me just say, we are VERY good to her! Since she is 18 and working full time and not currently in school, I started making her pay $100 a month for rent- I JUST started that last month! She has always been a good kid, and I am shocked at her behavior! i just don't understand what is going on!
I have no idea how to handle her, I just can't believe she did that and then throws a guilt trip on me about how hard her life is!
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I just a new job!!! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 10 20088:29:44 PM |
About 3 weeks ago, a woman came into our store, and I helped her; I went out of my way to find her a product that was no longer on the shelves (actually a very normal thing for where I work, if we don't have something, we do everything in our power to get it) and after I found the product for her, she asked me if I would be interested in being a manager for her Hallmark store that she just took over, and gave me her name and told me where the store was located. So 2 days later I did just that. Well, it took a few weeks, but she called me today and offered me the position! It will be for more money, and most likely a lot easier work! I am so excited, and tomorrow I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice to BB&B. I feel so lucky! YAY!
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So, we went down to the Mississippi river today- - Mood:Lovestruck
Sunday June 08 20086:41:33 PM |
Mike and I went over to his sister's house, visited with her and the nephews and niece for a bit, then we went to downtown Memphis, drove past Beale St. and then stopped in at Neely's BBQ (they are always on the food network) and took our food down to riverfriont park to eat... It was in the mid 90's but the breeze made it more bearable-the river looked really beautiful, and it was a great view- we could see over to Arkansas, such a weird feeling, looking across a river to another state- he had some BBQ Nachos, and he got a chip full of pork and cheese and put it in my mouth- It was so sweet, and funny (because of course cheese got all over my lips and chin)... kind of erotic, too, him feeding me like that (MMM) lol, anyhow, after we were done, we drove hom and had a fun little time in bed together before my daughter got home! All in all, it was really nice.
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OMG!!!! Why is it that EVERYTIME I call a cell company... - Mood:Enraged
Sunday June 08 200812:20:37 PM |
someone answers who barely speaks English!!!! It doesn't matter if I am calling my cell phone company or my daughter's- neither one of them has anyone answering whom I can actually understand! When you have to deal with someone over the phone, it is VERY helpful to be able to actually comprehend what is being said, ESPECIALLY when it has to do with billing a whatnot.
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It`s been so long... - Mood:Happy
Saturday June 07 20087:26:03 PM |
Wow, I haven't been here in ages, I mean, literally, it has been months since I last posted anything. So; hello everyone... I have missed you!

And so, where is my life at now? Everything is going GREAT with my b/f and I , we have been together over 2 years now, and are happily living together, life with him is SO amazing and I am very happy. It's odd, aftter having been with my ex husband for over 13 years, I think about how depressed I was, how angry, and very bitter. Being with Mike is SO different. We never argue, we enjoy each other so much, always laughing and joking around with each other. We are even working together and I am just so in love with him. IN LOVE... it feels wonderful. I can't believe I wasted so many years with somone who seemed to bring out the worst in me. I am such a different person than I used to be, and I am so thankful I met Mike.

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So I have finally joined a gym - Mood:Good
Sunday October 14 20073:18:42 PM |
I am doing some weight training, for toning, and cardio- mostly the bike and the treadmill. I don't think i am ready for the stair climbers yet-
I had a lot of fun the other day when I went, felt really good during and afterwards- I hope that I start to see some results within a month.

Any advice?

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FACEBOOK users - Mood:Good
Monday October 01 200712:16:53 PM |
if you are someone I know rather well on here- please PM with your info so I can add you!

thank you!

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