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Female, 33 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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New Member Help - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 12 20045:09:03 PM |
Okay, SuperSatan (aka The Boy) has just made an account, his picture is showing as being uploaded but nothing is being saved. I don't think it's a cookie issue, but I have no idea why it's acting like this. Can anyone help.

Oh, it's also saving NONE of his profile info...

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She`s meat for the beast. Master wants her...and Uncle Sam wants you! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 12 20045:09:35 AM |
I've officially invited my boyfriend to join me on YT. He's not here yet (he hasn't gotten the email to set up his account yet...)but I'm all tripped out. We really do share everything, but YT was always mine alone. (though I've only been back five days or so, it was always there in my heart ) I don't know why it makes me nervous, maybe because this has really been like a diary or a secret clulb, hell, sometimes it's therapy and being able to vent where no one I have to see tomorrow can access. Anyway. We rented Super Size Me and it was really good. I like the deleted scenes too. The boy also got me a documentary on Clinton's presidency that I'm stoked to watch.


But I forgot. I've been domesticated. We made this crazy layered pudding pie tonight...and I made my own graham-cracker crust for it. It's so delicious. We've named it Bumble-Bee Pie.

Yay! I'm like lil' Suzy Homemaker!

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I`m your Huckleberry - Mood:Good
Monday October 11 20043:42:31 AM |
tonights movie quote is brought to you by adult swim. aqua teens is awesome...anyway. i need a quieter keyboard. i'm not in the mood for capitals. or glasses. the seeing kind, not the drinking kind. i could totally go for some drinking right now. i have no liquor in this house. i personally think that'd be a great house warming present, a nice bottle of Jack (that deserved the capital) or maybe some Bailey's for my coffee. that'd be nice.
ugh. i want to quit my job. i don't have my overnights anymore and now i make a little bit more than i would panhandeling on the 16th street mall. and this all comes when i actually could really use the money. anyway. at least i have a computer. i guess maybe i shouldn't have even made a journal, this is all pretty pointless.

i'm gonna go get a soda pop. see ya in five or so. *mwa* missin' the shead-funk

and the g-funk

and the abiboo-funk

get down, get down
Jungle Boogie -W42

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It doesn`t do any good to pull your faces off in front of people who can`t see you - Mood:Good
Saturday October 09 20044:33:08 AM |
Proof that it's love: We (he and I) consolidated our movie collection and I gave up my copy of Clerks and we kept his. It was hard. It nearly broke my heart...but I did it. (I still have my DVD copy anyway...but that's not the same. I stole my copy from my old job. It was sentimental.)
Anyway...I want something but I can't have it. Because I'm being nice. Being nice takes too much work. Should I forgo the inherent sweetness that exudes from me and be a selfish bitch? It's so hard to decide.
Though, I am calling in to work tomorrow to go to a maybe I'm halfway there.

Ugh. Maybe I should just go to bed.

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you was the bomb in phantoms yo! - Mood:Good
Thursday October 07 200412:13:21 AM |
um. so i'm back. i'm on a borrowed imac and i don't really like it. i miss my computer. anyway. yeah. i had a birthday and i live in a new house but most importantly, i met poli and putterererer...both of whom are the awesome. beyond doubts and've you been?

it's's pouring...the old man is snoring

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Reasons why no one will ever rock as hardcore as Puttererererer! - Mood:Good
Friday October 10 200312:34:14 AM |
1. He's very tall...and we all know 6'3 is the PERFECT height (for a guy)
2. He's the funkmaster
3. He sent me SUPERDOPE presents!
4. He has more wit in the tips of his fingers than most people have in their entire families...
5. Did I mention, he's Tall?
6. He has Great eyebrows. Seriously, they're badass.
7. His sister is Politigal75.
8. He's met Noel...And they both wore YT cool is that?
9. Have I told you how tall he is? 6'3. Yeah.

Oh! But you want to know more about SUPERDOPE presents?

Too bad. That's for me to know and you to be super curious and jealous about!! Haha!!

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Do not let what you should be doing interfere with what you chose to do instead - Mood:Good
Sunday October 05 200310:48:29 PM |
I have the worst monkey of a headache that I've had in a really really long time...why does poor little wonder's head hurt so much you ask yourself, in a voice filled with worry, concern and love (admit you love me! silly bastard!) no real not-problems and a big-boy Problem...sigh. And my job still sucks and I'd nearly forgotten how tiring it is applying for jobs that you most likely won't get...Plus M.A.S.H. is on and I can't find my remote I hate when that happens..what TV show ALWAYS makes you run for the remote?
So long as you don't run for the border, Taco Bell is disgusting...I saw a movie on Saturday. I expected it to suck so very bad, *shockingly* it was really good. I laughed more than anyone else in the theater, granted there were only like 12 people (incl. me and the boy) but still, It was very unexpected.

I'm off to go have a smokey treat. See you in ten minutes

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I`m so punk I own TWO brown shirts... - Mood:Good
Thursday September 25 200311:09:18 PM |
I have Saturday off!!! It makes the idea of going to work tomorrow nearly bareable.
I have nothing at all to say today.

Well, lets see in the paper today it seems there was an earthquake in Japan and a boulder smashed a car in, maybe the news isn't the best place to go with this...

I'm wearing a Reese's peanut butter cup t-shirt. It's orange and SuperCool...

Stop hogging up all the UGLY! Bee-atch.

Damn, Maybe I shouldn't have made a journal tonight...

Okay, I'll stop now.

(p.s. missin' the gfunk)


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When I Take Over The World, Your Death Will Be Quick And Painless - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 23 200311:16:17 PM |
Birthdays are fun. I got presents and ate food and got phone calls from lots of people and saw people I haven't seen in FOREVER! But Tomorrow the real world invades my life again...I have to be at work at 12:30...It sucks so bad. So very bad. I don't know what to do about it either...I want to turn in my two weeks, but it's so hard to find a job...Last time I found a job (this one) before I quit my other one (which was another little slice of hell, but not as bad as this...nothing is as bad as this. {I say that, though I know it's not true})...What if I turn in two weeks and it takes me forever to get another job? And I mean, I wanted to go back to school in January
Maybe I'll just runaway and live in the wilds of Canada...or marry a rich old man wait for him to die and then move my boyfriend into our new mansion. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do.

What do YOU think I should do with the rest of my life?

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Go Shorty It`s Your Birthday - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 23 200312:06:05 AM |
What up sluts! Have you misseded your wonderful wonder??? I've misseded you too!! sweet. It's my birthday!!!!! I'm old. Did you get me a present? No? Oh well, that's okay. No one else did either. Granted, I won't be TECHNICALLY 22 until 2:53 AM MST...but ya know. OH!! How was your first day of Autumn? Mine was BEAUTIFUL! (except for the fact that I was at work for nine and a half hours of it...*grumble*)
I miss my gfunk... BUT I JUST NOTICED HE'S HERE!!! *runs to sign on to AIM*
That's all for now!!!
(p.s. )
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Christina Ricci will be on the Daily Show tomorrow - Mood:Good
Thursday September 18 20031:31:53 AM | seems like just last night I said I was gonna try to stop with the journals... I'm so hungry and I just can't get full. I've had 12 cups of coffee, a donut, a grilled chicken breast with wild rice, a pepsi, half a muffin, and three biscuits. Normally, I eat a hot dog and I'm stuffed for about 10 hours. PLUS! It's freezing in this damned house. I have a new picture of my boyfriend. One of his friends put it up on the "internet"...but I don't feel comfortable just reposting it...I lost the point of that, he's just all sexy and whatnot...He's given me three b-day presents so far. 4 happy bunny pins, a happy bunny book and a superman wallet. And he drew me a picture of a monkey...he's the sweetest boy ever. Uck. I'm hungry but my tummy's starting to hurt...I swear, by tomorrow morning I'll weigh 249 pounds...

So, if you won the lottery (say fifty million bucks or so) what would you buy me for my birthday?

Where is GFUNK?????

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She. She screams in silence - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 16 20032:48:15 AM |
Normally I don't stare at girls in coffee shops, but she struck me in a way that very few people ever do. She sat there for hours with a large group of people; they laughed, smoked, talked and drank large amounts of coffee while she sat by, in silence. Neither drinking nor smoking, talking nor laughing. I saw her get up as I opened the bathroom door. When I stepped inside she was already there. She asked me why I'd been staring. I told her, simply, that I was stunned at her beauty and couldn't help myself. She smiled, leaned in, kissed my neck and said "You'd better stop watching me and start watching yourself" I looked in the mirror and saw only my own reflection. When I turned back to her, she was already gone.

I'll never be a writer. I know true artists, people from whom truth and beauty spills from their fingertips onto canvas, into notebooks...and I know I'm not one of them.

Love knows no death. In Memory, they live forever.

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Arg, Grumble, Sigh, Tsk - Mood:Good
Thursday September 04 200310:29:00 PM |
Obviously, this is angsty bullsh*t so if you don't like that leave now, as I've chosen yt to vent at...Why do people feel the need to avoid confrontation by not saying anything, then making the confrontation bigger when it finally happens? I had the day off of work, my bf said he'd call when he got home...he didn't. Whatever, I go shopping with my cousin (call him to see if he wants to grab a quick cup of coffee, he doesn't answer) My cousin and I run to the coffee shop...and *shock* he's there. With his friend, Christina. I'm not jealous, just irritated that he didn't even bother to call me to say he was going out or answer his phone to say he's at coffee with a friend. And then (after she leaves) he comes to sit with us and says "Oh, that's who was calling the other night when I said it was Jose and I didn't want to pick up the phone"
Why the F*CK did he feel the need to lie??? Argh.

Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them...

Anyway, how goes your lovelife these days

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But I`m dwarfish by ogre standards! - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 02 20033:15:27 AM |
Boys rock. Proofs:
1. My boyfriend. He's tall, smells yummy, buys my coffee (even when I offer to pay), makes me laugh, and he puts up with my bullsiht
2. Rik_Khaos. He's funny and intelligent, has great taste in movies (IE: AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH. On his recommendation alone, I bought the DVD. Holy monkey bone do I love it!)
3. Timmy. He's into role-playing games with his friends, but isn't embarrassed by it, he tells really dumb jokes that crack me up and he's never afraid to laugh out loud (plus he's only kidding when he makes fun of me, or so he says)
4. Putterer. He just rocks. :D

There are more boys who prove that boys rock, but...I feel like I'm done for now.
I'm getting hungry and I need to go to sleep...It's my all time least favorite combo of feelings at four am.
Yep, that's pretty much it for now.
Love and Lion-sized Hugs...

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I`ve been blinded with his science - Mood:Good
Thursday August 28 20031:42:54 AM |
OUCH! I burned my arm on Sunday (the oven at work has HOT steam...grumble) And it was healing very well...Then today, I was opening a box and BAM! The ... flap? hit my arm and Tore open the scab (?) and now it's all gross and ouchy. And very ouchy. Pirates are cool...There's this little ... thing on KTCL (93.3FM) where they have a skit for "Butt-Pirates of the Carribean" Ah, it cracks me up. Speaking of JOHNNY DEPP (the Third sexiest person on the face of the earth) Have you seen Previews for Once Upon A Time In Mexico??? Oh, Salma and Johnny...IN THE SAME MOVIE!!! SEXIEST movie ever! Plus it looks FREAKIN' Great. September 12th baby...Yeah. (that's 11 days before my b-day for those of you keepin' track ) CarrotTop's on Colin Quinn's show...I honestly hadn't thought his show could get any worse. But I've been proven wrong. The married guy was being superflirty tonight. It was funny. The Boy got all jealous. :D Ahh, boys are silly...

More...(Yes, there's MORE! mwahahahah

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They have Happy Bunny Stickers at K-Mart!! (that must be why it`s Super) - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 27 20031:02:50 AM |
Woah, I still have Ugos' Freddy vs. Jason theme up...that made me happy, cuz Freddy vs. Jason (or as The Boy is fond of calling it: Jeddy vs Frason) ROCKED!! Ahh, anyway. I've joined the throngs of trendy whores...I have a cell phone now. I forget whether or not I have free long distance, but I'm gonna go get some ringtones so I'll check when I do that, If I do...I'll probably Actually call you silly bastards that I always say I'm going to call and never get around to actually doing it. Usually, it's SO cold in my house at night I have to wear a sweater, but SOMEONE decided that we use too much AC and it needs a right now it's SO freakin' hot that I'm melting. Like the wicked witch of the East style (yep, melting by getting a house dropped on me...) I've decided I have to leave my current place of employment. Wonder resumes her job search as of Thursday...Fun times lie ahead, no doubt...

How's work for you these days?

Love and Lampshades, Wonder XOXO

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Neither of them!! Michael Meyers pops out of nowhere and kills them both! - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 20 20031:13:36 AM |
Thursday is my Mommy's birthday! :D There's the CUTEST little spider crawling on my wall...seriously, I know that some people think spiders are scary, but even THEY would say that this spider is adorable...After I typed that last sentence...I changed my mind!!! The little bastard JUMPED from the wall onto my keyboard and made me scream like a little girl...Argh. The Daily Show is Hilarious tonight. I mean, it's always funny, but damn, Jon is ON tonight baby!!! Wow, this is half over and I haven't mentioned the Boy once. How very odd. But in case you're wondering, he still kicks ass. Also, in case you're wondering, I'm buying my mom a cell phone for her birthday. I know, it sounds like a crap present but she REALLY wants, I'm getting her one. And one for me too. Because I wanna be just like my mommy...Crazy and perverted! *dances*

*sigh* I'm SO bored. Last night, I was going to do a cool journal, but I couldn't, now I give you this crap.

How unfair.

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Potato Pancakes and Coffee Kisses - Mood:Good
Monday August 18 20031:00:14 AM |
I'm so tired, but I can't sleep...I'm not quite sure why; I am sure that I have the best boyfriend in the entire world though. I did something REALLY stupid on Thursday night, and he forgave me. I'll honestly NEVER ever do anything like that again though...*sigh* I saw FREDDY vs. JASON this weekend!! And I must say, Ugo was WRONG! That movie KICKED ASS!!! Woo-hoo! I *loved* it. So very much. Freddy is so pimp!!! :D:D:D:D:D I bought new Cons today, they're hot-pink high-tops. I had to buy them, they're the ones from way back when Cons were stil made in the US! (and now Converse is owned by Nike *shudder* This is my Last pair of Converse shoes Ever...kinda makes me sad) I'm in the mood to listen to the Offspring. :D So, I think I will.
Nearly a week without the I've survived, I'm not quite sure.

I'm gonna make some chocolate milk now, yummy! See you in a few minutes.

OH!! How rude of me! How was your weekend?

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I never noticed! - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 12 20031:37:35 AM |
If you click on an actors name in the movies section, it shows you all the movies YT has with that actor listed!! :D So FREAKIN' COOL!! :D


Life is good. I should be in bed. I have to go to work early tomorrow because my schedule is stupid. I do get to see my lovely boy after work though, so it's all good...I had a vanilla shake earlier today and it was super-yummy. Shakes in the summertime, nothin' finer.

I've had more shakes this summer, than in the entire rest of my life put together, I'll be surprised if by september I don't weight 321 pounds!!

I have to go shopping for my mommy's birthday (it's only 10 days away!!! Eep! No! NINE DAYS!!!) I have no idea what to get her...she's the hardest woman in the history of the world to shop for...Seriously. But I'm going with one of my oldest friends and she knows my mom really well, so it'll all work.

Love and Lollipops, your ever adoring Wonder

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Far too early!! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 10 20039:56:24 PM |
It's only eleven, and I'm going to bed soon...I don't have to be up until nine, but I'm still going to bed before midnight! It's obscene! Unheard of...Absurd and many more adjectives that don't actually have anything to do with anything! Flashy and angelic even...who knows who knows??NOT ME!
What don't I know...I don't know "WHY?!!" No matter how loud you yell it at me, I still wont' have an answer for you...

I have *girl* problems (not like, feminine itching or anything super-icky, but like the "argh, I don't understand bf this/that/the other..blah, blah, who give a fcuk..." girl problems) and I *REALLY* want to talk to someone about them...but I can't figure out who on earth would be even remotely interested in listening to me bitch...

Okay, I've only drank chocolate milk ALL's really yummy, but now my tummy hurts.

Off to see if AIM is working...then off to bed.

You all suck (except the g-funk...and the e-funk)

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Now more pointless than before!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday August 07 200312:26:17 AM |
My boyfriend is tall and has pretty eyes and SUPER cool friends! My avatar is a picture that his friend made for his birthday...isn't it cool? You can't see him Very well, but he's sleeping holding a little stuffed lion. I have the *best* taste in boys ever...*swoon*

Um, I have to go back to work tomorrow and that makes me SAD! I had two days off and it was WONDERFUL! I slept and wandered around the city and bought SUPERMAN(er, technically, supergirl) shoes...Ahhh, good times.

Wow. 500 characters and I'm out of stuff to say...
Let's see...I had a chili cheese dog for dinner and it was yummy...Josie and the Pussycats is a REALLY funny (smart) movie that people should give a chance...Same goes for Bubble Boy.

Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy...and his sister's hot's kinda disturbing to me. So is their last name. I should be "gil-en-hall" not "jill-en-hall"...

Damn, I still have 100 characters to go!! What the hell?? Reno-911 starts in 2 minutes WOOHOO!!

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The Angel NEVER makes eye contact...bastard - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 06 200312:16:11 AM |
My profile theme makes me think of 70's amatuer porn...:D
I don't want to be here here I don't mean YT, I mean Earth. I wish I were a beam of light crossing the galaxy at break neck speeds, swerving around meteors, dispersing and coming back together as I cruise through bands of ice and clouds of gasses...or perhaps I shouldn't leave the planet...content myself with being a gust of wind, rustling the leaves in North Carolina, playing with a girl's hair in Italy, dancing with a butterfly on the Great Wall of China...when I decide to stop, I can be a drop of water in the ocean letting the current guide my path...flowing, losing all trace of self...

yeah. See, right now, I'm stuck. Sitting in a chair inside of a house that's in the middle of an odd smelling city in the 16th most boring state in the union...

Sometimes, I miss being the little girl lost. Lost in thoughts...lost in the world...but at least I never felt trapped inside myself...

Gary Busey is scary.

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The Boy - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 05 200312:52:28 AM |
It's his 24th birthday!! :D YAY!! I got to spend the first hour-and-a-half of the day with him...but now he's gone. I hate his job, I'm going to get rid of comcast service and I implore you all to do the same! If Comcast goes out of business...he won't have to wake up so damned early and leave all the freakin' time...stupid jobs...I think we should get paid based on something other than work...Like I have really long hair someone should give me a dollar for that and my boyfriend he's really tall, someone should give him TWO dollars for that...

eh, I don't think that system would work very well...besides, who would pay us this money?

But more importantly if someone gave you money based on something that's cool about you, what do you think you'd get paid for?

Like I said, mine'd probably be my hair...or the fact that I give off a cool aura and make those around me cooler than they were before they weren't around me...or so I've heard said.

Missin' the G-funk.

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I want to go on a scavenger hunt!! - Mood:Suspicious
Sunday August 03 200311:40:55 PM |
I am really bugged. Like seriously, to a degree I can't quite explain...well I could, but I wouldn't have any idea how to make it sound like I wasn't a crazy person with severe emotional I know what you're saying to yourself "but Wonder, we already know you're a crazy person with severe emotional problems"...All I can say to that is SHUT THE F*CK UP I DO NOT HAVE EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS!!!!

Anyway. AIM is down again, the Boy hasn't called me (or made any other contact) in over 24 hours...

Argh. I have to go to the doctor at nine am and then be at work by ten-thirty.

It'd seem I have a case of the mondays...


Um, yep...that's enought insane ranting.

Back to the title of this journal, when was the last time you did a scavenger hunt? That's EXACTLY what I'm in the mood for...

Today it rained and it was beautiful, but I didn't get the chance to dance in time for sure though...

(did I happen to mention that I'm impr

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It`s Putterer`s Birthday!! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 03 200312:14:09 AM |
Happy Birthday to Puttererererer!
Happy Birthday to Puttererererer!
Happy Birthday to YOU-OOOUUU!! :D:D:D:D

Okay, now that that's out of my system...:P
Um, I have nothing to say...:D teehee.

I'm in the happiest little mood, but I've drank too much coffee in too short a period of time and have given myself a massive migraine...Ugh. :) But it's still all good...

Okay...that's enough about me...

You can all go back to think happy thoughts towards Putterererer on his special day! :)

Oohhhh!!! For Putt's b-day, Michael Jackson will do a special dance!

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