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Female, 33 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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There`s obviously something wrong with him. He`s taken off his shoes and one of his socks and... actually, I think he`s crying - Mood:Happy
Wednesday December 29 20042:12:11 AM |
On June 6th 2006, I will officially be a Mrs.

It seems like a long way off...but it seems too soon as well. It's a weird feeling. Anyway.

How was your holiday? I haven't been around much lately. So busy, so tired. For not having an important job I sure have to be there alot...

I've been reading again, which makes me happy. I hadn't realized how much I missed words. I'm still not writing, but that's okay...I'm not talented anyway. Speaking of which, I have a stack of Christmas cards on my dining room table. I keep forgetting to take them with me when I leave the apartment, if I were smarter I'd put them in my purse, but I forget my purse 8 out of 10 times anyway...So, if you haven't gotten a card yet, that's why...or it's because you live really far away. I did mail out some, but I don't remember whose...

*yawns* So tired.

Oh!!! I finally got to talk to Trips. I'd missed him so much. He's awesome...

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there`s good news and there`s bad news... - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 14 20049:28:52 PM |
I got a card from Tamahau today!!! It's only postmarked on the 12th but I got it today! How cool is that???? And it was officially pimped, so none of you are worthy of seeing it ( besides I don't have a scanner or camera )

More good news. I went grocery shopping, five bags, four definite meals, cost: $19.93!!! I'm the best shopper ever.

Bad News. I only have ONE day off from now until christmas...I can't imagine how tired I'm going to be by Christmas Eve (plus I have like six parties to go to AND I'm making the enchiladas for xmas dinner)

On the most serious note, my aunt has cancer. She's going in on Thursday to have the first surgery. They're going to remove part of her kidney and are hoping not to have to remove any of her bladder. She's in high spirits (her doctor is Japanese and she said "Yeah, my scars gonna be slanted" It's kinda offensive, but she's 80 and it's funny when she says it), so I'm not worried. Just sending my love.

Any news from you

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Eric is pregnant! ... He`s gonna be a soccer player! Yes, he is! - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 14 20042:04:23 AM |
*sigh* I hate being a mom.
And I don't even have kids, just a 25 year old BOYfriend...

No, seriously though. I have to pack his lunch (or he'll not take anything and eat just soup), Iron his shirt for work (or he'll wear it wrinkled and get sent home to change, again, maybe written up), Clean up after him (he won't do it, I've tried asking, writing notes, not doing it, screaming...)

But still I love him. He's sleeping now...that just reminds me I have to set the alarm to wake him up in the morning...

My tummy aches. And I want a soda. But I have to go to bed.

I've been having so much trouble waking up lately. All I want to do is sleep. Like 61 hours a day...I think it's the depression (I'm assuming I'm clinically depressed, meh?) But it sucks because all this week I have to be at work at 7 am. I hate working that early...

What do you want for Christmas? (not from me, I'm a broke little kid that can't even afford to send you my love)

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We`re you gonna do sex to my dead body? - Mood:Happy
Friday December 10 20044:01:56 AM |
I've decided to get myself a tattoo for christmas (I won't get it until January, but it's still a present) I want the celtic tree of life, but I don't know how traditional I want to go...

The bottom one isn't a tree of life...just a celtic tree...

So, which do you like best?

Oh, and I have to wake up for work in two and a half hours...should I even bother going to bed?

Nah, I didn't think so either.

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I was dead. What would it be? The guillotine? Hanging? The chair? The rack? The Chinese water torture? Hmmph. Mere child`s play compared to what surely awaited me. - Mood:Shocked
Wednesday December 08 20041:26:47 AM |
I'm in the oddest mood tonight.

First, I'm relieved. I wasn't fired from my job, in fact I worked today...and I got a raise. Not the raise that I was originally slated to get, but still, I can use every little bit.

Second, I'm excited. I've been filling out Christmas cards all night. I *love* the holidays. They're so much fun. Though, my living room is littered with pens, scraps of paper with addresses scrawled on them, envelopes and candy canes. I kinda like it like that...

Third, I'm disappointed. I thought The Boy would be more excited about sending out xmas cards as a couple, but he's not contributed much. (He did get everyone in his family's addresses for me...)

Fourth, I'm a weird mix between hungry, tired, and lustful. I can't say 'horny' because it's not an "I need to get laid" kinda thing. It's weird and I couldn't explain it without being far too graphic...And giggling.

Being graphic always makes me giggle.

I'm also in the mood to tell secrets...

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As you can see, Genghis greatly enjoys Twinkies because of the excellent sugar rush - Mood:Good
Monday December 06 20045:14:41 AM |
My journal from earlier disappeared. I think I erased it accidentally.

I have an odd urge to eat lots of candy, get naked and sing really loud and off key. And jump on the bed. But not while I'm naked...I don't have a good body for jumping while naked. I do have good hair for jumping though. It's very bouncy. Which is funny, because the fat on my body is TOO bouncy.


I'm so good at covering up being all sad and depressed. No one asked why I was upset. I said I had PMS...totally worked. I don't know why I don't want to talk about anything that's bothering me...I do at this time of night. Right now, I'd *love* someone to ask why I've been so upset. Not that I could give any kind of answer that made sense to me...

So, Six YT'ers are going to get limited edition hand written short stories with their christmas cards. I'm debating on whether or not to make it a serial, or one story per card. We'll see.

So, if I don't have your address, PM me quick! There goin fast!

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Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once - Mood:Bad
Sunday December 05 200412:39:35 AM |
I truly am one of those melodramatic fools.

I am so freakin' depressed. I was *just* at a party there were only like eight people I knew there, normally, that's not a problem. I make friends whereever I go, I can talk to anyone. But tonight. I couldn't talk. I didn't want to talk, and EVERYONE kept asking about my job (standard question, I don't blame them) but there's a good chance I got myself fired today, more proof that I'm just as irresponsible today as I was 5 years ago. I've made no progress in my life.

I'm not going to do anything stupid, but I honestly don't see any reason that I should be alive. I'm not going to procreate, I'm not going to contribute anything worthwhile to society. I just don't see the point anymore.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who's there for me and loves me and would love to hear me talk to him about this, but when I try all I can say is, "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." Then I smile and kiss him.

But what if I'm not fine?

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Are we like couples you see in restaurants? Are we the dining dead? - Mood:Embarrassed
Saturday December 04 20042:36:07 AM |
I wish I had an alter that I could figure out the password for. There's so much angsty bullsh*t I want to talk about...
I'm just not good with angst...I can't think of another word for how I feel. It's like frustrated about nothing, depressed about inconsequential nonsense, hopeless about everything. It's like being 15 and not having any weed. That's how I feel tonight like I did then...

But the smile is all about my Zaxxy made avy and my Tripsy made cool is that combination?

Um? Damn, I had something else to say...

Whatever, I think I'll go write some bad poetry and find my old black sweater with the thumb holes. If I'm gonna be a whiney teenager, I may as well go all out.

Oh, another smiley title quote. I love this movie so much. It makes me happy...not I Huckabees happy, but still...Pretty damn happy.

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Why should I even make the bed, or wash the dishes? I do them, but why should I? - Mood:Naughty
Friday December 03 20042:42:50 AM |
That's not a very good quote, but whatever. I actually communicated with Trips tonight! I can't say 'talked' because it was just IM...but still. Ahh, I've missed my Tripsy SO MUCH!

Dammit. I just now realized I missed the Daily Show.

Now I have to stay up another hour.

Oh well.

I'm in a SUPER perverted mood, but my boyfriend's asleep and I have no outlet. It's so frustrating.


So...Um. I bought christmas cards today!!! I'm gonna send them all out on Monday...

I need YT'ers addresses...and to double check if I have them. The only person who I know for sure that I have the right address is Rik...

so, if you want a christmas card, PM me.
I'll try to PM the people I want to send one too, but I probably won't do that til Saturday...

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Now, that is a big trunk. It holds a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog, and a garment bag almost perfectly - Mood:Surprised
Wednesday December 01 20041:13:17 AM |
Another day without Trips...
Maybe next time.

I could never be on Fear Factor. I have long hair. I'd get bugs in my hair and they'd never ever get out and they'd lay eggs and I'd have a crazy infestation of poisonous jamiacan red ants living in my eye, eeewww, eating icky things is gross. Ahh, chappelle's show is awesome.

It was so cold this morning one of my ears fell off when I was waiting at the bus. I mean 5 degrees??? That's an absurd temperture. Stupid cold weather...

I've started adding people to my buddy list...There are very hard decisions to be made in doing such a thing. Now everyone on the site can see who I consider friends.
I have to admit that I've looked at other people's buddy lists and made snap judgements on whether or not I wanted to talk to them by their friends...okay. I haven't but it sounds like something someone would do...

I Like Pumpkin Pie...

My quote makes me happy...thanks g-funk

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Have I ever mentioned I like making lists? - Mood:Good
Friday November 26 20043:40:31 AM |
Entirely random things I associate with YT members:

Zaxone- Portishead
TravBowman- Candied Apples
LapisLazuli- Apple-cinnamon Jelly
Kepi- Smiley Face Antennae Balls
WiseNSexy- BMW cars (particularly, black/rag-top)
Putterer- Lone rain clouds (or just single white puffy clouds)
AngelAbi- Jewelry boxes
Beaker- Certain silver necklaces
IHeartVelcro- Stripey socks (but not toe socks)
DaveJNick- Candy Necklaces
Sheady- RingPops (brit boys = candy?)
MamboTomato- Trench Coats (not the long tan/black kind, the short, cute kind that come in all kinds of colors)


some YT'ers I associate with things that aren't random:

Ugotgash- Brownies
Amy1234- Ballet (slippers)
Pauleky- Movies (video stores)
Cheese King- Books
YoSassy- Princess Leia
DoliGurl- I Love Lucy
Tamahau- Pimp Stylin'
Sammy- Dragons...and one hour photo processing


Just felt like sharing...
Any entirely random stuff you associate with YT'ers?

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Time to make the donuts! - Mood:Good
Thursday November 25 20042:39:22 PM |
Okay, not donuts, green bean cassarole (uck)

Every year, that's my job, and it's the one thing at Thanksgiving I don't eat. And Every Single Year, someone asks "Not eating any? Didn't poison it, did ya? hahahha" Bastards.
This year, I'm gonna poison it, just so no one will think the new guy that that one cousin is dating isn't funny! Bwhahahahha!

Sike. I really am going to make green bean cassarole, but not poisoned and it's not a big thing this year...thanksgiving, not the cassarole, the cassarole is HUGE.

I'm still sick...It hurts so much. My lungs, throat and ribs are just one big mass of achey.

My mommy got a puppy. He's cute. Eventually, I'll get a digital camera and then you can all see him. He's awesome. His name is TIMMY!!! Pronounced like the South Park character...ahh, good times.

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`Lectricity killed my parents! - Mood:PumpkinPie
Tuesday November 23 20042:19:19 AM |
sometimes, I just read one of my old journals and it makes me smile...
and it makes me sad...
i used to end nearly every single sentence with a smiley...
and people liked me and talked to me in my journals...
and trips and low and beaker and trav and doli were there...sheady must've had the day off or something (usually sheady's in the old ones too)

my thanksgiving isn't going to be nearly as cool as i'd originally thought my 'in-laws' aren't coming to my mom's after all...that makes me sad.
i love my boyfriend's mom. she's so awesome.
when i yawn it makes me dizzy...
i think that's a bad sign...
i really hope i don't have pneumonia...

it's going to be cold tomorrow morning and i don't feel like walking to the bus stop, think i should call into work?

i'm going to double post so don't even bother to call me on it, i'll erase the other one very quickly anyway...


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It`s like Cube says, "Life ain`t nothin` but bitches and money" - Mood:Good
Monday November 22 20041:32:13 AM |
I'm in such a good mood. Like bouncing up and down, singing out of key and giggling maniacally good mood.

I'm getting sick again, but to make myself feel better, I'm drinking baileys and hot cocoa. It's fantasticallyummy.

I just clapped like a cheerleader. It made me smile.

I want company...and liquor. Just ten seconds ago I typed: "Yeah, I feel the kinda. I used to drink far too much. but it'd be nice every once in awhile..."
And this is definitely one of those once in the whiles.

And I want to dance. Dancing would be great.

I really did have something more important to say, but I don't remember anymore.

My head's all stuffy and makes concentrating hard.

Being poor isn't so bad when you work for a restaurant that feeds you once per shift.

I need at least two new friends. People I can hang out with more than once every six weeks...
But not the friends that I do see now, those aren't really my friends...
They're my boyfriends friends...

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*sigh* - Mood:Good
Saturday November 20 20042:34:40 AM |
I just wrote this whole really great journal, but I forgot a title and now I lost it.

to sum up:
worked too much today now I'm tired
I feel sad and stuff
I want to do secret santa, but won't because of previous experience
I'm a sleepy monkey
I'm going to drink a pepsi...

oh, and i miss people. everyone. i feel utterly alone

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Do you think you`ll be awake at 8:30 am EST? - Mood:Good
Thursday November 18 20045:39:52 AM |
If you are, will you call me to make sure I wake up?

I do have an alarm set, but I'm really good at ignoring that...I need to have someone call and yell at me.

I'm gonna go have my before bed smoke...but hopefully I'll here from you in the next ten minutes...

(p.s. 7:30 central, 6:30 mountain, 5:30 pacific...)

(p.s.s. missin' the g-funk )

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I followed all the rules; and you followed none. Still they all loved you more.......Even my own wife - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 16 200411:08:47 PM |
Today was a good day. I didn't have to go to work because they were still working on making improvements to the grill. So, I just hung out at home, cleaned house, went shopping with my cousin and watched TV...

Shopping with my cousin: We went to a dying mall called Buckingham Square. I hadn't been there since I was five or so. It has a half-price movie theater, a tattoo shop and a classic car dealership...also overpriced pretzels. But how cool is that? A car dealership in the middle of the mall. And the guy who owns it has a garage next door to the showroom where he fixes them up. It was so cool.

Watched TV: Eminem. I can't escape him. FIVE different channels he was on at the same time...I mean, he's cool, but c'mon. And House just ended. It's a new doctor show on FOX, it was pretty good. I'll try to watch it next week. I've been watching too much tv lately, but it's addicting.

Oh, my qoute today is wrong, but if you know the movie the quote should still make sense to you...

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I`m not an ambitrurner - Mood:Mischievous
Monday November 15 20047:20:11 PM |
I'm jealous, I want a spongebob watch. And a salad. Damn you burger king and your effective advertising campaign.

Trips is never home. Bastard. Oh well, I'm drinking a pepsi and that makes me happy...Oooh, the news at nine is busting medical myths, such as "Do birth control pills make you gain weight?" "Is well done food safer?"...good to know that's news.

My computer is stupid and I think I want to throw it off of my roof. It doesn't work very well anymore.

I'm making burgers tonight with the cheese INSIDE! It's ingenious! But before that I have to go to the store and buy fries. I'm thinking crinkle...but I might go waffle.

Wow. I ran out of stuff to say with over 300 characters to spare.

I think I'll reward myself with a cigarette.

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I don`t believe in germs. Germs is a plot made up so they could sell disinfectants and soaps. - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 09 20049:24:11 PM |
Tuesday!!! I love Tuesdays.

I'm wearing "khaki" pants, but they're blue. And a shirt, with a pocket on it. And not a pen pocket but a little crazy pocket in the middle of my tummy. I call it my koala shirt.

I like Pepsi. I'm going to take a shower and call Trips. Any messages you want me to give him?

It's going to snow/rain tomorrow. That is the suck. Cold + Bus = Suck. (just in case you didn't understand the conclusion I reached, I decided to show my work! )

Proof I'm a Grown-Up #229: I'm friends with a Math Teacher. And we drink at the bar together sometimes. Weird. (she was never my math teacher though, so it's not that weird)

I'm going to paint my nails tomorrow and I'm excited. I haven't painted my nails in over a year. (the last two jobs I had didn't allow it)

Malcolm in the Middle is ruining my life.

The grocery stores are going to go on strike. Where will I shop? I can't buy everything I need at 7-11.

Rambling on a Tuesday afternoon. Bliss

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"What African Man?" "Exactly. What African Man." - Mood:Good
Monday November 08 20045:53:09 PM |
I can't believe how lazy I am. I sleep all day and then when I do get up, I do nothing. I have so much to do, but I'm not doing anything. I'm watching TRL. I hate having Mondays off. Stupid Monday.

I went to the movies on Friday. It was a great movie, but I can't tell you what it was (it's my title today, and that'd be too easy). Then on Saturday we heard that my bf's grandma's new heart valve isn't working (she had surgery last Wednesday)...we thought we were going to Grand Junction to visit here so I took yesterday and today off, then we didn't go and I'm stuck at home because I'm loser who doesn't have a car. And now I have to work on Wednesday. And that sucks because my mommy usually gives me money and buys food for me on Weds, and now I won't see her.


When you moved out the first time what did you forget to buy?

We forgot, an iron/ironing board and a trashcan.

Oh, and a cake pan.

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It does not matter which way you vote. Either way your planet is doomed. Doomed. Doomed. - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 03 20042:01:45 AM |
Okay, it's not a movie quote but suck it if you don't like it.

I'm bugged. Today, a co-worker said "I'm a democrat, but I didn't vote for John Kerry because his wife is a tweeker. I can't stand her. So, I voted for Nader." Everyone stares. "What? Oh, and I voted for Coors. I don't know anything about them guys (in reference to Ken Salazar and Pete Coors, who are running for CO state senate)but I only drink Coors Light."


Oh well. If I move to Canada how long do I have to wait before I get my free health care?

I'm hungry...but I think I'll just have a cigarette instead.

Brass Monkey, that funky monkey

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Turn back Sara...turn back - Mood:Good
Monday November 01 20041:55:49 PM |
I hate making journals in the middle of the day...anyway. I was feeling better all weekend, now I get home and my throat hurts. I went to Grand Junction for my boyfriend's grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was cool. They're such awesome people. She made us a rug and a blanket for our new apartment AND we're considered adults now that we live on our own, so we got our very own box of jellies and preserves! So freakin' awesome. But he seriously has the sweetest, most wonderful family ever. They all get along, they play games together and no one gets mad, and they talk for hours about each others lives...and not in the whispered back-stabbing way I'm used to in my family. Ahh, it's so cool. Anyway. I have a million things to be doing. I didn't clean at all the day we left so my house is trashed and I need to get on it.

P.S. I'm making a cover song CD...I need really great covers, so give me your opinion. I think I'll crosspost in music too. Have fun and stuff.

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It`s hard to stay upset... - Mood:Exhausted
Tuesday October 26 20049:12:40 PM |

I have no friends. Therefore, I have NO ONE to talk to when something is upsetting me. It's so hard on a person.

There are a million things I want to say, shout, curse, throw, break...but I have my own house now, so none of those are really options. I need someone to cry on, and someone to tell me it'll all be better and I'm a silly little girl who overreacts...or whatever is really the truth. I never want to think about what could be said that I wouldn't want to hear. That's what I miss the most about my old friends. They just didn't care if it hurt for a while, so long as it was the truth and it helped everything get back to "normal"...

I'm so upset, I literally feel like I'm going to throw up.
And I KNOW it's not that bad.

Damn overdramatic bitch I am.

Anyway. Though I didn't really vent, that was the whole point of this.

Suck it, Monkey Boy

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It`s nice to live in a country where life, liberty, and other stuff, stand for something - Mood:Good
Sunday October 24 20041:31:32 AM |
I'm feelin' a little mopey tonight bacon...
Don't know why, I had a really good day. Maybe I'm just tired. Anyway. I miss my g-funk. Why is he never here when I am...same with my Beakity5000 and AbiLove. I must be on at a different time than I used to be...or maybe they got lives. Grr.
I'm kinda hungry but don't feel like eating because I have to go to sleep soon. Also, I'm growing in a wisdom tooth and it's giving me headaches. What that has to do with my eating before bed, I have no idea.

I changed my smilie tonight just for BLT...though it doesn't match my mood at all. There is no option that fits me tonight. I'm between Meloncholy and Punxatawny...somewhere outside of Philidelphia.

Cheese Doodles

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We`re spending the night at my new girlfriend`s apartment, so you have to be quiet hair doll. - Mood:Good
Friday October 22 20043:02:58 AM |
Wow. I have no idea...I made brownies. Peanut Butter Cup...It's a new recipe, so we'll see how this goes down.

I need a short description of me (as a 'YT personality')...

My profile is freaking me out. I can hardly type...It feels kinda like motion sickness.

Uck. I had more, but I can't work under these conditions...

P.S. I think my quote is misqouted, but if you know it, you really can't mistake it.

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