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Female, 36 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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If you ever wished you could be a child forever. - Mood:Happy
Wednesday October 05 200510:10:45 PM |
Life is really great today.

First I went to breakfast with my mom and my grandma, then my mom and I did a little shopping while my grandma had a doctor appointment. Then my fiance and I went and had delicious pizza at this great pizza joint in my old neighborhood. And wandered around said neighborhood browsing shop windows. We ended up buying $25 in chocolate from this amazing little chocolate shop and an Indonesian walking staff carved out of teak with a skull on top. It's so awesome. Oh, that didn't come from the chocolate shop, it was from a crazy import store down the block. After that we stopped by Barnes & Noble and I spent $60 on books!!! It was such a great feeling. (I'd gotten a $50 gift card from my mom earlier in the day in my very belated b-day card, especially considering she's my MOM!!! )

I am in the best mood right now. Everything just feels perfect.

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I suck - Mood:Good
Monday October 03 20059:44:07 PM |
Just thought you'd like to know that.

I forgot my phone at home today and some folks that I *really* *really* wanted to talk to/see tried to call and I missed them.

Now my phone is not completing outgoing calls at all, so I can't call them back. It's all very sad to me.

Putt, Poli if you don't get my text and just end up seeing this later, I'm so very sorry.

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I downloaded this little baby off the Net. I will know exactly how many spirits I may imbibe without affecting my judgment or my behavior. - Mood:Good
Saturday October 01 20053:51:00 AM |
So, on Friday I had a birthday party. It was fun. Calm, but fun. I have very few friends, so it was just a quiet laid back affair...except the drunk boy screaming at someone on his phone on my balcony. And I had work people come by...and now I have funny blackmail stories

skittlekitty sent me a birthday card!! And I was very surprised to learn she lived in my state. I think I might have to talk to some folks about a Western Slope YT meet up.

Umm...not much else to say, yet!! *dun dun dun*

*long dramatic pause*

My beer is yummy!

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On your birthday, when you told me to do a striptease to the theme of "Mighty Mouse", I said okay. - Mood:Good
Friday September 23 200512:31:10 AM |
So...who here will do a striptease to the Daily Show theme for me tonight? Considering it is already my birthday (if we're going by YT time, I still have another hour and a half to go on this side of the monitor.
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It`s officially my birthday week!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 21 20053:35:29 AM |
I've gotten my first birthday card in the mail!! (And only the second birthday card mailed to me in my whole life!!!!)

It was from the wonderful Ms. Sammy And she went above and beyond her duty and even sent me pressies!!

Though, If I can't find this caramel apple lip gloss in the states, I may have to go to Oz to get more...maybe that was the whole plot to begin with!

Thanks rock.

and Happy Birthday to me!!

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For my 16th birthday I didn`t get a car but I did get my very own electric rock music guitar!! - Mood:Good
Friday September 16 20054:33:58 PM |
The Boy left this morning. His dad died on Wednesday and his funeral is tomorrow and five hours away. So The Boy left. He'll be back on Sunday. It's the longest we've been apart in over a year. Isn't that sick? Seriously, realizing I wondered if we weren't in a sick co-dependent relationship that's really bad for us.

I don't think so...but hey, underlying psychological stuff happens all the time.

I just miss him so much already.
And not just because I have to take the bus to work today either.

Hey, it's my ex-best friend's birthday...should I make the effort to go to her party? Or should I sit home alone after work and drink and clean house?

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"And it`s been circulating and killing ever since." "Just like PootieTang" - Mood:Good
Sunday September 04 200512:35:51 AM |
So, I'm having a party for my birthday, Friday the 23rd. If you're in the Denver area, gimme a call, stop by, just make sure you bring presents.

I'm obsessed with presents this year. We've been saving and being responsible kids lately, so I haven't really bought myself anything fun in I'm all about presents.

Um...I really had no reason to make a journal, I just thought my quote was really funny and wanted to share with you all.

First to get it, gets an extra special prize tonight.

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How are you donating? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 03 20057:36:24 AM |
I'm donating to the Hurrican relief by getting stuff for myself that I wanted but didn't want to spend money on...since the money is going to the red cross, it's not like I'm really spending money. I'm getting stuff with money I would've donated anyway. Ya feel me?

Well, I gave real money too. My favorite radio station was having a drive and we gave $100.
Then I ate at a resaurant down the street that was giving 100% of profits to the Red Cross. And now I'm going to buy myself a t-shirt.

But I need help picking one out...I was thinking the Vote for Pedro spoof, or maybe the Oregon Trail one.

By the way, this is my new favorite t-shirt site. And my birthday is in less than three weeks

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Grumble - Mood:Good
Thursday September 01 20052:14:08 AM |
I'm in a terrible mood. Not a bad mood, just a mood that can only be described as terrible.

I had to share that with someone.

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Just a quick question - Mood:Good
Friday August 26 20055:14:16 AM |
do you have themes in your library that you didn't make?

I have a few. Cherubs, Mermaid, Verscae, and What Rainbows Really Look Like.

I just think it's really weird. I also have a question that wasn't mine.

Something about socks. It was approved years ago, and I figured it was something I would've asked I never told anyone.

But anyway, do you have the same thing going on with your profile themes?

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Photoshoppers...I need your help - Mood:Good
Thursday August 18 200511:45:07 PM |
The Boy is helping a friend at work fix up her kids sports page...because the old one is the suck. Or t3h 5uxxorz as kids who do computer stuff would say.

Where you, my dear YT'ers come in is, he's not a good photoshopper and he'd like some help redoing the logo.

He'd like it all be on one line and about an inch big...The C obviously needs to be smaller. The font is okay, but if you have a better idea, feel free to play with it.

(if the picture doesn't come out well, here's a link to the site.

Thank you so much, in advance.

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Oh, a writer. I always thought of that as more of a hobby than a real job. - Mood:Good
Sunday August 14 20054:01:40 AM |
I used to think R.L. Stine was a psuedonym because of Wheel of know RSTLNE (I don't think Wheel of Fortune gives you the L but in my head, that's the way it goes in my head)

I have the worst headache ever.
Not a migraine, but just barely below that. I don't count migraines in the regular headache category because they're so much worse than any headache could dream to ever be. They're the supervillians of my world. Headaches are just petty criminals Batman doesn't even bother concerning himself with.

I really loved the new Batman movie.
It was just freakin' awesome all the way around.
And for the first time I could see what everyone was talking about with the whole Christian Bale being hot thing...not that he wasn't *kinda* hot in American Psycho, it's just Batman is way more my type.

So, what superhero would you wanna do it with?

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up. It's no fun kids. I tell ya.

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Talking about love is like dancing about architecture - Mood:Good
Saturday August 13 20053:25:25 AM |
I'm really, really in the mood to talk on the phone. It's a weird teenage urge...sometimes it sucks being grown-up. I can't call my friends and talk about crushes and how stupid everything is...because I don't have crushes. And most stuff isn't stupid. And I don't have any friends. Well, I do, but none that want to talk to me at one in the morning.


I'm kinda hungry but I don't really feel like eating.

Or watching TV. I know that wouldn't make me less hungry, but I recorded some stuff that I should be watching.

Or I could clean my house.
But that's not very likely.

Hmmm...Maybe I can just make prank phone calls.
Someone, QUICK!! Give my your ex-best friend from middle schools phone number so I can prank them!!

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It`s all true. The bogeyman is real and you found him. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 11 20056:13:29 AM |
Politics are tiring. Not that I'm in politics, but lately, I've been in a lot of political-ish arguments. It's amazing how many people force a Black/White argument (not race-related, but no room for grey) without having any debate. Okay, I'm a democrat, I lean a little more to the liberal side than a few of my DEM friends (and all of my Republican friends), but I lean far more to the right than my Green friends. So, I end up on the wrong side of the argument, no matter who I'm talking too. And if they're arguing with each other, they'll start picking me to defend them, and if I don't, they yell that I'm not strong enough in my convictions.

It's pretty dumb...but still better than talking about TV Shows. Speaking of which, I TiVo'd Monk and should really go watch that.

I was on vacation this past week. It was tons and tons of fun. We went on vacation in our own city. It's fun being a tourist and still never getting lost.

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Sometimes I lie, I mean, I`m weird, man. About random stuff too. I don`t even know why I do it - Mood:Happy
Saturday August 06 20051:12:31 AM |
Sometimes, I really don't think getting married is worth it...wait, not getting married. Having a wedding. I'm okay with the marriage part, but a wedding? C'mon. It's so much nonsense bullsh*t. Maybe I'm just upset because the dress that I wanted most in the world is discontinued and I can't have and the dress that I found that not only compares, but overshadows the first dress entirely, costs approximately 1/4th of my whole budget for this stupid wedding. I guess I could get the dress and not feed my guests...that should go over wonderfully.

And family drama never ends in my family. My mom was going to sell her house, buy a house that cost $25K less and give me $5K for my wedding...I was stoked. I hadn't asked to borrow anything, so I thought it was really sweet of her. Everything ended up falling through and she's not going to get her house. I was so bummed for her. And my mom said, "Don't be upset, I'll get you your damned money." I hadn't even thought of that.
I almos

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The good news is, my dick is now a popsicle! - Mood:Good
Saturday July 30 200511:46:46 PM |
Have I mentioned the dress I was going to be married in is discontinued and now I can't have it? I was very sad when I found this out. For many of you in Europe or Oz, a red wedding dress may not be entirely uncommon, but here in the US, it's a freakin' search to track one down (for under $2000 anyway). I just felt like complaining.

More stuff to complain about:
YTer Art Avatar Awards. I missed them entirely. I was going to use one of these two lovely creations

A. Anniversary Dinner

B. Punk Girl on Boyfriends Back (media: ink and freckle for lips)

But I wasn't online for a week and never got around to putting one up. Sadness, indeed.

I guess it all boils down to a whole lot of nothing.

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You`re smart. I like you. I`ll probably give you a nickname. - Mood:Good
Saturday July 23 20054:00:28 AM |
Do you like movies that everyone else thinks are dumb?
Does your head ache?
Do you wish you could quit your job, but you're trying to save money and pretending to be a responsible adult, so you can't?
Do you know how to drive a car?
Do you smoke far too much, then complain that your chest hurts before going out to smoke for the third time in an hour?
Do you drink more coffee in a day than most people do in a week?
Are you excited about the NHL coming back this year?
Everytime you get that hungry feeling, is your first thought, 'god, I'm fat'?
Is it physically possible to eat your own weight in Lima beans?
Is historical fiction better than historical fact?
If you could travel back in time and ask any one person any one question, who would you choose and what would you ask?
Were your parents born in the same city you were?
Were you even born in a city?
Will you even bother to answer any of these questions?

I wouldn't.

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"You`re part eggplant." "And you`re part cantaloupe." - Mood:Good
Saturday July 09 20056:14:27 AM |
I have a new TV!!!
It's 53 inches!!! FIFTY-THREE...It's freakin' ginormous. Seriously...don't believe me?


In other news, Chinese food is good.

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Cinnamon and Sugary and softly spoken lies. You never know just how you look through other peoples eyes. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 06 200511:15:11 PM |

Getting married is far harder than they make it look on TV.

1. I have only two female friends and one is starting hormone therapy and will no longer even look like a girl by the time I'm getting married. (POINT: Only one bridesmaid, to his four groomsmen...though, I'm probably just gonna have three bridesmen and one maid of honor instead)

2. The place I like best for the reception didn't work out...finding a new place is no fun at all.

3. Trying on wedding dresses when you're the chubby chick really sucks. It doesn't make you feel like a fairy princess, but a little sausage. And old women say things like, "Well, they have to make it in a size big enough for your hips"

4. I have no help doing any of this.

But on to a lighter note...I am looking forward to tasting cakes in a few months. (and you wondered how I got to be the chubby bride )

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SEX!! - Mood:Good
Friday July 01 200512:42:28 AM |
Did you ever play that game? I miss it...Not the act. I have sex often enough.

It was a game we played in high school (and for a long whil after that as well). In a car full of people you had to make sure you weren't the last person to shout, "SEX!!" after: seeing a police car/state trooper, crossing railroad tracks, running through a yellow light, passing a car with one headlight...and there may be a couple more I'm forgetting. But if you were the last one to shout, you had to take off an article of clothing. Everyone started with their shoes, but a pair of shoes counts as ONE article, as does a pair of socks and a pair of pants.

If we were in the car with brothers and sisters we'd play Sex, switch. And people would have to switch their clothes. That was often just as fun.

Ahh, the things you'll do in High School to have naked chicks riding in your car.

*i love procrastinating*

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I need your opinion - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 28 200510:37:54 PM |
I have a friend getting married next weekend and I'm exceedingly jealous as she will have a Han Solo and Princess Leia cake topper. If I'd thought of it first, I totally would've went that route. So, I tried to find unique cake toppers that fits me and my fiance's style.

I found a cool Nightmare before Xmas one for about $100

I also found this salt and pepper shaker set for $20. (I like the one with the rose, he likes the one with sally behind the tombstone)

With a plastic heart and some lace, I think it would look even better than the really expensive one. What do you think, YT?

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We`re David and Ruth Laskin. Which one do you want to be? I`d like to be Ruth, but I can be flexible. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 28 20054:44:13 AM |
I know I've mentioned this before rather recently, but I really don't like people anymore. Seriously. They all irritate me. Including myself.
Things about others that are annoying:
They all want or need something
They laugh at things that aren't funny
They all think that they are funny
All they ever do is complain and talk sh*t about each other behind their backs

Things that are annoying about me:
I don't clean my house as often as I should
I procrastinate
I complain about The Boy being slob, then I leave my empty beer bottles all over the living room
I can't handle a budget
I'm always hungry...okay, not always, but right now I'm starving and there's nothing to eat here.

Oh, and I loose stuff. I've lost my license. Not that I have a car to drive or anything. But now I'd be too nervous to drive even if I could.

I have also lost my mind.
If you find it please send it to
3339 S Mona

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There is no Easter Bunny - Mood:Good
Saturday June 25 20054:02:01 AM |
I have a crazy headache...

Things I've been thinking about:
- I enjoy my job, but seeing the women who've been waitresses for twenty...some thirty or even forty years, I know it's not something I want to do for the rest of my life. Really, I'd like to be doing something else by next year. It's not that it's a bad job. I make more money than people I know with "careers" and college educations. I just want to do something that matters. Bringing hungry people food can be important...but it's really not, unless you're feeding starving children in Africa. Not fat businessmen in Aurora.

But what would I do? I have no special skills, no degrees or certifications, and most disturbingly, no inkling of what I even want to do. (that's the reason I haven't gone back to school, I have no direction to head for once I get there)

Okay...other stuff I've been thinking about:

- I'm really far too lazy
- This wedding thing is a lot bigger than I'd ever imagined
- Tylenol is no h

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Sometimes I lie, I mean, I`m weird, man. About random stuff too. I don`t even know why I do it - Mood:Good
Thursday June 09 200510:59:09 PM |
I love the MTV Movie Awards. I haven't missed one in ten years. Is that sad? I don't think so.
Tom Cruise just did a Napoleon Dynamite impression it was flippin' sweet.

Sometimes, I get that Truman Show vibe. Like the whole world is a movie (or show) and nothing is real. Especially on days where the sky is so clear the Rockies look like a film set backdrop. Some leftover prop from a Western in the Fifties.
Right now, I kinda wish it were a movie. Then maybe someone could just turn it off...or pause it at least and give me a minute to collect myself. But no one ever pauses my life, so I have to settle for cigarette breaks. And people wonder why I don't quit.
They also wonder why I don't have kids. If you've ever eaten in a restaurant where small children are dining, the answer is all over the place. In food bits on the floor and the shrill screams in the air.

Napoleon won Best Movie. Not a big surprise. But still, Sweet.

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Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. And then, one not-so-very special day, I went to my typewriter, I sat down, and I wrote our story - Mood:Good
Monday May 30 20052:13:50 AM |
I always forget about my lovely star wars theme until I make a journal. It makes me happy.

Today is my three year yt anniversary...probably not for about four more hours (as three years ago, I was barely waking up/or getting home about now and wouldn't have considered even turning on the computer as the first thing I did when I walked in the, the computer is never off.) Even though it's a very small milestone in my life, it's made me reflect (in the whole ten minutes since I realized it) about how much my life has changed in that time. So many friendships have ended and so few have begun. My love life has went from crazy and chaotic to stable and monogamus (sp?). I've grown up so much...and yet have hardly changed at all.

To all my yt friends, this next cup of coffee is for you. So many hours spent many hours.

I miss my G-funk more than ever right now.

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