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Female, 32 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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The Santa Clause - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 14 200311:35:27 PM |
I hate when the stock show is in town!!! Grumble, the whole freakin' state stinks like cow sh*t. I hate the stock show. Stupid horses and bulls...anyway. **Good News For You Beer/Liquor Drinkers** Men who drink 3-4 times a week are 37% less likely to have a heart attack. WooHoo! Ah, shucks, I'm not a man. :( But I'll keep drinking...just in case it works for chicks too. :D Not one person I called today was at home. It was weird, I think the entire state is avoiding me. But I still managed to go out and drink coffee. :) Coffee will always love me. Hmm...I'm not gonna make it to 1000 characters tonight. How sad. :P
The movie quote thing is different tonight. I've named a movie and Sammy's going to give me a quote from it. You can give me one too if you want.
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There`s a sole survivor and he`s miraculously unharmed. - Mood:Good
Monday January 13 200310:33:37 PM |
Okay, I know the quote has a misspelling and I think it's wrong, but it's close enough and totally gives away the movie...
I didn't end up calling in today, but I did get to go home early ('cause I really am sick you know). And tonight I saw About Schmidt. I loved it, Izzy didn't really like it though...whatever. I am really getting tired. I may actually be asleep by midnight or so tonight. Which would rock out. (I doubt it kinda though 'cause it's already 11:30ish...) Trips says I should quit my job, I think I agree, but it was SO hard getting this one...Grumble. Do your friends call you and just cry and tell you they love you and miss you? Or is that just something that my friends do? They say it's going to snow on wednesday. I'm so happy. It's only snowed like twice so far this winter. I think that's about 1000...So I'll stop.
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You put the -ism in defense mechanism. - Mood:Good
Sunday January 12 200311:12:51 PM |
I took a picture w/Spiderman today! :D There was a big sign on it that said "Do Not Touch!" "No Exceptions!!!" But the clerk guy let me hug him and he put his arm around him too! It was cool! :D And before that I was drinking some coffee and this old man bought me a slice of pie. I'm thinking I must've looked sexy today! :P teehee. Oh! And before that I was watching football and the Raiders won! :D It was a great day for me. 'Cept I have a headache (c'mon, did you really think I could go a whole journal w/out bitching about something?!) Tsk. And AIM died again after freezing up. I have no clue what the hell the problem is. Whatever. My mom's boyfriend said he'll buy me an amp for my bass! I'm so happy. Now I can start a band! Or I can pawn it and get a new tattoo! :P Just kidding. My mom's boyfriend is superfreakin cool.
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If I could go back in time, I`d wanna meet Snoopy. - Mood:Good
Thursday January 09 200311:30:17 PM |
If anyone gets this quote I'll be so damned impressed. This movie is widely thought of as being a dumb kids kind of movie, but it's actually really good and very funny. ANYWAY!

If that doesn't say it all, I can't think of another way to say it. *ahh* :D I'm such a girl sometimes! :P
Here's my day. Wake up WAY to early, go to job I'm really starting to hate (after FOUR days...bad sign), Nice girl asks if she can permanently trade me Fridays for her every other Saturday (she needs $ for daycare) I happily agree, go home, finish book, Izzy picks me up, we play pool, we drink coffee, he drops me off, I get here, my fave person ever is here.
It's been A GREAT DAY!!!!! :D

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"We goin` to Sizzler...We goin` to Sizzler" - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 08 20031:00:53 AM |
Once upon a time there was a young lady all snug and cozy asleep in her bed. She was having a weird dream but enjoying sleeping anyway. Then out of nowhere, the phone rang. She leaned over, her voice scratchy, eyes closed, "Hello?". Silence. She irritably threw the phone across the room as she threw herself against the pillow. Her head had just touched the fluffy softness when the ringing started again. Instead of going for the phone, she picked up the caller ID. Out-Of-State Number; Out-Of-State Name. She crawled from her bed to the floor, picked up the phone, "Hello?!". Silence. She waited a minute or two, then hung up again. The phone rang for 4 more minutes staight before she disconnected the phone from the wall. And now she can't fall back asleep.
Tonight's movie is old but funny. While they sing the quote they also do the cabbage patch. :D Think this will come in handy on Jeopardy?
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Monday January 06 200311:41:42 PM |
Now I remember why I didn't have a job for over a year. Working sucks. :D
But VI was FUN tonight! Got to chill with my Iz, his friends, my friends, my cousin...Great fun all around. The coffee was REALLY bitter tonight, so I only had 5 cups.
Do you ever think of Ritz crackers as little edible plates? Think about it.
Hmm...what else is there to say? I'm still sick. I"m kinda sleepy, but I'm gonna wait for about an hour to go to bed. Just 'cause! That's why! :P Why do you always have to question my decisions?! I'm a big girl! I can do whatever makes me happy...erm. Okay.
Do I have some weird disorder that causes me to feel the need to reach as close to 1000 characters as possible per journal?

Anyway. :D Tonight's quote is far to easy in my opinion. But have fun. *mwa*

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"...years ago she could`ve looked like baby spice, but now she could look like..." "Old Spice." - Mood:Good
Monday January 06 20033:37:23 AM |
I don't think my quote tonight is exact...but eh. I'm sure no one will get it anyway. :P supercool plan totally backfired on me! I start my first day at my new job in 3 and a half hours. Knowing that I was going to have to get up at an hour when I'm normally just going to sleep kinda freaked me out, so I decided to go to bed early. I forgot that I NEVER sleep more than 5 hours at a time. Which means I woke up just before 4 a.m. (my time, 3 YT time). *sigh* at least I tried.

I'm SO sick right now. All signs point to a GREAT first day. I knew I shouldn't have gotten a job. :P
Welcome back Trav! You were missed! Very much.
I had something else to say, but I forgot, I'll be back when I remember what it was...

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California, Florida, whatever. Either way, your pale ass is getting a tan. - Mood:Good
Friday January 03 20039:41:14 PM |
Okay, I'm gonna try this one last time.
Tonight's movie quote is dedicated to Trips. Admit it you love him too. :D (teehee)

I'm in a really weird and hyper mood right now. I feel like wandering around for an hour or so, but I'm really sick. I'm all woozy and stuff. I'm nice and buzzed now though. :D So, I think I will anyway.

I don't remember what else my old journal said, but I'm sure it was pointless (just as this is! :D)

Sammy, the more you say you hate this game the harder the quotes are going to get!! Mwahhahahaha! :D:D:D:D Just kidding honey! You know I love my Sammykins! :D

Erm..this is a hard ONE tonight.
Leanan, I just remembered you posted in my last journal...I'd like to hear more about your ass. :P :D

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That`s the beauty of music. They can`t take that away from you. - Mood:Good
Thursday January 02 20031:46:33 AM |
Tonight's journal is dedicated to YT's very own, SHEADY! *:D*

Shockingly, I woke up this afternoon Hangover free. I took it as a good omen for the new year. Then my friend who I hadn't talked to in nearly three months called, we made plans to go out after my date. Did I mention tonight was my first date with an awesome guy? Izzy (my date) picked me up at 5, we went to the movies (saw Two Towers, again...still freakin' awesome!), then we went and ate steak. Steak is GOOD. Then we had a little talk. He said that he has a rule. He likes to hold off on the "physical part" of a relationship until the sixth month of dating. Then he said since we've been hanging out for two months already, we could probably consider March the end of the six months. It made me smile. Then he dropped me off to hang out with my friends.
It was lots of fun. Reminiscing, catching up and drinking coffee. Good times. :D

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Death can`t stop true love...the most it can do is delay it awhile - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 01 20031:27:27 AM |
Okay, I'm nice and drunk right now, so for the two of you who actually care, the reason I was so sad last night is because my ex-boyfriend tried to kill himself and the only person he called was me, he asked if I loved him, and I said that I did once, but I don't anymore I thought he was trying to get back with me...I was so mean to him, then I went by his house and I saw the ambulance and I went with his sister to the hospital. His note said "Nobody loves me" he called me after he'd slit his wrists so at least I wasn't the reason, but I could've told him the truth. I could've told him that he'd broken my heart and I'd never stopped loving him, but I didn't. I told him I didn't love him anymore. He nearly died..
But anyway. Right now, It's a new year, a new begining and I'm going to work my hardest to walk away from EVERYTHING. I'm going to be like an ostrich if I can't see it, I can't feel it right?

Tonight's movie is great and dedicated to Sammy,even though she hates

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And only your fleas will mourn you. - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 31 20021:18:35 AM |
When my world collapsed, I didn't even feel it.

Tonight's movie is animated. I think it's too easy, but eh, I'm not going to look for anything else tonight.

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You know who else I like that didn`t get much play? Velma from Scooby-Doo. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 29 200210:46:37 PM |
Tonight's movie quote is really easy.
YAY! :D I got a present today! (well,it probably came yesterday, but I just checked the mail about two hours ago :P You get the damn point) It's freakin' great! :D I received 3 (count 'em T-H-R-E-E) Postcards of places way prettier than Denver, A pretty ornament (I have it hanging from my bed now as x-mas is over and I had no tree anyway..:P) Musk Lifesavers! (For all of you who disagree...ShutUp, 'cause they are too yummy!) A groovy little echidna (I think that's what it is..) keychain, an adorable possum bookmark and a beautiful handmade postcard with a bird on it, which I'm calling a kookooburra! (even if that's not what it is! :P) Australia is a freakin' cool country! :D THANK YOU BEAKER!!! :D I love ya honey bunches! :D

Okay, other news in the life of Wonder, I saw an amazing show last night, my ex-boyfriend got arrested, I got REALLY drunk and woke up this morning at my cousins house in the mountains. It was weird, but a good weekend ov

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Dames are put on this earth to weaken us, drain our energy, laugh at us when they see us naked - Mood:Good
Saturday December 28 200212:41:39 AM |
Woo-Hoo! I've just made my best profile to date! It truly is a MasterPiece! It's Garbage Pail Kids! :D And I'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to doli! She helped out tons and tons! :D

I went to watch my friend DJ tonight. He was freakin' great. :) I was way proud. Plus, I got to dress up and dressing up is always fun! :D

Tonight's movie is old school. But DAMNED funny.

I have no plans as of yet for New Year's Eve. I was considering getting really drunk all by myself. :D I think it'd be a nice way to end the year, but I'll probably end up going out and having coffee with my cousin and stuff. :D Either way, there'll be a party in my pants, and you are all invited! :P hehe...I've never actually said that before...It was totally fun!
I have more news and stuff, but I doubt many of you who aren't me will be interested, so I'll end this here. :D

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`The list is long but distingushed` `Yeah well, so is my Johnson.` - Mood:Good
Thursday December 26 200211:47:00 PM |
The Daily Show hadn't been on ALL week and I was so sad...but it was on tonight...and I forgot to watch it!!! Can you believe that? Me Either...*sigh* :P

But anyway. I'm REALLY hyper tonight! :D Hyper and silly toboot! (see I just said 'toboot'! how's that for silly! :P)

I did absolutely nothing today. It was FUN!! Oh, I did go out to coffee. I made cards for all the staff and the regulars I like. It was cool. They liked 'em. I liked makin' 'em. Everyone won. :D:D

Tonight's movie quote is from a good flick. And isn't it damn funny?! :D I think so anyway!

Griese's not gonna be starting no more...:( No cutie pumpkin for Wonder. But hopefully, it'll be good for the Broncos. And what's good for the Broncos is good for Colorado! :P

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That`s why I don`t have an ulcer, because I know when to say "I don`t give a *expletive deleted*." - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 25 20029:39:58 PM |
Tonight's movie quote is dedicated to Chofrock!
This was easiest the LONGEST Christmas in history. But it was really good. I saw Catch Me If You Can, helped out at the shelter, went to my aunts, chilled at IHOP (Village Inn's closed on xmas ) I did end up getting one present! My aunt bought me a pair of SpiderMan shoes!!!! They're so cool.

Okay, I have no energy to babble on and on like I like too...Hope everyone had a good day, if you didn't I'm sure tomorrow will be better!

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When I grow up and get married, I`m living alone. - Mood:Good
Monday December 23 200211:11:22 PM |
Today was the kind of day, where you realize that 24 hours is just NOT enough. I was so busy, but I still feel like I did nothing. I went to a job interview, my interviewer said he'll call me for sure on Thursday, but I should expect to start on the 6th of January, so that's cool. My secret santa present had lost it's address and was sent back here, so it's starting it's way again. The post guy said it Should be there by the 28th. I'm so sad about that, but I guess there's nothing I can do about it now. Okay, if you're in a good mood, STOP READING RIGHT HERE AND SKIP TO THE BOTTOM. I have no one to spend Christmas with. I have 7 aunts, 34 cousins and a mom, and No One has asked me to spend the day with them. My mom is going to her boyfriends cabin. She's not buying me a present either. I may get one present from my cousin. That's it. (And if I get my secret santa present, that'll be two) I'm so bummed. Usually Christmas is so much fun.

Tonight's movie is Christmas related.

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I`m gonna go get the papers, get the papers. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 22 200211:21:30 PM |
I'm in SUCH a great mood right now!! But I'm not in the mood to talk. To anyone. It's weird. It's like I'm happy, but I want it to be my little secret. I want to sit in a corner and giggle, not in that crazy-looney bin way, but in a good little kid kinda way. :D After reading that, you may ask yourself "Then why the f*ck is she making a journal about it if she doesn't want to talk?" The answer is I don't know. I have a compulsion to make journals. Even though this can be read by just about anyone, it still feels oddly private. YT is my guilty pleasure. My chocolate cheesecake that I sneak a bite of in the middle of the night, reassuring myself that since the lights are off it's not really ruining my diet! :D I had a weird vision today of a bottle floating in the ocean, and all that was written on it was my name. It made me smile.

Tonight's movie is Freakin' great. :D
Hugs, Kisses and Merry Christmas Wishes!

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Saturday December 21 20029:54:05 PM |
Okay, I know this *should* go in General, but it's two hours before his birthday officially I'm putting it here!! :D:D:D
A RoyalSmiley just for you!! :D

Have some cake and ice cream!
Or maybe you'd like a beer?

And hopefully it'll be a day filled with surprises!!


and with this I bid you Good Day! :D

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God bless the internet. - Mood:Enraged
Saturday December 21 20027:34:24 PM |
I'm pissed. The world is crashing down around me. I'm drunk-ish. I have to go out soon. Go out into the real world. That large place filled with random crap and BS and gossip and random lies. But it does have more I guess I'm good. Why am I pissed you ask yourself? (Even if you didn't, if you're still reading you're about to find out, one reason at least) I went happily to my mail box about an hour ago, to find a letter (postcard?) from the post office. A package I'd sent is being held. There was a problem with the postage/address label in Utah. Which means it's the present to my secret santa (it was the only present I'd sent that was going West, so I am assuming) So my secret santa, the ONE gift I'd been trying to make sure got out on time, is stuck in a Westminster post office which is closed until Monday (Two days before Christmas! Not enough time to get to California!!!!) *sigh*

I'd also like to wish ThistleKing a happy birthday. :D (I know he won't read this tee-hee

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If I let you go, do you think you could fly? - Mood:Cautious
Friday December 20 200211:11:34 PM |
I've had a really good week, and a good day. But for some reason, I'm so freakin' sad right now. It's the kind of sad where I feel like I'm going to just start sobbing for no reason that I understand. *sigh* Oh well. So, I saw LOTR:TTT Awesome. (Of Course) Even though I fell asleep the second time we went to go see it. :P I also saw Two Weeks Notice. Hugh Grant is a charming guy, I can't help but wonder how much of it is the accent. My cousin insists it's all in his eyes. The world may never know. I drank some coffee tonight. It was damned good, but it sucks lately 'cause the manager and I aren't getting along and there's all this weird tension. We need to get into a fight or something to let it out, but I'm too afraid of being banned to tell him how much he pisses me off.
If anyone knows tonight's quote, I'll be so freakin' impressed.
Oh, I'm also going to the movies again this weekend with YT's very own, CaptainTrips.
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That`s the last time I eat chocolate chip cookies before going to bed!!! - Mood:Frightened
Tuesday December 17 20028:31:51 AM |
I just had a raeally scary dream, it didn't start out scary though, and those are always the worst. I was at a family gathering kinda thing. And my auntie mabel (my grandma's sister) was really sick and needed these shots (that weren't insulin, but I don't know what they were) and my aunt ann (my mother's sister) was talking about her recent trip to California and she said she'd met Antonio Banderas and the two of them went out to coffee and he was really cool. And I started *wigging* out. I was like "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING HANGING OUT WITH ANTONIO BANDERAS WHEN YOUR AUNT IS DYING?!?" And she (my aunt ann) starts crying. Then I run out the backdoor, but it's this really steep hill surrounded on either side by fields, I look behind me and my grandma's house is a castle (not Eureopean style, but like Aztec) and I'm wearing a blood red skirt (ankle length) and a shirt that's little more than black scarves.
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Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K. - Mood:Good
Monday December 16 200211:40:56 PM |
Admittedly this quote is WAY too easy, but you try remembering a new quote from a movie every night!
Something weird and cool happened today. I went downtown to drink coffee, do some school stuff, and mail off christmas presents (a story in it's own, but lets just say lines are WAY too long and most of you are not getting your present before Christmas <my secret santa present took a bit more postage than was expected.>) ANYWAY, I was sitting outside of Barnes waiting for a friend and this guy comes up bums a cigarette and sits down. He smiles, creepy style and asks what I'm doing. I tell him waiting for a friend so we can go down to Metro and get some school stuff done. Now he stops being creepy and gets friendly/interested. He asks what I'm going to school for. As I don't know myself, I use my old made up job "Advertising Psychologist". Unlike every other person I've ever said this to, his eyes DON'T glaze over. (cont...)
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If I wasn`t such a bad woman on the page, I couldn`t be such a good woman in life. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 15 200211:52:29 PM |
I don't smoke pot, I haven't for nearly two years, but right now I *really* want to be really stoned. No real reason, just a craving. Maybe it's cause my auntie made me cookies. She makes the BEST cookies EVER! I used to eat like 100 when I was high...ahh, memories. So, tonight I was at VI and there's this guy we call the 'PervoMan' cause he's a creepy PervoMan (we're not terribly creative) and he kept staring at me and then he paid for my dinner. I was so not comfortable with that. The manager's friend's with a guy I know (it's how I met him) and today she kept telling me that if any girl hurts him, she's going to be mad. My cousin says it's a warning. (Jeremy's been Very Flirtatious lately) But eh. Whatever. I'm going tomorrow morning to mail my secret santa's present! :D He damned well better be happy with it! :P
Tonight's movie is Wonderful. Beautiful acting, excellent screenplay/plot. Just a Great movie.
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You ever see the back of a twenty dollar bill...on weed?...There`s a dude in the bushes. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 12 200211:37:05 PM |
The Daily Show is the best show ever! :D (is this a hint for the movie quote tonight...I dunno, maybe *wink*) Jon Stewart's jokes were way over Anna Paquin's head. It was great. :P Ahh, anyway. Colin Quinn has a show now that comes on after The Daily Show. It sucks so bad it hurts. I can't stand Colin Quinn. Okay, enough about TV, lets talk about me. My secret santa is making me feel guilty. He keeps talking about how much he wants to get his present and I can't send it until Monday. (I haven't even bought it all yet!) Tonight my friend Jeremy bought me a cheesecake. I thought this was weird, 'cause I don't really like cheesecake all that much. But it was really sweet. I've been smoking again for 24 hours and damn it feels good. :)
Trav, glad you're back! I missed you!
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So what Jefferson was saying was "Hey! You know, we left this England place because it was bogus. So if we don`t get some cool rules ourselves, pronto, we`ll just be bogus too." Yeah? - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 11 200211:41:04 PM |
I haven't slept yet. I've now been awake since Tuesday at 10 am (when I woke up from a whopping THREE, count 'em 3 hours of sleep). I am physically exhausted, but I CAN'T fall asleep. The world is evil.
And another EVIL!! My cousin was going to pay me $50 to quit smoking for 7 days. Today (the 7th day) she tells me that she just got a bill from the doctor that's for $95 and she can't pay me. Now there are TWO reasons that this is evil. First, I went SEVEN days WITHOUT ONE SINGLE F*CKING CIGARETTE!!! And Second, now I have to babysit to make the rest of my Christmas money. I was going skiing this weekend (I'd had the choice to go up yesterday and today or friday-sunday, I choose the weekend) Now I'm going to have to babysit and I don't get to go! This is probably the only chance I'm gonna get to go up all season. I'm freakin' bummed. So, see, my cousin is evil.
Tonight's movie is GREAT! A classic and all that good stuff. :D Oh, and if you were watching the Daily Show, this should be S
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