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Female, 33 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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24 Hours of Yay! then Grumble! Really wears a person out. - Mood:Good
Monday July 14 20034:06:26 AM |
Today was a great and crappy day. Since I went to bed 'round 6 yesterday morning.
High: I feel asleep quickly...Low: I had nightmares and woke up every 45 minutes or so for the 4 hours I tried to sleep
High: My aunt took me out to breakfast...Low: I haven't eaten since and am getting really hungry
High: went out with the boy(friend) Low: Didn't get to see a movie and bar drinks are WAY too watered down
High: I feel asleep happy and in my boy(friends) arms (at his friends house, where we went to play video games and listen to bitching about how much girls suck) Low: Now I'm awake and irritated and have nothing can't sleep because boys are dumb...when it comes to playing video games in the middle of the night...

Okay, that's it. :D I wanted to be annoying and complainy. Did it work?

(P.S. he said "I love you" and I said "Baby, you so rock *kiss*" Better than giggling and poking him in the eye, you think?)

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Simon, God of Hair-do`s... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 13 20031:44:39 AM |
Could kick Jeff the God of Biscuits ASS!! :D

"You say 'erbs' and we say 'Herbs' because there's a f*cking H in it"

I'm drunk and watching Eddie Izzard!! LIFE IS PERFECT!!

Work sucks, I know, But I know you'll be at my show. Watching and waiting, comiserating. :D Blink. Wow.

I decided today that I will NOT live in America my whole life...Just in case you were wondering.

Pepsi is good. I need to go to bed, but I'm in the mood to conversate! CONVERSATE WITH ME BITCH! :D

Missin the G-funk...

She was feelin' my style, feelin' my flow <<<STUCK in my head :(

Holy MonkeyBone am I tired *big yawn*

Love and Lollipops!!!

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Okay, so I was talking to this hooker today... - Mood:Good
Saturday July 12 20031:37:44 AM |
I feel really sad. Which sucks, because I've actually been happy for like two whole weeks. I don't know why I'm sad. It's like depression-y almost. Grumble. My boyfriend said "I, holding give the greatest hugs" I laughed at him and poked him in the eye...It was awkward. Then the married guy was being extra flirtious tonight and teasing me about since we're both with someone, if we slept together it'd cancel eachother out and wouldn't count as cheating...and he's so Hot I nearly wanted to take him seriously...maybe I'm just sad because I'm hungry and NEED to get some f*ckin sleep.

Anyway. Don't complain about my rambling and bitching, it's my journal and I can be as immature as I want to be. SO :P

Oh, but yeah, I was talking to this hooker at the bus stop and she was crying. She'd finally stopped doing drugs and realized she's slept with over 3,000 men. None of whom ever cared about her at all.

Maybe that's why I'm sad...

Missin my g-funk.

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I need someone, a person to talk to - Mood:Good
Friday July 11 200312:36:57 AM |
Someone who'd care to love,
Could it be you? Could it be yo-ou?
Violent Femmes and the Godfather pt. II! Life is sweet baby!
I get to keep my computer for about two more goes away eventually, but I have a reprive! :P
Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend is AWESOME? No? Well, I should've because he is freakin' great. I'm so girly around him though, it'd totally make you sick. :D

I take one one one 'cause you left me
And two two two for my family
And 3 3 3 for my heartache
And 4 4 4 for my headaches
And 5 5 5 for my lonely
And 6 6 6 for my sorrow
And 7 7 7 for no tomorrow
And 8 8 8 I forget what 8 was for
And 9 9 9 for a lost god
And 10 10 10 for everything everything everything everything

Damn, I love that song.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow (uh-oh, it's starting) but I guess I have to. I don't like closing alone...

ooooh-la-la-la <fugees

I miss my G-funk.

Erm, I guess that's enough rambling...for NOW! mwahahaha..ha

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It costs $2 Million to make ONE episode of the Simpsons! - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 09 200311:28:50 PM |
Good morning sunshines...Just got home from picking the boys up at the bar. They had lots of fun and I'm very jealous. Coffee wasn't nearly as fun as usual...
There's a 99% chance after Friday I'm not goinng ot have a computer anymore (long story, no urge to explain) So, um...Hopefully this will be unneccessary but if I disappear for a month or so, yeah, that's why...just trust that I miss you.

Off to bed soon. Don't know why I keep making journals a half-hour before I want to go to sleep...bad habit.

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Now More Pointless Than Ever Before... - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 09 20031:13:28 AM |
My boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend are going out to a bar together tomorrow night...shady business I tell ya.
Not PG-13but damned funny...not neccisarily X-rated or anything either....
Anyway, I'm so tired. Today, I closed at work ALONE for the first time and realized I suck at my job. I didn't finish everything...AND I was Late to work to top it off...tsk. Hope I don't get fired.

Erm, The Daily Show's I gotta go.

Sheady! I'd move to England and start a band with you ANY day, lotto winnings or not! *sorry I keep missing you...Miss You*

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HoodRat, HoodRat, HoochieMama - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 08 200312:35:42 AM |
Today! Today rocked. I have to go to work tomorrow and that sucks. I don't like working. I wish I could get paid for doing not much of anything...or nothing at all. That's why I play the lottery baby. Eventually, I have to win powerball, right? So, when I win the lottery, what kind of present do you want?
My hat tonight (that I'm wearing) says 'Hoochie Mama' on it. It's a loaner though, I'm not really a hoochie, just sometimes on Monday nights to break up the good girl monotany (sp?)...
I ate a hot dog today, and I ate one yesterday. I think I may turn into a hotdog if this trend keeps up for much longer...
I realized I can get into YT chat on this computer, but no one is there. It's kinda sad...but not really. hundred more characters to go...don't think I can make it.
OH!! I kicked ass at cards tonight, won $18 from some silly boys and their even sillier girlfriends. It was beyond freaking cool...

Don't forget to tell me what you want when I win the lottery!

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Once upon a time - Mood:Good
Monday July 07 200312:29:54 AM |
In the merry old land of Oz there was a flying monkey who ate all my freakin' white chedder cheetos. Dude, I was pissed. I mean I was really in the mood to get my snack on.

I changed computers without getting everything off the other one first. *sigh* And it's frustrating.

But this profile theme makes me smile...Putterererrer is just the CUTEST thing ever. :D

You know what I really want in a girl? Me.

my boyfriend asked if I wanted to wear his ring. :P How old school is that? I thought it was sweet, but I told him it's too soon.

Beakity, if you read this...I don't know how many stalkers I'm allowed, but I think Kosh is a bit young to start stalking random chicks...

OH!! And as of now...AIM is working. Hit me up, yo. :P

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Official beat up an English person day - Mood:Good
Saturday July 05 20031:36:20 AM |
Ahh, there are so many reasons to kick Trips ass...but damn I still love the kid. :)
So...I guess I haven't updated my life in awhile. I have a different job now, I work in the deli at Safeway. Fun. :D Remember that stalker I had? Well, he's my boyfriend now...That's a good thing though. He's a sweet guy, really and truly. I've been having a GREAT time these days maybe that's why I've spent so much time away from YT...probably not. I have broadband now...but no AIM. It's very sad. I miss AIM. And I miss Putterererer.....I miss other YT'ers too, but none so much as my Putterer...My cousin turned 21 on Tuesday, it was great. 21st Birthdays are the best birthdays ever. I'd cry no matter how Trips died. Even if I killed him. And that's FINAL.

I have a headache and this journal makes no sense. So now I'm ending it...

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I`m a terrible person!!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 02 20038:40:13 PM |
Captain Trips, I love you, I didn't forget your birthday. It's just a day late and a buck short. I'll call you later. Have fun stay out of trouble...I'll call you later, don't call me. All will be explianed. Love and Love and Love and kisses to my MisterTrips!!!

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I hate myself and want to die - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 25 200311:45:15 PM |
I miss Nirvana (the title is from a Nirvana song...on the Beavis and Butthead experience) but I am Totally hating on myself today...Not in a suicide way, but in a damn you Al, why the f*ck do you have to be a terrible, mean person...:( ANYWAY. I have a new job, it pays less than the old job, but sucks less too
Erm, uh. Yeah, I guess that's all I really have to say. If you want to hear me bitch about my boy problem and beg you for advice you should totally IM me...

Sloppy Joe, Slop Sloppy Joe.
Meatloaf Sandwich.

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Beautiful? Sunsets are beautiful, newborn babies are beautiful. This... this is f*ck*ng spectacular! - Mood:Good
Sunday June 22 200312:49:16 AM |
Shoes. That's my entire existence summed up quick-like in ONE word. Sad, ain't it? Hell no it ain't sad! Shoes kick ass! My ex-boyfriend (who I spend WAY too much time with these days) is GIVING me his computer!! I'll get to burn CDs and it has a scanner...and um, yeah. What's that got to do with shoes? Well, I was sitting around talking about shoes to his mom and he came into the room and asked if she (his mom) knew anyone who wanted to buy his old computer. Lisa (his mom) said, Why don't you give it to Al? Her computer's so old...and it'd be so nice of you. You did forget her 20th birthday entirely. And PLA-DOW! I gots me a new computer. Tomorrow, I have a job interview and if I get it, I'm buying some new shoes. Jay and Silent Bob are ruining my life. Warped Tour is tomorrow and today my stalker is hanging out with my cousin...and they called 26 TIMES!!! Damn Stalking bitches. Snootch.

Anyway. Yay!!! WARPED TOUR BABY!

Damn, I had one more thing to say... I forgot.

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Father, what is suffering? - Mood:Good
Friday June 20 200311:41:28 PM |
I'm tired and my tummy hurts. I'm drunk and sad..The concert was good, but cold and rainy...I fell asleep during it. :) Fiddlers Green is too sleepy of a place for me, this is the second time I've done that. Maybe I just smoke too much weed. Today is my cousins 22nd birthday. He's in prison and it makes me so sad, more than anything in the world I wish he were here with me right now. How do I tell this boy that I need more space and I cant' hang out with him everyday, no matter how nice he is and often he compliments me? I know I should just tell him but he's so depressed and whatnot. oh well...have I told you guys lately that I love you? No? oh, that's probably because I don't :P Bwhqaha. I like being evil. Though that was more mean than evil. I really do feel like I'm going to be sick.
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Good things come to obsessive-compulsives who fixate - Mood:Good
Thursday June 19 200312:40:26 AM |
Today has been the BEST wednesday in so long!! I spent it with my bestest friend (and we got along NEARLY all day) Before that I had breakfast with my family and worked for a whole FOUR hours (two of which were spent at a crazy presentation thing...guess I'm not the only person who's been yellin' at folks these days) Then instead of having to ride the (eep)Bus home, my good buddy (also my semi-stalker) picked me up and we went and hung out with my cousin. When I finally made my way into my house, I wander to the kitchen...which is filled with TREATS! Banana bread, freshly baked; turkey, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, rye bread, doritos, and MILANO cookies!! :D I swear, it's my birthday and no one told me! Plus, my friend gave me LOTS of great clothes and we worked out some old drama...and um, yep. Life is so freakin' rockin out tonight. I'm gonna sleep SO good!
The ONE down side, I didn't get to see my dearest love. Not even the quickest glimpse.
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Now I can`t sleep... - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 17 20031:23:38 AM |
Thunder and Lightening Very Very Frighten-ing...
So loud...must go dance in the rain!!! :D WOOH!! :D
I love the rain!!
They say it'll flood, I say bring it on!! It's not gonna flood my parade (it makes sense, shush)

Yay!! Torrential downpour!!

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Did you just grab my ass? - Mood:Good
Sunday June 15 200311:18:50 PM |
The princess lived in the highest only had one window and was often chilly, but she had a really pretty blue velvet robe, so don't worry about her catching a cold. One day the Handsomest prince in three kingdoms came and stood outside her window. He sang her songs and wrote her sonnets. She threw down scarves and rose petals as objects of her favor. One morning she woke and he wasn't there. She was sad, but being easily distracted she forgot about it after awhile. Nearly a fortnight (two weeks) later the Prince was back and the princess was happy again. He had with him a crazy ladderlike device (I won't explain it, I don't have the room for it here, but trust me, it was cool) and he climbed to her window and said "I'm here to rescue you" She laughed and said, "I'm not a prisoner, this is my castle." Crossly, the prince asked "Well, why did you never invite me in?" "You never asked to come in, I thought you liked it outside..."


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EMILIO!!!! - Mood:Good
Saturday June 14 200312:36:28 AM |
Friday the 13th is one of the best days of the year...Just Because. I like when regular days are all cool and special for no good reason. I had the best I'm a bum day in a long time. I wandered, completely aimlessly for about 2 hours, went to my favorite record store (yes, I still call them records cuz erm, I'm cool?) went to a generic keg-rave thingy to see my boy spin, drank some coffee with the ex and it's barely 1:30 am yet. Rock out. But the guy I dig totally was not feelin' the vibe tonight, no flirty-flirty. This weekend, I'm going to go see Wrong Turn (DON'T tell me ANYTHING about it, no matter how much your friend said it sucked)...I hate how lately I've been having really good days and everything is rocking, but I still have nothing to talk about...not just here, but in everyday life. I mean I still talk, but it just feels SO pointless...though I do love pointless drivel. Speaking of pointless...I rented Old School. I haven't watched it yet though...
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That`s what the Internet is for, slandering others anonymously. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 12 20031:25:23 AM |
I'm repeating myself, but I need to!! Married guys STOP FLIRTING WITH GIRLIES WHO TOTALLY WANT YOU!!! Or one particular married guy...Stalker was at the coffee shop before I got there, but he bought my coffee and was very nice. He drew me a picture. It was cool. I'm really tired but I don't have to work 'til saturday, so it's sleepy time for wonder til friday afternoon baby. Oh, in case you didn't notice, I've returned to a movie quote for my was said by a sexy bitch. Here's another of my fave quotes from this flick: "In this world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey, the monkey will spank us" Oh! best moment of the day, bought a freakin' pimp red skirt. It looks so hot on me. :P <first smiley and it's nearly the end of the journal!! oh-uh, it's the end of the song and we forgot to jam! Ahh, the Femmes make the world go round. I'm in the mood to watch all the Star Wars movies...but I've heard I should rent old school. If I hate Will Farrell, think I'll like
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Let`s take our shirts off and party like fat house wives! - Mood:Good
Monday June 09 200310:30:38 PM |
Today was...interesting. I woke up insanely early to interview for full time at my work. Instead they hired 4 people instead of me. So, I spent the rest of the morning looking for a new job. :) After I got home, I was kidnapped. I opened the door, and was picked up by a guy in a ski mask, wrapped in a sheet and thrown in the back of a Bronco. No, it wasn't terrorist trying to get a was my friends forcing me to go to a baby shower. Don't you wish you had my friends? The bastards wouldn't let me come home to turn off my tv, stereo or computer. I ended up having a good time though, so I guess it wasn't a total waste. At coffee, a kinda-cute, super-sweet, beautifullly evil boy (whom I've went out with once...) showed up in his words to "Stalk Me"...and buy me a slice of pie. It was very nice of a creepy cool kinda of way.

Well, kids. That's it from the world of wonder for this lovely June night.

Hope your days went as well as mine. Luv Ya.

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I promise, you`ve never been as stupid as I am - Mood:Good
Friday June 06 20038:23:14 AM |
So, I got to work this morning at 7:40. I wander around, chit-chat with people I haven't seen since my last morning shift a week some coffee, went to log-in...It won't accept my password. I go see my manager...I ask "what the hell's wrong with my password?!" He tries to fix it. He calls his supervisor, he laughs at us and says I'm not supposed to be at work until 8...PM. Yep. I was 12 hours early for work. But I'm home now. Lucky for you YT, I'm not even sleepy! :P

So, have you ever done anything even remotely as silly/stupid/etc?
I don't think so!! :D

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No country with a McDonalds has ever attacked the U.S. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 05 200312:47:14 AM |
I had a very boring day. I did absolutely nothing. Well, I finished my book (the divine invasion, philip k. dick) but other than that, nothing was accomplished. :D So, since I have nothing to talk about the rest of this journal will be random things that pop into my head. I forgot how to work messenger. It kinda sucks but AIM is working (JUST as I typed that AIM died on me! :P Damn the man) I have a brownie I could eat (I'm really hungry and there's no food in the house) but I've already eaten two today and I'm already getting really chubby...and I know ONE brownie won't hurt that much...But I still can't bring myself to eat it. Last night I decided to get over my crush on this guy because it will seriously never go anywhere but today I still acted all crushy and annoying. It sucked. I hate being girly. In the summertime I always want to cut off all of my hair. It's just too damn hot.

Hmm..random thoughts and I still couldn't reach 1000 characters. I'm slippin'.

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June bugs and under the moon hugs... - Mood:Good
Monday June 02 200311:11:41 PM |
Tama, I need to know about this "smoke flip" and the finer points of rugby. :D

Work sucked so bad tonight, in 3 hours (before I was sent home early) I got FOUR (count 'em baby! 1-2-3-4!) calls. Ugh. I hate my job.

I also would like to tell all of you hot married guys out there, it's VERY unfair to flirt with girls who have obvious crushes on you just because you can!! It's frustrating and makes the girls with the crushes SAD!!

Jon Stewart is really sexy. I love being home to watch the Daily Show.

Geez, this is a REALLY short journal for me. :D

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Throwing rocks at the sobbing boy, who runs like a girl - Mood:Good
Sunday June 01 200311:17:53 PM |
Okay, yesterday was CRAP and then just a little bit suckier as the night went on...but tonight made up for it!! Today was even a better day than Friday. I was impressed. This morning, (I skipped church, I've already accepted that I'm going to hell, so I'm not really sweating it. ) I decided to have a bbq. I called up some friends (and the cute boy from friday) and EVERYONE was able to come. It was great. Then cute boy (who shall from now on be known as Jack, since it's his name) asked if any of us wanted to go see his cousins band tonight, of course, we all did. So, we saw all these cool little local bands. Roman Candle ROCKS!!! Then I went with my shady cousin to drink some coffee.

Hmm..I just re-read all that and it's totally boring, nothing even happened with the cute boy...but I promise it really was a GREAT day.

Oh, and I'm wearing my favorite skirt, so that makes everything better.

Lalalala!! So tell me about your days, I'm very curious. Really, I am.

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Behind the boathouse, I`ll show you my dark secret - Mood:Good
Saturday May 31 20031:59:12 AM |
Tonight has been THE best night in a REALLY long time! It's been a pretty kick ass day overall though anyway. I *FINALLY* slept!! 11 hours baby! It was so great...And then tonight, we went to a party and my ex-boyfriends girlfriend's house...and I got really stoned with a cute boy and then he gave me his phone number. :)
I have to work tomorrow and I don't wanna. If I don't get fired, I think I'm gonna quit,even though I don't have another job yet, and it's a really stupid thing to do...
And after the party we went to coffee, and the manager bought me dinner and a slice of Pie! :) (He made me pay for my coffee though, bastard! :P)

I stopped doing movie quote journals, and now this title's from a song...
I think my creativity is just dead.
I can't be original.

Oh well. I'm sure being unique is overrated anyway.

Love and lollipops my lovelies!!

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Sit Still Dammit!! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 29 200312:28:48 AM |
I'm trying to light your head on fire...

With my mind. :D

Hi kids! Miss me? Pssh, what are you talking about? I've been here. Bastards. :P
I'm in a really hyper mood. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I haven't slept in 38 hours, but I've drank 35-ish cups of coffee.
I have a crush on a married guy. :) He's really cute and sweet and funny...'cept he thinks Superman is better than Batman. *tsk tsk* But I'm gonna be a good girl, I promise for real this time.
I don't have work until Saturday! :) Woohoo! (kinda)...But now instead of being able to pay my insurance (so I can FINALLY start driving) and going to the Warped Tour, I have to choose.
The sad thing...I really think I'm going to choose the Warped Tour.
I know it's stupid, but I REALLY wanna go!!!

Okay, that's about all I have to say right now...Oh, the title isn't a quote. I think I'm giving that up for awhile.


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