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Female, 32 years old
McDonalds , PlayLand, Western US

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If you treat a hot chick like dirt, she`ll stick to you like mud - Mood:Good
Friday March 28 200311:51:29 PM |
My world is crazy. Crazy I tells ya. Todays surreal experience. Sitting at a bus stop, reading a book. On my way to work, wearing a blue skirt and a white shirt. A guy walks up. Headphones, blue eyes and a brown jacket above his cons and dirty jeans. We share a smile and he sits down. He turns "Of all the people I've never met, I'd've never guessed you for a poser." Shakes his head and opens a book. I sit. Turn and ask "What?" He looks up, irritated. "For the 40 seconds I've known you, you've done nothing buy break my heart." Gets up, throws a bus transfer at me and walks away.

Tonight's movie...ah, f**k it. You're not gonna get it anyway.

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Who`s the biatch now? - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 18 200312:33:34 AM |
Wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it folks? Did you miss me? I've missed me. I was lost for awhile, but it seems I've found myself. I was stuck between the couch cushins this whole time! :D
Since we've last "spoke", I've found myself a job. I start next week. Yay.
In other news...ummm...well, I guess that's about all that's been going on in this neck of the woods. Hope all's well with y'all. Love and Lampshades Al

Click on the link...get above a 75...and some wonderful prize will appear in front of you. I swear. :P

P.S.S. And if you get tonight's movie quote right, you get no prize. Unless you count the admiration of your YT peers as a prize.

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`You`re insane!` `And I thought I was a Pisces` - Mood:Good
Sunday March 09 200310:31:47 PM |
Coffee is good. But I think I may have mentioned that once or twice already so we'll move on. :D
Today, I wore no socks. It was very nice. I love when the weather is this nice. Tomorrow I'm going to be putting in applications and re-newing my search for a job. Fun fun fun, I tell ya. :P Today was great. I got free food at two different Village Inn's (Trav, Mr VP says he's not in charge of menu's but he'll send the word down that there's a need for cranberry juice. :)).
My friend's mom is finally out of the hospital. :D YAY!! I'm going to go visit her tomorrow too. It's gonna be a busy day.

Tonight's movie is GREAT!!! A true classic.

Well kids, that's about it for tonight. Love and Lampshades. Al :D

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Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. - Mood:Good
Friday March 07 200312:33:06 AM |
When I try to post it tells me I have to be a member and says if I already am a member to log-in. But I AM logged-in...I'm doing this to see if it'll work. :D

And to say hello to everybody. I never see you crazy kids anymore!!! Is everyone staying out of trouble? I hope so. I am. (or at least I'm not getting caught! )

Tonight's quote is from a classic flick. Hilarious and then some...

Stephen Colbert and NOT Jon Stewart hosted the Daily Show was a sad day...but still damn funny...

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`Didn`t I look just like Burt Reynolds?` `Except for the mustache.` - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 04 20032:50:43 AM |
I live in Denver again!!! WOOHOO!! Okay, it's at the VERY edge of Denver (literally 4 blocks from the city limit :P) but it's a step up then being forced to say I live in a *gasp* suburb. I have a bright red room and a garage. I'm considering starting a band (even though I am in a band already with Sheady <we're rock stars!>) It'll probably suck, but it'll give me an excuse to get stoned more often. :D (Aside from moving, I've also gotten a boyfriend<ish> and started poking smot again. If I had a job, life would be the closest to ideal that I'd hope for) I'm eating raspberry yogurt. It has no fat, unlike my chubby tummy, which is why I'm eating it. :P

My computer sucks so bad it hurts, so I won't be on AIM for awhile and I may not be around YT very much either. (Just in case one or two of you care)

Tonight's quote is WAY too easy, but I don't feel like trying. Love and Lampshades, your ever adoring Al.

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Red Rum...Red Rum - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 26 200312:04:02 AM |
If you EVER decide to paint your room red...I have a few suggestions.
- Make sure you tape EVERYTHING off BEFORE you start to 'paint'
- When you start painting, just paint the walls. Don't draw naughty pictures and bad words then sit around giggling for 20 minutes while it dries...
- After you've been painting and you decide to go get a Pepsi, check the bottom of your shoes to make sure they're not covered in wet paint. (If they are you'll make a nice little path all the way to the kitchen on the BRAND NEW carpet)
- And last but not least, make sure you have enough paint to cover the entire room so you don't have to stop half way through the first coat without even properly covering all the naughty pictures.

Sigh. I'm really tired, but only physically, mentally I'm still really hyper.

Tonight's movie quote is way too easy, but eh, whatever. I couldn't think of another one that said 'red' in it. :D

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*not a movie quote* - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 25 200312:44:35 AM |
I have 3 different kinds of cookies. Somoas, Tag-a-longs, and ThinMints. First I eat the thinmints, then the somoas then the tag-a-longs. Why in that order you ask? Because I like tag-a-longs the best and thinmints the least. It all makes sense.

I'm painting my room Marlboro Red. I think it'll make me want to smoke more often. But after that I come to a problem. I dont' want to paint my closet the same color. The closet is three doors and takes up an entire wall. What do I do with it???


(p.s. 'Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?' 'Are they made with real girl scouts?')

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My grandma dropped acid this morning, and she freaked out. She hijacked a busload of penguins. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 23 200310:24:42 PM |
I had the best weekend EVER!!! :D

And now it's back to the real world. If you come over and finish packing for me, I'll give you a dollar!!! Please!!! I'm practically begging, c'mon??? :P

Alright fine, I'll do it myself.

Tonight's movie is great. The guy who said this quote is a cutie...and a good actor too!

Love and Lampshades

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`Danger holds you to me` `Love holds you to me` - Mood:Good
Monday February 17 200311:02:26 PM |
Recipe for exhaustion: Go to bed as usual around 7 am. Then have your MOST annoying friend and his jackass sidekick wake you up and force you to play monopoly with then at 8:30 AM. Around Noon have another friend call and ask you to go have a late lunch with them. Throw the monopoly so you can be taunted while you beg your friends to leave so you can take a shower. As soon as you get out of the shower, have the second group of friends show up. Race to get ready, leaving all housework completely undone. Instead of eating, go on a tour of everyone's house, picking them all up as you go along. Finally, get to dinner (as it's FAR past lunch 6:45 PM) Then sit there for an hour gossiping as your waitress ignores your table. About 10 to 8 have a young friend come in, make sure he's just been kicked out of his house to ensure that you will not eat anytime soon. At 9 PM have your friends dad call saying he's taking her mom to the hospital.
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Every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring, the toilets explode. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 16 200310:42:19 PM |
So, it's sunday. That means cartoons, cartoons, cartoons! :D
My profile is playing EVIL tricks with my head...but the yellow makes me smile...I just ate a burrito, it was all good and cheesy. Mmm..cheesy. But earlier I had coffee, and it wasn't very good at all. Least it's all evened out. I'm very bugged because I had something to do tomorrow that I can't because it's a holiday. Grumble. Darn holidays. :P I went downtown earlier today, and I got lost!! That's never ever happened to me before...They put in this new building that got me all turned around. It was living in a whole new city. :P Lalala...Hmm..I'm not even trying to make this interesting I'll end it now.
Tonight's movie is a classic and damned funny. :D
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They beat up a weakling, that`s all they did. The rest is just smoke filled coffeehouse crap. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 15 200312:14:59 AM |
I have a buddy list!!
Woohoo! It's cool.
Hm...South Parks on. It's a classic. Ike gets a bris. ahh, trey parker and matt stone are genius's!!
Tonight was chill. Wandered about the city drinking coffee, listening to good music and talking about back in the day.
I have a really cool profile. :D
Tonight's movie is pretty old, but eh, it's a classic too.
Well, hope ya'll are having fun and staying out of trouble.
Love and Lampshades, your wonder
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Friday February 14 20031:35:24 AM |
Hi. I'm way drunk. I just wrote an IM I doubt I meant, but don't quite remember, I'm going to go cry now. I hope you're all having tons of fun.

Much love to Puttererer, Sheady, Trav, Doli, Putterer, and whoever else I love...Hotts, Def, Momus, Orion, Pantala, Poli, Amy1234, Leanan (the other Amy...and her vincent), WARRICK esp., Star, LatinoBuldog, Samsonnnite, Xookie, RikKhaos, many's like a bad oscar speech!!!

ANd a special I love you to Trips and Joy, my valentines.

P.S. I was told today that I'm an evil person who will never truly love I may be lying, though it feels true. Whatever.

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Some people are okay, but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody. - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 11 200311:44:42 PM |
This one time I fell asleep at this party in Iowa. (okay, I passed out) and when I woke was really cold, I was in a bathtub filled with ice...I stood up. When I looked down I noticed my right side was covered in blood and my back hurt. I decided I'd drank way too much. I put my clothes back on (yeah, I passed out naked, what of it?) Then later, I was wandering around downtown and this guy came up to me...saying he was a doctor and was worried about the trail of blood I was leaving behind I let him take me to the hospital. They told me one of my kidneys had been stolen. I was so sad. And that's why I don't go to Iowa anymore.
Yeah, so that's only sorta true.
Later I'll tell you about the gypsy in New Mexico.
Tonight's quoute is awesome. In more ways than one. :D
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You might want to put on some shorts or something, if you want to keep fighting crime today - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 11 200312:10:14 AM |
A good friend of mine knows a millionare. They flew in today to hang out with me becasue I missed him (vance is his name, he's not the millionare, he's the genius)(he goes to school in Oregon). The millionare is nice. His name's Dave. I wasnt' impressed with his name, but the fact that they picked me up a limo was pretty sweet. We went and drank at a Fancy Bar. No dives for Alli and Vance when the millionare's paying!! :D More people should just fly in whenever I miss them. After they left (they have classes tomorrow and had to go early) I went to coffee, but before that I had a chance to talk (VERY briefly) to someone I'd missed tons and tons lately. It was one of the best days in recent memory.
Tonight's quote is dedicated to Sammy. Thanky again for the bestest valentine yet!!
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Isn`t the rock star fantasy thing something you`re supposed to grow out around 14? - Mood:Good
Sunday February 09 200311:01:16 PM |
I had a CRAZY big YT dream last night...We were rock stars!! It was this crazy ska/punk-ish metal pop band kind of thing...but really great sound. :D Sheady and Low shared vocals and guitar, I played bass, DJM was keyboards, Momus was rhythm guitar, Trav, Kepi, XDAX, and BR were trumpets, trombones, french horns...DefX was drums, Amy1234 was xylophone, FunkyPumpkin was triangle...And Warrick was our manager and he was so stressed out that he'd bitten his fingernails til they were bleeding...we played in a HUGE stadium filled with thousands of people who knew every word to all of our songs...It was so FREAKIN' AWESOME...And they're were other people from YT at the after party thing...but that was WAY too crazy to get into...
Tonights quote is so damned easy I considered changing it, but I'm too lazy. :D
Heffalumps and Woozles.
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The president is up there with a gun to his head!! - Mood:Good
Saturday February 08 200311:32:59 PM |
I was kidnapped and held for a ransom of a pot of chili...Does that make me cheap or yummy? Hmm...perhaps I'd rather not have that answered. I was held in Golden. The smell of Jolly Ranchers and beer may never come out. :D
Holy Wow. I sent 11 Valentines and matched 6!! If you sent me one you should tell me...I'll go crazy if I don't know who the rest were from.
Lalalala...I'm super hyper!! :D
Tonight's quote seems WAY too easy..but eh, it's the best I could come up with on short notice.
Well, hope everyone's weekend is kicking ass and whatnot.
Love and Lollipops!
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But life isn`t just death, Harry. Don`t ignore the living... - Mood:Sad
Tuesday February 04 200310:39:37 PM |
I quit my job today. Well, sorta. A friend of the family died on Sunday, but I just heard about it today (the funeral is tomorrow) I called my boss and told him that I couldn't go to work because of the funeral. He told me not to lie to him and he'd let me have the day off. I told him I wasn't lying...we got into an argument and he said if you don't come in tomorrow, I'm suspending you for a week. Then I told him not to bother suspending me, I quit. I really need to stop making these kind of calls when I'm emotional. So, I'm not working again...the whole job thing totally didn't last. Hopefully the next go-round will be better. Other than that, life is okay. I have a cool profile, go look at it! :D
Tonight's movie is the first movie to have made me cry. Sorry, all for the depressing-ishness of this journal.
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I`m the man-eating bitch Darth Vader of the ad world. - Mood:Good
Monday February 03 20032:52:23 AM |
Hi all, doesn't it feel way later then it really is? *yawn* But I'm done with everything and now I can go to bed.
I've added pics to the outside of my avy, if you are there and don't like how I represented you, please tell me, I'll change it. :D Or if you are/aren't there and feel you should/n't be, tell me about it and we'll see what we can do. They're small so here's the list:
Right Side:
StarLitEyes, FunkyPumpkin, Falconwing, Politigal75, Haas20hp, Thistleking, Chofrock, Def-X, HottsyMcMuffin, Momus, Orion, NADS, Elbereth.
Left Side:
Putterer, TravBowman, Sheady, Amy1234, Warrick1830, Sammy38, LeananSidhe, Beaker599, Doligurl, LowAlexander, Putterer

I'm in the mood to learn completely random/off the wall facts about people. Please share something. I'll start. WonderFackt: I owe more money in library fines than on my credit card.

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The world is a vampire - Mood:Sad
Sunday February 02 20036:06:00 PM |
I feel SO bad...Trips and I were going to the movies, but my ride fell through and I couldn't get down there.

Just felt some sick urge to publically apologize...
Trips, I'm SO sorry...Talk to you later.

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Talking about love is like dancing about architecture. - Mood:Good
Saturday February 01 200311:52:36 PM |
Tripsy's journal makes me feel so violated...Our whole conversation (practically) laid out for the whole world to see!! But he's my valentine, so it's all good. :) Anyone wanna make me an avy that somehow incorporates Valentines Day, Joyous and Trips? I'm really lazy and would appreciate you doing all the work for me.
So I'm thinking about painting my bedroom red. But I want the door to be drastically different. Like a mural or something. I have time to think about it though, so no worries...yet. (In three weeks I'll be here freaking out, asking for advice like no other...You'll all hate me, it'll be great!! :D)

Okay...well, um. I think that's it for tonight.
Not a whole lot of people saw this movie, but damn this is a great line. :D Have fun kids.

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I stole a pie - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 29 200311:51:09 PM |
The world is beautiful and frustrating and tasty and and spinny and :D I had a job interview today, went fairly well...but I'm not as excited about it as I was yesterday. But thank you all tons and tons for your support for my nonsense and whining. I got the best surprise...someone loves me! :D I know most of you probably got one too...but I still feel special! I went driving today for two hours, it was great! I'm getting good (considering it was my third time out in the past year, I'm freakin' great) I totally think I'll make my goal of having my license by Valentines.
I was going to use this entire space to talk about the fact (and why) that I'm no longer dating the guy I have been for the past month, but I decided against it, seems to 'cliche'.
I have no idea if tonights quote is real, I have a friend who says it CONSTANTLY and he said it's from a movie...have fun
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I hope you get violated by pig monkey men in the woods! - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 28 200311:12:28 PM |
So today the world spun in a circle...then it got dizzy and fell down. Well, no it really didn't. I've actually had a really good day. Work sucked, but that only lasted for 5 hours (my boss had a dentist appt, so I got to leave early too!) Then I got to take a nap. Naps are great. And Trips (my sweetie pumpkin :D) and I made plans to go to the movies (but I'm sure you've all read his journal by now, and yes I really am 5'0 tall :P) I have a job interview!!! :D Well, I have to call and pick a time, but oh, I'm so happy. I *hope* I get it (hope for me too!). Jon Stewart is cuter than ever tonight. :D I'm going to start driving practice (again) this weekend. My goal is to get my license by Valentines Day. I think I'll do it.
Tonight's movie is so freakin' hilarious, just thinking about it made me pee my pants. :P
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Did you just say `Abe Lincoln`? - Mood:Good
Monday January 27 200311:32:24 PM |
Woah dude, talking about ham/spam and then an abrupt shift to the Producers...strange people are out this evening I tell ya.
I like not working. I forget how much fun it is to be a bum on a monday. :D My friends came over and we hung out and ate pizza and played monopoly and watched star wars...ahh, good times. Just like high school, but without weed and liquor.

Erm. I don't have much to say tonight, so I'll just say Happy Birthday Elijah. :P

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Stop with the fat lady! You`re obsessed with the fat lady!! - Mood:Good
Monday January 27 20032:01:47 AM |
The Raiders lost the SuperBowl, my heart has minute fractures all throughout, but at least the Broncos didn't loose the SuperBowl, so I'm still okay. Even though it would've been next to impossible, during that fourth quarter, I have to admit I was expecting a miracle, but in the end it was too little too late. Oh, but on a bright note, I got the cutest message from Trips after the game "Sorry the Raiders lost, okay bye" It was great. :)(And that's the last I will talk about football tonight, thank you)

I called into work for tomorrow already. There's no way I'm going to be able to show up, I already have a hangover. And now I'm so hungry. All I've eaten since Friday night is two slices of pizza. Grumble.

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Are you ready for some football? - Mood:Good
Sunday January 26 20037:31:59 AM |
Okay, it's not a movie quote, but it's also 8:30 in the morning. I'm way too hyped up about the SuperBowl. I don't even know why. Maybe it's because I've never seen the Raiders win one and I can't wait 10 more hours until they do!! The game starts at 4:18 (here)...

In other news, 2 planes crashed over Denver this week and landed within blocks of where I was going to eat dinner. Nearly ruined my appetite. No one on the ground was seriously injured but the 5 people onboard the planes didn't make it.

Well kids, that's all for this morning. Hope this SuperBowl Sunday finds you well.

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