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Female, 34 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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Dear Uncle Tony, - Mood:Good
Saturday July 23 20112:52:24 PM |
Have I ever done anything to give you the impression I enjoy getting your chain mail? Have I sent one to you? Replied to any of the hundreds you've sent to me? Or otherwise indicated I would like to receive this crap?


Didn't think so.

I'm so sick of getting chain mail from people you can't really be a bitch to. Mostly my uncle and my boyfriend's mom.

And if you DO really think it's a cute story or something that you want to share SO badly, then f*cking copy and paste it into a fresh email instead of forwarding it for the hundredth time.

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Speaking of broken penises in Jamaica... - Mood:Good
Saturday July 16 20119:50:43 PM |
i'm drunk.

I came up with a life plan today. It's to retire in the British virgin islands.

Best plan ever made...................

How are you?

P.S. It's like...70 degrees here. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Micronesia is so small... - Mood:Good
Sunday July 10 20112:46:27 AM |
It's called MICROnesia.

Today was really busy. I got my first ever emissions test (and passed) then a new Washington tag. Both processes were insanely efficient. I didn't know what to think. At least at the tag agency, the lady was kind of bitchy. That put me at ease.

A lot of red wine spilled on our carpet this evening. We didn't have any club soda, but we poured some ginger ale over it. It's less bloody now.

I'm excited to go back to work on Monday.

Nobody's on YT right now, I bet. BUT I AM.

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Harry Potter makes me sad :-( - Mood:Sad
Friday July 08 20111:50:33 AM |
Harry Potter coming out makes me quite sad. I recently saw the first part of the seventh book. My mom didn't live to see it. It was one of her few things she wanted to live to see. She once went to a book release party (I think it was for book 5) wearing a "Muggle Mom" nametag.

She also introduced me to Green Day.

She was awesome.

I haven't posted in a while. Been off all week for summer vacation, but busy getting things together for the rest of the year.

It's weird to see the conclusion of Casey Anthony's trial now that we've moved away. I don't think I realized it was national news.

Anyway...I don't have much to say except the things I already did. Also, I'm over being pissed off with YT. I'm enamored again. Maybe not enamored. But..."comfortable".

Let's get fat together, YT!

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Writing Ideas - Mood:Good
Saturday July 02 20114:26:13 PM |
A friend of mine asked me to give him some good ideas for short stories.

But you guys are better than I am at this stuff.

So shoot! Ridiculous, awesome, outlandish, and hilarious ideas. Let them come forth.

I poured boiling water over my hand this morning.

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I want a pet zebra! - Mood:Mischievous
Thursday June 30 20117:35:45 PM |
Thanks to "watch crappy kids movies" day.

Just finished Princess Protection Program. It's a pretty brilliant film with the premise that there exists an international agency which assists princesses in times of need by hiding them away from danger. Apparently they get a ton of business. The "makeover" scene was PACKED with princesses preparing for relocation.

It was an excellently predictable disney movie. Perfect for after you've had a bottle of Hypnotiq and half a bottle of wine to drink.

My goal of the day is to get drunk.

Today is the start of my summer vacation! The kids graduated today. I had to speak about them. I was really nervous, but it turned out okay.

And now I'm off for a week!

You may ask me one question and one question only.

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I got bizniz cards today. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 25 20112:40:25 AM |
I had a job with business cards right after graduating college. Well, right after the internship I did after college.

I liked that job a lot (it was when I first fell in love with YT because I had so much free time in an office) but moved away.

Anyway...I haven't had a business card since. Until today!

My boss bought me an engraved business card holder too! It was really sweet and nice.

I feel like a grown-up, but in the good way.

Also my boyf and my 5 year anniversary is soon. That's ridiculous.

What should I mix with vodka: strawberry lemonade, razzleberry juice, or boysenberry nectar?

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YT is losing its charm. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 23 20119:21:14 PM |
Is this the summer blues?

Oh well. I may be falling out of love with YT, but luckily I just got cable!

And Futurama starts tonight And True Blood starts on Sunday! I'm not much of a tv person, but these shows both really excite me. Sexually, I mean.

I bought a six pack today after a lunch meeting with my boss in which she gave me a formal job offer for the lead teacher position for next year. It's a much better offer than I was planning on (by about $4,150).

I'm also pretty excited for that. And I get a week off starting next Friday for summer break. Don't know what to do with myself!

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Losing at the internet. - Mood:Naughty
Tuesday June 21 201110:43:09 PM |
I talked to my brother today for the first time in a while.

He told me many things, but I'll only share the best bit.

As I mentioned a while ago, my dad has let this woman and her 9 year old daughter move in with him. I haven't met her or her daughter, but my brother has.

Anyway, the 9 year old has a facebook. I know, what the f*ck. But she does. And she apparently recently posted a video of her singing a Pink song on youtube. Too much internet for a kid, if you ask me. But then again, the internet didn't exist when I was 9

Anyway.......long story short, some friend of hers (the kid) posted on her facebook that she should remove the youtube video because people were being mean and sh*t.

So her mom posts on HER facebook that she's just jealous of her daughter's amazing voice

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Ask me anything... - Mood:Belligerent
Saturday June 18 201111:33:10 PM |
...And I'll respond in rhyme.
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I want to be a mean girl. - Mood:Good
Friday June 17 201110:06:52 PM |
I'm so annoyed with myself.

I have a lot of difficulty being honest if it might hurt someone's feelings, even if it's just on the internet! Like that "ignore list" thread. I really wanted to post some names, but then I wanted to write a disclaimer that I was sure they were fine people, even though I'm not entirely sure of that at all! I'm just afraid of being mean. Maybe it's working with little kids too much.

I also found myself unable to post in the who would you f*ck thread, even though there is quite definitely a mental list. I wish I could be more honest about these things with you, YT!

Tomorrow I have a CPR class from 10-4:45. There's also a brewer's festival and a street fair going on, but I can't decide which to go to (by myself ....loser).

I need some friends. I miss having them.

Oh, and I got cable yesterday. For True Blood!

What's new?

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What do you know? - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 14 20111:48:07 AM |
My oil was changed about 3 months ago, but I've only driven about 1000 miles since. Is it crucial to change my oil because I've reached the "time limit"? If not, when I reach 3000, or sooner?

I just started working out regularly/seriously. Tell me some tips. Assume I know nothing about it (it's practically true).

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Tell me about a time when you got in trouble. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 12 20116:04:31 PM |
Honestly, this is the best thing I've ever seen.

So there was this kid in sixth grade who took my algebra folder and wouldn't give it back. So I scratched him on his arm, he called me a bitch, and gave it back, and kind of slapped me.

Nobody was seriously injured or anything. It wasn't even loud enough or big enough a deal to disrupt the class or get the teacher's attention.

But the kid, Timothy, went home that night, and his mom asked about the scratch, and he told her what had happened (or at least, the part about me scratching him).

The next day I get called in to the administrator's office and get a day of in school suspension for "fighting". I tell her that he slapped me and called me a bitch and he gets half a day of in school suspension and lunch detention.

It was a pretty big deal to me at the time.

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Finally! - Mood:Good
Saturday June 11 20116:52:20 PM |
I haven't been spammed in a LONG TIME. But finally, someone took the effort. Thanks amina-whoeverthehellyouare.

In other news, today is a waste. I went to the gym this morning and apparently that means I get to be lazy for the rest of the day. Had sushi for lunch...yummy.

About to begin a little Lost marathon.

But I have an important decision for you, YT:


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Tigers don`t live in Africa, yo - Mood:Good
Saturday June 04 20111:19:39 AM |
I had this friend in h/s who lived in a really small house in a really lower end neighborhood. Then, out of nowhere, he moved to a really nice gated neighborhood into a house with a sauna and a pool. It was weird. I think his mom won a lawsuit or something.

I cleaned my entire house today. Took everything out of the closets and reorganized it all...did a bunch of laundry, cleaned the floors, cleaned the crevices in the kitchen, just everything! It felt really good but now I'm really tired. I haven't had dinner yet!

I fail at quitting smoking so much I don't even know why I bother trying.

In spite of getting so much done, I didn't get to a few things that REALLY needed it (non-cleaning related). Meh.

I got asked out today by a crazy stalker guy who kept driving by me while I was walking my dog. When I said, "I'm dating someone" he said, "Tomorrow night?"

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Oh, English, you old skank! - Mood:Good
Sunday May 29 201112:46:18 AM |
I realized today that I use "delightful" far too often. At last half of the time that I want to use it, I opt for a synonym instead, realizing that I use the word excessively.

So it's definitely my favorite adjective.

It got me thinking, do I have other favorite parts of speech?

Adjective: delightful
Verb: seduce
Noun: conniption

What about you? Any words that you find particularly delightful?

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I have a crush. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 26 20116:20:32 PM |
A few, really.

One is a real, bonafide, I'd have sex with you if I ever had the chance, crush.

The rest are non-sexual. None more significant than my crush on Amy Poehler. I just want to know her in real life and be her best friend!

I also have a bus-crush on this girl who takes the bus to school every day. We've never spoken, but I love how respectful she is of personal space. If I can, I always try to sit by her.

Do you have any crushes that are non-sexual? Who's your biggest celebrity crush?

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Tomorrow my life will improve by a hundred percent. - Mood:Good
Friday May 20 201111:21:25 PM |
I'm getting a couch! No more sitting on squish pillows (though you have served me well, squishies)!

We may take a trip to Ikea and get a new mattress for the pullout bed and maybe a foam topper and go to that instead of our air mattresses.

Moving on up....
To the east side...
To a deluxe apartment...
In the sky...

F*ck yeah.

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THIS CITY! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 19 201110:36:37 PM |

It really annoys me that NOBODY in this WHOLE ENTIRE CITY sells pumpernickel bread. WHY?! My favorite bread and it just doesn't exist here. What kind of a place IS THIS?

I must have gone to six bakeries today. No grocery store sells it, none of the bakeries did. They all referenced each other as places to try, and yet NONE OF THEM had any. What a crock of sh*t.

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Guess who just cut off all their hair! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 12 201110:52:52 PM |
Today has been fantastic.

Work was only 4.5 hours, and not at all terrible.

Got paid. Got to have lunch with my boyfriend before he went off to work (although the lunch was pretty terrible). Got my hair chopped off. Oh, and the sun came out!

As soon as the first ponytail came off I was worried I would hate it, having hair so short. But I was way wrong.

That was liberating and exciting.

Oh, and I got beer and a good recipe magazine. Hooray beer! (slightly smaller hooray for good recipe magazine)

Pic to follow

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What the hell is the difference between a pair of Converse sneakers and a pair of Chuck Taylors? - Mood:Good
Sunday May 08 20112:56:03 AM |
Is this like a regional thing? Or are they different shoes?


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Coming soon, to Korean TV - Mood:Good
Friday May 06 201110:39:41 PM |
So on my way back to work on my lunch break, a crazy thing happened.

These guys were standing around a dummy on the ground. Like, a CPR training one. They asked me to help.

"Do you know CPR?"
"Could you please help us?"
One guy was like, I need you to take over while I get the AED ready. So I did. But I couldn't do breaths because there was no mouth guard (point of order, if I ever really need to give CPR to someone, I won't care about the mouthguard). Anyway, he got the AED out and then asked me to apply it. So I did.

Then they told me they were with some Korean tv show or something. I don't know.

Also, I got free bacon today.

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I love BubbleTea! - Mood:Good
Friday May 06 201112:10:37 AM |
Did you know you can get honey jellies instead of tapioca chews? And the jellies pop in your mouth?

They are the very definition of delightful.

I have another new favorite beer. Redhook's seasonal beer: Wit. I don't have much beer loyalty.

I found a decent Mexican restaurant today. Not great, but, I would eat there again.

Still on the search for a place with great salsa, queso, and mole. These powers combined are a place I will spend all of my money!

I have had a few beers and no dinner. Please forgive me my insanity.

Dinner to come. Chicken thighs, mac and cheese, spinach, and baked potato. Probably one more beer as well.

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Cheese and MICE! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 04 201112:00:41 AM |
What is it about my family? They don't understand that I don't want to make small talk after they give me some horrible piece of news.

Example: A few months ago, I was talking to my dad and he explained that I should call my grandfather because he was really ill and sounded terrible and was going to the hospital and all this sh*t. He went on to make conversation about crap for a good ten minutes! All I wanted to do was hang up and call my grandfather and find out what the f*ck was going on.

It turns out my dad's an idiot sometimes. My grand-dad had a really bad cold and had nearly lost his voice, but the hospital thing was unrelated (he's going for knee replacement). Still, DAD, come on. I don't want to chat after you tell me that sh*t.

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I think I may have a new favorite beer! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 28 201111:03:46 PM |
1554, from New Belgium Brewing. It's sooo delicious, I almost can't stand it.

I just made a delicious fried rice from our Chinese leftovers from last night. Now I'm stuffed.

I'm really happy it's Thursday.

Ever played Yoshi's Cookie? Quite possibly the best puzzle game ever made. My only complaint is the music. I wish I had someone to play against though. I kick so much ass in two player mode!

I should do laundry tonight, but I'm only going to do one load to sustain me through tomorrow. Then this weekend MAYBE I'll tackle the rest.

This is an amazing city. I found a grocery store/co-op that is marvelous. All kinds of food we eat.

I went to a movie the other day b/c James was sleeping after his late night shift. I remembered how much fun going to the movies is. I want to start doing it a little more often.

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