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I`m not so sure about this! - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday November 06 20114:28:00 PM |
I started Insanity, the workout DVD thing.

Yesterday was the Fit Test. It doesn't give you a goal, but I'm pretty sure I failed.

Today was Day 2. I'm sore in places I didn't even know I had muscles.

And I have to keep this up for 60 days!

I'm skipping my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Christmas.

But is the holiday season really the right time for this?! Probably not.

But'll be a headstart on my new year's resolutions...right?

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I finally finished Lost. - Mood:Overwhelmed
Friday October 28 20111:59:34 AM |
So you could talk to me about that. Or other stuff. You know whatever floats your boat.

Things: Boss told me that she wants to promote me around March to assistant director, as a promotion in name only, with no real added duties, and yet, added salary. What's not to like?

School is annoying sometimes. I feel like some days I'm the only one maintaining energy and enthusiasm through the end of the day, and it's ahrd enough for me to be enthusiastic at the end of a long day, let alone to be the only one who is. I feel like sometimes my coworkers look down on me for being "too into" my job, if that makes any sense.

I'm going shopping this weekend for jeans and boots. Winter is coming and I wanna be prepared. Also going to the arboretum this Sunday.


What's going on in the world today (al-jazeera, al-jazeera)?

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Picking gifts is less fun than picking noses. - Mood:Good
Friday October 14 201110:17:43 PM |
My dad's birthday is coming up, and I need to get him something. But the question of what is perplexing.

He just lost his job. We lost my mom a year ago. He's now really into church (for the first time in my entire life) and is kind of...different from how he used to be.

Any suggestions?

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I occupied Seattle today. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 09 201112:08:27 AM |
A little.

Mostly I just joined for the march. But I was impressed by how democratic things were. When they decided to just plant their asses in the middle of the intersection, they took a vote on whether or not we should stay there or move. Then someone shouted, "Will we be arrested if we stay?" To which one of the megaphone holders replied, "I'm fairly certain it is not legal to occupy the street without a permit, so, it's possible". Then everyone voted to stay in the street anyway.

But I had to pee. So I left, found a potty, and when I got back, they'd apparently re-voted to take votes from the park/plaza, and they went there instead. By then it was late and I was hungry for dinner and tired. So I left. But it was fun!

My throat hurts a little from all the chanting. And I may be on the news, because I was in the background of some shots.

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Attack of the GOO - Mood:Good
Friday October 07 20111:22:16 AM |
So...I'm watching the news tonight. And there's a story on about a mystery goo that has taken over Capitol Hill.

And they interview this guy who's car had been dirtied by the goo. And under his name they write "Goo victim".

Then they continue the piece. Later they interview a guy who works nearby. Under his name they write, "Goo watcher".

That was pretty much the best part of this week.

Well, that, and the fact that today was my last day of Work. Tomorrow I still have "work", but it's work from home day. Which means work while watching Lost day.

I've never cooked turnips. I just got some in my produce box. WHAT TO DO.

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Hello! This is the 90`s. - Mood:Good
Friday September 30 201110:30:36 PM |
Do you remember how popular that phrase was?

Man. What are we now. The single digits? Nobody refers to this decade anymore because it's too damn complex. Nobody knows how to call it.

I had to write 42 individualized reports today. As I do every Friday. I'm starting to think this work is way suckier than my M-Th. But the parents like it a lot and it's a good tool of communication (I have to keep telling myself this or I'd be mad).

I'm trying to decide what to have for dinner. Any suggestions are welcome, although I have limited resources here at home. Tofu, beef, lamb patties, trout. And I'm not going out. Back-up plan is fried tofu with some vegetables. That will probably turn into the for real plan. UNLESS something brilliant happens.

It's time for a beer.

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I`m typically not the "unfriending" type. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 25 20116:23:03 PM |

So, I'm unfriending everyone who has. This kind of stupidity will no longer be tolerated by this gal.

Other kinds of stupidity, inquire within.

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Stuff happened, some of it was cool. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 17 201110:59:08 PM |
Today I went on a cruise ship for the first time ever.

It was super fun, I got super hungry, then I ate at a super buffet onboard the ship.

I'm also seriously and legitimately sucked into Lost.

Ana Lucia just died, and now Charlie is probably going to!

I'm going to go see Straw Dogs tomorrow. It will be great.

I had to write 40 reports yesterday. It was hell.

WHAT IS UP, motherf*ckas?

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You know what always annoyed me? - Mood:Good
Friday September 16 201112:58:55 PM |
That you couldn't supersize your drink and microsize your fries for the same price as the regular meal. Sure, your system doesn't have anything in place to allow for that. But I never finish the regular size fries and I always need a large sweet tea, not a regular, so why must I supersize both!?

Also, when fast food joints (I recall this at McDonald's a few times) would have less food cost more money and more food cost less. Like, for instance, the double cheeseburger might have been cheaper than the regular cheeseburger. BUT I ONLY WANT THE REGULAR ONE. But at the same time, I want to be cheap. But not waste food.

I have fast food about once a month now. I miss Chick-fil-a so hard sometimes it hurts.

But I have plenty of bacon. Happy weekend, YT!

What has always annoyed you?

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I was like... really productive today. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 11 201112:14:58 AM |
I unlocked Baby Luigi, the magikruiser, Bowser Jr., Funky Kong, AND Birdo.

I went to a stupid festival down the road.

And I cooked a REALLY super delicious dinner.

I really weekends. And that dinner. It's still hanging out in my mouth doing good things.

But...I did get killed today. That was a little sad.

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Things I like: - Mood:Good
Saturday September 10 201112:36:46 AM |
1-My coworkers and boss. We went out to a lovely dinner tonight. We spent MAYBE five minutes on work related stuff. The rest was...let's get together and hang out and enjoy some food.

2-Phineas and Ferb. That's a funny ass show. I don't care who you are.

3-Fall. Especially the crunchy leaves part.

4-Crab, cheese, and bacon. Self explanatory.

5-Pulling the lint out of a lint trap

6-Fresh sheets on the bed





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Laziness is likea frog sitting on a venus flytrap - Mood:Spent
Wednesday September 07 20119:38:23 PM |
Today was the first day of school. My bulletin board/wall was a big hit and awesome.

I think because I was anticipating that it would be SUPER MEGA INSANE CHAOTIC it was amazing. Set your expectations low, y'know.

Only a little crying today (whew). One of them was so cute and came right in to hang out and play but an hour and a half into it he decided he was ready to go home and became attached at the hip (literally, as I carried him the rest of the day) to me.

Now to pound through assessments before the week is out.

My house is a mess.

I don't care.

Beer and Mario Kart sounds like more fun than cleaning, don't you think? I'm just so tired! So much energy required for a successful day. So little left at the end.

E well.

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I`ve never cooked with... - Mood:Good
Sunday September 04 201112:57:52 AM |
Red beets (My family only ever made pickled beets...delicious...but what).

Red pearl onions

Red Russian kale


These are all coming in my next shipment from the farm. Along with arugula, cucumber, zucchini, baby bok choy, gala apples, white flesh peaches, white flesh nectarines, and (YAY) another cantaloupe.

I found a good looking recipe for a beet/goat cheese salad. But what about the red pearl onions?

And I thought kale was supposed to be green!

So...any ideas? What have you never cooked with?

Also, I had a meet-the-teacher event today where parents/kids came to meet us. It was insane. Too many names, too crowded, too crazy. But successful. Now here's hoping that there isn't a lot of separation anxiety on the first day of school.

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Bananas - Mood:Sexy
Friday September 02 20114:32:55 PM |
This fruit is bananas. B A N A N A S.

A girl in my class sings that and it’s the cutest thing. She comes in every day with a new song. And she says, “I have a new song. It’s my Mom’s favorite.” And then proceeds to sing it in a high pitched 3 year old voice. I wish she didn’t have to grow up.

So something new happened to me the other day. I usually browse that area through the first set of doors at Barnes and Noble where they have SUPER cheap books and never find anything I want. But the other day, I browsed and found a book called Our Daily Meds about the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and the effects of marketing. It was $4. I’m really enjoying it.

New Belgium Brewing/Fat Tire has a really tasty fall seasonal beer called Hoptober.

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McDonalds hot coffee lady is vindicated! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 28 20112:27:07 PM |
Wow. I feel bad for ever misjudging that incident.

In other news...I'm fixing to have a cup of normal-grade-hot coffee and get started on life.

Today I'm going to try the zucchini slice recipe that socio linked me to. Also, some other cooking plans on the agenda, including steak, salad, and baked potato (real, not microwave). I hardly ever REAL bake a baked potato because it takes so damn long!

Oh, and beating Bowser's castle in Mario. I think I might need a beer for that one.

What's up, y'all?

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I wish Larry David were my friend... - Mood:Good
Sunday August 21 201110:54:39 PM |
He'd have known how to deal with all the asswipes I encountered today.

Douche at Ross who was too busy being bored at work to give me a pleasant response to my would have been SO DEALT WITH by my friend Larry David.

Bitchy family who took 100 items for school supplies into the EXPRESS lane at, you would have been told.

Stupid kids who tried to literally stand in our path as we left the store to try to get us to donate to their basketball team.

Ridiculous bitch who'd locked herself out of her car at the ATM and requested to use our phone only to find she didn't know anybody's number.

I encountered a lot of stupidity today.

I had something I wanted to ask you guys...but I forget....

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Help me make some food plans! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 21 20117:48:42 PM |
They're like, my favorite kinds of plans to make!

My boyf and I just joined this farm-to-table food service that delivers a box of 10-12 fruits and veggies to a set community center each week and you pick it up. It's all local, although you can add bits that are not from their "green grocery".

So my first order will include:
Purple carrots
Green chard
Green leaf lettuce


I've always enjoyed leeks, but outside of recipes, I've never ever used them. Also, I super purple carrots and cantaloupe.

I'm really excited for our first box! We get it on Thursday.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Experiences with similar services? Random comments entirely unrelated to the journal?

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Cheeseburger in paradise (CASSEROLE) - Mood:Good
Saturday August 20 201111:41:13 PM |
Man. Cheeseburger casserole is like...a magical thing. I really really really dig it. I shouldn't make it every week because it's the only time I ever get seconds.

I've been going to the gym like MAD. I'm really proud of myself. I can even tell a slight difference (though I'm sure nobody else can yet). I took today off, being that it's Saturday, but all in all, I feel like a new woman in terms of my commitment to it.

I saw an old lady walking the other day and she was super decrepit. I realized that I wanted to get super fit now as an investment in my getting old. Kinda like how on Mario, you want to get fire power, so that not only can you blast the sh*t out of goombas and koopas, but if you lose it, you're still big. Then if you lose that, you're still alive.

What's your favorite music to workout to? Right now I'm on a Muse kick.

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I don`t know who started it - Mood:Naughty
Wednesday August 17 20111:27:33 AM |
And frankly, I don't care. But there are some copycats afoot!

I wrote an essay yesterday to the mother of one of my students. It was entitled "Disney Tips". I felt like I went way overboard in giving advice for her upcoming vacation. So I was really happy when she emailed me a thank you saying how helpful it was!

My boyfriend made gazpacho tonight (for a potluck). I've never tried it. He wanted to make it because his tv-girlfriend made it on her show (Sara Snow).

Rick Perry scares me. I think he stands an actual chance against Obama because he is the kind of guy you'd want to grab a beer with (but let's be honest, doesn't half of Texas fit that criteria?).

Oh, and we're doing a dinosaur unit at school right now. So we made shoeseratops. (I traced their shoes, they added dino features). Most of them looked more like bacteria than dinosaurs.

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I hope you enjoyed your PARK - Mood:Good
Sunday August 14 201112:02:16 AM |
I went to the park today. It was a really long walk. Not really long. But like, 4.5 miles.

Afterwards, we went to a Hawaiian restaurant that was delicious. We went only for a drink and an appetizer, and it turned into a few drinks and a whole meal. BUT IT WAS TOO GOOD!

Also...why would anyone want a cat when dogs exist?

The best sign ever is coming in my next post.

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Good websites for tshirts, toys, etc? - Mood:Good
Saturday August 13 20113:34:11 PM |
Looking for gifts, need some quick advice.

Sorry for USING you guys like this. But dammit, that's what you're good for!

Like a whore.

To make this kind of a journal, I was cracking eggs this morning to scramble them and one had blood in it! I freaked out. What a rarity. We ate it. The special powers haven't appeared just yet...(fingers crossed for invisibility).

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I just won tickets! - Mood:Good
Friday August 12 20119:48:20 PM |
I haven't won anything in a really long time! But I just randomly entered this contest on the radio station's website. And then they mailed me tickets!!

Last time I won something from the radio, I was told that I had to drive to the station to pick up my prize (which were two movie tickets), and the station was super far away, so I didn't bother.

Oh, yeah, they are to go see the Carolina Chocolate Drops. At the zoo.

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If the world were Eric Northman, I`d tell it to bite me - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 10 201111:43:18 PM |
It's weird that I know some Jewish prayers better than Christian ones.

Also, what's the deal with meat-eating plants? Are you even plants?

My boss is gone. I really miss her. Life is tough without her here.

I love this new wine I found. It's like 8 bucks of deliciousness.

This week has worn me out and it's not even halfway done!!!

My favorite Simpsons are the ones that tie every character's story together.

I don't like the new Jack in the box ad. It's for a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon, for 2.99!! That seems way too cheap. I don't think food should be expensive, but our food system is kinda f*cked.

That racial murder in Mississippi makes me really uneasy.

To a different degree, so do people's reactions to the riots in England and the economy.

I wish people were different.

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So I just realized it`s been over a month - Mood:Good
Saturday August 06 20112:45:48 PM |
Since I had my last cigarette! I still get cravings from time to time, of course. This is the first time I've ever attempted to quit without cheating using a hookah or by smoking weed.

In other news, the news forum drives me crazy. I used to enjoy it but now I just get bored from all that noise.

I watched Jersey Shore last night. Man those are some clueless bitches. My boyfriend said, "how sad is it that they're older than us?" and I didn't believe him so I looked it up, and some of them are like 30! Like "the situation". I think the guys are all around that age, and the girls are probably all around 24. I couldn't find everyone's ages, but, still. This was prompted by the fact that of the ones that most of them still live at home with their parents.

Happy Weekend, YT!

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What YTer would you MOST want to meet in person? - Mood:Good
Friday August 05 20115:00:26 PM |
Maybe it's someone you realistically easily could meet but you haven't. Maybe someone you really enjoy PMs with. Maybe you just like the way they are.

Who would you most want to meet?

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