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Female, 34 years old
Seattle, WA, Western US

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Tomorrow my life will improve by a hundred percent. - Mood:Good
Friday May 20 201111:21:25 PM |
I'm getting a couch! No more sitting on squish pillows (though you have served me well, squishies)!

We may take a trip to Ikea and get a new mattress for the pullout bed and maybe a foam topper and go to that instead of our air mattresses.

Moving on up....
To the east side...
To a deluxe apartment...
In the sky...

F*ck yeah.

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THIS CITY! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 19 201110:36:37 PM |

It really annoys me that NOBODY in this WHOLE ENTIRE CITY sells pumpernickel bread. WHY?! My favorite bread and it just doesn't exist here. What kind of a place IS THIS?

I must have gone to six bakeries today. No grocery store sells it, none of the bakeries did. They all referenced each other as places to try, and yet NONE OF THEM had any. What a crock of sh*t.

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Guess who just cut off all their hair! - Mood:Good
Thursday May 12 201110:52:52 PM |
Today has been fantastic.

Work was only 4.5 hours, and not at all terrible.

Got paid. Got to have lunch with my boyfriend before he went off to work (although the lunch was pretty terrible). Got my hair chopped off. Oh, and the sun came out!

As soon as the first ponytail came off I was worried I would hate it, having hair so short. But I was way wrong.

That was liberating and exciting.

Oh, and I got beer and a good recipe magazine. Hooray beer! (slightly smaller hooray for good recipe magazine)

Pic to follow

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What the hell is the difference between a pair of Converse sneakers and a pair of Chuck Taylors? - Mood:Good
Sunday May 08 20112:56:03 AM |
Is this like a regional thing? Or are they different shoes?


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Coming soon, to Korean TV - Mood:Good
Friday May 06 201110:39:41 PM |
So on my way back to work on my lunch break, a crazy thing happened.

These guys were standing around a dummy on the ground. Like, a CPR training one. They asked me to help.

"Do you know CPR?"
"Could you please help us?"
One guy was like, I need you to take over while I get the AED ready. So I did. But I couldn't do breaths because there was no mouth guard (point of order, if I ever really need to give CPR to someone, I won't care about the mouthguard). Anyway, he got the AED out and then asked me to apply it. So I did.

Then they told me they were with some Korean tv show or something. I don't know.

Also, I got free bacon today.

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I love BubbleTea! - Mood:Good
Friday May 06 201112:10:37 AM |
Did you know you can get honey jellies instead of tapioca chews? And the jellies pop in your mouth?

They are the very definition of delightful.

I have another new favorite beer. Redhook's seasonal beer: Wit. I don't have much beer loyalty.

I found a decent Mexican restaurant today. Not great, but, I would eat there again.

Still on the search for a place with great salsa, queso, and mole. These powers combined are a place I will spend all of my money!

I have had a few beers and no dinner. Please forgive me my insanity.

Dinner to come. Chicken thighs, mac and cheese, spinach, and baked potato. Probably one more beer as well.

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Cheese and MICE! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 04 201112:00:41 AM |
What is it about my family? They don't understand that I don't want to make small talk after they give me some horrible piece of news.

Example: A few months ago, I was talking to my dad and he explained that I should call my grandfather because he was really ill and sounded terrible and was going to the hospital and all this sh*t. He went on to make conversation about crap for a good ten minutes! All I wanted to do was hang up and call my grandfather and find out what the f*ck was going on.

It turns out my dad's an idiot sometimes. My grand-dad had a really bad cold and had nearly lost his voice, but the hospital thing was unrelated (he's going for knee replacement). Still, DAD, come on. I don't want to chat after you tell me that sh*t.

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I think I may have a new favorite beer! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 28 201111:03:46 PM |
1554, from New Belgium Brewing. It's sooo delicious, I almost can't stand it.

I just made a delicious fried rice from our Chinese leftovers from last night. Now I'm stuffed.

I'm really happy it's Thursday.

Ever played Yoshi's Cookie? Quite possibly the best puzzle game ever made. My only complaint is the music. I wish I had someone to play against though. I kick so much ass in two player mode!

I should do laundry tonight, but I'm only going to do one load to sustain me through tomorrow. Then this weekend MAYBE I'll tackle the rest.

This is an amazing city. I found a grocery store/co-op that is marvelous. All kinds of food we eat.

I went to a movie the other day b/c James was sleeping after his late night shift. I remembered how much fun going to the movies is. I want to start doing it a little more often.

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My boss is a lot like my mom - Mood:Good
Monday April 18 201112:06:35 AM |
Except my boss likes to have a drink or two with dinner.

How is she like my mom? She loves to tell people that I graduated magna cum laude. It doesn't seem that big a deal to me, but she makes a point of telling prospective and current parents about it when she introduces me. My mom was kind of the same. She'd always throw in a way to brag about me whenever she introduced me to someone.

So in conclusion, my boss is like my mom.

We cleaned the school today. And she took me out to a neat restaurant. It features a regional cuisine of the US. Right now it's Tornado Alley.

I'm really fortunate that my boss is so awesome. She's the closest thing I have to a friend in this city other than my bf and my dog. That's kind of sad.

What are you up to and what was the last book you read?

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Serious question for serious people: - Mood:Good
Saturday April 16 20119:51:59 PM |
Could I make a meatloaf in a 9x9 glass pan?

It'd be the wrong shape, obviously. Less loaf, more brownie. BUT, could it be done? And would it be delicious?

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Fathead - Mood:Good
Saturday April 16 201112:29:11 AM |
Stupidest movie ever?


The writer/director/star is SO annoying. His voice is just...grating. And he says really stupid things. I might be able to look past some of this if he wasn't so awful.

This is now the voice I will give to the YTers who circlejerk in news.

I was very annoyed from the get go when he turned his nose at tofu, simply because it was tofu.

So, it's a response to Supersize Me, which was by no means my favorite film. And in it, the guy ALSO eats nothing but fast food for a month (under slightly different rules) and proves that you can lose weight when you do so.

Big whoop. STILL not nutrtitionally sound.

Anyway, I agree with some of his assertions, but I still can't stand him.

Netflix, you've led me astray, you bastard!

(In all fairness, Netflix told me I was about 2 1/4 stars for this one).

I'm bored.

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Tell me what to do - Mood:Good
Thursday April 14 20119:11:11 PM |
Next week is spring break, so school's closed.

Most schools prohibit teachers from babysitting, but this one does not. In fact, my boss asked me if I was interested in doing it since I'd not be working for the week. I said yes!

So she had a parent who inquired and sent me and the parent an email to set it up.

She then instructed me to contact the parent directly, which I did.

THe parent is splitting costs with another parent, and so both kids will be at the house for the week.

Now, pay has not been brought up. THe last email I got frmo the parent was "There is plenty of parking! See you Monday".

Do I ask the parent about the pay? Ask my boss if she already decided the pay rate?

How do I do this?

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Check out my brand new chairs! - Mood:Good
Thursday April 14 20117:39:28 PM |
They're glorious.

Only cost $5 each! They're so squishy. One is good, but two are better.

I'm in a really good mood today, for no apparent reason. Job is going well, with one exception. The lead teacher has major control issues and as such, we definitely clash. Like, she freaks out over really minor things. She recently ruled that the children were no longer allowed to use paperback or hardcover books. If they want to look at a book, it has to be a board book. The rest are all teacher only. Why? Because she was upset that the pages were getting torn on the books. Guess what? 3 year old's tear sh*t up. Not on purpose even. They're just careless. Have you ever seen one eat?

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Engaged, really? - Mood:Good
Sunday April 10 20114:07:40 PM |
I just saw on fb that this guy I once slept with is engaged. I don't know if I should be happy for him, or sad for the girl.

I'm just going to go with no comment.

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V is for vest - Mood:Good
Sunday April 10 20111:02:46 AM |
I hate when YT is slow on the weekends. Seems like some weekends are really busy around here! Wtf.

I have a lot of vests to cut out. It's one of the most intensive cutting projects there could be. What's the worst part of your job in five words or less?

My dinner tonight was really delicious. It was baked chicken with parmesan and seasonings, mac and cheese, steamed carrots (just the orange kind), and some weird dark leafy greens that I still have no idea what it was.

And I've started to watch Better Off Ted. Netflix thought I'd like it, and as usual Netflix knows me so well it's creepy! It's no Parks and Recreation, but it's so much better than The Big Bang Theory.

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Penn and Teller are kind of bum openings - Mood:Good
Thursday April 07 20119:33:10 PM |
Especially the self centered one who does all the talking.

Just watched their "wal-mart rocks" episode which ignored pretty much everything about wal mart that doesn't rock.

Even though I often agree with them, I hate them.

What was your last wal-mart experience like? Did it rock? Why or why not?

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Did a thread just get deleted? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 07 20111:29:48 AM |
Circle yes or no.

Also, I'm a weensy bit drunk.

ALSO. Itsy bitsy spider or eensy weensy spider?

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I GOT NETFLIX! - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 06 201111:11:57 PM |
And I'm super excited about it.

My boyfriend is working until late tonight. I feel bad, but a small part of me likes it when he works late because I get to make food he hates. Like tuna casserole. And alfredo pasta!

I forgot how great Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog is.

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My dad is an idiot and I need beer. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 03 201112:28:16 AM |
I'm on #2. When I first started talking to my brother, I was shaking.

We just had a nice hour and ten minute conversation about all the sh*t that's gone down since Mom passed away.

My dad has since reconnected with an old girlfriend of his...via facebook. Actually, she found my brother on facebook and messaged him "Are you ______'s son? I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. I'd love to get in touch with your dad" etc.

Since then, she's moved into our house. He and I obviously don't live there anymore, but she does, along with her 10 year old daughter and her new puppy.

We haven't had a dog in that house in the entire time I was growing up there. The last time we had one was 14 years ago.

When Mom passed, I suggested to Dad he get a dog for companionship. He "wasn't ready". But apparently he is ready to let a crazy ex and her daughter move in.

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What`s going on in the world today? - Mood:Good
Saturday April 02 20112:01:01 AM |

I started work. Today was my first day as lead. I'm very different than the M-Th lead. She tends to make things into power struggles that don't need to be. My classroom is definitely more chaotic, but in the good way.

Megavideo sucks. I'm cut off for 30 minutes.

I think I'm going to get some ice cream.

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Make up my mind, YT. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 22 201112:09:54 AM |
So tomorrow I'm going in for a few hours at one of the schools I interviewed at. To see if it is a good fit and all. They seem pretty keen on me But I'm uncertain. I can't easily get there by bus And it's a very different style than I'm used to. More like a Montessori school. I'm concerned about the switch, but it might be good to get the experience on a different side of things.

Plus at that place I'd start full time as a lead. The other, which offered me a job already, would start me as an assistant teacher at 30 hours a week. Going to full time and lead teacher in the summer time. It's a new school, which has some perks, but it also hasn't had kinks worked out, nor does it have benefits. Plus, I'm not sure I like the lead teacher that much, which could suck to work under her. I did a trial day there last week.

Tomorrow I'll have to make up my mind!

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I`m going to try to be a photo whore. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 19 201111:10:02 PM |
If this lousy internet connection will let me.

In other news, I bought a knife for $1.50 at a Japanese dollar-fifty store. Daiso or Daiko Japan, I forget which.

I thought it might be crappy, but it turns out it works quite well. Even at cutting through human flesh!

I cut my thumb trying to make dinner. It really hurts. The only band-aids we have are in the car, and that's all the way in the parking garage!

I went outside to try to see the moon, but I saw none. Will try again later.

I am thinking about going to the bar down the road tonight. They have live music advertised as funky blues rock. Which is a combination of 3 of my favorite things.

Although I feel weird about going to the bar alone. James is at work until 1. What should I do?

In other news, the library here is awesome.

Photo whoring attempt in the next post.

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Delicious food and documentaries - Mood:Good
Saturday March 12 20113:25:53 PM |
Sometimes life is so slow, and then other times, it's hard to keep the pace. Lately, it's been racing.

We're settling in quite well. Still need to get the internet and some pot holders. And I'll be SO happy when our real furniture arrives and we can say goodbye to these air mattresses.

We spent the past couple of afternoons downtown. Went to Pike Place yesterday and got some handmade cheese from Beechers (they sell their main variety, a delicious cheddar, in the grocery store). Lots of cool stuff there, but some of it seemed a little pricey.

Yesterday we walked along the waterfront to go to a park. Had an excellent view of the Space Needle, but the lighting didn't work for a good picture sadly.

The worst thing about this place is the lack of bathrooms. I went into the first ever Starbucks yesterday. They don't have a bathroom.

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Today is day TWO of no rain :-P - Mood:Good
Sunday March 06 20118:55:57 PM |
Take that, Seattle haters! It's so weird to be here finally after months of fantasizing about it.

I'm surprised I like the chill so much. And although our apartment is TEENY tiny, it's got a pretty great view of trees and mountains. It's also got two HUGE windows, which are pretty great.

And I'm 3 blocks from the grocery store, across the street for Target, and two blocks from the library! Huzzah.

When I moved in, I told the leasing lady that there was an exposed blue pipe sticking out of my sink. She said, "that's supposed to be there, it's for water overflow".

"Oh," I said. "That's new to me." And we went on with the lease signing.

Then I tried to run my dishwasher. And water started SPEWING like crazy out of that blue pipe. Although I wasn't happy to have to clean it up, I was happy to be vindicated. Blue pipes coming out of sinks are NOT normal.

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Hello Seattle I am an albatross - Mood:Good
Sunday February 27 20119:20:05 AM |


Today when our office opens, we're turning in our keys and hitting the road. Will make it to Atlanta tonight and stay around there, then hit up the bank in the morning to get our deposit sorted out for the new place. And by Thursday...Seattle! I'm really looking forward to everything but the weather.

There are a few things I'll really miss about Orlando.
2-Boiled peanuts
3-Sweet tea
5-My friends
6-My job
7-The weather
8-The beach
9-El Patron (Mexican restaurant)

Things I won't miss:
4-The weather in the summer
9-Chain restaurants galore

I want breakfast but gave away most of my food!

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