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Female, 35 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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Classic cartoons - Mood:Good
Friday December 30 20111:21:12 AM |
I've been playing a lot of Epic Mickey lately. I especially enjoyed Tomorrow City. I rarely miss working at that crazy rathole. Anyway...if you haven't played the game, you have to go through classic cartoon sequences to travel between lands. I especially like Thru the Mirror.

But it made me think about my favorite classic shorts. Such as Pluto's Christmas Tree, with Chip and Dale.

And one...that I need your help with. I don't have much to go on. Except that the majority of the scenes involve baking/cooking? I'm really not sure. It's been a while. I also think there's a fruit fly or something. If you know what I'm talking bout, please help! It might not be Disney even.

What are your favorite classic cartoons? Favorite modern? Anyone too cool for cartoons is too lame for this thread. GET OUT before I hasta throw you out.

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Halloween costume- - -solved. And before 2012 even! - Mood:Good
Thursday December 29 20112:47:30 AM |
I just found out that one of my most favorite teachers has been diagnosed with cancer. A mass e-mail went out on facebook to all his former students a month ago, but I only opened it today. He was my sixth grade science teacher and a hoot. He'd always give hints to his own quizzes and practically give the answers away.

Cancer is such a stupid bitch.

On a lighter note, I know what I'm going as for Halloween next year. (The key to a great Halloween costume is advanced planning).

Also, I had one of the beers of my SS's gift today. It was delicious.

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I wish I could trade all my gift cards for Bed Bath and Beyond. - Mood:Good
Monday December 26 20118:21:24 PM |
I'm fixin to make Christmas dinner part deux. This round will involve roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, cheesy beer biscuits, sauteed greens, lima beans, and freshly baked brownies.

I just LOVE Christmas! I returned some things today at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought myself a food processor and a salad spinner. Why a salad spinner, you ask? Because I hate having drippy lettuce, I answer.

So glad to have a week off...but so sad that one day of it is almost gone.

I spent a lot of today playing Epic Mickey. Got it for my boyfriend for Christmas...but he's been at work all day.

I can't wait to have my rice cooker back in my life! Tomorrow we're going to look at apartments for when our lease is up. I may bring a camera around so we can pretend we're on house hunters.

While I was at BB&B, I forgot the one thing I was supposed to buy...another head massager!

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I`m not trying to be racist or nothing... - Mood:Good
Sunday December 25 201112:28:48 AM |
But these bitches from Japan are just TOO good at MarioKart. Someone should tell them to lighten up. Or light up. Or something.

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all! Santa is on his way. I used to never understand why Santa would come twice and why he wrapped presents at my dad's house but didn't at my mom's. Oh Santa. You crazy bastard.

I'm drunk. Half a bottle of wine plus a few "poinsettias". BAM! Playing MarioKart drunk is a splendid reminder of why not to drive drunk.

I'm so excited for Christmas! It'll be my boyf's and my first Xmas together alone. We're having a seafood Christmas. It will be splendid to the max.

HOW ARE YOU? Are you overflowing with merriment? Why or why not?

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Wah! - Mood:Good
Saturday December 24 201112:59:47 AM |
My SS hasn't posted yet. And yet I know it was delivered. It's only part one, but still. I want them to post!

I got a lot of alcohol for x-mas from my fellow teachers and from the students' parents. I must give off a vibe of "I like to party" or "I need to". One of the two. Not complaining.

So excited for a week off!!! My vacation is in action.

Boyf has to be at work for 6 am tomorrow though. But good...he'll be home early.

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Holy Eggnog, Batman! - Mood:Good
Friday December 23 201112:29:47 PM |
Where is everyone's Christmas spirit?

I just read all the top journals and apparently YT is miserable! And mostly about nothing. Yes, it's winter. Fortunately it's also the holidays, which means vacations and drinking and merriment! That's like, the peak of winter. If you don't like winter now, just wait for January and February.

Yes, some people are crappy gift-givers. What does that matter? My attitude towards gift giving is that you give to people you feel inclined to and if they give something to you, great. If not, that's okay too! And if they give you something that you don't like, f*cking fake it and get over it. It's just things and it's the thought that counts anyway.

My boss gave me a Christmas bonus. It was small, but considering we're not retail, it was nice of her to do!

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Not to be too awkward - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 20 201112:56:13 AM |
But(t penis)...

Are any of your top 5 best friends people you have a primarily online relationship with? of my top 5 is someone I went to camp with in 8th grade. We were never friends at camp, but afterwards, started talking online like crazy. We became really close this day, I consider him one of my top 5 favorite people.

In addition, two people from my family are on that list. Is that weird?

Stop making me feel awkward, internet!

In other news, today sucked.

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Skittles vodka, Poinsettias, and an achy butt. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 18 20117:23:57 PM |
This drink is delicious. Prosecco, cranberry juice, orange liqueur. Voila!

I just did some gift wrapping. I'm still up in the air about what to get one of my secret santas. The other was EASY PEAZY.

I want to make some CDs but I've never made them before on this computer. Not to sound stupid, but can you make them in iTunes?

I think it's dumb to live in a crazy big house that's bigger than your needs. I could use more space currently, but I wouldn't want to go to the other extreme with rooms that are unoccupied 95% of the time. That's weird. (This is inspired by House Hunters...great show).

Time to start to work on Skittles infused vodka! WISH ME LUCK.

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My entire morning can be summed up in one picture: - Mood:Good
Saturday December 10 20112:12:36 PM |

Seriously...hours of this. How did I not know it existed? HOW!?

The worst Christmas songs ever thread inspires me to share one of my favorites: Whenever anyone talks about that crappy Mariah Carey one, I think of this.

My head hurts. I drank too much wine last night. And I want to be really lazy today. Like...intensely. I have to go to the grocery store later, do some laundry today, and write Christmas cards.

Oh yeah, I'm a card-sending person finally. It's taken me a LONG time to get here. It used to be I'd buy cards for people/stuff and they'd sit at home. Then as I got older, I'd fill out the cards, but not the envelope. Slowly but surely, I've added steps to become a card sender. The hardest step is the taking it to the mailbox.

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Don`t take life to seriously - Mood:Happy
Friday December 09 201110:24:36 PM |
You'll never get out alive.

This "friend" of mine just got that as a tattoo and posted the pic on facebook. Now, he SAYS the spelling mistake is intentional...and that those who point it out are taking life to seriously.

But really?

I just don't know.

I went to a conference today. I'm not big on have to people and make small talk. And take a bunch of crappy swag to get to the good stuff.

I'm glad to be home, with a bottle of wine, with my PJs on. Tomorrow, I do nothing!

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Parents just don`t understand - Mood:Good
Monday November 28 201110:19:29 PM |
My mom used to think that if she wanted to search for something, she could just type in www.whateverthef*ckI' and find it. So if she wanted a recipe for carrots she'd type in Although it sometimes annoyed me that she was incapable of learning how to operate a search engine, it's now one of those things that leaves me feeling really happy and pleased. I that about her.

I miss that lady an awful lot. She and Chick-Fil-A are the two things I dream most about.

How are are your parents out of touch?

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It`s not that I hate God. Honestly. - Mood:Surprised
Friday November 25 20114:29:52 PM |
So, if it wasn't bad enough that I had to see on Facebook my dad's girlfriend's stupid posts about Jesus and God every other second. Now, my dad posts on my facebook telling me it's his favorite song.

WHO IS THIS MAN? My dad always had a streak towards bad taste in music. My mom and I used to relish making fun of him and his love for Michael Bolton and Boy George. But this is like...out of the blue.

I think the biggest reason I don't like my dad's religious revival is I feel like he's turned into a different person who is a stranger to me.

So perturbed right now.

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Gmail - Mood:Sad
Friday November 25 20112:53:48 PM |
Is anyone else experiencing difficulty with Gmail?

Since yesterday it won't load for me on any browser.

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I`ll pumper YOUR nickel - Mood:Good
Friday November 18 20118:34:44 PM |

Guess what I got today...TWO loaves of pumpernickel. I had a few slices with butter for lunch. I had difficulty putting it away. SO delicious. The only pumpernickel here is CRAP. I missed it so much.

And how did I get it? By giving a creepy (not really) internet guy my address! Whoever said giving out your address online was a bad idea was way wrong. You get free bread! He said it was a late birthday present!

Thank you, BSR!

Now if only I could get boiled peanuts and chick-fil-a.

I also got a Christmas tree. Not today. A few days ago. It's beautiful! The biggest we've ever had. Well, on our own. My family had big ones, but before this year, we always used a tiny 2 ft fake tree. This year we got a 6 ft one and it's so pretty. I it. Pics later. Not now.

I don't want to hear that we started Christmas too early. What would you miss if you moved?

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Weekend of laziness...terminated... :-( - Mood:Good
Sunday November 13 201112:38:54 PM |
It's been a beautiful weekend. Friday I went out with my man and had a huge breakfast. Then, after a long period of digestion, we went to the arboretum. Although it was raining off and on, it was gorgeous, and gave me an excuse to wear my new rain boots! Unfortunately, due to rain, we weren't able to take many pictures. But I'm a sucky photographer, so it would have done the beauty of dem trees no justice anyway.

Then yesterday, I went to the spa, had a massage, and relaxed all day. Laziness to an extreme. Once James got home, we went out for drinks and appetizers, then to dinner. It was a really delicious evening!

I don't want to stop the lazy relaxation mode though! I have laundry to do, Sean T. waiting on me to get back to him, and a house to straighten up. Oh, and lessons to plan. But I don't wanna!

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I`m not so sure about this! - Mood:Exhausted
Sunday November 06 20114:28:00 PM |
I started Insanity, the workout DVD thing.

Yesterday was the Fit Test. It doesn't give you a goal, but I'm pretty sure I failed.

Today was Day 2. I'm sore in places I didn't even know I had muscles.

And I have to keep this up for 60 days!

I'm skipping my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Christmas.

But is the holiday season really the right time for this?! Probably not.

But'll be a headstart on my new year's resolutions...right?

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I finally finished Lost. - Mood:Overwhelmed
Friday October 28 20111:59:34 AM |
So you could talk to me about that. Or other stuff. You know whatever floats your boat.

Things: Boss told me that she wants to promote me around March to assistant director, as a promotion in name only, with no real added duties, and yet, added salary. What's not to like?

School is annoying sometimes. I feel like some days I'm the only one maintaining energy and enthusiasm through the end of the day, and it's ahrd enough for me to be enthusiastic at the end of a long day, let alone to be the only one who is. I feel like sometimes my coworkers look down on me for being "too into" my job, if that makes any sense.

I'm going shopping this weekend for jeans and boots. Winter is coming and I wanna be prepared. Also going to the arboretum this Sunday.


What's going on in the world today (al-jazeera, al-jazeera)?

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Picking gifts is less fun than picking noses. - Mood:Good
Friday October 14 201110:17:43 PM |
My dad's birthday is coming up, and I need to get him something. But the question of what is perplexing.

He just lost his job. We lost my mom a year ago. He's now really into church (for the first time in my entire life) and is kind of...different from how he used to be.

Any suggestions?

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I occupied Seattle today. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 09 201112:08:27 AM |
A little.

Mostly I just joined for the march. But I was impressed by how democratic things were. When they decided to just plant their asses in the middle of the intersection, they took a vote on whether or not we should stay there or move. Then someone shouted, "Will we be arrested if we stay?" To which one of the megaphone holders replied, "I'm fairly certain it is not legal to occupy the street without a permit, so, it's possible". Then everyone voted to stay in the street anyway.

But I had to pee. So I left, found a potty, and when I got back, they'd apparently re-voted to take votes from the park/plaza, and they went there instead. By then it was late and I was hungry for dinner and tired. So I left. But it was fun!

My throat hurts a little from all the chanting. And I may be on the news, because I was in the background of some shots.

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Attack of the GOO - Mood:Good
Friday October 07 20111:22:16 AM |
So...I'm watching the news tonight. And there's a story on about a mystery goo that has taken over Capitol Hill.

And they interview this guy who's car had been dirtied by the goo. And under his name they write "Goo victim".

Then they continue the piece. Later they interview a guy who works nearby. Under his name they write, "Goo watcher".

That was pretty much the best part of this week.

Well, that, and the fact that today was my last day of Work. Tomorrow I still have "work", but it's work from home day. Which means work while watching Lost day.

I've never cooked turnips. I just got some in my produce box. WHAT TO DO.

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Hello! This is the 90`s. - Mood:Good
Friday September 30 201110:30:36 PM |
Do you remember how popular that phrase was?

Man. What are we now. The single digits? Nobody refers to this decade anymore because it's too damn complex. Nobody knows how to call it.

I had to write 42 individualized reports today. As I do every Friday. I'm starting to think this work is way suckier than my M-Th. But the parents like it a lot and it's a good tool of communication (I have to keep telling myself this or I'd be mad).

I'm trying to decide what to have for dinner. Any suggestions are welcome, although I have limited resources here at home. Tofu, beef, lamb patties, trout. And I'm not going out. Back-up plan is fried tofu with some vegetables. That will probably turn into the for real plan. UNLESS something brilliant happens.

It's time for a beer.

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I`m typically not the "unfriending" type. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 25 20116:23:03 PM |

So, I'm unfriending everyone who has. This kind of stupidity will no longer be tolerated by this gal.

Other kinds of stupidity, inquire within.

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Stuff happened, some of it was cool. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 17 201110:59:08 PM |
Today I went on a cruise ship for the first time ever.

It was super fun, I got super hungry, then I ate at a super buffet onboard the ship.

I'm also seriously and legitimately sucked into Lost.

Ana Lucia just died, and now Charlie is probably going to!

I'm going to go see Straw Dogs tomorrow. It will be great.

I had to write 40 reports yesterday. It was hell.

WHAT IS UP, motherf*ckas?

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You know what always annoyed me? - Mood:Good
Friday September 16 201112:58:55 PM |
That you couldn't supersize your drink and microsize your fries for the same price as the regular meal. Sure, your system doesn't have anything in place to allow for that. But I never finish the regular size fries and I always need a large sweet tea, not a regular, so why must I supersize both!?

Also, when fast food joints (I recall this at McDonald's a few times) would have less food cost more money and more food cost less. Like, for instance, the double cheeseburger might have been cheaper than the regular cheeseburger. BUT I ONLY WANT THE REGULAR ONE. But at the same time, I want to be cheap. But not waste food.

I have fast food about once a month now. I miss Chick-fil-a so hard sometimes it hurts.

But I have plenty of bacon. Happy weekend, YT!

What has always annoyed you?

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I was like... really productive today. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 11 201112:14:58 AM |
I unlocked Baby Luigi, the magikruiser, Bowser Jr., Funky Kong, AND Birdo.

I went to a stupid festival down the road.

And I cooked a REALLY super delicious dinner.

I really weekends. And that dinner. It's still hanging out in my mouth doing good things.

But...I did get killed today. That was a little sad.

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