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Female, 34 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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Most. Poetic. Lyrics. Of all time. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 05 20066:35:18 PM |
I hope you didn't expect for me to tell you, because that is precisely YOUR job, you lazy bums.

Inspired by my brother's English poetry project, what do you find to be the most poetic (or even marginally poetic) song lyrics?

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Omfgyourmom - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 05 20069:29:30 AM |
I just turned in my one-month notice at work.

Bye-bye DDI. I'm going to miss it, actually. It's a pretty well-paying job for what I have to do. I hope I can find something similar in Orlando. And hopefully get some good letters of recommendation before I leave. Is there anything wrong with asking for letters from 2 or more people within a single organization, or is that against some unspoken rule?

I'm glad they took it well. Hopefully we can find someone pretty quickly and get them trained. My boss asked if there was any way I could stretch out my time here until the first of the year. Agh! I told him, unfortunately, I already had an apartment in O-town starting in the first of October and would not be able.

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Why is this funny? - Mood:Good
Monday September 04 200610:20:00 PM |
Why is it funny to make fun of otherwise unfunny subjects? Examples: rape, war, child-death, death of celebrities, etc.

Is it JUST because it's not socially acceptable? Explain your bad taste, people.

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Tell me if I`m right or wrong... - Mood:Good
Monday September 04 20062:56:40 PM |
Honestly, tell me your opinion here.

I'm moving to Orlando, and I'm rooming with these two guys who lived across the hall from me when I lived there before.

We're living in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment, meaning one person will get their own bathroom, while two people share.

Is it or is it not fair that I get the bathroom to myself as the female?

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How do you define success? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 02 200611:11:31 AM |
YT is so boring, so please, humor me with some intelligent responses.

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You`re busting my balls, youthink. - Mood:Busted
Friday September 01 20061:35:03 PM |
I just went to type in a new patient to the database. Last name "Henc*ck". And how did I type it? With the stupid damn asterisk.

Urgh. Stupid youthink! This isn't the first time this has happened. I've found myself censoring swear words in IM's and e-mails.

And you know what else is stupid? The word asterisk. It's pronounced like asterick, so why isn't it spelled that way?!

Stop with the ballbusting, please and thank you.

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I <3 Jump, Little Children - Mood:Good
Friday September 01 200611:19:12 AM |
Scene One
Curtain up.
See the couple, coffee shop
Beatniks beating out beebop
Rainy day, skies are grey
But the couple feeling gay
Boy is laughing at her joke
Girl, embarrassed, takes a smoke
She should quit, yes she knows
But she's happy as she blows
Down the cafe, through the bar
Pass the hippies and the jars
Of the bean that they drink
Everyday, every week
They should quit, coffee's bad
Makes you crazy, f*cking mad
But they say in defense:
(With a pause for suspense)
"It's the stuff of the gods
Sexy smart hot rods!
Roller coaster! Hurricanes!
Super-sonic jet planes!"
They should quit, yes they know
But where the hell would they go?
They're like me, in a bind...
Don't you see?
Love ain't blind

I could make a habit out of you
I could make a habit out of you

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You down with OPP? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 31 20069:50:53 PM |
I'm OFFICIALLY heading to O-Town mid-October. I will have an apartment into which I can move October 3!! It's a pretty nice place, too. Fireplace in the apt (like we'll ever use it), tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness room, balconies for each apt. Yay for O-town. Angriest city in the I come.
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"Lost your penis on the job? State law dictates that you deserve 35 to 104 weeks compensation by your employer. Know your rights." - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday August 30 20069:40:43 PM |
I recently decided that I'm kind of apprehensive about meeting youthinkers in real life. What if they're nothing like I expect? What if I'm not what they expect? Agh. Anyone else get this apprehension before meeting someone?

I just had a really f*cking amazing dinner at this Japanese place. Soup, salad, chicken teriyaki, california rolls, vegetable and shrimp tempura, and of course rice. Speaking of rice, does anybody know which wise man/woman once said, "Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something?"

So true.

I recently read the schedule that the state of Connecticut uses to compensate for work-related injuries.

The lost or damaged thumb on a master hand is worth 63 weeks of compensated pay. (Over a year!)

The thumb on the other hand is worth 54 wks.

A foot is worth 125 weeks, while a nose is only worth 35 weeks. The largest compensation is for a heart, at 520. A penis/vagina is worth 35-104.

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Tuesday August 29 200610:02:53 PM |
Ask me anything.

No seriously.

Nobody ever asks me good questions.

I promise I'll ask you one back!

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Note to self: Wear deoderant daily. - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday August 29 200610:01:53 AM |
Today was my new assistant's start day.

Apparently I scared her off, because as soon as I came in, she came into my office to tell me, apologetically, that she would not be able to work for us. Her classes are too demanding and yaddayaddayadda... But I know it really boils down to the fact that I forgot to wear deoderant.

Oh well, better luck next time.

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Well then. Let us dance! - Mood:Good
Sunday August 27 200610:30:50 PM |
I challenge you, YES YOU, to an isketch tournament.

Yaddayaddayadda Click here to accept Go to the youthink room, and um...get ready to rumble.

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If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis - Mood:Good
Sunday August 27 20067:18:12 PM |
I got suckered into volunteering today at a picnic my brother’s school was holding. I was really unhappy about it initially, because what was I going to do at a picnic for 3 hours? The thought of making small-talk with the other volunteers is very unappealing to me.

Luckily I was saved the majority of such small talk by my most favorite teacher from high school! He was there doing his teacher thing, sort of. Sort of, but not really, because he’s laid back and too cool for such gatherings. So the two of us gossiped about the teachers I hated when I was in school, life, etc.

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23 now, but will I live to see 24? The way things is going I don`t know - Mood:Good
Saturday August 26 20062:30:12 PM |
I love being almost 24 and still getting carded everywhere I go. Last night I was carded at least twice by guys who obviously did not trust my ID and stared at it, then me, then it over and over again before deciding it was cool.

I also love going out and drinking for free. I went out last night with a guy I went to high school with who is now in graduate school doing a study on smoke levels in bars. He needed volunteers to sit in bars, measuring smoke levels, and in return he had funding to buy us drinks all night. I brought along a friend of mine and we bar-hopped for free.

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Frustrated in F*ckville... - Mood:Good
Friday August 25 200612:17:15 PM |
Why would you ask me for suggestions on improving something if you are going to shoot down every suggestion I have as unnecessary?

"Do you have any ideas on how we can improve this, because if you do, I'd love to hear them and then tell you that it's impossible and I'm going to leave it just like it currently is."

For f*ck's sake, if you're not going to take my suggestions to heart, then just tell me this is how it will be and let that be that. The illusion of giving input is really starting to piss me off.

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There`s a fly in my McDonald`s cup and I`m not too concerned. - Mood:Bad
Thursday August 24 20067:14:22 PM |
You heard me. A fly. In my cup. Dead. How did he get into my cup? I do not know. I've had the cup since breakfast. I drank the sweet tea out of the cup. It turned into ice. The ice melted into water. The lid stayed on all day, until I went to dump it this afternoon. And when I did, I met the dead fly. Did he come in through the straw, or was he there since this morning?

Ehnh, I have more pressing concerns than a fly in my cup. My grandmother put her dog to sleep today. She got him when I was in the 9th grade and he peed on my mom's leg and was going to be put to sleep.

My mom's car is dead and costs $2400 to fix. She doesn't have a spare $2400, which means she is carless and the "financing" options being offered by the transmission people are flat highway robbery. In the meantime, I'm going to have to start skipping my lunch breaks to pick my brother up from school.

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I love it, I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 23 200610:28:39 PM |
Did I mention I harbor positive feelings about it?

Because I do.

I'd just like to comment on how much I love seeing the tides turn on youthink. Por ejemplo: Slizer--There was a distinct tide-turning with people's feelings towards Slizer, just as there seems to be with diffident. First everyone hates him. Then some people don't. Then there's a wave of diffident support.

It's ridiculous to watch, but, as I may or may not have mentioned earlier...I love it.

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Wierd vs. Weird - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 23 20069:04:54 PM |
Which do you use?

I've noticed a LOT of youthinkers tend to write it "wierd". Weird.

I'm surprised I can still spell it correctly!

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You`re the kind of person... - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 23 20061:26:13 PM |
Who "goes places in life"

says my fortune cookie.

Well, I should hope so! I certainly don't want to be the kind of person that "stays in one place forever".

I hate fortune cookies. The fortunes always suck to the max.

Write me a better fortune cookie OR tell me what kind of a person you are. Bonus points for lewdness.

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Difficult Patients Make Me Want To Blow My Brains Out - Mood:Bad
Tuesday August 22 20061:49:09 PM |
I'm SO tired of patients telling me about their insurance coverage. "No, my insurance coverage is great, they should cover this procedure" I don't care HOW great you #think# your insurance coverage is, it does not cover this procedure. No matter how many times you repeat that to me, they will not cover the procedure.

I know it's tempting to believe that you should have all medical expenses covered with your insurance policy, but that isn't the way the world always works. Sometimes your insurance company doesn't agree with your doctor on your medical care. Sometimes you have to pay for things out of pocket. It sucks, yes. But that's what you get for having a sh*tty insurance company.

Also, I'm sick of having patients talk my ear off about their lives and their doctors and yaddayaddayadda and I'm sick of being interrupted and having to ask patients the same question over and over again because they can't answer it the first time.

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I liked country when country wasn`t cool! (I can`t back that up...) - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 200610:10:08 PM |
But there are many things I liked before they got cool.

Especially Johnny Depp and Dane Cook. I loved both of these men before it became mainstream to do so. I loved Dane Cook back when NOBODY knew who he was.

What have you liked before it became trendy to like?

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Don`t Trust Lighters. - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 20066:16:52 PM |
I generally hate reading journals that start out… “Today was an eventful day” and then proceed to tell all of the “events”, which weren’t really so eventful afterall.
But…today was really a pretty eventful day.

I had jury duty at 11, which was late enough to justify not going to work first. Because honestly, what work could I get done in an hour’s time? Not much, that’s what.
So I slept in this morning until 9:20 AM!!!
Which is 20 past when I’d usually be at work. Yay for me.

I got to jury duty to find that the court’s parking lot is only 20-cars big, and 10 of these were reserved, and the others were already taken. So, I parked across the street, and crossed a pretty busy piece of road, blatantly jaywalking directly in front of the police station. I’m such a rebel.

Once I’d signed in and sat down, it got really boring, so I read some of Freakonomics. I’ve really enjoyed it

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Why why why!? - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 200610:22:38 AM |
Why can't Bush answer a direct question? Is it a-because he doesn't understand the question, or b-because he doesn't have a real answer to the question?

Example: Press conference currently on, Bush is asked about whether or not there are any plans to change the current strategy in Iraq (since violence has increased steadily). He harps on and on about how we can't leave Iraq right now. The journalist reiterates that she isn't asking about leaving Iraq, she's asking about other strategies for Iraq, and what does Bush go back to? Of course another spiel about how we cannot leave Iraq.

Bush frustrates me sooooo much.

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Got Jesus? - Mood:Good
Saturday August 19 200612:11:22 AM | I've learned a valuable lesson in adulthood. As the oldest child in a family, you never stop being the built-in-babysitter. My mom got tickets to a race in October and just ASSUMED I could stay home with my brother that weekend. Unfortunately for her I have plans that weekend for a YT meetup, in fact. Urgh.

And I just got saddled with watching my 10 year old cousin for a couple of hours while my brother and other cousin went off playing video games. I just put him to bed (which shouldn't have been my responsibility, but eh, someone's got to do it), so now, I think the time has come.

YT, I'm ready for you to ask me anything.

Go on, get to it.

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F*ck Mary Schafer! - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 16 20061:01:55 PM |
So, my boyfriend HATES this woman, Mary Schafer. For a long list of reasons that don't deserve my breath, really. But, he wants to think of a way to get revenge on her for being a horrible, worthless human being. She is his former boss, so it could be work-related or not.

Any ideas for good revenge tactics?

I know you are a ruthless crowd. Tell me the secrets to your ruthlessness.

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