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Female, 35 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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I hate this place!!! I`m so glad today is "Friday". - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 19 20062:11:25 PM |
WHY do insurance companies make it so F*CKING difficult to speak to a human being?!

I have to enter in a ridiculous amount of information into the "voice-activated response unit" before I can even TRANSFER to a human being, who is just going to ask me the same f*cking information ALL OVER again.


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YT panties AND Talk-like-a-pirate-day - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 19 20069:43:00 AM |
Didn't they used to sell YT thongs in the store? Or did I just make that up?

If not, I say we should start!

Oh yeah...Arrr!

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What`s in a name? A Roshanda by any other name... - Mood:Good
Monday September 18 200611:29:36 AM |
So I'm reading Freakonomics...which is a fantastic book. One of the chapters is dedicated to the significance of a child's name.

Part of the analysis looks at the link between parents' level of education and the names they give their children.

Most common white girl names among high education parents:
1. Katherine
2. Emma
3. Alexandra
4. Julia
5. Rachel

Most common white girl names among low education parents:
1. Kayla
2. Amber
3. Heather
4. Brittany
5. Brianna

Most common white boy names among high-education parents:
1. Benjamin
2. Samuel
3. Alexander
4. John
5. William

Most common white boy names among low-education parents:
1. Cody
2. Travis
3. Brandon
4. Justin
5. Tyler

"Whitest" girl names:
1. Molly
2. Amy
3. Claire
4. Emily
5. Katie
6. Madeline
7. Katelyn
8. Emma
9. Abigail
10. Carly

"Blackest" girl names:
1. Imani
2. Ebony
3. Shanice
4. Aaliyah
5. Precious
6. Nia
7. Deja
8. Diamond
9. Asia

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First bikini wanted. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 17 20062:25:49 PM |
So, I'd like to get a professional bikini wax (I've done them myself before), but I don't know where to go.

I usually get my hair cut at the Hair Cuttery or some similar establishment, so I don't have a salon I can turn to.

Where should I go?

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Somebody teach me how to kick ass. - Mood:Feisty
Sunday September 17 200612:22:38 AM |
I got hit on twice today (once in real life and once by phone). The phone one was rather odd and in the form of a voicemail. Quite possibly the weirdest voicemail ever. I couldn't make it all out, because it was very low-volume mumbling, but what I DID make out was "Your boss gave me your number", "I'm light-skinned with dark eyes", "My girlfriend just broke up with me", "I'm looking for a lady friend", and "My car is nicely detailed". What's even stranger is that I had no missed calls. Just the random voicemail.

So then I went to the mall today, to this toy store that specializes in harder-to-find toys. I was looking for a building set, something like legos, but the closest they came was a coin-building set. Which of course requires that you have spare coins to use, which I don't.

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Who else pays attention to this? - Mood:Good
Friday September 15 200610:01:18 PM |
You know you do. And if you don't, it's time to start.

Do you ever privately note which threads (and by association members, but the question is specifically about the threads) get more attention from the opposite sex? I don't mean threads titled "Vaginas inside!" or something, but it just seems like certain people always have the girls or fellas flocking to their threads. (ColtonKane, for instance. He's quite popular with the ladies...)

Do you pay attention to the gender breakdown of your own journal's posters?

In other news, the word "orange" has been on my mind a lot today. First, because I don't think any word rhymes with orange, and secondly, because I wondered, which came first, the fruit or the color? Which was named for which? Is there a synonym for either?

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I`m going up to my room, and eating a WHOLE BOWL of peanuts!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 14 20064:14:59 PM |
Things to be Mangry About This Afternoon:

1. Patients who get agitated when I give them a reminder call about an appointment. Is this not a standard procedure among medical offices? Don't your doctors offices GENERALLY give you a reminder call or card in advance of a scheduled appointment. It's especially angering when it's not the patient I speak to, but rather the spouse.
"I'm sure he has that on his calendar". Well I should damn well hope so, but if you wouldn't mind mentioning it over dinner, I'd appreciate it.

2. Being ignored. Everytime I post a thread, it seems the substantial portion gets ignored, and people comment on the "fluff". I really, really, really wish people would comment on the substance sometimes. (Generally this only happens when I post a serious journal). Furthermore, I get mangry when I make witty comments that get completely ignored.

3. It is Thursday, the biggest tease of the week.

What are you mangry about?

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Is there anything fluffier than a cloud? - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 13 20069:41:32 PM |
If there is, I don't want to know about it!

My tongue is still in pain from the papercut it received earlier. =

So, I’m rather disappointed tonight because it has come to my attention that the person I’d always counted on as being the one friend I’d have for life (BFF) is probably not going to be my best friend for life. Especially considering that she’s not my best friend currently.

She was in town this weekend, so I hung out with her, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend Saturday night. To be honest, I had a very blah time. They had all gone to dinner, so we didn’t start hanging out until about 11. They’d all been drinking and continued to do so, but I did not as I was planning to drive back home later. Even with the alcohol, their fun level was pretty low.

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Paper Cut Tongue - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 13 20062:17:22 PM |
Stupid envelopes. Why can't they move into the 21st century already!?
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Annoyance of the highest degree. - Mood:Bad
Tuesday September 12 20061:48:03 PM |
Ugh times infinity!

I'm so irritated with my job and boss right now, thank God I'm leaving in October.

First, my boss has made a point of asking me why I'm moving to Orlando about a billion times now. "Is this boy really worth that?" FOR THE TRILLIONTH TIME I AM NOT MOVING FOR HIM! It happens that he lives there. It also happens that I have many other friends that live there. It also happens that I enjoy the city and just want to get the hell out of Columbia finally.

Also, I've been asked to do a follow up on an issue we've been having that I already know the answer to. Why must I call them BACK and ask these questions all over again, when I ALREADY KNOW what the answer will be!? When I am f*cking TELLING YOU THE ANSWER.

I know it's confusing to you, but please just trust me that I have pursued this to the fullest and know what our next course of action ought to be. Don't make me follow it up for ANOTHER week or two just to satisfy your stubbornness.

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Cigarettes and chocolate milk - Mood:Good
Monday September 11 20063:38:34 PM |
These are just a couple of my cravings
Everything it seems I like's a little bit stronger, a little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me

^Story of my life.

I'm getting the run around from work right now. I've been lacking insurance coverage since June, when I became a full time employee. It is September. I am leaving this position in mid-October, but would really like to use the insurance while I've got it to visit my doctors here one last time before moving. And I haven't been to the doctor in a REALLY long time because I've been uninsured for a REALLY long time.

When I originally got the coverage, I sat down with my boss and a man named Dinwoodie, and we filled out information to get me on the policy (basic health history stuff).

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Inspired by ineedyou`s question.. - Mood:Good
Saturday September 09 200610:04:18 PM |
Would you want your hypothetical son/daughter to date someone like you?
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Gas Prices and the SAT - Mood:Good
Saturday September 09 200612:36:55 PM |
So I've been wondering recently what gas prices are like elsewhere in the country (and world, for that matter). They've recently taken a major drop in our area, and are now around $2.40/gallon. How much are you paying?

And, if you've taken the SAT, what did you make on it? Did you take the old version or the new one (if the new one, please give us your score in "old version" terms)? Do you think it is a good admissions test?

I never took the ACT, but if you took it, please answer the same questions for it.

Also, to make this a little more journal-ish and less inquisitive, I don't feel very good today. My stomach is all kinds of topsy-turvy and I don't like it one bit. And I have a lot of errands I plan to run today. Some of them are just invented errands so that I have something to do and can get out of the house.

It's a pretty bad sign when you start inventing errands to keep yourself busy.

Oh, and my boyfriend called me at 9 AM today to chat

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What is the world coming to??? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 07 20063:35:01 PM |
Here on youthink, we've become banning central station, due to either an increase in bannable offenses, or a crackdown in enforcement of rules. You decide. Either way, banishing madness appears to have struck.

In the real world, we have John Mayer dating Jessica Simpson. John Mayer, the same man who once wrote and sang, “She thinks I can't see the smile that she's fakin', and poses for pictures that aren't being taken. I loved you—grey sweat pants, no makeup, so perfect.” Now, I don't know about you, but I can't think of a faker-seeming celebrity than Jessica Simpson. Which leads me to conclude that John Mayer is a big fat phony. And I do mean “big fat”.


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Most. Poetic. Lyrics. Of all time. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 05 20066:35:18 PM |
I hope you didn't expect for me to tell you, because that is precisely YOUR job, you lazy bums.

Inspired by my brother's English poetry project, what do you find to be the most poetic (or even marginally poetic) song lyrics?

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Omfgyourmom - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 05 20069:29:30 AM |
I just turned in my one-month notice at work.

Bye-bye DDI. I'm going to miss it, actually. It's a pretty well-paying job for what I have to do. I hope I can find something similar in Orlando. And hopefully get some good letters of recommendation before I leave. Is there anything wrong with asking for letters from 2 or more people within a single organization, or is that against some unspoken rule?

I'm glad they took it well. Hopefully we can find someone pretty quickly and get them trained. My boss asked if there was any way I could stretch out my time here until the first of the year. Agh! I told him, unfortunately, I already had an apartment in O-town starting in the first of October and would not be able.

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Why is this funny? - Mood:Good
Monday September 04 200610:20:00 PM |
Why is it funny to make fun of otherwise unfunny subjects? Examples: rape, war, child-death, death of celebrities, etc.

Is it JUST because it's not socially acceptable? Explain your bad taste, people.

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Tell me if I`m right or wrong... - Mood:Good
Monday September 04 20062:56:40 PM |
Honestly, tell me your opinion here.

I'm moving to Orlando, and I'm rooming with these two guys who lived across the hall from me when I lived there before.

We're living in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment, meaning one person will get their own bathroom, while two people share.

Is it or is it not fair that I get the bathroom to myself as the female?

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How do you define success? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 02 200611:11:31 AM |
YT is so boring, so please, humor me with some intelligent responses.

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You`re busting my balls, youthink. - Mood:Busted
Friday September 01 20061:35:03 PM |
I just went to type in a new patient to the database. Last name "Henc*ck". And how did I type it? With the stupid damn asterisk.

Urgh. Stupid youthink! This isn't the first time this has happened. I've found myself censoring swear words in IM's and e-mails.

And you know what else is stupid? The word asterisk. It's pronounced like asterick, so why isn't it spelled that way?!

Stop with the ballbusting, please and thank you.

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I <3 Jump, Little Children - Mood:Good
Friday September 01 200611:19:12 AM |
Scene One
Curtain up.
See the couple, coffee shop
Beatniks beating out beebop
Rainy day, skies are grey
But the couple feeling gay
Boy is laughing at her joke
Girl, embarrassed, takes a smoke
She should quit, yes she knows
But she's happy as she blows
Down the cafe, through the bar
Pass the hippies and the jars
Of the bean that they drink
Everyday, every week
They should quit, coffee's bad
Makes you crazy, f*cking mad
But they say in defense:
(With a pause for suspense)
"It's the stuff of the gods
Sexy smart hot rods!
Roller coaster! Hurricanes!
Super-sonic jet planes!"
They should quit, yes they know
But where the hell would they go?
They're like me, in a bind...
Don't you see?
Love ain't blind

I could make a habit out of you
I could make a habit out of you

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You down with OPP? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 31 20069:50:53 PM |
I'm OFFICIALLY heading to O-Town mid-October. I will have an apartment into which I can move October 3!! It's a pretty nice place, too. Fireplace in the apt (like we'll ever use it), tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness room, balconies for each apt. Yay for O-town. Angriest city in the I come.
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"Lost your penis on the job? State law dictates that you deserve 35 to 104 weeks compensation by your employer. Know your rights." - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday August 30 20069:40:43 PM |
I recently decided that I'm kind of apprehensive about meeting youthinkers in real life. What if they're nothing like I expect? What if I'm not what they expect? Agh. Anyone else get this apprehension before meeting someone?

I just had a really f*cking amazing dinner at this Japanese place. Soup, salad, chicken teriyaki, california rolls, vegetable and shrimp tempura, and of course rice. Speaking of rice, does anybody know which wise man/woman once said, "Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something?"

So true.

I recently read the schedule that the state of Connecticut uses to compensate for work-related injuries.

The lost or damaged thumb on a master hand is worth 63 weeks of compensated pay. (Over a year!)

The thumb on the other hand is worth 54 wks.

A foot is worth 125 weeks, while a nose is only worth 35 weeks. The largest compensation is for a heart, at 520. A penis/vagina is worth 35-104.

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Tuesday August 29 200610:02:53 PM |
Ask me anything.

No seriously.

Nobody ever asks me good questions.

I promise I'll ask you one back!

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Note to self: Wear deoderant daily. - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday August 29 200610:01:53 AM |
Today was my new assistant's start day.

Apparently I scared her off, because as soon as I came in, she came into my office to tell me, apologetically, that she would not be able to work for us. Her classes are too demanding and yaddayaddayadda... But I know it really boils down to the fact that I forgot to wear deoderant.

Oh well, better luck next time.

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