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Female, 34 years old
Seattle, WA, Western US


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Good news everyone!!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 09 20061:29:57 PM |
I'm not pregnant!!!

Yay for me!!

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Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 08 20069:40:51 PM |
Good news everyone! I've consulted the scriptures, and it seems none of you are evil.

Yes, the Bible is the real good news.

I love Futurama. I think it's such an underrated comedy. I'm really glad they're bringing it back, but I'm a bit worried at the same time.

I've kind of enjoyed being a "futurama snob". It's almost as if we're an elite group of people. I'm concerned because I don't want a bunch of stupid morons to start liking futurama and wearing futurama-gear as the aforementioned morons did when they brought back family guy.

It's mine. Mine I tell you! (My precious...)

I really think my sanity is suffering from this cabin fever.

I've got to get out more.

Or stay in and watch futurama... ?

"Fair and balanced. We deliver. You decide."

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Hubert Cumberdale!!! You taste like SOOT and POO! - Mood:Spastic
Monday August 07 20069:53:57 PM |
Geez...why is youthink so friggin boring tonight? Is it to punish me for not going out...on a Monday!?

Thank goodness for Wife Swap and Nanny 911 to entertain me Monday nights. It's such a guilty pleasure.

I hardly got any youthinking done at work today. I got a lot done this weekend, in hopes of cutting down at work, but if youthink is going to insist on being this bleh at nights, I might have to rethink my "work while you're at work" policy.

Especially after the whole roach incident. I feel I owe the company even less than I did before.

On a scale of 1-10, how craptastic has your Monday been?

(that kind of rhymed!!! I'm a poet, and I don't even know...I mean...the thought never even crossed my mind)

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EUREKA!!! - Mood:Excited
Monday August 07 20066:16:42 PM |
(I've found it!!!)

This has been a grand discovery.

I just realized that my two most used keys are "m" and "n".

On my keyboard at work (which I've had for about four months now), the white outline of the letter for both "m" and "n" have been wiped out. Similarly, on my keyboard here at home, the two letters are completely wiped out.
This enlightening moment has been brought to you by the letters "m" and "n".

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Malarky. - Mood:Enraged
Monday August 07 20061:15:29 PM |
A roach climbed in my keyboard.

It was a baby roach, and disgusting, and I asked one of the guys around here to get it out. So he shook it a lot and it didn't come out, and then took it apart and I was told, "there's no way it was ever in there. It's not possible it could have fit." Well, I watched it crawl in between the keys and not come out, so no it's not impossible. It may have crawled out when I left the office to find you to fix it for me. But don't call me a liar. If I'm going to make up poo, I'll make up something better than "a roach crawled into my keyboard".

Then he gave it back and was like, well, there were crumbs in it, so you should just eat in the kitchen. Well, that's all well and good except the kitchen smells like a dumpster.

Ugh to the max. I was in such a good mood about my work experience before this (I've been kinda ehnh about it for a while). But now I'm back to pure hatred for my job.

Happy Monday.

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Something smells funny. It starts with a "d" and ends with an "eleterwhore"... - Mood:Good
Monday August 07 200612:23:46 PM |
(cue dramatic music)
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Alice Cooper and Fraggle Rock - Mood:Good
Sunday August 06 20062:24:04 PM |
Two things:

1. "The game". (booya, in your collective face)
2. Has anybody seen the episode of Fraggle Rock where Alice Cooper guest-stars? Does anybody know where I can find this? If you can send me a download of the entire episode, I will buy you a key. It's one of the best things ever and my life is incomplete until a copy is in my hands.

P.S. This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were erased.

P.P.S. If you know who said the above quote, pat yourself on the back. I can't buy you a key, but take this gold star...

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Feed your head. - Mood:Happy
Sunday August 06 200612:07:31 AM |
Yay for the weekend! Mine's been great so far. I've caught up on lots of needed sleep, gotten in plenty of youthink (so hopefully I can do less of it at work this week ), and went to see Talladega Nights tonight. Believe me, it truly is a ballad of one man's life.

I'd planned on going to the beach today, and couldn't due to a storm front coming through, but it worked out for the best, since there was the much needed aforementioned sleep.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a new concept in bar evolution, Trivioke. A combination of trivia and karaoke. I expect it will be pretty awesome, and I've called in my expert-trivia-buddy to be on our team. Any suggestions for quality trivioke team names?

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Shower Routines - Mood:Good
Saturday August 05 20066:03:08 PM |
What's yours?

I shampoo my hair, put conditioner in, wash my face and let the conditioner soak in, rinse the conditioner out, wash my body (top to bottom), shave my legs (left then right), then my arms (left then right), then exfoliate.

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I don`t know what it is about dead c*ckroaches that always puts me in a bad mood... - Mood:Bad
Friday August 04 200611:29:33 AM |
Why, oh WHY must there always be a line of c*ckroach carcasses on the floor of my office? I counted at least 5 coming in. And that was in a 30-foot walk. There have got to be at least 15 altogether. Minimum.

And why can't anybody clean them up?

I am the only girl at the office.

I'm generally pretty good about not being prissy when it comes to taking out trash and bugs, but c*ckroaches are a different story. I once tried to sweep them up, and then started sweeping one and it began to move.

Gro- to the -dy.

It's so hard to maintain a positive attitude here when I'm looking at dead roach bodies all the time (they won't get swept until there are another 20 on the floor). Plus we don't have any windows, making for an even gloomier work experience.

Thank God it is Friday and thank God for YouThink.
How will I keep my sanity when we don't have internet access at work anymore?

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The Awful Waffle. - Mood:Cautious
Friday August 04 20069:20:21 AM |
I may have just gotten ripped off.

Tell me, youthink, how much is reasonable to pay for a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast wrap with a side of grits?

If you are familiar with La Casa de Waffle, how much would you think you would pay there for such a feast?

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Hot Haikus - Mood:Horny
Thursday August 03 20062:36:33 PM |
Entertain me, por favor!

Write haikus about sex, drugs, and any other corrupt subject you feel inclined to write about.


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Last night I met a rockstar................ - Mood:Good
Thursday August 03 20069:18:39 AM |
Last night I went to a bar in the suburbs for some karaoke action. It was fun, as usual, especially since I got serenaded by a 70 year old. But most importantly, I met a guy who claimed to be Bill Ingle of Iron Butterfly.

He was really trashed and everything he said was slurred, but we talked for a while, and he told me all about his life and how he blamed Keith Richards for his decision to live in Columbia, SC. He said that Keith once told him it was a nice place with friendly people, so he decided to move here.

Chances are he probably made it all up in a drunken haze, but then again maybe not. I'm going to go with "not", for the purposes of making my life seem more interesting.

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Exercise Shmexercise - Mood:Spent
Wednesday August 02 20064:18:26 PM |
I'm completely and utterly out of shape. I'm working on fixing this issue, but my muscles are sore as hell.

Any suggestions on foods/vitamins that might keep me from hurting so much until I am in shape again?

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Fly me to the moon... - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 02 20062:24:40 PM |
I can't believe it's only Wednesday. This week is DRAGGING on and on and on. I honestly feel like it should be the weekend already.

Life is the same as always. Work sucks bigtime. I think it sucks MOST because there is nobody else here who does what I do, so there's nobody to complain about the suckiness with. I try complaining to my family and friends, but they just don't understand.

I'm pretty excited about my night's plans. If I don't go to karaoke (which has become a weekly excursion these days), I am going to develop my life's soundtrack. It's going to be super-fab (don't even act like it won't).

I'm also excited about my weekend plans. I've decided to take my brother on a surprise trip to the beach on Saturday, since school is about to start back and that sucks bigtime (for him). Well, it may not be a surprise now, if he's reading this, but I doubt that. He hardly ever comes into journals.

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Where are you sore? - Mood:Good
Monday July 31 20061:05:02 PM |
Anything troubling you?

In particular, my thighs hurt like a bitch. (And you know how bad a bitch hurts.) My neck is also pretty sore.

I feel like I live a lot of my life being mildly uncomfortable, and I don't like it one bit.

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Boiled Peanuts are the best things ever... - Mood:Good
Monday July 31 200611:06:55 AM |
I really, really, really boiled peanuts. Especially when you get one full of salty juicy goodness. Mmm!

I went to Jacksonville this weekend to see my boyfriend. We had a good time, but we were both so exhausted from the drive and working all week, that we weren't up to enjoying each other to our maximum potential. We went to eat at Applebee's a lot, because it was close to the hotel, and had a very strange experience there.

A waitress came by and asked if we'd been helped yet, so we said no and she took our order. Then, about four minutes later, the same girl came up and said the whole spiel again. "Have yall been helped yet?" Um...yes, by you. Duh. But I just said, "Um, yes...we're just waiting on our drinks". It turned out this girl had a twin who worked there too, and they frequented the same tables and worked the same area. Talk about confusing!!! Especially since we had smoked a bowl prior to our arrival. Deja vu to the max.

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Happy Birthday!!! - Mood:Happy
Monday July 31 20069:25:15 AM |
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!
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I`m ferklempt. - Mood:Good
Friday July 28 20063:20:42 PM |
The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.


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Internet Blues - Mood:Good
Thursday July 27 20069:26:13 PM |
After spending 40 minutes on hold with the cable company, my internet is back up. For the time being, anyhow.

Apparently my modem is in critical condition, and cannot be swapped at the office, so a technician is scheduled to come here Tuesday to replace it. In the meantime, my internet is going to be iffy at best.

It's a good thing I'm going out of town this weekend, or this would make me VERY grumpy.

In other news, holding for the cable company made me miss Space Mountain. At the beginning of the call a recording came on to say that the wait time was "up to 5 minutes". After waiting far beyond those 5 minutes, I wondered if a lot of people informed the customer service rep, "Your wait time's wrong." Because people used to tell me that at Space Mtn. all the time. Most of the time I didn't care, and there was nothing I could do about it anyway.

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What`s hungrier than the wolf? Because whatever it is...that`s what I`m hungry like. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 26 20066:35:39 PM |
Of all my relationships in life, my relationship with food is the most tenuous.

I love food, and food loves me, but we are so weird together. I get tired of eating the same food over and over. For this reason, I tend to dislike pastas, because I get bored 1/3 of the way into it.

I also cannot eat the ends of fries or doritos. The piece I've been holding between my fingers. Just can't do it.

If I try watching tv while I eat and there's action going on, my stomach shuts down and decides to deprive me from the pleasure of food.

Or, if I go too long without eating, my immense hunger turns into nausea and I can't eat for another few hours.

I really wish food and I could work it out. We're really a good match. Honest.

On a different note, I'm going to Jacksonville this weekend to see my boyfriend and I want to do something cute/sexy/sweet/awesome. It can be as simple as lingerie and booze, but I'd like suggestions if you've got any.

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MySpace...How I loathe thee... - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 25 20069:45:05 AM |
I need to start being more selective about who I befriend on myspace. Because I'll befriend somebody, only to find that they post really annoying, stupid bulletins on a daily basis.

Exhibit A:

Repost this in 5 min under "MY NEW WIFEY/HUBBIE" If you Truly Love GOD.

98% of teens won't stand up for God.

{P.S. dont ignore.}

+-You never know when God is testing

What. The. F*ck.

Seriously. I don't advertise my belief system on a daily basis, and I don't really see why it's necessary for others to do so. "Are you in the Christian club?! If so, repost this! If not, have fun in hell!"

And what makes people think that posting a bulletin on myspace is "standing up for God"? If you're going to truly stand up for God, how about doing so by showing compassion to those without food.

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Travelocity, I am REAL MANGRY right now!!!! - Mood:Enraged
Monday July 24 20064:21:17 PM |
So I'm going to Jacksonville this weekend to spend the weekend with my man. His computer is down so he left it to me to make the reservation, on his card, having given me all his CC information.

So I did so last night, and completely f-ed up the dates. So I'm on the phone now to fix it, and apparently they've already charged the card and cannot refund it immediately, it takes 30 business days. What kind of crazy bullsh*t is that?

And now I'm on hold for a supervisor to inquire what kind of crazy bullsh*t this is, and I've been on hold for ten minutes.

In summation, travelocity and their stupid gnome suck at life.

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Grocery Bitch... - Mood:Overwhelmed
Sunday July 23 20064:01:16 PM |
I hate living at home!!

It is literally impossible for me to leave my house to run errands for myself without being asked to do something for someone else.

"Ashley, on your way home from work, I need you to stop and get hamburger buns and charcoal."

"Ashley, while you're out getting your hair cut, could you pick up some extra fish for tonight?" "Oh, and we need some liquid dish detergent." "And we need cigarettes" "And we need milk."

F*cking-A. I am not a grocery bitch. I guess it's payback for all the times in high school when I didn't have a car/license and couldn't be sent on stupid errands.

In summation, UGH!!!

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The best things in life really ARE free... - Mood:Good
Saturday July 22 200610:46:34 PM |
Once upon a time, I went on a roadtrip to San Francisco, CA. It took four or five…or maybe six days to get there. Actually, timing is relatively unimportant to my story. And by “relatively unimportant”, I mean it has absolutely no bearing on what I’m going to say at all.

At any rate, we arrived in San Francisco with smiles on our faces and hats on our heads (mine was an alligator hat, and his was Jelly Belly and paper). We spent our first day wandering around and getting lost in the city. At one point, we happened upon a park in the middle of downtown.

Being naturally adventurous, we opted to explore the park, and went on our merry way. We had to climb many steps in our exploration, as the region was highly mountainous, and there was often nowhere to go but up.

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