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Female, 32 years old
Seattle, WA, Western US

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Let`s play isketch! - Mood:Hopeful
Saturday October 07 200611:56:22 PM |
Anyone? I've been craving it for a while.

I'm trying to make this a journal, but there's nothing to report on my life. My boyfriend appears to be going crazy from lack of sleep and refuses to listen to my good advice.

I spent today doing nothing, and I'm pretty happy with that decision.

Now...come play with me!!

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I think it`s time we stop, hey, what`s that sound? - Mood:Spent
Friday October 06 20069:43:35 PM |
I really wish we had a mood write-in box. I'm far too lazy to go through the trouble of putting in my own.

For the record, my mood is moody.

It's music downloading time and I need to axe, what should I download?

I also wanted to axe, what is your cell phone's ring tone?

Mine's been the intro to Funkytown for a long time, but I'm changing it to the Haunted Mansion song (Grim Grinning Ghosts) as of this moment. It's seasonal now.

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This legal system can kiss my ass. - Mood:Confused
Friday October 06 20064:40:28 PM |
My mind is going everywhere at once right now.

Nearly two years ago, there was an incident involving me pursuing legal action against a foreigner here on a student visa.

I just found out that the person in question has since skipped the country, after failing to submit his passport.

He has apparently tried to get back into the country since then, but lost his student visa due to poor grades.

Which means that he may escape prosecution altogether.

And now, the memories of everything that happened are at the forefront of my mind again.

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Confederate Flag--Heritage/Hate/Hype? - Mood:Bored
Friday October 06 20069:53:38 AM |
Driving past the State House yesterday and gazing upon the Confederate flag that flies directly facing Main Street, I wondered what others thought of this.

The Confederate flag was originally flown atop the State House, but was moved to the State House grounds as a compromise with those who wanted it removed entirely.

Personally, I think if you're going for heritage, a museum or a nice case in the State House is the place to put it.

Tell me your thoughts if you have them.

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Holy Pajama Pants, Batman!!! - Mood:Amazed
Thursday October 05 20069:10:56 PM |
I have recently discovered two things about YouThink I had never before known/tried.

The first is the "Jump to" feature in the righthand corner. I'd seen it, but never realized how many useful places you can jump to, as I'd never opened it up. Recently I accidentally clicked on it and voila. Wherever you want to go, baby, he'll take you there.

Secondly, I just learned that if you click an avy to look at it, then click it a second time it will disappear.

This valuable knowledge is going to improve my YouThinking threefold.

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Annoyed Already!! - Mood:Confused
Thursday October 05 200610:50:59 AM |
And it's not even 11:00!

One of my coworkers just came in and sat down while I was having a conversation with my mom about the snake we have living in our yard.

She's pretty freaked out about it, and angry that nobody has offered help, so I'm trying to calm her fears about the snake (which is not poisonous).

The coworker sits for a minute, then gets tired of waiting, gets up and mutters something along the lines of "Screw this..."

Then I get off the phone with my mom and ask what he needed. "What can I do for you?" And he's pissy and says, nothing, I'll take care of it myself.

What the f*ck? You can't expect someone to end a conversation to talk to you when you walk in during the middle of it. I can understand being mad if I picked up a personal call in the middle of a conversation with him, but I was on the phone when he came in.

Ugh times about a thousand.

And this is one of the coworkers I usually like!!!

Six day countdown

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I`ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts! - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 04 20063:52:06 PM |
And by coconuts, I mean posts. And by “lovely bunch of,” I mean 10,000.

I feel so oddly accomplished.

I dedicate this first and foremost to Mitchzilla, without whom I never would have found the site...

-And subsequently to Twindsor...without whom I may have never posted in journals...
-to Skeener...without whom I would have never spoken to a Yter by phone...
-to Philo...for recently restoring my faith in YT at a time when I was burned out
-and to all of you I enjoy but do not talk to (you probably don't know who you are, but if I listed everybody it would be way too long, a little pointless, and I'd invariably leave someone out)

So to keep this from being a spammy “Look how many posts I your face n00bs!” kind of journal, a few things on my life:


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Morning ramble (YT dream included) - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 03 20069:23:53 AM |
I had my first YT dream last night. All I can remember, is that Raphael and I went to Medieval Times and cheered on the green knight.

I really, really, REALLY wish I could hang on to my dreams for longer than I can. If I could add one skill to my current skill-set, that would be it.

I could put it on my resume.

"Well, I'm organized, great with customer service, and I can remember my dreams."

I didn't get much sleep last night because I stayed up late talking to my boyfriend. I love that most nights we talk he kind of drifts off to sleep at the end of the conversation and I get to listen to his incoherent rambling..."Exit to your left please..."

He had a couple over last night who he knows from work. Apparently the girl asked to try on his sister's and mom's formal dresses (hanging in the computer room's closet).

I think this is crazy. I would never ask to try on someone random's dresses.

She also asked if she could use his mom

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Subpar Sunday - Mood: terrible, horrible, no good,
Sunday October 01 20067:37:24 PM |
Today hasn’t been a very good one.

It started with me waking up to immense back pain from lifting heavy boxes yesterday. And waking up at 9:41 AM, which is earlier than I’d like to wake up on a Sunday morning with no obligations. But alas, there was too much noise to sleep.

On top of that, I had arts and crafts hour today, and got all sorts of paint under my fingernails. Now they need some serious brushing.

When I fixed myself lunch, it was kind of tasteless and ehnh.

I inventoried my kitchen supplies for moving, and found that one platter, two plates, and two glasses have not survived being jostled around in the toolshed and are broken.

Oh, and Hot Fire, one of my two pipes, has been broken as well.

And my immense back pain has continued literally all day.

The arts and crafts turned out well, though. I made some marble paintings and a Space Mountain shrinkydink (and some other way less cool shrinkydinks).

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Caption and color the picture - Mood:Good
Thursday September 28 200610:38:19 PM |

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Indulge me, por favor. - Mood:Ashamed
Thursday September 28 200610:28:12 AM |
I can't believe I'm posting one of these...BUT...journals is kind of substance-empty at the moment anyway.

So let's play the popularity game. Tell me your thoughts on who...

Has the best thread titles?
Has the best screenname?
Has the best profiles?
Has the best avatars?
Is the smartest Yter?
Is the funniest Yter?
Is the most sexalicious Yter of each gender?
You would MOST like to meet?

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Have you, or someone you know, been victimized by the penis fairy? Speak out here. - Mood:Bored
Wednesday September 27 200610:49:18 AM |



Three seemingly innocent things, that when combined, can become frightening, and in some cases...permanent.

Have you, or someone you know, been victimized by the penis fairy?

Exhibit A:

Have you ever BEEN the penis fairy yourself?

I hope you used non-permanent markers.

In college, I often penised up my friends when they passed out drunk. One notable time was the night prior to going out to a nice lunch with my best friend's parents. She got a nice red penis on her face, which bled onto her pillow AND was impossible to entirely remove.


Since then I have refrained from penising faces.

Maturity has set in.

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It`s not paranoia if they really are out to get you. - Mood:Suspicious
Tuesday September 26 20068:50:58 PM |
Tell me what conspiracy theories you believe.

Go crazy.



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Most Glorious Thing to Happen Today... - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 26 20067:13:42 PM |
For me, it would be filling up my tank for $19. Gas has dropped to $2.04!!! How f*cking amazing is that?

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

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Do you care about being rich? - Mood:Inquisitive
Monday September 25 20069:41:55 AM | you...punk?
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The Attack of the Lovebugs AND Gonad-Sucking Exes - Mood:Good
Saturday September 23 20064:04:49 PM |
A few things.

Thing 1: Drove to Orlando Wednesday. Pretty uneventful drive, with the exception of the ATTACK OF THE KILLER LOVE-BUGS!!!! I stopped to get gas somewhere along the way, only to be swarmed by these vicious sex-crazed flies. Those who are unfamiliar with lovebugs, I present to you, exhibit A:

Sure, it looks all sweet and romantic and sexy until you realize that they fly around like this, and have no qualms doing their dirty deeds all up on your thighs, arms, hair, and anywhere else they care to land. Grossness. I could barely pump gas. I'm sure it was quite a scene to flailing to get the bugs off of me, while trying to pump at the same time.


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Best REAL Line of All Time - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 20 20067:44:54 AM |
"Baby...let's have a quickie before the movie."

"No, we'll be late"

"Come on..."

"No, we won't have time to get seated and get drinks."

"But...I already took my shoes off!!!"

This one worked on me. What's the best line ever to have worked on you?

Also, I am peacing out today to go see my boyfriend in O-Town. Yay for getting some. In your collective face.

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I hate this place!!! I`m so glad today is "Friday". - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 19 20062:11:25 PM |
WHY do insurance companies make it so F*CKING difficult to speak to a human being?!

I have to enter in a ridiculous amount of information into the "voice-activated response unit" before I can even TRANSFER to a human being, who is just going to ask me the same f*cking information ALL OVER again.


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YT panties AND Talk-like-a-pirate-day - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 19 20069:43:00 AM |
Didn't they used to sell YT thongs in the store? Or did I just make that up?

If not, I say we should start!

Oh yeah...Arrr!

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What`s in a name? A Roshanda by any other name... - Mood:Good
Monday September 18 200611:29:36 AM |
So I'm reading Freakonomics...which is a fantastic book. One of the chapters is dedicated to the significance of a child's name.

Part of the analysis looks at the link between parents' level of education and the names they give their children.

Most common white girl names among high education parents:
1. Katherine
2. Emma
3. Alexandra
4. Julia
5. Rachel

Most common white girl names among low education parents:
1. Kayla
2. Amber
3. Heather
4. Brittany
5. Brianna

Most common white boy names among high-education parents:
1. Benjamin
2. Samuel
3. Alexander
4. John
5. William

Most common white boy names among low-education parents:
1. Cody
2. Travis
3. Brandon
4. Justin
5. Tyler

"Whitest" girl names:
1. Molly
2. Amy
3. Claire
4. Emily
5. Katie
6. Madeline
7. Katelyn
8. Emma
9. Abigail
10. Carly

"Blackest" girl names:
1. Imani
2. Ebony
3. Shanice
4. Aaliyah
5. Precious
6. Nia
7. Deja
8. Diamond
9. Asia

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First bikini wanted. - Mood:Good
Sunday September 17 20062:25:49 PM |
So, I'd like to get a professional bikini wax (I've done them myself before), but I don't know where to go.

I usually get my hair cut at the Hair Cuttery or some similar establishment, so I don't have a salon I can turn to.

Where should I go?

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Somebody teach me how to kick ass. - Mood:Feisty
Sunday September 17 200612:22:38 AM |
I got hit on twice today (once in real life and once by phone). The phone one was rather odd and in the form of a voicemail. Quite possibly the weirdest voicemail ever. I couldn't make it all out, because it was very low-volume mumbling, but what I DID make out was "Your boss gave me your number", "I'm light-skinned with dark eyes", "My girlfriend just broke up with me", "I'm looking for a lady friend", and "My car is nicely detailed". What's even stranger is that I had no missed calls. Just the random voicemail.

So then I went to the mall today, to this toy store that specializes in harder-to-find toys. I was looking for a building set, something like legos, but the closest they came was a coin-building set. Which of course requires that you have spare coins to use, which I don't.

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Who else pays attention to this? - Mood:Good
Friday September 15 200610:01:18 PM |
You know you do. And if you don't, it's time to start.

Do you ever privately note which threads (and by association members, but the question is specifically about the threads) get more attention from the opposite sex? I don't mean threads titled "Vaginas inside!" or something, but it just seems like certain people always have the girls or fellas flocking to their threads. (ColtonKane, for instance. He's quite popular with the ladies...)

Do you pay attention to the gender breakdown of your own journal's posters?

In other news, the word "orange" has been on my mind a lot today. First, because I don't think any word rhymes with orange, and secondly, because I wondered, which came first, the fruit or the color? Which was named for which? Is there a synonym for either?

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I`m going up to my room, and eating a WHOLE BOWL of peanuts!!! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 14 20064:14:59 PM |
Things to be Mangry About This Afternoon:

1. Patients who get agitated when I give them a reminder call about an appointment. Is this not a standard procedure among medical offices? Don't your doctors offices GENERALLY give you a reminder call or card in advance of a scheduled appointment. It's especially angering when it's not the patient I speak to, but rather the spouse.
"I'm sure he has that on his calendar". Well I should damn well hope so, but if you wouldn't mind mentioning it over dinner, I'd appreciate it.

2. Being ignored. Everytime I post a thread, it seems the substantial portion gets ignored, and people comment on the "fluff". I really, really, really wish people would comment on the substance sometimes. (Generally this only happens when I post a serious journal). Furthermore, I get mangry when I make witty comments that get completely ignored.

3. It is Thursday, the biggest tease of the week.

What are you mangry about?

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Is there anything fluffier than a cloud? - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 13 20069:41:32 PM |
If there is, I don't want to know about it!

My tongue is still in pain from the papercut it received earlier. =

So, I’m rather disappointed tonight because it has come to my attention that the person I’d always counted on as being the one friend I’d have for life (BFF) is probably not going to be my best friend for life. Especially considering that she’s not my best friend currently.

She was in town this weekend, so I hung out with her, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend Saturday night. To be honest, I had a very blah time. They had all gone to dinner, so we didn’t start hanging out until about 11. They’d all been drinking and continued to do so, but I did not as I was planning to drive back home later. Even with the alcohol, their fun level was pretty low.

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