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Female, 34 years old
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On a scale of 1-10, I`m REAL mad right now. - Mood:Shocked
Tuesday December 12 20067:37:05 PM |
My best friend got engaged November 23rd.

And I just found out about it via facebook.

Also, my throat is trying to rip a hole in itself.

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Pirates (-ish) - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 12 200612:13:27 AM |
I got a new favorite song yesterday.

A song I'd heard before, I'm sure, but yesterday it became my favorite. It was a day of discovery.

The song is Hem of your Garment by Cake. It makes me want to sing and dance.

Something that doesn't make me want to sing and dance is the cereal I'm eating. It's the bottom of the box of Raisin Nut Bran and it's heavy on the nuts and bran but completely devoid of raisins! What's Raisin Nut Bran without the raisins?

I really love this song.

Oh, and I put it on a CD entitled "Scurvy--It's not just for pirates anymore", inspired by the fact that every song on it was from a CD I owned. No pirated music whatsoever.

And while I'm on the topic of pirates, I might as well tell you of the Secret Santa gift I got for work. A fresh bar of designer soap with a pirate flag design and a sea sponge.

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The drama of Baby Bop and a few other things. - Mood:Happy
Thursday December 07 20061:22:39 PM |
1-I've missed you, youthink. It's time for us to get reacquainted.

2-Yesterday there was some drama at the Kidzone. BJ and Baby Bop (Barney's friends) came to Woody's nutcoaster to ride, but were turned away by the controls operated who made a PA announcement that "Dinosaurs are not able to ride Woody's nuthouse coaster". All the other employees were up in arms about it. One such employee said to me, very passionately, "Now, Baby Bop and BJ will NEVER come back to ride again." Grow up. So what if these jackasses don't come ride our ride in costume. Why should I care? Obviously they're a little too sensitive if they're going to get that angry about not being able to ride anyway. The girl who turned them away has only worked here two weeks. She was afraid of getting in trouble, since you get in trouble for so much sh*t around here. But work thrives on drama. Without it, everyone would have nothing to do but actually work.

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Magic Making to the Max - Mood:Sexy
Saturday December 02 200610:28:52 PM |
"I'm bringing sexy back," said the hideously unattractive cast member as she passed me in the bypass corridor.

"Doubtful," I thought, as I moved to my destination.

I got to work this morning at 10:05 for a 10:45 shift. I needed to be early, however, as I had to change into costume and let some friends into the park at 10:30.

When I came in, my ride was down due to technical difficulties of a moderate-severe nature. I had high hopes that we would be down for at least the better part of the morning. Alas, these dreams were shot down when I returned to find the ride in perfect working order.

I clocked in for my shift, and to my dismay I was no longer scheduled for a shift at the ride, but instead to work crowd control at a Christmas show where the characters sing and dance, Mickey's Twas the Night Before Christmas.

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Does Thanksgiving turn sane people into insane ones? - Mood:Spent
Friday November 24 20062:14:51 AM |
Work today was the worst I've had since starting back at Disney.

There's something about the holidays that turn guests into madmen (and women and children, as the cases may be).

It's funny, you have so many people complaining on holidays about this or that, and you wonder, "Why are you yelling at me? You're the one who came to a theme park on a holiday!"

The highlights of the night were being cussed at by an old man under his breath as he walked away, watching a young man throw up relentlessly and smelling it, and being yelled at by the first dozen or so guests in line about how unfair it was that the fastpass line got to move and they didn't.

Fastpass guests were none too happy either, though, as their line was backed up to a 45 min. wait.

It was pure chaos really

I had so many people wanting supervisors. It was extraordinary.

Was your Thanksgiving full of chaos too?

Even the cooking part of Thanksgiving was rather chaotic

I think it's j

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Two fingers? One? Open palm? - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 21 20069:02:11 PM |
I just finished the first two days of orientation for Universal. I'm surprised by how much like Disney they are.

For instance, Disney requires a two-fingered or open palmed point, rather than a single-fingered one, preferring a two-fingered. Universal requires the same, favoring the open palm method (probably because the 2-fingers were already taken by Disney).

Universal also has almost the same looks standards as Disney. I thought that Universal would be the kind of company to be cool with pink hair, but apparently no. They're not even cool with my teeny "hoop" earrings (which aren't actually hoops at all, but merely earrings that are hoopesque).

Universal did a much better job of making their orientation entertaining than Disney, but their costuming system sucks major ass. You can't check costumes out and bring them home. You have to change in and out of it every day at work. What a hassle!

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Falling down the rabbit hole, backwards - Mood:Good
Monday November 13 20063:52:04 PM |
I was at the Food and Wine festival at EPCOT a couple of days ago, waiting in line for food in Australia, when BAM! suddenly I hit the ground. It was a very odd experience. Everything kind of faded away and I felt like I was falling backwards for a pretty endless amount of time, until I opened my eyes and reoriented myself, realizing there were people standing over me and I was lying on the ground. Apparently I passed out. I hadn't hit my head, luckily. My elbow broke my fall.

I tried to stand up and passed out again, this time being caught by a lovely old lady. I ended up sitting off to the side for a while. The paramedics came and took my blood sugar, which was dangerously low (below 40, they wouldn't tell me what number exactly) and blood pressure. They made me eat a tube of lemon-flavored glucose to bring me back to normal.

I ended up getting carted around in a wheelchair for the next hour, eating at pretty much every country I could.

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All it takes is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! - Mood:Smug
Tuesday October 31 20061:21:47 PM |
I'm so proud of myself. I just assembled my desk all by myself, although the directions said it required 2 people.

I have so much to do today including (but not limited to) washing my car, buying new work shoes, unpacking as much sh*t as I can, cleaning my apartment, cleaning my boyfriend's house (sorta), and laundry.

Oh, and carving a pumpkin of course.

Yesterday was my first day back at Space Mtn. Everyone was surprised to see me back and EVERYBODY asked how my ex-boyfriend was (we were a known Space Mtn. couple). But alas, I have since moved on to another Space Mountaineer. I'm such a Space ho.

I was nervous yesterday about working because I was afraid I'd break the ride down or be in controls during a breakdown. Thankfully neither happened. I'm going to freak out a lot the first time we break down and I'm in controls, even though I'm sure everything will come rushing back to my memory when it inevitably occurs.

Anyway I've missed youthink. Anything

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And so it begins... - Mood:Bored
Thursday October 26 20065:37:43 PM |
I just finished with Traditions, the 8 hour class that all Disney cast members must take to become acquainted with Disney's heritage, standards, and values.

I love the false enthusiasm cast members have 24/7, even for each other.

I am happy to say I am officially immune to the powerful brainwashing techniques of the company. Last time I worked for them I was not so immune.

So far I'm really enjoying Orlando. The people are all so friendly and there's no weird racial tension like in SC. I don't know if I've suddenly become more at ease with approaching others or if I've become more approachable, but I've had a good deal of pleasant conversation with strangers lately (usually I hate small talk).

The class today made me wonder--is Disney racist?

There's never been a black princess.

What do you think?

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Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of oranges. - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 18 200610:22:30 PM |
Today is my 6 month anniversary with youthink. Which means, I've officially been with youthink longer than my boyfriend.

Hahaha. In your face, James. Youthink was my lover first.

Also, I leave tomorrow morning for Orlando. It's so exciting and yet scary moving somewhere new(ish). I mean, granted I've lived there before, but this time is semi-permanent! And I have to be mature and grown up. I hope I can handle it. Or at least make believe that I can.

My car is CRAZY full. I hope I can see between the boxes enough to drive on the interstate tomorrow.

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Disney Survey - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 18 200612:19:59 PM |
Who's your favorite Disney character and why?

What's your favorite Disney ride/park?

Do you have any bad Disney memories?

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Riding the spinner, drunken karaoke, breakdancing ninjas, and MORE. - Mood:Hysterical
Saturday October 14 200611:40:19 PM |
Well, I’ve just gotten back from meeting my first YTers. I’m really pleased with the experience.

I was told that pictures had already been posted from the event, but searching for them I didn’t find any. I’m a little concerned about them because I’m not sure I remember taking them all.

I was relieved to find out that other YTers are just ordinary people. I don’t know if anyone else gets this experience, but I find that when I talk to people on the internet, I automatically assume the worst about them (that being that they are just creepy stalkers who live behind computers avoiding reality). Perhaps this is an irrational thought pattern, but Dateline has me scared of the computer. But you’ll be relieved to know that they turned out to be just normal people like me who happen to be addicted to this ridiculous website. I mean, they may be creepy stalkers TOO, but at least they’re as fun to hang out with in person as

There are 7 comments on this journal entry. View/Add Comments`s cold in here. (there must be some torros in the atmosphere?) - Mood:Depressed
Friday October 13 200611:10:15 AM |
^I'm not really depressed. But it was the coldest mood, and that's the mood I'm in. "Cold." And also lazy. Too lazy to adapt the mood.

So it's 60 degrees out and our air conditioning is on full blast at 65!!! This is ridiculous. I'm getting tired of these motherf*cking thermostats in this motherf*cking house.

The reasoning behind the big freeze is "We're packing up and doing a lot around the house so we need to cool off." Well if that's the case, go outside! It's nice and cool out there. And leave the house COMFORTABLE.

Can't wait to go to Greenville and meet some YTers and ninjas.

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Vote for which Halloween costume I should order!!! - Mood:Happy
Monday October 09 200611:38:26 AM |
So my replacement (for when I leave this job in four days' time) is not going to be taking the job after all. Which means they have no replacement for me.

I doubt they can hire someone and give me time to train them in the next three days and nobody has told me what the contingency plan is yet. Assuming there is one.

For some reason this makes me laugh. I feel like they haven't done enough to find someone and have sat and dragged their feet. I gave them OVER a month's notice.

Anyway, not something I will lose sleep over!

So I need your help picking a costume. If you have seen one better than the one pictured (for less than about $45), let me know!

Option A: Minnie Mouse

Option B: Pirate Wench

Option C: Pirate Wench 2

Option D: ???

Please send help.

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Riddle me this one. - Mood:Disgusted
Sunday October 08 20061:23:45 PM |
I've noticed a LOT of criticism of others over their looks lately (via YT, that is).

I want to know why.

Is it motivated by an existing dislike of a person's personality, and seen as another way to get under their skin?

Does it make you feel better by comparison knowing that there is someone who is that much less attractive than you? And you feel it necessary to point this newfound power out?

Or are people just mean?

Would you be insulting these people to their faces, about the way genetic assignment they ended up with?

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Let`s play isketch! - Mood:Hopeful
Saturday October 07 200611:56:22 PM |
Anyone? I've been craving it for a while.

I'm trying to make this a journal, but there's nothing to report on my life. My boyfriend appears to be going crazy from lack of sleep and refuses to listen to my good advice.

I spent today doing nothing, and I'm pretty happy with that decision.

Now...come play with me!!

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I think it`s time we stop, hey, what`s that sound? - Mood:Spent
Friday October 06 20069:43:35 PM |
I really wish we had a mood write-in box. I'm far too lazy to go through the trouble of putting in my own.

For the record, my mood is moody.

It's music downloading time and I need to axe, what should I download?

I also wanted to axe, what is your cell phone's ring tone?

Mine's been the intro to Funkytown for a long time, but I'm changing it to the Haunted Mansion song (Grim Grinning Ghosts) as of this moment. It's seasonal now.

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This legal system can kiss my ass. - Mood:Confused
Friday October 06 20064:40:28 PM |
My mind is going everywhere at once right now.

Nearly two years ago, there was an incident involving me pursuing legal action against a foreigner here on a student visa.

I just found out that the person in question has since skipped the country, after failing to submit his passport.

He has apparently tried to get back into the country since then, but lost his student visa due to poor grades.

Which means that he may escape prosecution altogether.

And now, the memories of everything that happened are at the forefront of my mind again.

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Confederate Flag--Heritage/Hate/Hype? - Mood:Bored
Friday October 06 20069:53:38 AM |
Driving past the State House yesterday and gazing upon the Confederate flag that flies directly facing Main Street, I wondered what others thought of this.

The Confederate flag was originally flown atop the State House, but was moved to the State House grounds as a compromise with those who wanted it removed entirely.

Personally, I think if you're going for heritage, a museum or a nice case in the State House is the place to put it.

Tell me your thoughts if you have them.

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Holy Pajama Pants, Batman!!! - Mood:Amazed
Thursday October 05 20069:10:56 PM |
I have recently discovered two things about YouThink I had never before known/tried.

The first is the "Jump to" feature in the righthand corner. I'd seen it, but never realized how many useful places you can jump to, as I'd never opened it up. Recently I accidentally clicked on it and voila. Wherever you want to go, baby, he'll take you there.

Secondly, I just learned that if you click an avy to look at it, then click it a second time it will disappear.

This valuable knowledge is going to improve my YouThinking threefold.

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Annoyed Already!! - Mood:Confused
Thursday October 05 200610:50:59 AM |
And it's not even 11:00!

One of my coworkers just came in and sat down while I was having a conversation with my mom about the snake we have living in our yard.

She's pretty freaked out about it, and angry that nobody has offered help, so I'm trying to calm her fears about the snake (which is not poisonous).

The coworker sits for a minute, then gets tired of waiting, gets up and mutters something along the lines of "Screw this..."

Then I get off the phone with my mom and ask what he needed. "What can I do for you?" And he's pissy and says, nothing, I'll take care of it myself.

What the f*ck? You can't expect someone to end a conversation to talk to you when you walk in during the middle of it. I can understand being mad if I picked up a personal call in the middle of a conversation with him, but I was on the phone when he came in.

Ugh times about a thousand.

And this is one of the coworkers I usually like!!!

Six day countdown

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I`ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts! - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 04 20063:52:06 PM |
And by coconuts, I mean posts. And by “lovely bunch of,” I mean 10,000.

I feel so oddly accomplished.

I dedicate this first and foremost to Mitchzilla, without whom I never would have found the site...

-And subsequently to Twindsor...without whom I may have never posted in journals...
-to Skeener...without whom I would have never spoken to a Yter by phone...
-to Philo...for recently restoring my faith in YT at a time when I was burned out
-and to all of you I enjoy but do not talk to (you probably don't know who you are, but if I listed everybody it would be way too long, a little pointless, and I'd invariably leave someone out)

So to keep this from being a spammy “Look how many posts I your face n00bs!” kind of journal, a few things on my life:


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Morning ramble (YT dream included) - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 03 20069:23:53 AM |
I had my first YT dream last night. All I can remember, is that Raphael and I went to Medieval Times and cheered on the green knight.

I really, really, REALLY wish I could hang on to my dreams for longer than I can. If I could add one skill to my current skill-set, that would be it.

I could put it on my resume.

"Well, I'm organized, great with customer service, and I can remember my dreams."

I didn't get much sleep last night because I stayed up late talking to my boyfriend. I love that most nights we talk he kind of drifts off to sleep at the end of the conversation and I get to listen to his incoherent rambling..."Exit to your left please..."

He had a couple over last night who he knows from work. Apparently the girl asked to try on his sister's and mom's formal dresses (hanging in the computer room's closet).

I think this is crazy. I would never ask to try on someone random's dresses.

She also asked if she could use his mom

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Subpar Sunday - Mood: terrible, horrible, no good,
Sunday October 01 20067:37:24 PM |
Today hasn’t been a very good one.

It started with me waking up to immense back pain from lifting heavy boxes yesterday. And waking up at 9:41 AM, which is earlier than I’d like to wake up on a Sunday morning with no obligations. But alas, there was too much noise to sleep.

On top of that, I had arts and crafts hour today, and got all sorts of paint under my fingernails. Now they need some serious brushing.

When I fixed myself lunch, it was kind of tasteless and ehnh.

I inventoried my kitchen supplies for moving, and found that one platter, two plates, and two glasses have not survived being jostled around in the toolshed and are broken.

Oh, and Hot Fire, one of my two pipes, has been broken as well.

And my immense back pain has continued literally all day.

The arts and crafts turned out well, though. I made some marble paintings and a Space Mountain shrinkydink (and some other way less cool shrinkydinks).

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Caption and color the picture - Mood:Good
Thursday September 28 200610:38:19 PM |

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