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Female, 34 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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Why, why, why, Delilah? - Mood:Good
Saturday November 27 20107:56:55 PM |
I got back from Columbia this morning. Thanksgiving was better than expected, I guess.

Dad was sick. My brother helped me shop for and cook Thanksgiving. Luckily, we had no turkey to deal with, as Dad got a free ham from work. We made fresh peas with cream, mac and cheese, corn with cream cheese and jalapenos, roasted potatoes and peppers, and a gorgonzola salad that really rocked. I'm making it again for dinner tonight (whenever that might be).

My brother's g/f came after we had lunch. Just as I was finishing my nap. I really don't care for her. I guess God only gives so much talent and awesomeness to each person, and she got so much artistic talent and beauty that she missed out on personality altogether.

My brother's a different person when she's around and that's annoying too.

It's good to be back where it isn't cold at all.

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Getting old is like a frog sitting on a venus flytrap - Mood:Good
Friday November 12 201010:30:19 PM |
It's been an ok birthday.

It's my first since my mom passed away. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. She's been on my mind all day and I've been teetering between tears and smiles.

One of my preschool students brought me a card with a Cheesecake Factory giftcard in it.

I invited some friends over, but they're off means they won't get here until about 11. And now I'm tired, from crying and having the onset of a cold, and I really just want to go to bed.

My boyfriend and I went to see The Social Network tonight and then went to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Both of those things were very nice.

He got me an iPod nano for my birthday. I've never ever owned an MP3 player so I'm stepping into new territory.

I feel so old!

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Apples, anyone? - Mood:Good
Saturday November 06 201012:09:48 PM |
Morning, yall!

I'm bored.

Thinking about Apples 2 Apples...

If I made a room, would anyone want to play with me before breakfast?

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Life is hard...death is harder. - Mood:Good
Friday November 05 201011:22:56 PM |
This morning at circle time we had a discussion on where we'd most like to travel to, and one of my kids said "Gotham City, so I could meet Batman".

I'm glad the week's over. It was my first back after the month I took off to go home and take care of my mom/dad. It was great being around the kids, they're such joyful lights, but the work aspect was overwhelming at first. By Wednesday I was back in the swing of things though.

I've got a lot to catch up on this weekend between lesson plans and preparation for conferences. Hooray.

Today was a lot of fun though. I get off early on Fridays, and came home and had lunch with my boyfriend. Then we went to the park and dropped off three big bins worth of recycling and played on one of the best playgrounds in town...

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Cutting is all I ever do. - Mood:Good
Monday November 01 201010:01:17 PM |
Not the emo kind.

This is the life of a preschool teacher.

I have about 40 pages to cut out and turn into passport books. Luckily, I have Netflix on wii and apparently a lot of episodes of Parks and Recreation to catch up on that somehow I missed when they aired. And a brewing pot of coffee.

Started back to work today after a really long absence. It was good and bad. The kids were all hugs and told me how much they missed me. The parents and other teachers were all sympathetic which is better than being apathetic but at the same time, it's a constant reminder and it's tough.

Anyway. The main point is, a preschool teacher's life is cutting.

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Seriously ow. - Mood:Good
Saturday October 30 201012:42:39 PM |
My stomach really hurts. Like cramps.

I had sex yesterday for the first time in almost a month. And I think his penis stabbed me!

I am quitting smoking again. Which means I started smoking again. Monday is quit day.

I really want to be Leela for Halloween. When my boyfriend gets up I'm gonna go to a hardware store and see if I can find something to make an eye with. I don't have anywhere to go for Halloween. But I want to be Leela anyway.

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I don`t know why I just wrote all this. - Mood:Sad
Wednesday October 06 20101:19:37 PM |
I heard about hunch on the radio the other day. Have you heard about it?
It's pretty cool.

You answer 20 or more questions and it develops a taste profile based on your responses. Then it can recommend movies, books, beer, lamps, basically anything, based on your preferences.

I'm having a lot of fun with it as my new time waster.

Although I really shouldn't be wasting much time.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer two months ago. Since then, she's done chemo and radiation therapy, but as of yesterday, she's done with both as they're not working. The cancer is spreading so fast and aggressively. The doctors don't know how much time she has left, but they don't believe it's much.

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Too Fat for Fifteen - Mood:Good
Sunday September 19 20102:02:44 PM |
Have you ever watched it?

It's kind of insane but addicting.

My stomach is in so much pain.


I think my roommate is mad I'm in the living room on Football day, but whatever. I feel like sh*t and I was here first. Also, I pay bills and clean the house. As such I have dibs on space.

I wish I could smoke.

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WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? (Supergay) - Mood:Good
Sunday September 19 201011:14:34 AM |
I read Dr. Seuss's ABC book to my class and the rest of school as we all joined up as the day finished, and we had to go outside for some reason. But for some reason the word motherf*ck was in the book twice, and I read it instead of censoring it out. Sauron's eye was also in the book for some reason.

After school let out, I went to another school next door where two of our aides also worked and a few of our kids also went. I saw one of my students (4 y/o) throwing his garbage on the floor. I said, "Is that what we're supposed to do with our trash?" And he got really angry but picked it up. Then I snuck out through a window of the 2nd school to get to my car parked on the street which didn't work but had a prescription I needed inside it. It was raining, but a nice rain, and the 2nd school had a bounce house outside.

Analyze mine and tell me yours so I can do the same.

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What is up with that OLD one on 90210? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 18 20104:08:56 PM |
Watching the Pilot now. Seriously, what's with Andrea?


My boyfriend was at work the other day when a man came to check in who worked for RenPure.

"I see you work for RenPure," he said to the man.
"I don't just work there, I'm the owner," the man said.
"Oh. My girlfriend loves your products."
"Give me your address, I'll send her a gift package."

And voila!
I scored like a quarterback on prom night.

F*cking amazing! I really do their products.

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What`s the opposite of rad? - Mood:Good
Friday September 17 20105:46:24 PM |
He doesn't take the trash out
Even if it's full.
He'll just pile more sh*t on top.

His toilet's smeared with poo, on the seat and in the bowl.

The tub is covered in scum.

He hasn't paid electric in two months.

He smells and has bad teeth.

He spills sh*t on the coffee table and never wipes it up.

He moves the coffee table to the couch and never moves it back.

He leaves the tv on even when he's not home.

He puts dirty dishes in the sink instead of the empty dishwasher.

He picks the vegetables out of everything (from frozen boston market meals to spaghetti).

He drinks all my sweet tea.

When he's having a bad day, he's downright miserable.

He tells racist jokes and expects me to laugh.

He sometimes puts trash (like a tea-jug) NEXT to the trashcan instead of inside it.

My roommate is the worst.

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Pumpernickel, you`re my new favorite bread. - Mood:Bored
Sunday September 12 201012:51:04 PM |
Take that, sourdough!

I had a weird dream last night. I was Christmas shopping with my parents, and there was this stand in the store selling drinks. They were foamy drinks made from oxygen mixed with syrup. One of the flavors was HAM! I ordered one, but they didn't let me pick the flavor. Instead they gave me ham mixed with purple. And charged me $11. The large was only $5, and they claimed because it was a mix, I owed double. I complained and they gave me an extra, just purple flavor. Then I spit my gum out in their ice cream tub.

I really love Leonid Afremov:

And I wish I could afford a painting of his.

That will be my mark of success.

I went to the farmer's market today. The grape tomatoes I bought are tastier than any I've had in my life!


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Does the word turtle-kabob mean anything to you? - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 07 20108:07:55 PM |
Me neither. Except I watched TMNT tonight. Kinda. The animatronics were done by Jim Henson!

So...apples to apples is really fun. And made me think of two things.

1-we learned about dinosaurs last week in my prek class. I introduced the word paleontologist and we made vests with tools out of paper bags (took a good hour to cut the bags and sh*t but whatever). So today one of my kid's moms comes in and tells me that over the weekend she told a friend, "Last week, I became a alientologist." Cuteness abounds.

2-"Did you know that Christopher Columbus's name literally means christ-bearing colonizer. That's like if Neil Armstrong had been named Moony McSteppedOnitFirst."

Today sucked. I hope tomorrow is better.

I love Leonid Afremov.

The end.

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Why do I watch the Jersey Shore?! - Mood:Indifferent
Saturday September 04 20103:22:24 PM |
I'm sorry that this is going to be such a stupid journal.

I'm waiting on my ride to go find a Popeye's. I've never had it, and I woke up feeling the effects of a fun night out, so I think fried chicken will be perfect.

I just watched the new Jersey Shore (I can't believe I even watch that show). And a few observations: I hate the way the guys on that show treat women. I mean, the women let it happen, so it's their fault too, but seriously, they're ridiculous. The Situation had a girl over and was waiting in his bed while he ate some pasta and had a cigarette before coming to f*ck her. Afterwards he says, "Um...I um...called a cab for you, so soon as you're dressed I'll walk you out". But he was at a club and started hitting on a transvestite. So I'm pretty pleased about that.

I'm excited to have a 3 day weekend. What about you?

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I took an IQ test today and I did great! I got 20/20! - Mood:Good
Thursday September 02 20109:07:37 PM |
I just took an IQ test. I always think they lie.

What do you consider to be a good IQ and a great IQ? What's the cutoff for Mensa?

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Color me, why not?! - Mood:Good
Thursday August 26 20104:54:39 PM |
I'm making coloring pages for all my students of themselves for next week's All About Me theme. I started to do pictures of me, and then it went a little crazy.

Go to Crayola

Upload a photo and post!

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My vote counted. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 25 20103:59:54 PM |
Yesterday was exciting.

I voted. I almost didn't...out of laziness, but then I decided I had to, because if the candidate I really liked hadn't won (she did), it would have been my fault. I only voted in two elections though, because I didn't know anything about the others (beyond name recognition). I wish my sample ballot hadn't been thrown out. I was number 70 at my precinct.

I also watched Eclipse last night. And by watched, I mean fell asleep during. It was terrible. Worse than the first two. I'd heard it was "pretty good", but I hadn't expected much. The acting seems to have gotten worse rather than better.

We went to some gyms yesterday to check them out. Planet Fitness was weird, but LA Fitness was gorgeous. I'd WANT to go there because it's so awesome. It reminds me of the Strom Thurmond Wellness Center.

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Has anyone else noticed DYW`s absence? - Mood:Good
Monday August 23 201010:04:55 PM |
I just noticed she's gone. And then read her journal. Apparently it's for Ramadan.

Anyway...I haven't had dinner yet. I'm thinking about not having any.

Today's been a rollercoaster. Started back to school today. Our first day went well, but my assistant could have been a lot more help than she was. I have to very nicely tell her to step it up.

Talked to my parents a lot tonight. Feel like I'm taking too much for granted.

Anyhoo...time for Danielle to meet up with Caroline on the Real Housewives. Good fluff for the end of the day.

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Why did my avy die? - Mood:Good
Saturday August 21 20102:04:18 PM |
Monday school starts back. Meet the teacher was Thursday night and went really well despite it being a thousand degrees and ridiculously cramped in my room.

I'm really excited about this year, but nervous too. This is officially my first "start of school", as I started last year in October.

I'm worried about having a hard time memorizing the new names. Luckily, I have quite a few kids from last year.

My assistant was so quiet at the meet-and-greet. I'm sure she'll be an excellent assistant, but I'm concerned with her being the main communicator on the days I leave early.

I have so much to get done, but I am putting it off. I spent all of the last two days working on it, and I'll spend all of tomorrow too. I guess I'm taking today as my main break.

Just went to El Patron, mi favorito restaurante, and ate like a fat kid. Mmm...

It's rainy and beautiful.

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I just received the greatest email ever. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 18 20109:29:49 PM |
Dear Future Ashley,
This is Mitch from December 19, 2005. You were down at Disney World. I found this website that sends you an email in the future. So, how are you? I hope I am fine. Hopefully I am 19, and you are 28. WOW. Call me, or whatever we are doing now, once you recieve this. Love you

~Past Mitch

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Michael J. Fox`s Etch-a-sketch - Mood:Confident
Saturday August 14 20105:06:58 PM |
This will be our team name tonight at the Trivia Tournament of Champions. Or Roman Polanski, kid tested, Switzerland approved! First place takes home a $100 bar tab and $100 in cash. Wish us luck. I'm only good at a handful of categories, and I'm being brought along out of pity, but I'll take it. And answer all the children's books categories as well as the word jumbles to earn my keep.

I went school supply shopping today. It's one of my most favorite things to buy. And it's a tax-free weekend, so that's exciting. I also got some new shoes and some green pants. Pictures coming.

My dog's had diarrhea for a couple of days. I'm feeding her plain baked chicken and white rice tonight on my mom's advice. Anyone else have any dog-diarrhea advice? No pictures coming.

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Let`s all do the tummy tango! - Mood:Hopeful
Wednesday August 04 20104:50:19 PM |
This song is majorly stuck in my head: I hope this works

We're doing "restaurant camp" this week, so we're talking about nutrition. And of course, dancing to the Tummy Tango.

I have a new assistant. She's super-quiet, in a bad way.

And I'm on break for a bit until I go back to work for a class to prepare us for the school year.

Although I'm looking forward to finding out more about the year, I wish I didn't have to go back.

Also, I smoked two cigarettes today after three days without. What was I thinking?

Anyway, I'll just be over here doing the tummy tango and eating my boiled peanuts.

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Beer. - Mood:Depressed
Tuesday August 03 20107:10:18 PM |
I used to think beer was really gross. When I would drink it, I'd drink the crappy light domestics (Natty light, coors light, bud, miller, etc.). But as time went on, and I tried other varieties, I realized beer wasn't by NATURE gross. It was just the kinds I was buying/drinking.

I'm by no means a beer snob, but I'm really glad to have left crappy beer behind.

What are a few of your favorites?

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I went to the wizarding world on Saturday. - Mood:Good
Monday August 02 20107:52:56 PM |
Incidentally, it was Harry Potter's birthday. Nobody even cared.

It was f*cking awesome though. When you walk into Hogsmeade you're overwhelmed by the awesomeness. But all the roofs are "snowy" and it's 100 degrees, and the snow is just a big fat tease.

Butter beer was AWESOME. Almost exactly what I imagined it to be.

Ollivander's sucked. Don't get me wrong, everything looked totally awesome, but it was just too packed and the wands were named after characters. I don't remember Harry going to Ollivander's and buying the "Harry Potter" model.

The Forbidden Journey ride in Hogwarts, and the entire queue for it, is probably the single best part. Inside the queue there are many portraits (including the fat lady) and it snowed on us while we were there.

The ride itself is like the Spiderman ride at IOA but on crack. In short, amazing.

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Dear Mario Kart creators, - Mood:Good
Sunday August 01 20101:05:50 PM |
I really think your venues are a bit too dangerous for racing. I mean, Bowser's Castle? It's surrounded by pools of lava. With few barriers, especially at dangerous hairpin turns.

And Rainbow Road? Hosting your race in outer space may have seemed like a great idea, but the reality is danger.

I really urge you to consider some safer venues for future races.


P.S. Real life Mario Kart has also been shown to be quite dangerous, as my roommate decided Friday night to play by running as fast as he could down a moving walkway, then apparently he got blue shelled, because he crashed into the moving walkway, busting his knee and mangling his toe. Perhaps a warning label should be issued to not try this in real life.

That will be all.

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