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Female, 35 years old
Bristol, , Europe

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My dad is an idiot and I need beer. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 03 201112:28:16 AM |
I'm on #2. When I first started talking to my brother, I was shaking.

We just had a nice hour and ten minute conversation about all the sh*t that's gone down since Mom passed away.

My dad has since reconnected with an old girlfriend of his...via facebook. Actually, she found my brother on facebook and messaged him "Are you ______'s son? I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. I'd love to get in touch with your dad" etc.

Since then, she's moved into our house. He and I obviously don't live there anymore, but she does, along with her 10 year old daughter and her new puppy.

We haven't had a dog in that house in the entire time I was growing up there. The last time we had one was 14 years ago.

When Mom passed, I suggested to Dad he get a dog for companionship. He "wasn't ready". But apparently he is ready to let a crazy ex and her daughter move in.

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What`s going on in the world today? - Mood:Good
Saturday April 02 20112:01:01 AM |

I started work. Today was my first day as lead. I'm very different than the M-Th lead. She tends to make things into power struggles that don't need to be. My classroom is definitely more chaotic, but in the good way.

Megavideo sucks. I'm cut off for 30 minutes.

I think I'm going to get some ice cream.

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Make up my mind, YT. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 22 201112:09:54 AM |
So tomorrow I'm going in for a few hours at one of the schools I interviewed at. To see if it is a good fit and all. They seem pretty keen on me But I'm uncertain. I can't easily get there by bus And it's a very different style than I'm used to. More like a Montessori school. I'm concerned about the switch, but it might be good to get the experience on a different side of things.

Plus at that place I'd start full time as a lead. The other, which offered me a job already, would start me as an assistant teacher at 30 hours a week. Going to full time and lead teacher in the summer time. It's a new school, which has some perks, but it also hasn't had kinks worked out, nor does it have benefits. Plus, I'm not sure I like the lead teacher that much, which could suck to work under her. I did a trial day there last week.

Tomorrow I'll have to make up my mind!

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I`m going to try to be a photo whore. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 19 201111:10:02 PM |
If this lousy internet connection will let me.

In other news, I bought a knife for $1.50 at a Japanese dollar-fifty store. Daiso or Daiko Japan, I forget which.

I thought it might be crappy, but it turns out it works quite well. Even at cutting through human flesh!

I cut my thumb trying to make dinner. It really hurts. The only band-aids we have are in the car, and that's all the way in the parking garage!

I went outside to try to see the moon, but I saw none. Will try again later.

I am thinking about going to the bar down the road tonight. They have live music advertised as funky blues rock. Which is a combination of 3 of my favorite things.

Although I feel weird about going to the bar alone. James is at work until 1. What should I do?

In other news, the library here is awesome.

Photo whoring attempt in the next post.

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Delicious food and documentaries - Mood:Good
Saturday March 12 20113:25:53 PM |
Sometimes life is so slow, and then other times, it's hard to keep the pace. Lately, it's been racing.

We're settling in quite well. Still need to get the internet and some pot holders. And I'll be SO happy when our real furniture arrives and we can say goodbye to these air mattresses.

We spent the past couple of afternoons downtown. Went to Pike Place yesterday and got some handmade cheese from Beechers (they sell their main variety, a delicious cheddar, in the grocery store). Lots of cool stuff there, but some of it seemed a little pricey.

Yesterday we walked along the waterfront to go to a park. Had an excellent view of the Space Needle, but the lighting didn't work for a good picture sadly.

The worst thing about this place is the lack of bathrooms. I went into the first ever Starbucks yesterday. They don't have a bathroom.

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Today is day TWO of no rain :-P - Mood:Good
Sunday March 06 20118:55:57 PM |
Take that, Seattle haters! It's so weird to be here finally after months of fantasizing about it.

I'm surprised I like the chill so much. And although our apartment is TEENY tiny, it's got a pretty great view of trees and mountains. It's also got two HUGE windows, which are pretty great.

And I'm 3 blocks from the grocery store, across the street for Target, and two blocks from the library! Huzzah.

When I moved in, I told the leasing lady that there was an exposed blue pipe sticking out of my sink. She said, "that's supposed to be there, it's for water overflow".

"Oh," I said. "That's new to me." And we went on with the lease signing.

Then I tried to run my dishwasher. And water started SPEWING like crazy out of that blue pipe. Although I wasn't happy to have to clean it up, I was happy to be vindicated. Blue pipes coming out of sinks are NOT normal.

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Hello Seattle I am an albatross - Mood:Good
Sunday February 27 20119:20:05 AM |


Today when our office opens, we're turning in our keys and hitting the road. Will make it to Atlanta tonight and stay around there, then hit up the bank in the morning to get our deposit sorted out for the new place. And by Thursday...Seattle! I'm really looking forward to everything but the weather.

There are a few things I'll really miss about Orlando.
2-Boiled peanuts
3-Sweet tea
5-My friends
6-My job
7-The weather
8-The beach
9-El Patron (Mexican restaurant)

Things I won't miss:
4-The weather in the summer
9-Chain restaurants galore

I want breakfast but gave away most of my food!

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Pick one - Mood:Good
Saturday February 26 20118:57:39 PM |
Give me ONE song recommendation for my road trip.

If I really like it, I'll buy it.

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Leaving the happiest place on earth for the rainiest. - Mood:Good
Friday February 25 20114:37:34 PM |
Waiting on the Sally Army to bring their truck and pick up all the stuff we're giving away. Then I have to pack a bunch of our stuff into our moving box.

Tonight I'm going out for the last time before we leave. On Sunday. For Seattle. OMG. Craziness.

Today was my last day at school. Sad and stuff.

Had a weird sex dream about Charlie Sheen last night. Wish I could remember more of it.

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Official NW US meetup, TAKE TWO. - Mood:Good
Friday February 25 20113:53:42 PM |
When and where?

Portland or Seattle?

Not March 12th.

Give some input, and after ideas have been thrown out, maybe we can vote.

I'm less concerned with the where than the when.

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Apples to apples? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 19 201111:05:12 PM |
I'm bored. Anyone else? Wanna play apples to apples?
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Define "ghetto" as an adjective. - Mood:Good
Friday February 18 201112:09:49 AM |
Not like, "ghettoes were created to confine Jews." But, "Look at what dat bitch is wearing! She is so ghetto."

Is it just another word for poor?

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Which came first, the chicken or the dickhead? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 17 201110:31:23 PM |
Backstory: My friend Maria fell off the face of the earth. She was at my party on New Year's and then a couple of weeks after she texted me to say she wanted to hang out. I called her back, left a msg. She called me back, no msg. I called her RIGHT back (case of couldn't get to my phone in time), msg along the lines of "Stupid whore, you just called me, I know you're there."

Anyway. Never heard from her again after that.

Until last night that is.

My friend Derek and I went out to a bar for karaoke (he loves to sing, I usually watch). I wasn't planning on being out late since I worked 8:15-6 today, but, that failed. Because Maria walks in with some friends of hers.

She tells me that on New Year's, she got home and was locked out of her house. For some reason she'd given her key to this guy in her complex she was messing around with.


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It`s a small world after all. - Mood:Good
Saturday January 29 201111:37:50 PM |
I was using the explore feature of flickr, looking for a photo for the create an album game in music, and I came across this crazy picture of Spaceship Earth. I clicked on it to find out that it was photographed by a guy I know!

A friend of mine met him through a Disney nerd forum, and then became good friends. Now, whenever he (photographer) and his wife come in town, they always hang out, and my friend, N., gets them into the parks for free and gets them a discounted stay at a resort. Anyway, we've met a few times when they've been down. Nice people.

Nice people are great, but sometimes people can be too nice. And it's a fine line between too nice and creepy. They walk this line well.

Anyway, been miserable all day, feeling sick. Ate a delicious salad for dinner. Rented "The Kids Are All Right"...not what I was expecting at all.


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What`s the most awkward thing a kid has said/asked you? - Mood:Good
Friday January 28 20119:06:01 PM |
You know what's fun? Explaining bad history to preschoolers.

"Where does Martin Luther King live now?" Martin Luther King isn't alive anymore.
"Why not?"
He died.
"How did he die?"
A bad man shot him.
"Why did the bad man shoot him?"
Urgh. That was a few weeks ago.

Today we learned about coins, and that each coin had a face and each was a former President. One of my girls asked, "Why are there no girls?" There haven't been any female presidents. "Why not?" Remember when we talked about Martin Luther King? We said he made the laws more fair. One of the things that was unfair is that a long time ago, women didn't get to do everything that men do. But now, thanks to people who worked to change things, women get to do everything the same. Now women can run for president, but so far, none of them have won.

Today was really good though. It was the brownie.

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That`s why they call it a boner! - Mood:Spent
Wednesday January 26 201111:11:51 PM |
As we often do in our neighborhood, my boyfriend and I saw a raccoon tonight. He asked me, "What is a raccoon? Is it a rodent? Cat? Dog? Bear?" I said, "It's none of those, it's just a raccoon." He said, "You're stupid, everything is something." Well yes, everything is something. It turns out raccoons are something weird. Plodycius or something crazy.

So he spent a long time on wikipedia learning about the raccoon. And as often happens, he got offtrack on wikipedia and ended up learning about penis bones. He was disgusted and enthralled.

Our fish died today. His name was Mao (aka McFishFace). He tragically got caught beneath the tiki man in his tank somehow. RIP Mao.

I cooked an amazingly delicious dinner. I love making great food, because at lunch, I have a secret contest with the rest of the girls to see who has the best lunch. I think I'll win tom.

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Will you be watching the state of the union? - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 25 20119:09:11 PM |
I've got it on and will be commenting here. A friend of mine was going to bring a bottle of wine and we were going to bipartisan it up just like Congress is (he's a stupid Republican), but the weather outside is frightful. Warnings abound on tv telling us to not leave unless it's necessary. Was a very scary drive home as I listened on the radio about tornado sightings nearby and the rain flew by in waves.

Today can be divided into 2 parts. Part 1-awesome. From waking up this morning with a massage to lunch time, it was a really great first part of the day. Part 2-rough. I don't know what happened to my students at lunch and naptime, but when I was done with my lunch break, I came back to a class of rowdy non-listening, crazed children. When they left, I had tutoring with the elementary kids. They are always crazy. Then, as I said, the drive home sucked.

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Fat Kid Day - Mood:Good
Saturday January 22 20117:44:36 PM |
Do you ever have these? You just eat like a fatty. Eating a lot, and things that are terrible for you?

I'm not having one today, but I feel one coming soon.

I am really enjoying the dinner I made though. Beefaroni with brie, peppers, red onion, and havarti melted on top.

Brie is my favorite cheese at the moment.

So tell me your favorites:

Ice cream:

Let's be fat kids together!

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"Do you always walk on your toes?" - Mood:Good
Friday January 21 201111:30:33 PM |
I had a massage today. It was amazing. Best one I've ever had. Her hands were so intuitive! And she knew stuff about me just from touching my body!

She asked if I always walked on my toes. WHAT? How did you know I do that?

She also told me I was double jointed, which I didn't know. Apparently when she asked me to put my arms flat by my body, I did it upside down.

She then told me I was eating healthy and she could tell by my skin's texture and tone.

In addition to being a body reader, she was a phenomenal masseuse. I can't really afford to, but I may go back to her before we move.

Had sushi for dinner from my favorite place in town. Yum.

I'm going to be happy to leave this city, but I really hope I get to visit all my favorite restaurants before mid-March!

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Favorite Muppets and/or Sesame Street characters - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 19 201110:24:27 PM |
Tell me your 3 favorites.

Mine: Grover, Snuffleapagus, and Bert.

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Anyone wanna play a game with me? - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 19 201110:03:42 PM |
I'm thinking isketch or apples2apples?

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Do I have mono? - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 19 201111:46:46 AM |
So I've been sick for almost a week.

And I just got word that one of the kids in my class has mono.

But I don't have insurance. So...should I pay $50 plus however much the lab cost is for the test, OR should I just wait on my immune system and keep taking OTC sh*t and wait it out?

I hate this country sometimes.

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Olba`s Oil is my new best friend. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 18 201110:09:40 PM |
I'm so sick of being sick!

It's my fault. I felt it coming Friday, went to the beach anyway on Saturday, and got really doped up and drank a lot at a concert Sunday (but I wasn't about to miss the Cake concert, I'd been looking forward to for weeks!).

I went to work yesterday and left about an hour and a half into it. There were hardly any kids there, I don't know why they stayed open on MLK day when every other school was closed!

Went in today, was supposed to work til 6, and left at 12:30. Napped a lot today and now just feeling miserable. I have this really deep terrible cough. My voice is going. And my tongue is oddly discolored and painful (the back part of it).

Why must I be so fragile?

I'm contemplating staying home tomorrow. If not, I'll work 8:15-4:45. I teach preschool, so it means being around germs a lot.

What do you think, YT?

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Hopped up on the "quil" - Mood:Good
Sunday January 16 201111:28:28 PM |
Day quil is actually quite intense, ya'll. Seriously. I got drunk on it.

Then I got drunk on alcohol. Bad choice? I say not. It seemed like a really good idea at the time. Even now, I'm happy with it. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

I've been sick for three days now. Yesterday, went to the beach. Tonight, went to see CAKE live. So, being drunk on the quil was better than feeling like sh*t like I'd done for two days straight. The place was SO crowded. It was crazy and ridiculous. They only played two of the six songs I was *really* hoping to hear, but still it was an amazing concert. Totally worth the quil.

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No Animals - Mood:Good
Saturday January 15 201110:44:21 PM |
I went to the beach today. We drove around for a long time trying to find a dog friendly beach, but we failed and decided to smuggle her in. She didn't really go on the beach though. She was in a purse, hovering above the beach. Still, I saw birds hanging out on the sand, and some jellyfish, who apparently can't read!

I went with my boyf's mum and sister. It was way more fun than I imagined it might be, even though I'm kind of sick. When we got back, they sorted through some of their many boxes of crap in our storage. That was exciting, but left a bit of a mess

The beach was freezing.

Tomorrow I have to write lesson plans, plan the Spring Break curriculum, do laundry, go grocery shopping, and go see Cake! Hooray for the last bit. It will be a good reward for all the sh*t that must be done.

How are yoooooooou?

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