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Female, 29 years old
Houston, TX, Southern US

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best day ever: - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 10 20061:39:17 AM |
-..more sex
-video games and hookah

Just thought I'd brag that my boyfriend pwns.

But god we went to the worst party ever on Saturday. There were annoying frat boys and military junkies everywhere out in some campground. I got stung by unknown hurty things that made my arm swell up badly. Also there was a drunk donkey, which drunk motherf*ckers decided would be funny to try and ride. F*cking donkey tried to eat my foot and was more discriminating with its alcohol than I am. I was so angry with it.

I'm considering getting a lip ring and also moving out with my half brother and sharing an apartment later this year.

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Weekend plans. So I`m bored. - Mood:Good
Friday May 05 20062:00:40 AM |
Friday: study for SAT IIs, get coffee with friend, roll for the first time with boyfriend.

Saturday: recover from rolling, study more, eat soup.

Sunday: SAT IIs (bio, math I and literature), buy Oblivion to celebrate completion of standardized testing, piano recital (HATE)

What are yours?

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I have a series of dilemmas. - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 03 20061:48:12 AM |
Do I apply to work at the new bookstore, the used bookstore, or the starbucks?

Do I wait before or after my SAT IIs to buy Oblivion?
Do I want to trip or roll this Friday? (considering the SAT II is on Sunday)

Should I just give in and do laundry already or thrifting for more clothes?

My life is so difficult!

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I feel a little bit creepy. - Mood:Good
Monday May 01 20063:14:41 AM |
Because I have several pictures of a girl I know saved on my computer from her facebook. And I think about her so much. And keep waiting for her to say something that might tip me off as to what her sexuality is.


This isn't very nice of me. I do love my boyfriend.

Hehe I just remembered something he told me the other night. When we first started out, I was asleep while lying on him and my wallet fell out. He looked at it and memorized my birthday from my license.

Wanna tell me about some innocent stalking that you've possibly done?

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I expect SAT scores in exactly 25 minutes. - Mood:Good
Monday April 24 200612:35:33 AM |
Or some motherf*cker is getting kneecapped. Seriously. They already delayed them a week.

Tomorrow I look for a job. I'm thinking bookstore. I really don't want to work in fast food or anything like that. Suggestions?

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I want a tattoo. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 19 20069:33:21 PM |
But of what? If I were male and kind of muscular I'd just create a bunch of cool colorful designs for my torso and arms. But I am neither of those things.

Maybe the Japanese characters for platypus, verified by Kaneda?

Except brown and vertical and much much smaller.

Or maybe stars down one arm. Or a little elephant.

Anyway, I like my hair right now because it's grown out a bit.

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vivaldi on dxm - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 18 20061:11:49 PM |

but I had to keep the skipping around the neighborhood to a minimum. it was a long walk but it felt like a tiny loop!

I'm listenening to four seasons right now. Bach organ fugues or Neutral Milk Hotel next?

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Wanna ask me things? - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 18 20061:51:03 AM |
Bored. So bored. So unoriginal.

Serious or silly questions, whatever makes you happy! Though I'm kind of in the mood for serious.

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no rave for me - Mood:Good
Sunday April 16 200612:11:35 AM |
I couldn't get a fake ID on time. That's ok. My... boyfriend left early to spend time with me. I didn't realize before exactly how sweet he is. Also that he is a demigod. Besides, being around a bunch of strangers on X doesn't sound very appealing. At least my half of a Yuffie costume was appreciated by my nerdass friends.
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You have every right to hate me. - Mood:Good
Friday April 14 200612:34:22 AM |
Yes, yes I am dressing up as an FFVII character. For a rave.

Not done with the costume yet, but this is Yuffie:

I also got a car today.

Hell yes. Except mine is dark green.

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I don`t want to be owned. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 11 20062:37:53 AM |
But the guy I am seeing keeps saying things that hint at possession. It makes me sad and I fear disaster.

At least... at least he makes silly puns and references to Final Fantasy and George Orwell.

It looks like I am going to a rave on Friday. Should I be excited?

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I have a new camera. - Mood:Good
Monday April 10 20068:19:06 PM |
So here are two pictures of me failing at using it.

It is much too fancy for me and I feel bad. 6 megapixels is 3 too many for my needs.

On Saturday I got drunk and drew things. Bad idea. Luckily those pictures are far away from here.

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Help me pick a country to visit. - Mood:Good
Monday April 10 200612:50:02 AM |
There are about 5 of us in our late teens or early twenties. Our priorities include interesting civilization and... good clubs. A nice countryside would also be a plus. Cheapness is important.

Possibilities include Northern Ireland, Israel and Japan. Woo!

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You`re kidding me. - Mood:Good
Monday April 03 200611:44:41 PM |
Sample ACT question:

1. Which of the following is equivalent to (x)(x)(x)(x), for all x ?

A. 4x
B. x^4
C. x + 4
D. 4^x
E. 2x^2

The test should be rigged with mines so that every wrong answer will destroy you.

Do I want to go to a rave?

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Ohhhh GOOD. - Mood:Good
Friday March 31 20063:11:10 PM |
My mother very nearly checked me into a psychiatric hospital.


Idiot. Take a good look at yourself and maybe you'll understand why I'm depressed at home.

I'm seriously considering studying for the SAT tomorrow, but.. eh.

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I felt so damn sexy - Mood:Good
Thursday March 30 20069:54:39 PM |
Pulling the smuggled cigar out of my bra and then biting off the end.

Then gagging as I forgot not to inhale on the first drag..

then remembering that my dad likes to buy cheap ass poo cigars in bulk.


Then not completely putting out the cigar as I placed it back in my bra.


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assh*les, answer my questions. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 28 20061:39:03 AM |
1. ASL
2. Your battle style: ranged, melee, support, or mage?
3. Your policy regarding profanity?
4. Do you have social panache?
5. Marsupials or monotremes?
6. Collectivization or privatization?
7. Your opinions on meat?
8. If I told you there was a meat bakery very near my house, how would you react?
9. Is the thought of warm, moist, pulsating ground beef very arousing?
10. Have you ever read fanfic?
11. What about slashfic? WINGFIC?
12. Sharks vs. mechanized spiders: who would win?
13. In a mate, does personality override bad looks or do looks override bad personality more?
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Things are good. - Mood:Good
Monday March 27 200611:17:57 PM |
I may have a good job this summer setting things up for raves if a friend starts throwing events. Also Hael if he comes to visit this summer. My friend wants to work security dressed up as a dagger ninja.

The weekend was pretty spectacular.

How are you?

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tomorrow is going to be a day of baking cupcakes and kicking ass. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 25 200612:39:21 AM |
So. F*cking. Angry.

But it is a long angry story.


I want to go into space.

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Today is the day that you learn about foot fetishes. - Mood:Good
Friday March 24 20062:40:28 PM |
Within the squishy recesses of a human brain, there is a fairly standard area designated to process touch input from all the parts of your body. The areas for mouths and handses are the largest.

but! the areas that receive input from the feet and input from the genitals are dnagerously close to each other, and sometimes some overlap occurs. That explains a foot fetish pretty clearly. (Though I've never heard of a case where people get the urge to place shoes on their secret spots or play wang soccer.)

THE WEIRD THING IS that sometimes those with foot or leg amputations have the area that once received input from the foot get taken over by the area that receives from the genitals. The result? Tandem orgasms in the genitals and phantom missing foot!

~*~*~*~* the more you know ~*~*~*~*~*

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Orgy of the Dead - Mood:Good
Friday March 24 20061:32:11 AM |


ON THE PLUS SIDE i am planning on bringing my joey hael down on a train so he can work in houston this summer. it's feasible!

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sewing elephants and listening to the pumpkins - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 22 20067:34:14 PM |
pumpkins and elephants elephants and pumpkins! A winning juxtaposition!

Starbucks wenches in the know know that they just started selling these really atrocious disgusting cupcakes. And in the one near my house there is a sign poem advertising them:

some things just go together well
cup and cake
vanilla and sunshine
chocolate and chocolate

Oh god I busted like 3 nuts over that.

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I hate my best friend. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 22 20062:25:05 AM |
She punched me and called me a lesbian and hit the brakes when I took off my seatbelt and threw a penny down my shirt then yelled SHOW ME YOUR PENNIES.


On the plus side, Unicorn Power Ring and Hello Kitty cigarette case?

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My mom is upsetting and hilarious. - Mood:Good
Monday March 20 200611:34:19 PM |
As we were leaving Hobby Lobby, we passed two black men and she suddenly blurted out something about her THREE FIFTY-SEVEN MAGNUM in her fanny pack.


Making a wallet is tricky business. So far I'm halfway done. It's going to be brown and pink with hearts and elephants.

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I look like a boy - Mood:Good
Monday March 20 20062:49:47 AM |
First I got bored and cut my hair all choppy.

Then I just kept getting bored.

Um that hand is attacking me. I'm not eating it or anything weird.

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