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Female, 26 years old
One of Toronto`s burbs, Ontario, Canada


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Things may be looking up - Mood:Good
Thursday April 12 20184:22:28 PM |
I have a job interview Tomorrow

I didn't even apply, the guy had my resume on file from like a year ago, he has been calling me but I missed the first two times so that's a good sign

I bought a new iPod because not having music is very stressful

I have date tomorrow too. It's a weird one, either it's going to be awful or amazing

You never can tell with these guys who post nihilistic absurdities on their profiles.

I'm so tired and everything hurts but I'm meeting an old friend for dinner and we are having hand pulled noodles

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I`m thinking of going back to school. Again. - Mood:Good
Monday April 09 20188:38:44 PM |
This time to study mortuary science/ funeral directing.

It's only an associates degree and I could probably transfer credits.

I've always loved hosting and biology, and this kind of combines that?


What do you lot think?

I have like four grand in savings, I know I could get a family loan for tuition, and I guess I could bartend a tree night.

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Last night I drank four vodka orange juices and got so f*cked up my roommate called 911 - Mood:Good
Sunday April 08 20184:18:20 PM |
We ended up spending the night in the hospital because apparently I was fine and then very suddenly I couldn't talk or stand and then I just lost consciousness


What the absolute hell

My roommate left around 4am

They said there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home

I almost passed out in the hall waiting for the cab

I asked the only woman then for help (but I only managed to daub 'help') and I KNOW she heard me because she said 'what'

But then I couldn't talk anymore because I fell out of the chair was lying on the ground vomiting

And the bitch just sad there and ignored me

Rather than getting a f*cking nurse

But the best i somehow was in a cab and was sent home

Still no idea how that happened

Now I'm all sick and mad and embarrassed and there is vomit and I'm too

At least I'll never manage to become an alcoholic

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I`ve got a meeting with my boss tomorrow - Mood:Good
Friday April 06 201811:04:13 PM |
I'm going to ask her I feel I can have a week off

My mum wanted me to go home with her to stay for a bit last Sunday but I said no, I wanted to just push through

But I'm not pushing through

I'm sleeping 14-16 hours a day, maybe more I'm not sure. I get up, try to do something, then get super exhausted and have to go back to bed. And then I have to go to work in the afternoon, and I've been like five minutes late this whole week I just can't seem to wake up in time.

Today I managed to wash my hair. Then I took a 5 hour nap

I'm not managing to do stuff like go to the laundromat or grocery store or shower enough or cook or anything. I'm just so exhausted. I thought it would get better slowly but it hasn't, at all.

I don't know what to do

I don't know if I'll get the time off work

And if I do what if going home makes things worse

I don't know

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This was new on the bridge near my house - Mood:Good
Thursday April 05 20187:41:56 PM |

Except (and this might shock you) I've edited the picture and the original didn't actually say 'aunt'.

I have very mixed feelings.

Feeling #1: why was my ex near my house. Scary. It's out of their way.

Feeling #2: Are you fifteen, dude?

Feeling #3: how the hell did I date this guy so long what's wrong with me

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In the food court hating every thing with the old folks - Mood:Good
Thursday April 05 201812:28:59 PM |
I showed up at the walkin at 11 but tngeyd closed their doors Shen to patient volume before lunch so now I'm the first person in at 1

I'm so sleepy

And bored

And malcontent

And this 7up is terrible why did I pick it

Help I have no energy

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I`m getting pretty sick of the relationship posts on my feed. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 03 201810:29:41 AM |
But I don't mean like, their existence. I have no problem with people posting pics and cute sh*t and stuff, it's this crap:

'My boyfriend is my best friend. Not just cuz he's my boyfriend so we have to be friends. I've decided that I intimately know everyone else's relationship top to bottom and you guys plainly are lacking in the true love department and me and my boyfriend should be crowned Empress and Emperor Consort of Relationshipia because we have the same favourite avenger and agree on pizza toppings.'

When my friends start having babies I'm probably going to have to purge big time.

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my entire life has gone to sh*t and now I need to restart everything - Mood:Good
Friday March 30 20185:47:12 PM |
When my roommate insisted I meet him at husband office to walk me home on the day of the incident.

He told his colleagues what happened.

All of them.

And then just to cement my face to it, he made me come in and then talked about it to me in front of them.

This is a small town, they're regulars where I work, and I am a deeply private person. I am not going to feel comfortable working FOH anymore, honestly. I'm always going to be scared of them coming in. We can ban my ex, but we cant ban a quarter of thuan gossipy little c*ntmunity.

We had a huge two day fight about it. It's resolved now, but what's done is done.

And also, he's moving out (for unrelated reasons, and I don't blame him his room is terrible)

But I can't live in that apartment alone, it's so incredibly unsafe feeling knowing my ex could just show up or wait for me as I come home one day.

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F*ck this flu - Mood:Good
Thursday March 29 20185:54:27 AM |
I have no idea how long I have been sick for, sleeping 90% of the time has totalled my sense of time

I think I'm finally getting better though, my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode from behind my eyes anymore and my body only aches now instead of being in agony and the cold sweats are mostly gone.

Thank god for this heated blanket


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I`m beginning to think that I am actually a heartless shrew. - Mood:Good
Monday March 26 201811:43:30 AM |
I broke up with my boyfriend.

He did not take it well.

But all I could think of while he was telling me that's i was bad in bed and f*cked in the head for being close friends with exes and how he wished I had come back into his life since college was

'Wow. What a poopypants.'

Which I feel is not the appropriate internal reaction when ending a 8-month relationship.

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what kind of pie should I make - Mood:Good
Sunday March 25 20182:32:00 PM |
apple or peach

I'm having a dinner party tonight.

Those miscreants better show up

If not I'll just have Guinness stew for a week.

Also I'm gonna make a loaf of bread


Expect pics in like three hours

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People who crowd up the aisle near the front of the bus when there are seats and space available in the back blocking others from being able to get on - Mood:Good
Saturday March 24 20183:08:10 PM |
What's wrong with you

You are the worst

Dog in the manger bum openings

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Let me tell you about my new super boring weight loss plan - Mood:Good
Friday March 23 201812:16:33 PM |
I'm 5ft4.5 inches, and 155 lbs, which is like 30 lbs too many.

And since I hate diets and don't want to exercise (I have pretty active lifestyle and job, I hustle plenty but I just LOATHE working out because it bores the crap out of me and messes with my asthma) I've decided to eat less.

More specifically, I've decided to just stop eating after 2pm.

I might have a beer, but that's it. Unsweetened drinks are fine too. And if I go out with friends I usually get a side salad and eat it without dressing. This isn't zero-tolerance, it's just a hard guideline that I've managed to keep the last two weeks not counting when I had flu.

I'm not cray cray.


I eat a big breakup with a giant bucket of coffee at 7, then a small lunch around 11, then at like 1:30 I'll have a small snack like a fruit or some yogurt.

Honestly it's working really well.

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Shameful question - Mood:Good
Monday March 19 20186:24:52 PM |
I have this bathmat

I have no clue where it came from, I think the people who rented my moving van before us left it in there

Anyway, it's actually pretty nice because it's big and thick and woven and has a nice pattern that matches the shower curtain

But also its dingy and stained

I have a bucket. I have bleach. I have no clue the dilution I should use or how long to let it soak.


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Ok come settle this drunk argument with my roommate - Mood:Good
Sunday March 18 20187:28:01 PM |
He says the boner-int-the-waistband trick is something most women don't know about

I hadn't considered it common knowledge, but have only discussed it with men


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I`m on a train and it is very boring - Mood:Good
Monday March 12 201810:09:13 AM |

Eglinton station is the next stop, Eglinton.

I have decided to talk to my bf about the issues we're having like a grown up. I hate it. I don't want to. I want to each junk food and sleep around

My diets going well though. Two small meals a day. I feel like poo but I'm losing like four lbs a week, so worth it.

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Hhnnnrrgggg - Mood:Good
Friday March 09 20189:09:17 AM |
I'm feeling down

My friend bailed on me last night. Three times. First time to take a 'five minute'(turned half hour) phone call outside, next to just disappear for an hour in which time I went to bed, and the last time after cajoling me out of bed and to smoke a bowl with them up and splitting ten minutes in. And this was after we dealt with his issues and just starting on mine. I know no one owes me their time or attention, but RUDE.

I think what pisses me off most is that I can't bitch then out on it without sounding needy or entitled.

My bf can't can't visit because he's too busy with approaching due dates.

And my ex just FB messages me 'morning sunshine'
You have a gf, asswipe.

At least I have this sweet sweet heated blanket.

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Too passive aggressive? - Mood:Good
Thursday March 08 201811:34:15 AM |
My roomate left a complete set of what appear to be worn clothes (underoos included) behind the armchair in the living room




I mean we both have extremely intense ADD, and we have worked out an unequal rent system where I am in charge of keeping the place tidy, but this is just more out there's than usual.

So I taped this to the ceiling:

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Check out how amazing these used dresses I bought look - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 06 20181:34:48 PM |
To come
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Reding the notes High!Kate left myself from a few nights ago, and it actually looks like I came up with a solid career plan. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 28 201810:58:28 AM |
Step one: get a job as a technical writer. I've found several job postings in town that I'm actually overqualified for a bit, so that's doable

Step two: relearn French. I used to be properly fluent when I was younger due to immersion schooling, I only lost it in my teens. So while this will be a pain in the ass, relearning a language is MUCH easier than starting from scratch.

Step three: get bilingual documentation, be able to do the writing in both languages, eliminating the need for a translator and boosting my value

Bonus step four: write the HiLo novels that I've always wanted to write but have not the ability to do. Give back!

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Take a look at this dingdong flower: - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 20 201810:32:07 AM |

Also my money tree, which I got for Christmas but bc it was so cold out (<-26C, I can't remember exactly) the trip of taking it between the buses and trains home made its leaves turn brown and shrivel up. ALL of them, so I had to cut every single dang one off, leaving it looking very silly and completely bald. But now look at it!

I love plants.

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How do I stop being so bitter? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 17 20188:51:11 PM |
Today is day four of my latest suicidy stint.

I just keep thinking over all the ways my life has gone wrong and how incredibly unfairly and neglectfully I now understand I have been treated, and how much better my life could have been if I hadn't been ignored and how angry I am now because of it.

My family keeps trying to talk to me but it always ends with them telling me I need to get over stuff and complaining to me about how unpleasant my attitude about it is. And then they suggest a bunch of solutions and when I tell them I've tried all that stuff, they get mad at me for 'being so negative' and 'shooting down everything'.

I'm not the one starting these conversations. I know they bring it up because they want to help, but it's like when they realise they can't solve my problem they get upset and then point that feeling at me and get mad at me for making them feel that way,

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Am I being unreasonable? - Mood:Good
Saturday February 10 20187:38:20 PM |
I'm trying to pick up shifts at work because hours have been cut across the board.

This guy wants me to take his opening shift tomorrow *IF* the weathers too bad for him to drive in.

On a Saturday night.

I told him id take it, but only if it was for certain and otherwise maybe but I'm not gonna call off my plans tonight so who knows.

He didn't want to give it up

Dude. You want a favour? Fine. But I'm not staying in and cancelling on partying only for you to decide I can't have the hours.

Heckin' rude

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Does your fridge have a cheese drawer? - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 07 20181:00:38 PM |
To me, the cheese (and eventually coldcut and etc.) drawer is indescribable.

How else would I keep my many varied cheeses from taking on the doors and tastes of the other things in the fridge?

But apparently, not only does a percent of the population not have a cheese drawer, they've never ever HEARD of a cheese drawer.

This is rob me barbaric madness, even the mini bar fridge I used in my dorm room had a box I shoved in it for cheese storage

But when I told my friend the oka was in the cheese drawer, they looked at me like I had two heads.


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When you work at 2pm, you can get baked in the tub at 11. - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 30 201812:08:03 PM |
I love baths

I got a new roommate! I like him, but I doubt he'll be here more than two months tops, probably just one. He's move from to the city for work, and ran out of his lodging time that's work have him and hasn't found an apartment.

We met on a dating site but decided not to date but rather get beers with another lonely new-in-towner, and really hit it off.

Of course I'm not just a slug uh who sloths around all day though; I got up early and swam 30 lengths because as I was struggling to do my jeans up yesterday I realised I had crossed the line from plump to tubby, and that just won't do.

Also hardware store and groceries

Also I may have accidentally bought a 600 dollar painting. It's ok though, the artist is letting me pay in fifty dollar monthly instalments.

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