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Female, 27 years old
One of Toronto`s burbs, Ontario, Canada

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In a cafe drinking a double mocha - Mood:Good
Saturday October 06 20181:09:37 PM |
I dragged my boyfriend home for thanksgiving to meet my family.

Bought him a shave in the posh barber/cigar shop to soften things a bit? and when we walked in it smelt like tobacco and aftershave and a no girls allowed treehouse sign, so I went for a walk around the block.

This is the best mocha I've ever had. Especially for a double. Super chocolatey, but not too sweet.

Ahhhhh yisssssssss

Happy real thanksgiving!

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I should be in advertising - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 25 20185:14:24 PM |
Did this promo on the board today:
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This carrot - Mood:Good
Friday August 31 20187:46:56 PM |

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I have BIG LIFE NEWS - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 28 20188:57:08 AM |
I'm pregnant!
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Check out this awesome poster I stole - Mood:Good
Monday August 20 201812:20:49 PM |

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I was depressed this week. - Mood:Good
Friday July 20 20183:21:05 PM |
But it got better!

The boyf is still stuck in his though. I did his laundry and tidied his place a little, because he works like 2.5x as much as I do and pays for most dates and also I lurrrve him.

I'm going to finish teaching him how to ride a bike this weekend! He half-learned when he was a kid, and has never had a bike in his life.

My mom's friend's husband got a fancy new bike and was donating his old one, so I snagged it for him.

Any tips on teaching an adult to bike-ride? He's in great physical shape, he's a runner and does competitive tree-climbing. I'ma still lend him my roller skating pads thou

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What do I do with these? - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 11 20185:09:15 PM |

Playing card for scale

They were a gift and I'd like to display them somehow

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Get a load of these gams. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 28 201811:30:39 AM |

All new for that hot 'summer legs' look!

I was helping my bf in the bush the other day to take down two massive pines, and I was all dressed up for Father's Day at his family's place so I was wearing a dress...which has since been thrown out.

There was a giant sap stain on the right boob and the hemline was snagged to hell.:(

(His dad was meant to help him but was being a butt so I ended up instead)

But I'm so goddamn itchy. Poison ivy got me. Skeeters are always on me like white on rice.


And this is like two weeks later too.:(

I'll never be a pretty princess against.

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In which I brag about my balcony and bitch about everything else. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 19 201812:09:26 PM |

My mother, meeting me for breakfast, was two and a half HOURS late.

It was good to see her, still.

I'm such a useless bum. I'm not trying hard enough to find a better job and I feel like such a joke working at a coffee shop at 26 with two post-secondary educations.

All my friends live far away so I'm also kinda a social bum as well. Even worse, I'm not even that rankled over it - I'm fine texting my old friends sporadically, chatting online, and sponging off my bf's social circle 2-3 times a month.

It's weird because my personality is quite outgoing, but I don't really want more people closer in my life.

This beer is good, though.

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Guess who just got followed up her driveway by some random dude who thought she was a hooker and wanted to hire - Mood:Good
Saturday June 16 20188:44:22 PM |
To be fair it may have been my sultry outfit, heavy makeup, or come-drat-me Keds.

Either way I've locked and bolted my frickin door.

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What kind of bird is this? - Mood:Good
Sunday June 10 201810:46:00 AM |

And bird I mean song

And by kind if I mean identify by name

The church near my house play station music!

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This is my balcony. What should I do with it? - Mood:Good
Friday June 08 20183:03:54 PM |
Since my roommate left I got my office back (yay!)

And with it, the balcony!

The floor is nasty and the street is busy.

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I`m supposed to do something with wild turkey eggs for supper. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 05 20185:24:54 PM |
Never you mind how I got them.

I'm thinking of going full brinner. Serve 'em poached on an English muffin with ham and a dice of tomato covered in hollandaise (my specialty, seriously I whip together a spectacular hollandaise) with a side of roast potatoes with olive oil and rosemary.

But I could also do an omelette (broccoli and goats cheese would be nice, I think) or in a quiche.

Or maybe a frittata?

I called into work cuz I finally talked to a doctor (my aunt but shhhh, still counts) and they said the mild sprain in my ankle would only take a few days to go away with bed rest but perhaps MONTHS without and since it's already been over two weeks without being able to run or jump or walk without a limp, I am not so into the second option.

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On disaster zone apartments and other things. - Mood:Good
Monday May 28 201810:15:57 AM |
I've been sleeping at my bf's every night for the past two weeks.*

Two things have come out of this:

A)he hasn't had time to clean, and his apartment he moved into and hadn't finished unpacking is now a mess.

B)I haven't been home enough to make a mess, but my roommate is a HUGE slob. Since I refuse to do an hour's worth of cleaning on a kitchen I haven't used only to need to do it all again the very next day, no one is cleaning the place. It's horrendous.
Totally sustainable since he's moving out this Thursday, but still a headache to walk past.

I'm helping my bf clean his place tonight, and am counting the hours before I can clean mine.


*I go back to mine every day change and hang out and bum around, its very much an extended visit feel than me living with him.

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Oh god I`m so high. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 03 201810:06:16 AM |
I don't think I've been this hopped up on endorphins since I was a teenager.

I've been listening to old jazz and giggling over nothing and changing my panties twice a day.

Buckle up, babies, the stakes have never been higher and I'm all in.

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Hands in the air, punks! Gimme your favourite roostertail recipie! - Mood:Good
Friday April 27 20181:35:22 PM |
And no funny business!

I'm trying to impress a tire and sore hot dude who is already really good at mixing, so this is like an 11 in terms of importance.

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I bought a bunch of dresses and wanna whore `em - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 24 20183:11:52 PM |

I have a third date tonight. This guy is bonkers awesome. I have nothing more to add because I don't want to jinx anything.

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Things may be looking up - Mood:Good
Thursday April 12 20184:22:28 PM |
I have a job interview Tomorrow

I didn't even apply, the guy had my resume on file from like a year ago, he has been calling me but I missed the first two times so that's a good sign

I bought a new iPod because not having music is very stressful

I have date tomorrow too. It's a weird one, either it's going to be awful or amazing

You never can tell with these guys who post nihilistic absurdities on their profiles.

I'm so tired and everything hurts but I'm meeting an old friend for dinner and we are having hand pulled noodles

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I`m thinking of going back to school. Again. - Mood:Good
Monday April 09 20188:38:44 PM |
This time to study mortuary science/ funeral directing.

It's only an associates degree and I could probably transfer credits.

I've always loved hosting and biology, and this kind of combines that?


What do you lot think?

I have like four grand in savings, I know I could get a family loan for tuition, and I guess I could bartend a tree night.

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Last night I drank four vodka orange juices and got so f*cked up my roommate called 911 - Mood:Good
Sunday April 08 20184:18:20 PM |
We ended up spending the night in the hospital because apparently I was fine and then very suddenly I couldn't talk or stand and then I just lost consciousness


What the absolute hell

My roommate left around 4am

They said there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home

I almost passed out in the hall waiting for the cab

I asked the only woman then for help (but I only managed to daub 'help') and I KNOW she heard me because she said 'what'

But then I couldn't talk anymore because I fell out of the chair was lying on the ground vomiting

And the bitch just sad there and ignored me

Rather than getting a f*cking nurse

But the best i somehow was in a cab and was sent home

Still no idea how that happened

Now I'm all sick and mad and embarrassed and there is vomit and I'm too

At least I'll never manage to become an alcoholic

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I`ve got a meeting with my boss tomorrow - Mood:Good
Friday April 06 201811:04:13 PM |
I'm going to ask her I feel I can have a week off

My mum wanted me to go home with her to stay for a bit last Sunday but I said no, I wanted to just push through

But I'm not pushing through

I'm sleeping 14-16 hours a day, maybe more I'm not sure. I get up, try to do something, then get super exhausted and have to go back to bed. And then I have to go to work in the afternoon, and I've been like five minutes late this whole week I just can't seem to wake up in time.

Today I managed to wash my hair. Then I took a 5 hour nap

I'm not managing to do stuff like go to the laundromat or grocery store or shower enough or cook or anything. I'm just so exhausted. I thought it would get better slowly but it hasn't, at all.

I don't know what to do

I don't know if I'll get the time off work

And if I do what if going home makes things worse

I don't know

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This was new on the bridge near my house - Mood:Good
Thursday April 05 20187:41:56 PM |

Except (and this might shock you) I've edited the picture and the original didn't actually say 'aunt'.

I have very mixed feelings.

Feeling #1: why was my ex near my house. Scary. It's out of their way.

Feeling #2: Are you fifteen, dude?

Feeling #3: how the hell did I date this guy so long what's wrong with me

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In the food court hating every thing with the old folks - Mood:Good
Thursday April 05 201812:28:59 PM |
I showed up at the walkin at 11 but tngeyd closed their doors Shen to patient volume before lunch so now I'm the first person in at 1

I'm so sleepy

And bored

And malcontent

And this 7up is terrible why did I pick it

Help I have no energy

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I`m getting pretty sick of the relationship posts on my feed. - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 03 201810:29:41 AM |
But I don't mean like, their existence. I have no problem with people posting pics and cute sh*t and stuff, it's this crap:

'My boyfriend is my best friend. Not just cuz he's my boyfriend so we have to be friends. I've decided that I intimately know everyone else's relationship top to bottom and you guys plainly are lacking in the true love department and me and my boyfriend should be crowned Empress and Emperor Consort of Relationshipia because we have the same favourite avenger and agree on pizza toppings.'

When my friends start having babies I'm probably going to have to purge big time.

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my entire life has gone to sh*t and now I need to restart everything - Mood:Good
Friday March 30 20185:47:12 PM |
When my roommate insisted I meet him at husband office to walk me home on the day of the incident.

He told his colleagues what happened.

All of them.

And then just to cement my face to it, he made me come in and then talked about it to me in front of them.

This is a small town, they're regulars where I work, and I am a deeply private person. I am not going to feel comfortable working FOH anymore, honestly. I'm always going to be scared of them coming in. We can ban my ex, but we cant ban a quarter of thuan gossipy little c*ntmunity.

We had a huge two day fight about it. It's resolved now, but what's done is done.

And also, he's moving out (for unrelated reasons, and I don't blame him his room is terrible)

But I can't live in that apartment alone, it's so incredibly unsafe feeling knowing my ex could just show up or wait for me as I come home one day.

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