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Female, 26 years old
One of Toronto`s burbs, Ontario, Canada

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I'm sick. Again. - Mood:Good
Thursday September 21 20172:41:00 PM |
I had strep last week and now I've got a nondescript illness

Basically I hurt all over and I have a a sore throat and I'm exhausted, naseous, and have a headache that feel so like my head is full of poorly mixed paint.

I don't want to get up at ten pm for nine hours of hard labour. I just really f*cking don't.

But I called in sick last we and I want a damn letter of reference and I don't know what the f*ck to do

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Guy! Big news! - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 19 201711:36:26 AM |
The interview is done, i have the job, and I'm meeting the landlord for the apartment I wanted to sign the rental in 1/2 an hour!


I guess I'm moving to Peterborough!

I'm so excited about everything I can't even decide what to talk about. Ask me questions.

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Help - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 13 20174:45:41 PM |
I have f*cking strep.

I have gross ass white pustules in the back left of my throat, and a fever of 38.8. Do your own dang math, Americans. I'm sick.

I get it like 2-3 times a year because my throat USB just built in such a way that leaves me Avery vulnerable to it.

The problem is : a couple hours ago it wasn't nearly this bad, so I called my boss and asked if he wanted me to come in and wear a mask or stay home because while I felt energetic enough to work strep is HELLA contagious.

He said to come in because there is literally no one available to cover for me.

But I'm f*gking got the cold shakes and nearly passed out of dizziness on the way to pee and get the thermometer

What do?:(

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Word on the street is... - Mood:Good
Sunday September 10 201711:49:17 AM |
Ah, Peterborough. Jewel of the Kawarthas, the electric city of redneck townies and methheads shipped from all of north Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe, queen of my heart and home of my alma mater, land of cheap rent and hiring bakeries, princess of pop and the place where most of Canada's oatmeal gets rolled.

I'm here's for two interviews, waiting at the bus stop for my friend mike who I'm staying with.

I've been here for ten minutes and I've already learned:

Two guys were kissing in the shower but they didn't, like, get all up in there.

Roger has been dodging his child support payments. Again. The bastard.

Someone's granddaughter isn't doing too well in the third grade.

She is just plain fed up with her boyfriends nonsense and this is the last f*cking straw do you understand me?

A thirteen year old would like to buy smokes but Rick will only spare three.

How do?

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What kind of laptop should I get? - Mood:Good
Saturday September 02 201711:56:12 AM |
I'm utterly clueless for this sort of thing.

Here is what I need it for:
maybe music? I have a lot of music and that would be convinient.

I also don't have much money.


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I can`t help it if I`m an adshole. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 31 20171:36:08 PM |
I was standing on the corner on the sidewalk looking at somebody bird or something (ADD powers, activate!) and a lady honked at me because I had missed the pedestrian sign changing.

Aggressively. And then when I looked over she gave me a rude handbag sign.

But like, I was on the SIDEWALK. And not even on the curb, the middle.

So I didn't what any reasonable person would do - walked into the middle of where her lane would be turning into, looked around, stood stil, did a little jig, and gave her a bow before existing stage left.

She didn't seem amused. Oh well.

Am I a jerk? I feel like a jerk. I also have no regrets.

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The cowbell is not a musical instrument. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 24 201710:48:34 AM |
Get it the f*ck out.

Should I get the guy I've been dating for a month Lucas brothers tickets for his upcoming birthday?

+he really likes the Lucas Brothers and only told me once on our first date so dang I am thoughtful
+thirty dollars each so it's not like, a crazy expensive gift.

-what if we stop seeing each other? Then I wouldn't get to see them and that would be a huge let down.
-thirty dollars x 2 + service charges + booking fees = 80 dollars.

Here is my lunch. I made in in four minutes, including cleaning.

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Do I look ok guys? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 17 201712:31:55 PM |
I have a sudden lunch date in 20 minutes and am tipsy and Justin changed out of my pjs.

USB the dress too much? I picked it cuz it's suuuuper comfy

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What happened at Starbucks? - Mood:Good
Saturday August 12 20179:51:48 AM |
I work in a plaza, and there is a Starbucks a few shops down across Andrew inside corner from the bakery.

Yesterday, SH*T WENT DOWN

Around 6/630am, a couple of the girls from there came and sat on the bench (closest bench around) in front of us crying and talking.

And then the guy came out and was crying too. And then the other prople at Starbucks brought over their patio chairs to the bench and joined it.

And then a bunch of people from corporate came and we're talking to everyone one on one and apparently they looked really upset too and one corporate lady was also crying a little.

It lasted for FOUR HOURS too.

And this morning, none of them were there - instead there were two guys who've never been Sen before


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Hey guys help me figure out this music structure - Mood:Good
Thursday August 10 20172:16:06 PM |
You know, the 50s slow dance twangy one that goes like

(Hum this six-beat rhythm with indicated emphasis at adagietto)

Also then send me some to listen to

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The ideal state of chocolate - Mood:Good
Saturday July 29 20171:39:44 PM |
I left a big fat Cadbury bar in my bag and it has softened to that state of utter perfection where it's not in the least bit melty but has a lot of give to it, and almost a chewy texture.

I just wanted a couple squares but I'm not sure that'll happen as this state of resplendency seems fleeting

Call for help

Call the fire brigade

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I went to the doctor yesterday - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 25 20179:07:53 AM |
She told me to let me know if I think she thinks I should be institutionalized.

And honestly I would be, but I'm scared of the long term implications. What if I want to immigrate, or I work somewhere where it would be a problem and someone finds out? And what happens if it's bad? I already freak out sometimes about not having any control in life, what it if makes things worse?

I got into a big fight with a friend today. I don't think I want to be friends anymore.

I told my boss about how I was robbed and asked for a few days off when it's convenient to get my head straight. He knew I was a bit of a mess before I left and I think we were both hoping this trip would help me.

Too bad the opposite happened. I'm super on end and just so exhausted, physically and emotionally and mentally. I don't know what to do with myself.

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It is a known fact that a woman d carry an evening bag at dinner time! - Mood:Good
Monday July 24 20173:08:19 PM |
I just watched Paris is burning for the second time. I think I'll watch it again tomorrow.

Look at this record!

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I`m in line at the Harry Potter shop at King`s Cross - Mood:Good
Saturday July 22 20171:38:39 PM |
It's moving pretty fast!

How shall I fritter away my remaining money?

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I`m definitely not in Kansas anymore. - Mood:Good
Friday July 21 20173:26:57 AM |

Ok, I'll admit it:that was taken yesterday, but as cute as fort angus is it's not as dramatic.
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I`m no longer in Prague! - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 18 20179:08:49 AM |

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I`m in Prague, guys! - Mood:Good
Saturday July 15 201712:22:55 PM |
Ten minutes after leaving the apartment, I had my wallet stolen.

There was a subway crush, I looked down, and even though I had my cross body bag in front of me and zipped poo had been opened and my wallet was gone.

So I have no money, cash or credit.

Thank god I still have my phone with data and passport.

But 100gbp and 1000 Czech kurons, poof, gone. Plus my health card and drivers licence.

I'm getting wired emergency fund ms from visa via western union, but dang.

I think my grandmother is more upset than I am. There was literally nothing I could have done to prevent this short of a money belt - which is extreme for such a nice country - and she considers this city her home.

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Hey skyfish I had a dream about you. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 12 20179:20:59 AM |
Ok, it was about your house.

Ok, your parent's house.

Ok, your parent's OLD house which they had moved out of, and had fallen into disrepair.

It was huge and not grey. I went in through the massive front double-doored entrance, and wandered around what had most likely been the living room. It was completely empty of furniture and filthy, but sunlight was pouring in through the windows and grass was starting to grow up through the cracks in the floorboards.

I went into what must have been the dining room and there was a table, on which sat an open cereal box, bowl and spoon, plastic cup and comic book, all covered with so much grime I could only make them out from their shape.

I wanted to go upstairs, but the place was in such a state that I thought 'what if the floor falls down with me on it?'

And then I woke up.

Also, I got dumped. :(
It sucks, but I'm surprisingly not upset

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I got a list, here`s the order of my list that it`s in. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 09 20176:28:03 AM |
My vacation is in five days and I haven NO plans. Let me know if you're in Scotland or london and want to hang out or have recommendations for hikes/museums/places of liquor because lord knows I need some structure.

Also you Londoners, a good instrument store. I need a f*vkig flute because mine sucks ASS and I can't find an easy to get to music store around here. I figure if I need to travel for it anyway I might as well just get one wherever.

With the super sexy ginger engineer who enjoys the same twisted sort of jokes advice I do. Holy hell does this guy push all the tight buttons for me.

I think the hottest thing about him is his voice though. I could listen to him talk forever.

My pretty princess parasol came in from amazon.

I hate the fact that I had to buy it, but I have had sun poisoning three times this year after what a normal person would walk

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So guess what you buttsniffers I got a second date. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 05 201711:46:57 PM |
He hasn't kissed me. But also he is crazy shy and awkward.

I think he wanted to twice but didn't, and I have had some REALLY bad experiences with kissing guys who turned out to just have been being polite and trying to ride the date out and didn't a want to kiss me, so I NEVER make that first move on a first date anymore

But since he want some to see me again I can just grab his dumb face and kiss it, right?

Oh man he is so friggin handsome. Y'all don't even KNOW.

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Saturday Night`s alright for sluttin` - Mood:Good
Saturday July 01 20174:00:11 PM |
As per use, I have an internet date.

But I'm also excited about this one, and we've been texting all week, and he's already asked me out on a second date if this one works

So I am actually invested for once.

Wanna see the outfit my mom picked out for me?

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The Kate does arise, and makes happy the skies. - Mood:Good
Friday June 30 20176:48:47 PM |
A whole buncha weed + a full sleeping tablet = actually being able to fall asleep after work as soon as I get home.

I'm pretty excited for meeting this guy tomorrow. He already asked me out on a second date if 'I didn't get sick of him'.

F*ck me is there anything sexier then a man taking some darn initiative?

I made a tuna sandwich. I need a new incense burner - I have an a scortch mark on my table because my old one is such a piece of poorly functioning crap. Should I head out and buy one?7

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I`m heading to work - Mood:Good
Thursday June 29 201711:36:50 PM |
I changed buses (same length, different route) because the last bus was COLD AS F* K

I have a date on Saturday that I'm actually looking forward to and excited about. We're going to see the fireworks! Talk me down, it's been forever since I was this excited about a datebook and now I am dreading the probable letdown.

But get a load of these boots!

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My cat`s claw just fell the frick off! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 27 201710:36:45 AM |
Is that normal?

I think it got snagged on the blanket, and she seems fine. I examined her other foot first to see how pissed it would make her (she is a curmudgeon) and when I looked at the affected food she didn't seem any more annoyed, even when I prodded it. No blood, and she seems fine.

Her teeth are garbage too (says the vet), so maybe she just sucks at body parts like that.

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Would a short (mid thigh) kilt paired with Mary Janes look too fetishy? - Mood:Good
Sunday June 25 20177:28:05 AM |
Your gal over here has a lunch date.

Because of course I do, when am I not pathetically launching myself via internet dates towards the nebulous idea of twoo wuv?


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