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Female, 32 years old
Detroit, Michigan, Midwest US

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Interests: Drinking / Partying / Animals / Family / Singing
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Birthday:5/15/1987 (32 Years Old)
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Occupation: waitress
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Other
Politics: Liberal
Fav. Movie: Sin City, Office Space, The Notebook
Fav. TV Show: Charmed, The Real World
Fav. Book: Angel and Demons
Fav. Song: Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Fav. Food: Slim Jims
Fav. Car: ferrarri
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What the hell could be going on?!?! - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 13 20095:05:19 AM |
WARNING MEN! this could be something you don't want to read!

But ladies I haven't had my period in like literally 8 months, I am not pregnant of course. I do have polycystic ovarian disease... I least I have been told that as well as endrometriosis. But is that the only reasons I am not having a period? I have looked it up and I am drawing a blank.

GIRLS! Help me out! I don't want kids right now but I want the hopes of having one so... am I doomed?

What can be wrong with me?

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Why do I fall for the losers?! - Mood:Depressed
Tuesday August 19 20081:04:20 AM |
Ok so to make a long story short... I fall for losers. the kind of guys that ask me for gas money, the kind that want to sit on their butt and have a women take care of them, the kind that still live at home at 27 with their mommy and have her give them money every morning but then have the balls to say that I need to get my life together. wtf?

and then accuse me cheating over and over and OVER but yet when we get in a fight he suddenly has all these girls he can call up... my other ex said it the best "When a guy accuses you and is that paranoid its because he is f*cking up himself."

SO the question is why do I put up with this BS? He overheard me say (and I was kidding) as he was creeping outside of my house, if he doesn't show up in 15 minutes I am going to hang out with my friend Phil and proceeded to call me trash, bitch, whore, etc. and shoved me into his car, hard.

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Hurried Entry! But Urgent! - Mood:Depressed
Saturday November 17 20077:40:38 AM |
I got the anxiety of litterally my whole family on me and im not talking about taking out the trash and keeping the house nice... in a nut shell I have to do my moms job w/o her bosses knowing it do all the cooking cleaning and then have to hear all the anxiety reinterated back to me but my poor mom does have horrible anxiety too

meanwhile her other piece of sh*t daughter is having illegal sh*t sent to our house that she got from fake travels checks and stolen credit card numbers which could very possibly put my mom in jail/prison... she doesnt care though and what she is trying to get isnt a home and get herself set up tith a car its to get victorias secret and oxycotin and heroin

I am litteraly about to burst... and that is just the tip of the ice berg the TIP. I didnt even get into the face that my other sister is a heroin addict with a felony warrant ... and I just dealt w/ the death my 1 true love

sorry didnt mean to depress anyone.

but ne suggestions at all please!

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Does this make me a total dork? - Mood:Indifferent
Friday June 15 20078:53:03 PM |
I totally go out and do it up, (drink, dance, sing, party etc. ((nothing TOO crazy, drugs, sex, etc.)) )

But I am a nerd at heart.

I play World Of Warcraft and I can definetly play 12 hours in a row.

I turned down a pool side BBQ with pina coladas and such to level on WoW.

haha I am a loser.

Anyone have secret dorky things about them people wouldn't expect?

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I am no badass - Mood:Confused
Thursday June 14 200710:24:37 PM |
Ok so here is the deal in a nutshell.

I'm in a little bit of trouble with the law. and I could get out of it if I go to a rehab/pyschiatric center or take jail time. But I love the summer.

So anyways, should I go now to rehab, turn myself in, or enjoy the summer and make my decision after?

Oh and I also have medical problems (endrometriosis) that I HAVE to get checked out or I won't be able to have kids. So I'm kind of stuck. I know I'm rambling.

Anyways what do you think I should do?

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Truth or Dare? - Mood:Good
Thursday February 08 20075:04:26 AM |
Hey... playing that like a 12 year old but have a question for YTer's

What should my truth or dare be to these people?

Make them GOOD!

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You Know You Want To :P - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday January 18 20071:04:29 AM |
I have been an active member of YT on this alias for over a year and another alias for another 2 years. I did have a key but my year ran out.

I would love someone forever if they could maybe buy me another year I don't have a credit card otherwise I wouldn't be so cheap.

I love YT for the good and the bad, and of course for the unbelievable funny and sarcastic.

Would anyone care to help a little lady out?

All answers are welcome

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Yeah so it`s already been said... - Mood:Good
Saturday October 28 20068:58:34 PM |
My tigers lost!!!!!!

they were such a cinderella story and those devil cardinals took us... on our turf!

sorry not that anyone cares really... but I spent alot of money on t-shirts, hats, booze, etc. and I love my tigers.

no one prolly even watched the world series lol

but anyways haven't been here in a while how is everyone doing?

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Is it sooo wrong? - Mood:Depressed
Friday August 18 20062:40:19 AM |
Is it so wrong that I am facing criminal charges for drinking under age... and I am drinking right now?

What is your guy's experiences with getting out of getting in trouble?

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Back To Michigan I Go! - Mood:Good
Monday July 24 20065:29:49 AM |
My two weeks in Georgia are up and I'm heading back to the D. I came here to see my niece and nephew and get a kick ass tan.

Taking the GREYHOUND all the way home... I hate 24 hour bus rides... makes me want to kill myself.

Now I have to get the balls to go to my passed away boyfriends house to pick up poems and other sentimental things he had for me. (his mom wants me to have it)

Don't exactly know if I am ready to read that.

Might come back to YT slizer style and have a mental breakdown. Pssssht

oh well

How is everyone's morning going?

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Like A Dumbass - Mood:Good
Friday May 19 200612:34:00 AM |
hey what is that site that you go to so you can show and view your picture images smaller?

yes I am dumb and forgot the site

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The Way I feel - Mood:Good
Thursday April 20 20063:51:40 AM |
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house. That don’t bother me. I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out. I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while. Even though going on with you gone still upsets me. There are days every now and again I pretend I’m ok. But that’s not what gets me. What hurts the most. Was being so close. And having so much to say.And watching you walk away.And never knowing. What could have been.And not seeing that loving you. Is what I was tryin’ to do.
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As much as I don`t want to be a wigger... - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 12 20064:01:03 AM |
I think we should pay our respects to "proof" aka the main rapper in D12 and Eminems best friend. He was brutally murdered.

Another detroit murder. I have met Proof in person he was a wonederful man, didn't judge you b/c you weren't famous. Great guy. maybe I am just serious about it b/c I am from detroit but I am sure people can agree that senseless violence needs to stop.

pay your respects. voice your opinion. whatever.

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Happy St. Patty`s Day! - Mood:Good
Friday March 17 200611:15:03 PM |
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Irish St. Patty's day... what a bad time to decide to stop drinking lol... oh well I can watch other people be drunk and that can be just as fun.

How's everyones Irish holiday going?

Irish Pride hehe

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Been Gone A While But Now ... EVEN LONGER - Mood:Good
Monday March 13 20069:59:38 PM |
Not that any of you care but I am going to be gone for alot longer then just a vacation from YT. My dumb@ss fault.. but I am going to be serving at least 3 months (including my birthday) in oakland county jail for my 3rd consecutive MIP (minor in possession) ...

I have no one to blame but myself...

I just want to let all the younger kids on here bragging about drinking that now I finally realize drinking underage is NOT WORTH IT! I just hope it won't take jail time for some of you to figure this out. and I hope I don't get some butch for a roomate...

I am so depressed... I already experience only 3 days in jail for something else I really shouldn't have been there for and that was enough... I am very scared but it will give me alot of time to think about how dumb I was to just stop drinking and not to do it in public...

I pray for strength. Hopefully some of you will not have to learn the hard way like me

Peace out guys

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I Can`t Seem To Snap Out Of It - Mood:Depressed
Thursday December 01 200512:28:35 AM |
Ok people I know I act like the sarcastic, all knowing, self assured bitch.

But I am everything but. I have had manic depression all my life. But ever since the move and my meds are gone and the changing of everything, my surrounding, the loss of my close friends, and my mom and sister's, I just can't cope with it all. I can't stop crying all the time. I have to take breaks to hole up in the bathroom in work and just cry.

and on top of everything my ex tells me he loves me and misses me. and i have his future babies mother mad at me (whom he left at 7 months pregnant for ANOTHER former ex whom I have hated long before I knew him). And this stupid bitch, erica (the one my ex left the pregnant girlfriend for) has the audacity to IM and be like "guess what I have chris here" it's like you dumb bitch he went to you because he couldn't get to me. Oooh what a prize a guy with 2 kids on the way (she's pregnant too) and no job, and warrant for his arrest. cont.

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I`m The Fool Still In Love With A Fool - Mood:Good
Wednesday November 16 20051:44:29 AM |
I am so entirely upset right now. And it is my fault. I don't even want to go deep into the details because I don't want to make myself look more like a fool then I already feel. Why can't my ex just let me move on? Why do I let him say he loves me and get a glimmer of hope when he says I'm all he's ever wanted and he wants to see me when I come back to michigan? why? I should hate him. I should literally want him dead for all the sh*t he put me through. So why does my heart jump when I speak to him and why do I speak to him at all.

It's been 6 months since we've been together but I still cry everyday. Why is he still affecting me like this. Why can't I just hate him?

I'm sorry this is so angsty I'm just so upset right now and everyone is sleeping and I needed to vent.

Advice would be appreciated but then again you don't really know the whole story so how are you supposed to give me advice.. I don't know I hope everyone is having a better night than me.

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I Have Censor My Content - Mood:Good
Thursday November 10 20058:25:43 PM |
So it's official I can't have a open journal where I can confess and vent everything I want to because my ex, his girlfriend AND his friends read what I say and conspire about it, and make up rumors

I thought there was ONE FREAKIN PLACE I could come and vent and feel better but of course f*ck heads take that away from me.

This is so freakin highschool and all these other people are older than me too. how freakin sad


Jesus, f*ucking, Christ.

I'm sad and aggitated YT

What should I do?

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