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Female, 83 years old
Tatooine, Western US

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Time manipulates your heart, preconceptions torn apart - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 21 20181:07:36 PM |
I saw the most hilarious thing on the way in to work this morning on the freeway. It was this Ford Ranger from Washington state, covered in dirt, but above the Ford badge on the tailgate, the guy had written in the dirt "MY" over the Ford badge and "SUCKS" under it. I genuinely laughed out loud to myself for a minute.

Our trip is almost here and I am equal parts excited and nervous about it, tbh. I have done a lot of planning and question asking of the disnerds and I feel prepared, but it's still all pretty new to me, ya know? Getting somewhat acquainted to 4 theme parks is a little daunting.

Also, I think I'm a little in love with Star Wars. I think I was somewhat afraid that would happen, which is why I put it off for so long. I've only watched episodes I-VI so far, however. I will watch the 3 newest ones in the next month.

What's up, home fries?

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Surprise! - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 14 20183:45:10 PM |
Yeah, surprises! I guess mostly good ones, but bad ones can be mentioned, too. Get to it, this place is boring.

-I didn't name this journal with song lyrics, which is rare.
-I have been working my way through the Star Wars movies in release order (have watched through Episode II) and I actually like them. I like the original trilogy better than the prequels thus far, though.
-My boss is going to Disney World at the same time we will be there. Not sure if this falls under "good" or "bad", lol. He'll only be there the second half of our trip.
-Saw a Bentley SUV in traffic on the way to work last week. Unremarkable.

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I am less than the sum, I am parts of the whole, There is something missing, There is something I stole - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 31 20185:17:24 PM |
I had to attend a meeting with my boss this morning that was held by the city government and it mostly went just fine, but he still scares me driving. I had a couple of instances where I was grabbing onto the door handle hoping we didn't get smashed, tbh. He's just very "jerky" and sometimes slow to react? I guess that's it.

Anyway, it was informative and he took me to a sandwich shop afterwards and thanked me for going with him. I like him, but he's something.

During the meeting (probably almost a hundred people in an auditorium), he took two phone calls and excused himself to the hallway, lol. Thank God I was there to get the information for our services that we were there for! I also saw this guy in front of me take a picture of the PP slideshow the city was using on his phone and internally rolled my eyes at how lazy that is and then my boss did it, lol.

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Breathe in and get a bit higher - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 10 20186:49:04 PM |
I went to this local supermarket at lunch time that's closing and there were 4 or 5 dudes out front wearing construction-type vests holding signs to not shop there because the store's employees aren't unionized. I wonder if they even realize it's closing as what a monumental waste of time that is considering they've literally announced they're going out of business in a couple of weeks and everything in the store is on clearance, lol.

Anyway, let's talk about weird little sayings/things from different countries that we find funny. I think saying "expiry" instead of "expiration" like we do in the U.S. sort of adorable. (I noted an Aussie saying it.)

Let's not turn this into a the U.S. is terrible because they tip servers and don't have universal healthcare deal, though, k?

Let's keep it lighthearted.

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How often do you communicate with your S/O while you or they or both of you are at work? - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 27 20171:20:31 PM |
Just curious as I think it varies quite a lot. I used to work with cuck's boss and we eventually came to realize that he takes multiple calls a day from his stay-at-home wife. They have three kids, but I think all but one is technically an adult now. I don't know what they talk about; I think that would drive me nuts.

I might shoot my husband a quick message on yt or via text here and there, but some days we don't communicate at all during the day, especially if he's out in the field.

I'm getting excited for our Florida/WDW trip in February now that I've survived the office move. I haven't been to Florida since I was 13 years old, I think, so over 20 years, but some of my fondest memories were there as a child vacationing with my parents and visiting my aunt, who lived in St. Petersburg.

My boss is on vacay this week, too, which is also great.

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Pardon me while I burst into flames - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 19 20175:49:07 PM |
My boss always drives me crazy at Christmas time with client gifts and cards, tbh.

This year we were moving and, therefore, did not order cards (literally no time to work on them), but he's at it again on the gifts.

Always waits until the last minute, I can't get the gift baskets there until the week after Christmas (again), so I just pick out a New Year's card and put down "Happy Holidays from Rag_Doll_'s company!" on them and forget about it.

He also has boxes of chocolates this year and these guys are too lazy to hand deliver (which is way nicer than shipping them), so I'll undoubtedly have to ship most of them very soon. He also keeps changing his mind on who to give them to and I finally said to him earlier "If you make one more change, I'm going to eat a box of this candy!".

It's all for marketing/client relation purposes, but he's also cheap as hell, which makes this un-fun.

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A catastrophe. - Mood:Anxious
Monday November 20 20174:07:56 PM |
It's shaping up that way, folks.

Long story short, my office is moving again and our lease is up on the 30th. Moving day is the 29th and we are *way* downsizing.

My boss only secured the movers TODAY and we are renting totes from them rather than buying boxes and those aren't guaranteed delivery until Wednesday morning, so that gives us three days to pack because of the holiday. I'm probably going to have to come in over the weekend.

We had a sale on Friday for used furniture, filing cabinets, and miscellany, but there is still a LOT of stuff left and my boss is dragging his feet on donating stuff. He thinks we can call a charity next Monday and have them pick up a large quantity of items on Tuesday, lol. You can't just count on that, ffs. Maybe, but no way assume.

He's supposed to do a walkthrough on the 30th with the landlord. Yeah, right.

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Tile flooring... - Mood:Good
Monday November 13 20174:44:02 PM |
Has anyone ever had a tile floor, or more specifically the grout, sealed? I love the tile flooring we put in years ago, but I made the mistake of letting Lowe's pick out my grout color and it's light and it's getting a little dingy in high traffic areas.

I wonder how much it would help if I had it sealed. Any thoughts?

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So you`re the kind that deals with the games in the mind. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 26 20176:44:02 PM |
My coworker invited everyone in the office to his 3 year old's birthday party in a couple of weeks. Is it me or is that a little weird? I've always thought children's birthday parties are for their little friends and close friends and family, no? Luckily we are going to celebrate my stepfather-in-law's birthday out to dinner that day so I have a pretty good excuse not to go.

The little girl is darling, but we were just at his house a couple of months ago for a housewarming party and we also brought a gift.

My friend/coworker that I share an office with is like "enough already", totally channeling George Costanza.

We went to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon Nation Park with my in-laws last weekend and we all had a great time. There are some photos in the Autumn thread in Generals.

We bought hiking boots before the trip and they were GREAT.


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Sacrifice my happiness just so I could win - Mood:Good
Monday September 18 20177:49:44 PM |
My office is moving again in a couple of months and I'm not thrilled about it as much fun as it was last time, three years ago.

The office they are zeroing in on is good and not in a bad area, but I will have to take a different freeway to work and this one's a total sh*tshow in the morning. Not only will I have to get up earlier, I will get home later because I can't leave the office until 5 because I cover the phone.

One of my coworkers is a delicate flower and he can't stand the occasional airplane noise we get here where we are now (next to a major airport), even though they land over our building rather than taking off more than 90% of the time.

It honestly doesn't bother me (or anyone else, for that matter), I just tune it out on weathery days.

Moving is the f*cking worst and these guys are pushing for the targeted office because it's closer to their houses.

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All that you need will surely come. - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 12 20174:15:40 PM |
Although in this situation, I sort of doubt it.

I'm on lunch and I checked my facebook and I have a weird private message from my friend J. She has been living with her friend and husband's cousin for a while now as she and her husband have been living on his disability payments for a while now (he is truly sick) and they can't afford to get their own place.

Anyway, the friend's sister has been living there also and she brought some ex-felon home and apparently my friend J and her husband fear for their safety and she is going to send out a message to three people before 12pm every day on fb and if we don't get the message, we're supposed to call 911?

I don't like being put in these situations. If it's unsafe, get out of there. What would I even tell 911? Her parents live here in town, it's not like they have no one.

Isn't this weird?

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WHOA - Mood:Good
Thursday September 07 20176:52:49 PM |
When did amazon start supplying pictures of delivered packages on your doorstep?!


I have 3 packages being delivered today from 3 different places!

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People tell me that I feel too much, but I don`t care. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 09 20176:43:37 PM |
No one has posted in Journals in 2 hours!

This past weekend I kind of felt like I didn't have one because I went out TWICE (omg) during the day both days.

On Sunday I had that thing at my boss's house and it was cool. I rode with my coworker and her husband because my husband was still recovering from a nasty cold her had during the week. My boss's house was nice and, since he's a geologist, he had cool fossils and rocks strewn about his house.

Did I ever tell you guys he really favors Ralph Macchio? 'Tis true.

I've been in a pretty good mood lately. I'm sure most people can't tell when I'm not, but I surely know.

My mom's landline phone is totally FUBAR right now in that you can barely hear her and there is a constant busy signal in the background, lol. They were supposed to have it fixed today; we'll see about that.

lucky made the funniest typo today, I'm still lol'ing.

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Blow sh*t up with homemade dynamite. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 03 20171:18:21 PM |
So today I am looking sort of 90s-ish, I'm wearing one of those plastic choker things that were very in back in the day with a matching bracelet and I am wearing Tommy Girl perfume.

It got me thinking about women's fashion (don't pass out, slinks). I'm 34 and sometimes I probably dress younger than I should, but I think I've noticed it as a trend with people my age. I feel like those old lady sack-like clothes will be going the way of the dodo in the future because my generation won't have them.

Do you think you dress younger at your age than the generation before you?

Even my mom dresses younger now than she used to when I was a child and my mother-in-law is totally hip and doesn't dress like an old lady, either.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Haha, I`m a jackass. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 01 20172:51:19 PM |
Does anyone else remember the time that buddy posted that link to that duck penis "deploying" in the links forum and we were all "wtf?!"? This was years ago, how many I couldn't even tell you at this juncture.

Anyway, my movie fellas were talking about the preying mantis being an bum opening last week and gouging out hummingbirds' eyes and eating their brains, so I told them via e mail to google "duck penis" if they want to be disturbed by nature and one of them did it and responded to me, lol.

The thing *IS* terrifying.

I think my body's been fighting off a minor illness for the past few days since we went to a housewarming party. My lymph nodes are swollen, I've been sneezing a lot, and I've felt just a little run down. Not enough to keep me from anything, though. I think I might make it without going down at this point.

Tell me some jackass thing you've done lately.

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Reach in for a rabbit, come up with a stone - Mood:Suspicious
Friday July 14 20171:43:10 PM |
I was showering this morning and I hear constant banging on the front door. My husband wasn't home because he went to work rather early this morning so I was like "WTF?!". I jump out of the shower to see what the hell is going on; I didn't know if it was the cops or what, tbh. I get to the door and it's our neighbor, D, but I'm naked except for a towel, so I talk to him through the closed door.

He's like, "You have a busted pipe on the side of the house, it's gushing pretty bad!". So, I have to dry off and get myself covered so I can go check this out.

D saw me in my bathrobe and with a towel on my head. The mystery is gone. This is probably how he'll think of me from now on.

Anyway, it was our irrigation system, the stupid thing. The hubby will be looking into it as he's worked on it before.

There was water gushing down the street, lol. I got it turned off.

What a start!

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Deep into the water, Deep into the dark, Deep into the places stories have to start - Mood:Good
Friday July 07 20174:36:36 PM |
In the last couple of weeks, things have gotten pretty technologically advanced in our household. I am generally a late adapter to new technology for the most part and I'm ok with that.

I didn't have a smart phone until 2011 and I just replaced that one in October of last year, for example.

Anyway, for my birthday the husband got me a pair of SONOS Play:1 speakers (they are wireless save for the power cord and work off of wifi) and they are GREAT. I also upgraded our BluRay player to a wireless one and feel like an idiot for not doing that sooner. Our cable internet and router are working great with it thus far. I also just added DVR to my cable package and watched the previous night's Conan last night while eating dinner, fast forwarding through commercials.

I love all of this stuff!

What is something you were late to the party on, but ended up loving?

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I`ve gotta find an answer, Gotta fashion a skeleton key - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 21 20171:17:16 PM |
There's an event going on in town today and some of my coworkers are going to it, so it's going to be pretty quiet around here this afternoon. I'm supposed to have a doc from another office to work on later, but we'll see. They're not always as timely as they say they're going to be.

So, things that make no sense. My coworker had her brother-in-law put braces on her son (he's an ortho), but bil lives in Northern California and she and her family do not. Long story short, son's wire comes out and she can't get a local ortho to touch her son's braces because they aren't the treating dentist. Last week she took a day off to fly to NorCal with her son to get his braces fixed, which had been jacked for weeks.

Isn't this more trouble than it's worth? I think it's a bit cray.

Let's discuss things people do that make no sense whatsoever.

The hassle isn't worth the savings sometimes.

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How worried should we really be about the Russians? - Mood:Good
Monday June 12 20174:10:00 PM |
They have the hardest time translating Savage Garden song titles, it really makes me doubt their intellect.

Tho the Moon and Back & Carry One Dancing had me lol'ing.

This is by far not the first time I've seen them botch multiple songs on a bootleg tape or CD, haha.

Today has been a good day, but I had a minor issue earlier. I will live.

I can't wait to have 6 days off of work in a row after I'm done working tomorrow. It's been a while since I took that many days off in a row, so I certainly have the time.

How are you folks today?

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Hey womersly, check it out! - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 07 20173:26:50 PM |
I took this last night, so it was a little dark, but I'm really happy with the magnetic board I ordered for this!

Do you have things you like hanging around your house or is your decorating pretty generic? I find it depressing going into houses that come off like they're being staged to sell. I also hate it when there is almost nothing on walls.

Pretty sure we're going to see Wonder Woman this weekend. We haven't been to a movie at the theater since Finding Dory last year and WW is getting really great reviews.

Today has been going along quit nicely, so hopefully the afternoon zips along as well.

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I will give you an honest assessment - Mood:Good
Monday June 05 20176:38:14 PM |
I'm bored, so don't be afraid. There's at least one nice thing I can say about every person that frequents this site, but I'll be non-vicious about the rest, too.

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You will like my sense of humor (aka Cuties!)... - Mood:Good
Friday June 02 20173:59:37 PM |
We haven't done one of these in a while, so post photos of people you think are attractive (famous people, obviously) and we can agree with or ridicule each other.

I'm going to go for different today and give you people you haven't heard me gush about a million times already!

Starting in the next post...

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Is love really the tragedy the way you might describe? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 24 201712:52:01 PM |
I decided last week that I need to start wearing eyeliner again. I'm just too pale and I look better wearing it. I had just gotten lazy and given up on it, wearing just foundation, powder, and mascara the majority of the time. I need to find an eyelid primer that works for me, though. I tried the UD stuff and it's just too f*cking pasty and thick. I need something that glides on easy and dries matte. Does this exist? My eyelids are super oily, so that sucks.

I can't decide if I'm tired of my job or not. Some days, I feel great about it, other days, not so much. I know that's normal to a degree, but the slow days are so slow I want to scream sometimes and now I'm being paid more than ever.


I think I'd like to watch the old and new Twin Peaks; it sounds interesting.

I want to watch all the things, but I also want a sparkling clean home, so those things clash.

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Bite into the onion, Taste it for the thrill - Mood:Good
Sunday May 21 201711:19:12 PM |
Ok, so I bought this advertisement for one of my favorite albums on ebay and it's laminated and I can't decide what to do with it. I have framed laminated things before, but they really don't show that well, honestly. I don't want to punch holes in the item to hang it somewhere, either. Is there something that I'm not thinking of? I thought of putting it on the side of my filing cabinet with magnets, but meh. HALP

Oh my glob, speaking of the filing cabinet, I spent TWO HOURS this morning cleaning out that sucker. I purged and still have to shred a bunch of stuff this week. I found my ticket stub from when I saw Jerry Seinfeld in 2005, lol.

I also found the picture of myself one of my employees at Kohl's drew of me (shut up), who also wanted to date me.


How are things?

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And the ocean feels like Mars, And the acid feels like rain - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 16 20175:25:08 PM |
A thought I never thought I'd have: I am having so much fun on twitter.


Did you ever poo poo something forever, but when you relented, you actually liked it?

My boss is at another office today, but he just called and says he is selling some of our dusty, unused lab equipment and some folks are stopping by in a bit to get the first of it! YES OH YES! Goodbye, you piles of sh*t!

We are moving again in about 6 months and I'm not looking forward to that, however.

How are you, lovelies?

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