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Male, 38 years old
Eastern US

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Fav. Movie: Star Wars
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Have you lived recently without a consistent ISP? - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 06 20192:47:16 PM |
We have had an unexpected and fairly large windfall. Enough so that we will be able to purchase a new home.

It is relatively expensive where we live but home values drop significantly when we move more into the countryside.

We may have found our 'dream home' but it has a serious drawback, at least for me. The only available internet and TV is satellite. I've triple checked, there is no land line type service for those products at the location.

This thought terrifies me, i'm in love with the internet and as a household we use more than our fair share, to the tune of about a TB a month.

Does anybody have any personal anecdotes where you effectively cut the internet out of your life and how did it work out for you?

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I may puke - Mood:Good
Saturday February 23 20191:59:41 PM |
Old friend came into town last night. We got fxkcing hammered. I haven't been this hurt in a long time. I would like to eat, but i don't trust my stomach.

Its a good thing that i create my own work schedule. I didn't make it into work until 1pm today. oof.

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This website is my place to vent about work - Mood:Good
Saturday February 02 201911:51:22 PM |
I'm so furious I'm still buzzing about it, even though the offending email came in 8 hours ago.

We are a for profit company and attempt, sophomorically, to perform like one.

I'm in sales, so results are king. Results are contracts written to guarantee revenue. When revenue is down the obvious knee jerk reaction is to have the sales force to work more hours in order to gain more results.

My last scheduled day off was January 20th. I work 6 day work weeks because I'm salary. My employees are either hourly or commission, whichever is greater. I have 2 locations with 1 employee a piece. I've been commanded to allow no overtime but staff both locations 7 days a week. Basically, I have 2 40 hour employees that need to fill 54 hours of work time. Impossible. If an employees commission is greater than minimum wage they can work more than 40 hours a week, and this is encouraged

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CW, bad pet stuff.... - Mood:Good
Thursday December 27 20185:39:38 PM |
Need advice. We are leaving town for the weekend and took our dog (lab, aussie sheppard, border collie mix) to my parents for dogsitting. They live way out in the mountains and let him run outside for a while with their dogs. A neighbors 5 month old puppy, (unknown mix, but a mutt) came into the yard and started playing.

:CW Starts Here:

The puppy turned left at the exact time my dog turned right. They collided, the puppy flipped and landed on her back, whimpering. Shallow breathing and no movement of extremities. Worst case scenario, paralyzation and will end up passing.

I do not have the puppy owners name or contact info, i wasn't there to witness. This was, according to all bystanders, two dogs playing and colliding with each other. I'm willing to pay vet bills, or cover adoption costs if they have/want to get a new dog.

What do?

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Chess is hard. - Mood:Good
Friday December 21 20188:44:20 PM |
I've been playing a ton of online chess recently. I found a dude on YouTube named Ben Feingold, a grandmaster that uploads chess educational videos. He is a weird personality, but I found it interesting and endearing. I used to play a lot but just drunkenly sitting around during college.

I am, understandably, terrible. I've fought up to a 950 ranking on the bottom level is 800, lol. But I've spent a significant amount of time learning, practicing, watching chess on the tube, etc.

I have no idea why I have been so gung ho on learning high learning curve things. I've also thrown myself into music theory. I'm a little too old for this type of study.

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Totally forgot I found this cool stuff - Mood:Good
Saturday December 08 20182:52:33 AM |
My line of work introduces me to a ton of people, some of them cool. Recently I was introduced to a local historian who inherited the trust to a local cemetery. Since my job and his trust lined up, along with some of our interests, I got the ability to visit his cemetery.

It was way cool. Lots of CSA graves, a who's who of prominent individuals that lived in a nowhere part of my state.

Most interesting is in this cemetery most of the headstones were marble, which is a terrible choice. But there were also a ton of iron CSA monuments, obviously placed after the fact. Who made these things and why?

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Is my job asking me to do illegal shxt? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 30 20185:50:41 PM |
Sales job, i sometimes take cash after the 'administrator' "aka the lady with the safe" leaves for the day. Company policy is that i'm responsible for it until i can get a receipt from the 'administrator'. This means if i leave it at work and place gets broken into, its on me. If i take it home and get mugged, robbed, etc, its on me.

I just called and explained how uncomfortable i was with this (i complain every time, i'm no idiot, i recognize how batshxt insane this policy is) and was told, oh, go use your own money to convert it into a money order. I refused on principle. It was then shrugged off as 'oh well, just make sure every penny gets turned in tomorrow and you'll be fine".

This surely is some wrong side of ethical shxt, but could it also be illegal?

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There is this dude on YouTube i really like - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 11 201811:16:58 PM |
He rarely uploads, but when he does its goddamn amazing, always.

Some dude who plays a killer solo jazz guitar of mostly standards that we all know and love. He makes it look simple, the arrangements are tidy and almost never flashy, dude is a true pro.

So, go give him a listen, you'll love it.

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Deactivated my Facebook last night - Mood:Good
Friday September 07 20181:15:00 PM |
Drunken decision, but i think a healthy one. I've notice that my friends list keeps shrinking, especially for the past 10 days.

I mainly post music stuff and political stuff, but i checked it obsessively. Like way excessively. So i was spending an extreme amount of my life looking at that damn website and getting into political arguments to the extent that other people didn't want to interact with me anymore.

So fxck that. BA-Leeted.

It is crazy the amount of times i've picked up my phone to check it and realized it wasn't there.

Withdrawls soon?

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10,000 - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 22 20186:27:42 PM |
Yall should read back through the necrobumping thread. Its interesting, YT is a neat little slice of Internet Culture. The way people have communicated with each other throughout the years on message boards have evolved, but hasn't changed much at all.

Also, i had forgotten how aggressive YT was as a whole. People were out for blood 8 years 5 months ago. Somehow it has managed to be corralled into hte news forum nowadays.

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My Favorite Hip Hop songs since 2008 - Mood:Good
Saturday July 28 20182:41:21 PM |
Here is my top five since 2008. With links!
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Hi! I just got back from vacation - Mood:Good
Monday July 23 201812:00:04 PM |
I did things.

I faced the ocean in an open seat kayak. And only got smashed in the head twice by the boat. Thats a win.

I discovered that hangovers are much more mellow when you're mixing drinks with fresh ingredients and halfway decent booze. Vitamins are good, i guess.

I must've biked like 10 miles with my kid over the week.

We cooked a lot of badass seafood. We stayed stuffed.

How yall been?

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My wife says i need to talk to somebody - Mood:Ashamed
Saturday July 07 201811:50:52 AM |
You're the lucky ones.

I don't really like what i do. It feels skeezy selling stuff to people who just lost loved ones, but thats the job and frankly the easiest time to make the sale. Yesterday I didn't pressure, but showed the logic in buying a headstone a day after they lost their kid, 19 weeks in utero. The little one is being buried next to his brother, who they lost at 20 week in utero. Including normal fees associated with burial, the poor couple..only in their 20s, spent $2500 with me.

I can't seem to come to grips with it. Not only do i feel predatory, but i'm surrounded by death and misery wherever i look. I've been doing it for a year, so its normalizing a little bit, but is that actually a good thing?

The other side effect is i think its kicked me into a premature mid life crisis. I'm 36, i'm convinced that my life is already half over.

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I learned something cool the other day - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 04 201811:56:43 PM |
I've got a Taylor guitar that was a wedding gift from an uncle from the side of the family that never really acknowledge that i exist. It was a drunken thing back when i was trying to be involved in their lives, we were drinking at my Aunts house (his sister, same side of the family) and everybody was playing guitar but me. He hands me this Taylor and asks me to join in.

This is, like, my ELEMENT.

After a couple more hours of bong hits, beers and tunes he asks if i would like to have it, since the only acoustic in my possession was a beater Washburn (still have it, its almost unplayable).

But, i never learned the guitars story. i googled the model number a couple years back, found out its an mid level guitar and thought nothing of it.

TURNS OUT, its a rather cool little guitar. Its birthday is April 7th, 2006. This is notable for a couple reasons. To Be Continued.

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No matter how many times i see this, it always throws me for a loop - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 03 20184:14:12 PM |

Like, yeah it makes sense, and its terribly efficient. But its also kinda weird and funny.

Also, the box is like twice as heavy as you would expect it to be.

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I did a thing today...and im proud of it - Mood:Good
Sunday July 01 201812:08:08 AM |
My life is basic, common and maybe uninteresting.

I am in charge of 2 graveyards. That is my profession right now, for better or for worse. It is a sales based position.

I am the sole breadwinner in my family. I have a wife and 2 kids, one kid is special needs and the other has severe food allergies.

A majority of my paycheck is commissions, based on monthly goals.

When I woke up on Monday I needed to obtain 42.5% of the monthly goal in one week. If I failed we were gonna have to get creative with bills, food, etc. If I succeeded we were gonna be ok. This was the toughest goal I've ever had with a lot riding on it.

I made goal.

It took a lot of time, hours, effort, and perseverance to make it happen. I actually cant believe I did it. It's one of the most gratifying feelings I've had in my adult life; this was the most "up against a wall" I've ever been.

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I think my job is actively trying to gaslight me - Mood:Confused
Thursday June 14 20185:33:16 PM |
My job is ass backwards. All the customer files are literally files, there are no digital backups. If the place burnt down, there would be literally no records. This boggles my mind but my superiors are unconcerned.

Nobody responds to written text. I send a subordinate a text message with a question that i need answered pretty quick? I get a phone call. Shoot an email to the boss? Phone call. Ask a question to my peers in our hangout group? I get lit up with phone calls. I wouldn't write this shxt out if i wanted to talk on the phone.

Shxt changes at a moments notice. We just started taxing a service we perform, a change that we were not informed of. We found this out by our administration regecting work without the taxes applied, even though we have been submitting this work without taxes for years. When we press admin on this change they state they got an email. Cont

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So i took a little break from college... - Mood:Good
Monday June 11 20184:51:23 PM |
But i finally reapplied. I feel like 18 years is adequate enough time to figure out what i want to get a degree in.
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Of the sauces on offer at McDonalds - Mood:Good
Saturday May 26 20184:07:01 PM |
Sweet N Sour sauce is the clear top of the class. Any other opinions are incorrect.
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Balls - Mood:Good
Monday June 17 20138:12:28 PM | hand hurts. I think its because i'm using an undersized mouse. I like a mouse that really fills up a hand, ya know, not one of those little joints that you gotta curl your hand up into a claw to use.

I'm in dress clothes. Whatchall know about that. Not a damn thing, thats what.

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Hi - Mood:Good
Saturday October 13 20123:12:51 PM |
Sup punks?
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My new life is interesting - Mood:Good
Sunday April 22 20124:58:13 PM |
I'm sitting in a sportsbar in NC with my tablet, two smartphones and a laptop all plugged in. The rednecks at the bar are giving me strange looks. Fxck em.

In the past 15 or so days i've woken up in 4 different states and done more <i>stuff</i> than i've done the six months prior. Unfortunately thats worn me pretty thin. I went to sleep on Friday night and didn't wake up till 9PM. oops.

I've got nothing to do for the next 4-5 hours or so, so i'll be sitting at this bar, crunching numbers and drinking. Ask me random questions and keep me entertained.

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Here goes nothing - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 27 20117:33:51 PM |
Just interviewed with my Regional Director for a District position. Went extremely well. I'll have an answer by the end of the week.

Also found out that the other guys up for the position are outside candidates that really don't have the resume that i do.

Here goes nothin

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Words with Friends? - Mood:Good
Thursday December 22 20116:39:48 PM |
HMU, username OrionsVantage
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How is babby formed? - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 07 20116:15:12 AM |

It is formed by my awesome sperm. Today I become a father. Fxck yeah!
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