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Female, 28 years old
ny, Eastern US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Poetry / Singing
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:10/11/1985 (28 Years Old)
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Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Dating
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: Buddhist
Politics: (Decline to State)
Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: free. i like free food. i`m health nut though
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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pbth i hate doing this but not enough of you have pics in your photos - Mood:Good
Friday May 26 20067:08:29 PM |
anyone (female preferrably) wanting to be involved in a new avy i'm making (thats YT related of course) please post a face shot of yourself (head at different angles appreciated.

no its not dirty. mostly.

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*handcuffs self to computer* - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 24 200611:43:51 AM |
i don't wanna go to work i don't wanna go to work i don't wanna go to work i don't wanna go to work.

i wanna go back to beeeeed.


don't make me go

hi, how are you today? whats the temperature whereabouts you are?

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i did something to my fist and now it hurts - Mood:Good
Saturday May 20 20061:40:19 AM |
i was clenching my fists really hard, its a move in a dance i'm in, and now they really hurt. so i am in the process of finding a less painful way to clench my fist. that. is the most exciting thing happening in my life at the moment.

i'm done with school. i now almost officially have a degree. woo. i probably should be more happy. but i'm not.

i hate being 'old'. you just can't get away with stupid poo anymore. if i would have known i would have done more stupid stuff when i was younger.

i'm bored. what are you doing, and can i do it too?

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and you`re like a 90s noah - Mood:Good
Monday May 15 20063:26:28 AM |
Anyone wanna switch lives for awhile? not that mine all that bad, just for a change. say, a week? could be fun

i have to give a presentation tomorrow for astronomy class and i am terrified. plus it sucks

last week of classes. ever! at this college anyway.

i can't wait for summer. as in summer weather. ahhhh

i completely should be sleeping right now.

i think i shall. anyone wanna join me? in a slumber party sort of way? could be fuunnn. stay up all night with the lights off asking each other questions. macaroni salad or potato salad? would you rather be too hot or too cold? and whatnot. discuss life and personal issues like the dark will swallow it up and take it away, then in the morning go back to surface living having a new found connection.

man i miss sleepovers.

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be so nice to do me the favor and lick my icing under the table now - Mood:Good
Sunday May 14 20063:13:11 PM |
So i'm at my aunts house. and am supposed to be doing one of two things. "socializing". or working on my project for astronomy class. but of course, i am on yt.

so whats new with yall?
ohoh answer these would ya so i have something to do:

1. do you always put on pants starting with the same leg? (if yes, which)
2. Do you frequently use post it notes?
3. whats your favorite board game?
4. what was the last thing you bought at a toy store?
5. if you could visit 3 places in the world where would you go?
6. if you had to live in another country where would it be?
7. Do you believe you have low self esteem?
8. Do you have any phobias? if so what?
9. what is your job title?
10. do you have a uniform or specific way of having to dress at work? if so, describe.
11. whats your favorite cereal?
12. what do you eat most often: tv dinners, resturant food, fast food, home cooked stuff?

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Ok i have another question/poll - Mood:Good
Friday May 12 20064:04:19 PM |
so mothers day.

Heres my story, the household (me mom and stepdad) are tight on money, we realized more is going out than in each month with bills and paychecks. so everyones cutting back on stuff and can't afford anything.

I have a job but only get 3 hours a week because its a slow time, which is 18$ a week. i afford to eat and thats it but thats ok becuase i don't have anything else to pay for. once i'm out of school (did i mention one more week?) i'm hoping to get more hours, more money, etc then things won't be so tight.

however. mothers day. i had 110$ in the bank which my mother took 100 of to pay the cell phone bill, which is fine, its my cell phone. however, i now am completely broke and my grandmother keeps going off on me for not getting my mother anything for mothers day.

technically, with some savings i have i could go get her soemthing, but i don't see it as all that important for these reasons:

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Graduation Presents - Mood:Good
Friday May 12 20063:49:23 PM |
if you have graduated from HS or college or both, did your parents/ friends give you gifts? I'm curious.

PS. i graduate college in one week hopefully

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Do you derive joy when someone else succeeds? (The high points of my week/day) - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 10 20064:52:21 PM |
YAY i got more hours. money, wooooo

PBTH i got more hours. now i have to work friday and saturday and try to figure out when you do my huge project for astronomy class.

i got a new phone. and its beautiful. i can hve ringtones on this one yayyyyyy my old one i swear was the first cell phone ever made.

it rings Geek In The Pink

and i bought a head set ear jack.. thingy so i can look like i'm crazy and talking to myself all the time

i cut one of my sweatpants into capris

one more week of school left.

a woman i work with hasn't shown up in 3 days and no one can get a hold of her. everyone else that works there is taking bets on where she is (not real bets, more like guesses). the most popular are:
- dead
- in jail
- in rehab
- in the hospital
- unconscious laying in her own vomit

none of which would be surprising. well dead might be.

i refuse to guess. its none of my business. however i work with my mom and sister so i've been hearing about

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Oh all i`m asking for is love, i`ve seen you hurt yourselves enough, i`ve been waiting on a change in you, yea this is god - Mood:Good
Monday May 08 20062:21:07 AM |
i Should be sleeping. but i am very not tired. so. i was gonna go into work at 7, work 7-10, get a new phone, go to school at 12, come home at 2.

but i was thinking

maybe i'll go into school at 12, work from 2:30-5:30, get my phone then go home.

what do you think?

even if i go to bed right at this moment i'll get 4 hours of sleep. pbth.

my phone died. when people call me or i call people, i can hear them but they can't hear me. thats always fun.

poo dude. poo. it'll be a miracle if i pass this semester.

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I think that i, i should`ve known better, i, i should`ve seen it come, my heart sank when i read that letter, sank like a stone, sank like a stone - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 03 20063:42:04 PM |
so the book i was ebaying for i found from a local seller on ebay and am gonna pick it up today i'm thinkin.

thats pretty much the only exciting thing happening in my life.

i feel so old and so young at the same time. its freaky

Whats new with you?

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My dance kicked ass - Mood:Good
Saturday April 29 20065:22:46 PM |
the dance with the costume no one liked on here ROCKED ASS. i had strangers coming up to me telling me i was incredible. my mother was speechless and says she won't hound me about not majoring in dance anymore. weeeeee. it was improv too.

the dance with my teacher went good. i love that dance, its all moody and lots of acting in that thing.

the last one. i don't remember much of. all i remember is thinking "omgi'mgonnacollapse-omgi'mgonnadie". after 5 hours of dancing my last number was an upbeat fast one whos bright idea was that.

i'm hoping to get a video. i like having proof that i rock.

the last one probably sucked though

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What do you think of this outfit? - Mood:Good
Saturday April 29 200612:46:38 AM |
For a dance performance tomorrow. to the song should've known better by nickel creek if you know it

oh and my hair will be blonde and i think pulled back. maybe.

whatcha think?

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I hardly say a word to anyone all day long. my nickname used to be Mute. yet i can`t be silent for a whole day. Odd. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 26 20063:17:05 PM |
So day of silence. i forgot BUT when i remembered, at about noon, i realized i hadn't talked to anyone yet today anyways

question is to i wanna do it at dance. pros and cons:

pro: those girls could use some LGBT enlightening.
con: i really have to talk to my teacher about a huge performance on saturday we are doing.

i have a shirt all made. pbth. i wish i had remembered next year nexy year. doing it in high school was really fun though. i love weird looks i had to actually tape my mouth shut though.

in other news. well, i have no other news.

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Can you identify the song/singer? - Mood:Good
Saturday April 22 20065:37:24 PM |
Follow the link

and help me out

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The weirdest thing just happened on ebay - Mood:Good
Saturday April 22 20063:39:51 AM |
so i'm looking for this book/audio book. i search ebay. it comes up with just ebay stores, about 7 results. i check the cheapest, its audio, its paypal only, i don't have paypal. the next cheapest is a possibility, bronx ny, money order taken, fairly decently priced.

the third is audio, pretty cheap. looks good. i notice it says rochester ny. (ahem where i live) so i look it up, mapquest it and look where this store is.

the store is the star the pink dot is where i live.

wooo!save on shipping

kinda freaky though.

i should go to bed. yes indeed.

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Someone occupy me while i`m being rude - Mood:Good
Friday April 21 20067:09:56 PM |
Company. i hate company. she came in, talking to gram, right behind me, and i haven't turned around.

i am not the most social person.

isketch anyone?

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Another help me journal, cooking advice this time - Mood:Good
Friday April 21 20064:25:19 PM |
So. i have a pepper. that grandpa wants me to 'cook up'. i was thinking do the whole stick it over a flame then peel it thing.

heres where yall come in. i have an electric stove and am slightly afraid of fire. How can i go about fire roasting pepper with those obstacles?

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Anyone have suggestions for latin-y music? (crossposted) - Mood:Good
Friday April 21 20062:29:00 PM |
Howdy. i need some good salsa-y pop songs. think shakira/ricky martin esque.

any ideas?

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all week long I`m a real nobody, But I just punched out and its paycheck Friday, Weekends here, good God almighty, I`m going to get drunk and be somebody, yea yeaaaaaa yea - Mood:Good
Friday April 21 20061:25:54 PM |
Nooooo my spring break is over today. that sucks.

back to school. which i really don't mind. at least it gives me soemthing to do and i can get places from there. i have been SO bored.

i may walk to dunkin donuts today. help me out on where to go:
-30 minutes one way for dunkin donuts
-45 minutes to friendlys for dinner, past DD
-pizza hut, but i'd have that delivered.
-tim hortons which is about 18 minutes.
-manhatttan bagel, but they close at 3:30. 35 minutes walk.

any suggests for dinner?
ohoh and i can ride my scooter there

maybe i'll just open a can of soemthing or unfreeze something.

its so nice out though. k not that nice, to me anyway. but my family is acting like its 90. i think its about 65. thats still cold to me, pbth.

i don't wanna go to work. actually its quite interesting, i want more money so i want more hours but i don't wana go, so i am kinda happy i get crap hours. but really. 3 hours a week is ridiculous. doesn't pay for lunch

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My sister knocked a drunk guy who tried to kiss her off a bar stool (pics) (not of that) - Mood:Good
Sunday April 16 20064:11:48 PM |
i my sis

easterrrrrr. fun times. everyones over. having appetizers. baskets are all out. dogs are running around.

we are having:
rice krispy chicken
potatos obrien
green bean casserole
and other stuff that are probably hidden away

oh and caramel chocolate turtle cake

appetizers are:
deviled eggs

we are a family big into eating.
yet pretty skinny. odd.

anyone wanna see the dance recital costume?

yellow. is not my color.

different bra though of course.

easter basket

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Waitresses complain way too damn much - Mood:Good
Saturday April 08 20064:48:42 PM |
Yes your job is hard. yes customers are non-nice individuals. boo-hoo. doesn't mean you can take it upon yourself to take an 11$ tip out when you were meant to get 8. and 8 was generous. thus why i dine at subway.

so i'm the disappointment again smiley because if i don't smile i don't wanna know what other face i'll have. yes i'm an non-nice individual, i cancelled on you. but the plans weren't definite. and its not going to ruin your whole night. go without me if you wanted to go duh.

anyways, the guilt and shame is nice and familar from when i was younger and weaselled my way in and out of things.

let me tell you. my aunt is THE best at making you feel guilty and bad. too bad i got used to turning it into pride. not becuase i wanted to. but whatelse can you turn it into thats not so negative?

anyways. remember to tip your waitresses. but not if they suck.

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Don`t you hate when you have a huge gob of toothpaste in the corner of your mouth and you find it at 5pm and wonder why allllll those people you came in contact with today never told you? - Mood:Good
Friday April 07 20068:21:28 PM |
gotta hate that.

so i am a terrible student. well, a very lazy student. yet i always said i would love to be a professional studnet rather than work. i don't like work. i have to train two new people next week. i don't like training people. i am not a good explainer.

i don't want to graduate *whines* i'll have my associates degree though ooooooo ahhhhh.

my teachers suck. my job sucks. my body sucks. my mind sucks. school sucks. leaving school sucks.

how are you?

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Who knows anything about Pepcids? - Mood:Good
Monday April 03 200610:28:53 AM |
can you take them on an empty stomach? anyone know?
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Can shampoo make your scalp break out? - Mood:Good
Sunday April 02 20067:00:08 PM |
So heres my dilemma. i just got a new shampoo, dove, and lately i've had a million bumps (zits, i think, i can't see them) on my scalp and on the back of my neck. can it be caused by the shampoo? i traced the beginning of the bumps back to just about when i started with the new shampoo, but i don't know.

they are very anoying and painful when i forget they are there and brush my hair.

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Last night i had a dream (i found myself in a desert called, cyberland) - Mood:Good
Sunday April 02 20061:34:20 PM |
this building was on the outside kinda small looking, with a big door in the front it looked castley but it was small-ish, and in the middle of a city. but not my city. it looked kinda syracuse-y.
i got shipped off there aginst my will and i think it was a mental hospital but from the inside it was mcc. the people working there, the teachers/doctors were kibda mean and nasty and wouldn't tell us anything. but me and the student/patients kinda got along. When i was inside it was so dark, it was really hard to see, there was always something blocking my eye sight. we had to walk around like 1st graders, in lines hanging onto the person in front of us. we were told to go to our next.. class or activity or whatever but they woulnd't tell us where it was, so we kept walking until somone told us it was upstairs, so upstairs we went but they were castley stairs not mcc stairs. so i decided, like hell i'm staying here
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