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Female, 29 years old
ny, Eastern US

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i won`t have to anymore jon groff

Interests: Dogs / Dancing / Games / Poetry / Singing
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:10/11/1985 (29 Years Old)
IM Type: MSN IM Name:
Occupation: Dancer
Marital Status: Dating
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: Buddhist
Politics: (Decline to State)
Fav. Movie: good will hunting, you`ve got mail, dead poets
Fav. TV Show: House, macgyver, poker
Fav. Book: Without You by Anthony Rapp
Fav. Song: i like broadway :-) and singer/songwriters
Fav. Food: free. i like free food. i`m health nut though
Fav. Car: bah. walkings where its at
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The trick to stealing food is to - Mood:Good
Friday September 22 20068:14:13 PM |
eat evenly around and in the dish, not in one spot therefore leaving a hole of vacant space where potatos once were. stealing food from the grams fridge that is, potatos o'brien to be exact, after she says "don't eat that! its for sunday!"

my mother. shook her ass. not shook, squatted, popped her ass out and wiggled in it obscene ways, at work today. to salsa music playing from someones car. outside. in broad daylight. oh. not something i wanted to see.

i work with some odd strange wonderfully funny people. but i suppose it doesn't count. cuz ones my sister. ones sorta my mom then various random people. everyone chipped in for pizza. which i wasn't happy about. i'm little. one fricking piece of pizza cost me 4$. i could have gone to subway and got a whole sub for 2.50. pbth.

i hate how when my grandma gets off the phone with somone she procedes to tell me all about the person she was talking to and what they were talking about. i don't care. really. i don't.

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Death by spinach - Mood:Good
Friday September 15 20065:50:43 PM |
man. we eat packaged fresh spinach A LOT. i'm all paranoid i'm gonna die now. thanks a lot people.

anyone wanna see my new name tag? it won't be all that exciting since i like blacking things out well. pinking things out.

not that you people don't know my name ha.

hm. nothing else is new. i am SO SORE.

monday: on my feet from 7am-3pm at work (stocking shoes as your probably sick of hearing about by now)

tuesday: gymnastics class from 12:30-2pm, dance from 5-7:30

wednesday: work 7-3pm

thursday gymastics 12:30-2pm, dance from 6-8:30

friday: work 7-1pm

i think ballet is whats killing me. ow.

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Every little thing I do, Never seems enough for you, You don`t wanna lose it again, But I`m not like them, Baby when you finally, Get to love somebody, Guess what, It`s gonna be me - Mood:Good
Saturday September 09 20065:32:22 PM |
all my burners decided to die at the same time. i had acoustica, then swicthed to nero then nero started skipping on cds so i used realplayer and even WMP. now none of them will work. fun. i had 4 things to burn too a cd for a friend, audio books, and a misc mp3 cd. pbth.

Macys grand opening today. i was gonna work today to be a part of it but my foot has been killing me so i'm keeping off it for a few days.
kinda glad now though, since all the associates had to go out and great people waiting in line for an hour. i'm not a greeting kind of person.

so i have 4 dance classes (two jazz, a modern and a ballet), a gymnastics class and a job where i'm on my feet all day, and i have a bad foot. this is going to be an interesting semester/year.

i have a craving for one of those 3 color mini italian cakes. anyone know what those are called? they are covered in chocolate and are.. i forgot what colors. pink, green and yellow inside or something, not occuring in nature colors.

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anyone have hitchikers guide to the galazy handy? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 27 20069:02:23 PM |
the book that is. can someone tell me what the first few lines are?
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Oh YT. what is wrong with thee - Mood:Good
Sunday August 20 200610:10:07 PM |
thee? thou? i should brush up on my shakespeare.

YT is good for so many things. keeping me occupied when i'm bored, but also making me go 'why the frick am i still on here' every so often with the quality of posts thus making go get some fresh air.

I like target.

i'd go dance if i wasn't so full.

*adds her crappy thread to the masses*

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time for a thread to keep me entertained for hours - Mood:Good
Sunday August 20 20064:37:52 PM |
anyone up for a guess the movie/ isketch/ post a picture of ___ / interactive thread?

problem is i can never think of them/ keep them going. so help out if you are bored too. anyone?

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Once upon a time i used to dress up Ken, But now that i`m a woman i like bigger men,And i don`t need a barbie doll to show me how, cuz mama i`m a big girl now - Mood:Good
Sunday August 13 20066:17:31 PM |
my life is boring. seriously. the highlight of my day today was waxing my aunts '34 ford.

i have corn stuck in my teeth

i may go for a scooter ride

i don't wanna go to work

school starts again in a couple weeks. i only have one class, that i am looking forward to far too much. oh how i like school 60000 times better than work. course i don't get paid for school though. and it costs me a fortune. but still.

i can never hold onto friends. or have a conversation with someone that doesn't end with them backing away from me with their eyebrows raised. ho-hum.

i am trying to concentrate on dance. but with school work and a lack of a studio.. its not working well. i WILL major in dance and i WILL succeed in it. even if i don't know what any of that french stuff means.

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I have a musical request that does not belong in music thank you - Mood:Good
Sunday August 13 20064:38:49 PM |
i want fast answers of the journalite opinion so, here it be.

What are your top 5 little known band/singer favorite songs. please do not include hip-hop/rap, heavy metal, anything where people are screaming. and keep in mind the 'little known'

i know i'm specific but i'm trying to find good new songs to put on this cd but i don't want popular songs and i'm not a fan of hip-hop/rap and screaming people.

oh and people that can actually sing please

*estimates she gets one response from her friend just saying hey*

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cd-r cd+r, dvd-r or dvd+r? - Mood:Good
Sunday August 06 20061:59:54 PM |
i'm confused. i just got a new computer and this one burns dvds. to i get dvd-r or dvd+r? whats the difference?
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Who shouldn`t wear a skirt? ME! why? because i sit in ways that are unseemly to sit in while wearing pants let alone a skirt without thinking about it. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 16 200610:12:51 PM |
I do like this outdit though. but i am freeeeezing in a skirt.

it was 92 today. thus my grandmas house is a freezer because my grandpa is trigger happy with the A/C. i need a fleece blanket.

i'm in a self-loathing mood at the moment, well, for the past day or so. i keep accreditting it to pms. is it? i don't know. but i'm going with that explanation.

its supposed to be 96 degrees tomorrow and i have dance class. no a/c. it gets HOT up there when its 80-85. 96 is going to be unbearable. fun times.

i feel like poo. which i am also blaming pms for. my stomach is all wacko. i am a terrible sick person. i grow claws.

i went to see the NYC ballet perform. so not worth the 8 hours of driving. it was good and all. but SO not worth 8 hours in a car in the same day. we drove right to the place and drove home right from the place. PBTH! the car ride was better than the ballet. we played games the whole way i am such a sucker for games, can't get enough of them.

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Any german speaking people around? - Mood:Good
Monday July 03 20061:22:28 AM |
so i got really curious and would like to know what i am singing so is it possible for someone to translate the german parts of this song from cabaret for me?

You have to understand the way I am,
Mein Herr.
A tiger is a tiger, not a lamb.
Mein Herr.
You'll never turn the vinegar to jam,
Mein Herr.
So I do
What I do
When I'm through
Then I'm through
And I'm through
Bye-Bye, Mein Lieber Herr.
Farewell, mein Lieber Herr.
It was a fine affair,
But now it's over
And though I used to care
I need the open air
You're better off without me
Mein Herr

Don't dab your eye, mein Herr
Or wonder why, Mein Herr
I've always told you I was a rover
You mustn't knit your brow
You should have known by now
You'd every cause to doubt me
Mein, Herr

Bye-bye, mein Lieber Herr,
Auf wiedersehen, mein Herr.
Es war sehr gut, mein Herr
Und vorbei.
Du kennst mich wohl, mein Herr,
Ach, lebe wohl, mein Herr.
Du sollst mich nicht mehr sehen,
Mein Herr.

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Insurance sucks ****ing dirty crusty asses. and so does my mom. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 10 20062:41:49 PM |
So i have no insurance. so my mother decides to go find me some. i make 45$ a week, in july i'll be making about 100$ a week. mom found me one for 150$ just for hospitalization that i qualify for. a very big part of me is complaining about paying 150$ a month for a really unlikely 'what if'. but yes yes there is the other part that says better safe than sorry. but the cheap part of me, which is pretty much of all of , thinks paying 150$ a month for this poo is.. just AUGH

my mother, since i'm 'rich' now, is determined to spend my money. which i see her point on some of it, like my cell phone bill and my insurance. but she keeps telling me in this really annoying voice that i have to pay my insurance. thanks, heard you the first time. what are you accomplishing by saying "and YOU WILL be paying your own insurance" over and over. did i argue? ok i bitched about having to pay for it but i bitched at the theory of paying it, not at 'oh mommy won't pay for it".

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Humor me with this would ya, hot celebrities (males) - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 07 20064:06:28 PM |
So i can't think of any of the top of my head that are like under 30. my stepdad is forever putting weird crap as our desktop so i figured i'd put some eye candy on there to combat his salamander, moose and duck pics. however. i can't think of any young people and i don't wanna start the whole 'ewww but hes like 45' conversation, cuz i can think of about 10 of them none of my pics are on this computer so help me out and name/ post pics of some hot/cute/'eye candy-ish' famous guys under 30
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I need some shoes quotes. help me out? - Mood:Good
Monday June 05 20069:19:53 PM |
So i'm making my mother a shirt, with a drawing of a shoe on it, she is obsessed with shoes. and i need a good cute quote to put on it. soemthing like "Shoes are like chocolate, you can never have enough!" or "if the shoe fits- get one in every color!"

but more creative i googled. i came up with nothing. but i'm not a very good googler.


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To shower or not to shower. - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 30 20062:39:25 AM |
- helped uncover the pool and have crud on my legs. not visible. but i bet its there
- it was 90 degrees= sweatiness
- i smell like sunblock
- my hair is a little.. eh.. interesting looking

- its 2:40am
- my grandma is sleeping right next to the bathroom
- i'd have to go to bed at about 4, i'm trying to get to bed a little sooner
- i can take a shower when i get up and wash off the sleeping stink as well as the the day stink , i have no where to go tomorrow.

i think i'm leaning towards not.

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How do you pronounce lilacs? - Mood:Good
Sunday May 28 20062:42:59 PM |
lie-locks or lie-lacks?

i'm really curious if there is a difference on pronounciation based on where people live so if you don't mind please reply with how to pronounce it and where abouts you live (or are from)

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I have my protests signs ready to stop the opening of a new walmart - Mood:Good
Saturday May 27 20064:39:11 PM |
well not really. i'm far too lazy for that. but they wanna open a walmart in a plaza they claim is full of empty stores, which is completely untrue, only one store is closed.

nornally i wouldn't care, i like walmart, generally, but they want to close EVERYTHING in that plaza and expand it. they have a moratorium on any development on that street, walmart has to get a waiver if they wanna build which is stupid, its there for a reason. not that i know what a moratorium is

ok mostly the reason i'm so against it is because my dance studio is in that plaza plus dollar tree, a huge gymnastics gym, couple of banks, pizza place, hallmark, video store, and other stuff i don't pay attention to.

if they were moving into the empty store thingy or even taking the store next to it and closing, and combining the two vacant stores (they are next to each other) i wouldn't care. but they want the whole damn plaza AND THEN some.


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Youtube makes me look fat. Is it just me? - Mood:Good
Saturday May 27 20062:12:57 AM |
subway closed. tmeporarily i think. i work in the mall and subway closed. its GONE. theres a big wall there now and i am freaking out i can't figure out what else to eat. i want my turkey, lettuce, baby spinach, pickle olive, tomato, little bit of mayo or ranch dressing on hearty italian

the other choices are Sbarro, tom wahls, chinese place, arbys, burger king, taco bell. i am a complete health nut. so none of those work. i tried to get a chciken sandiwch from tom wahls but it was just.. all greasy and gross and blehck.

i tried bringing something from home but we have nothing to bring. absolutely nothing. i brougth a poptart and mac and cheese today but i have a tempermental stomach so that didn't fly too well.

things i have things in the past week:

~we have no food in the house
~i don't do well with change

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pbth i hate doing this but not enough of you have pics in your photos - Mood:Good
Friday May 26 20067:08:29 PM |
anyone (female preferrably) wanting to be involved in a new avy i'm making (thats YT related of course) please post a face shot of yourself (head at different angles appreciated.

no its not dirty. mostly.

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*handcuffs self to computer* - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 24 200611:43:51 AM |
i don't wanna go to work i don't wanna go to work i don't wanna go to work i don't wanna go to work.

i wanna go back to beeeeed.


don't make me go

hi, how are you today? whats the temperature whereabouts you are?

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i did something to my fist and now it hurts - Mood:Good
Saturday May 20 20061:40:19 AM |
i was clenching my fists really hard, its a move in a dance i'm in, and now they really hurt. so i am in the process of finding a less painful way to clench my fist. that. is the most exciting thing happening in my life at the moment.

i'm done with school. i now almost officially have a degree. woo. i probably should be more happy. but i'm not.

i hate being 'old'. you just can't get away with stupid poo anymore. if i would have known i would have done more stupid stuff when i was younger.

i'm bored. what are you doing, and can i do it too?

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and you`re like a 90s noah - Mood:Good
Monday May 15 20063:26:28 AM |
Anyone wanna switch lives for awhile? not that mine all that bad, just for a change. say, a week? could be fun

i have to give a presentation tomorrow for astronomy class and i am terrified. plus it sucks

last week of classes. ever! at this college anyway.

i can't wait for summer. as in summer weather. ahhhh

i completely should be sleeping right now.

i think i shall. anyone wanna join me? in a slumber party sort of way? could be fuunnn. stay up all night with the lights off asking each other questions. macaroni salad or potato salad? would you rather be too hot or too cold? and whatnot. discuss life and personal issues like the dark will swallow it up and take it away, then in the morning go back to surface living having a new found connection.

man i miss sleepovers.

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be so nice to do me the favor and lick my icing under the table now - Mood:Good
Sunday May 14 20063:13:11 PM |
So i'm at my aunts house. and am supposed to be doing one of two things. "socializing". or working on my project for astronomy class. but of course, i am on yt.

so whats new with yall?
ohoh answer these would ya so i have something to do:

1. do you always put on pants starting with the same leg? (if yes, which)
2. Do you frequently use post it notes?
3. whats your favorite board game?
4. what was the last thing you bought at a toy store?
5. if you could visit 3 places in the world where would you go?
6. if you had to live in another country where would it be?
7. Do you believe you have low self esteem?
8. Do you have any phobias? if so what?
9. what is your job title?
10. do you have a uniform or specific way of having to dress at work? if so, describe.
11. whats your favorite cereal?
12. what do you eat most often: tv dinners, resturant food, fast food, home cooked stuff?

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Ok i have another question/poll - Mood:Good
Friday May 12 20064:04:19 PM |
so mothers day.

Heres my story, the household (me mom and stepdad) are tight on money, we realized more is going out than in each month with bills and paychecks. so everyones cutting back on stuff and can't afford anything.

I have a job but only get 3 hours a week because its a slow time, which is 18$ a week. i afford to eat and thats it but thats ok becuase i don't have anything else to pay for. once i'm out of school (did i mention one more week?) i'm hoping to get more hours, more money, etc then things won't be so tight.

however. mothers day. i had 110$ in the bank which my mother took 100 of to pay the cell phone bill, which is fine, its my cell phone. however, i now am completely broke and my grandmother keeps going off on me for not getting my mother anything for mothers day.

technically, with some savings i have i could go get her soemthing, but i don't see it as all that important for these reasons:

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Graduation Presents - Mood:Good
Friday May 12 20063:49:23 PM |
if you have graduated from HS or college or both, did your parents/ friends give you gifts? I'm curious.

PS. i graduate college in one week hopefully

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