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Male, 36 years old
Puget Sound Area, Washington, Western US

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Please donate to the Momus disaster relief fund. - Mood:Good
Thursday December 30 20042:03:27 AM |
I have < $100 in my bank account and ~$15 in my wallet to last me until the 7th. This would normally be more than enough, but then I just remembered that I haven't paid my cell phone bill yet this month, and I have to rent a u-haul tomorrow so that I can move out (the cell phone bill is about $60, and the u-haul is $35). I still have to buy things, too.

With your contribution of just $5 a day, you could feed a starving web developer. Act now and you'll receive a full color portrait of the person you sponsor as well as a monthly hand-written letter.

Thank you.

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Christmas is over. Please return to your pagan dieties and hedonistic rituals. - Mood:Good
Monday December 27 20042:25:45 AM |
Remember folks, Wal Mart is the reason for the season.
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If you`re feeling generous this Christmas, buy me this. - Mood:Good
Saturday December 25 20046:13:29 PM |
Buy buy buy buy buy.

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There`s a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing... - Mood:Good
Saturday December 25 20044:29:14 PM |
That huge corporations have turned the birth of Jesus Christ into a day of profiteering and greed.

Suck on that, Christians.

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And anyone can fill his life up with things he can see but he just cannot touch. - Mood:Good
Friday December 24 20046:50:13 PM |
So, I'm supposed to be signing a lease on the first to move in a new place, but my stupid bitch of a roommate™ adamently refuses to give the people at the apartment complex details about how long I lived here, what I paid, etc. So I'm upset.

I'm spending Christmas with a few movies that I rented and a bottle of wine that I got from work. Fantastic.

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When it rains, it pours. - Mood:Good
Thursday October 28 20047:01:57 PM |
When I came out here to Phoenix, I took a job doing tech support so that I could pay my bills. I've been trying ever since (about 7 months) to find a "real" job, with no luck.

Then, after a recent interview, I actually landed one of the positions. I accepted right away, finally seeing my chance to rid myeslf of the head set.

Today I received the following:

"Hello Kevin,

I'm interested in speaking with you further wrt the position -- when would you be available for an interview?

Benjamin Wang
VP Business Technology
Hendricks & Partners"

I had a message on my voice mail for another local company that wanted me to do database design.

What in the hell is wrong with these people? Do they all just wait until someone gets a job to contact you?


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I got the job! - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 26 20049:38:31 PM |
I just received a job offer from a local company doing something I actually enjoy. The benefits here aren't quite as nice as they are with my current employer (no free cable :(), but on the other hand I'll be bringing home about $1500 more a year, and I'm pretty sure it's not going to cost me that much for that stuff.

I'm going to have to take out my earrings, which I'm not terribly happy about, and I'm also going to have to work on my Birthday, but it's a small price to pay for an opportunity like this.

No more headsets.

No more telling people to reboot their computers.

No more finding myself banging my face on the table because of some idiot who doesn't know the difference between a power cord and a cable line.


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My Internet connection > Your internet connection - Mood:Good
Sunday September 12 20048:14:32 AM |
2004-09-12 11:12:43 EST: 14013 / 705
Your download speed : 14349823 bps, or 14013 kbps.
A 1751.6 KB/sec transfer rate.


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Is it morally wrong to print your resume on company letterhead? - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 31 200412:30:11 PM |
For another job, of course.
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"Her leg is the perfect size for a piece of chicken" - Mood:Good
Thursday August 26 200411:59:04 PM |


Frankie is Hailey's dog. That is all.

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Please forgive me, Crackity Jones. - Mood:Good
Thursday August 19 200412:55:30 AM |
So I've been looking for a new place to live over the last week. My room mates are really beginning to piss me off, and it'd be nice to get a place closer to down town (since I work there).

It's a pain in the ass to try to find a decent place, though. I'm looking for new room mates, but when I search, all I see are things like this:

kewld00d07 Male 24 (Central) Phoenix, AZ

i haev a 3 bedrm apt u pay 350/mo plus 1/3 utlities. no drama plz!!!!11

Where are the normal human beings? Maybe they have the common sense to live by themselves, I guess. Ahh, a luxury I can't afford.

I have 2 free movie passes from work, but there doesn't seem to be anything good out (well, until Hero is released next week). Guess I'll just hang on to these.

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Baby Mystic Lady, you do own my night. Put my dogs to fright. Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 21 200412:44:26 AM |
So, I haven't left the house except to go to work, get gas, and go to the bank in the last 2 months. It's pretty sad. I barely speak with my room mates at all, and the only person I've talked to for any length of time in the last week is my dad.

At work, they keep making me move my desk. I'm starting to feel like Milton, sans speech impediment.

It'd be really sweet if someone would just hit me with a car or something so that I could sue them and never have to do anything for the rest of my life.

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Are you dead, or are you sleeping? - Mood:Good
Thursday July 01 20043:23:39 AM |
God I sure hope you are dead.

I figured a late-night update here would be ok, since I haven't made a post in Journals in several months.

Summary of life:

-- I need money.
-- I need sex.
-- I need something to break the monotony.

In that order.


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Journal Title. - Mood:Good
Thursday April 22 20044:01:47 PM |


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AK-47 is a tool. Don`t make me act a mother-f*ckin` fool. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 04 20045:21:49 PM |
Hailey is claiming that it's raining, but it's not. In fact it's sunny. Hailey is obviously retarded.

I've developed strange eating habits since I came out here. For example, the last 3 days I've eaten nothing but steak & eggs for breakfast, and steak for dinner. It's a lot of meat, but someone has to eat it.



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Things that happened in the past only happened in your mind. - Mood:Good
Saturday April 03 20045:11:20 PM |
What up, mofos?

I'm going to summarize my last month:

1.) Drove to Phoenix
2.) Got hit by a mexican (me no hablo espanol)
3.) Moved in with people (room mates...good times)
4.) Got a job (or two)
5.) Bought furniture
6.) Saw APC
7.) Masturbated furiously.

Those items weren't necessarily in order.

I hate you all.

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Feeling Hot Hot HOT!!! - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 10 20047:02:57 PM |
Well, I've been in Phoenix since Sunday night. So far, so bad. Ha.

I haven't found an apartment yet, mostly because I'm a putz. I was using the library computers until I decided to just haul my whole PC up the two flights of stairs (ugh) and hook it up here.

It's currently cooled down to about 89 degrees. Today's high was about 94. By comparison, it was 34 degrees in Toledo today...

The power in here is really shoddy, so I'm not going to leave this thing on for very long. Well, that and the fact that the phone line is clear across the room from where I need it and I don't have a long enough cord to put the computer on the desk means I won't stay online very long.

Some guy that didn't speak a word of english hit my car, then took off after I gave him my insurance information (he didn't give me his...dur). Oh well.

I'm incredibly bored. All I've been doing is looking at apartments and calling about jobs. Somebody shoot me.

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10:15 on a Saturday night. - Mood:Good
Monday March 01 20041:25:21 AM |
Ok it's actually 4:20 on a monday morning, but we'll ignore that.

My dentist suggested massaging my gums to keep them healthy.

Leaving for Phoenix = SATURDAY. Yikes.

I haven't had this much free time in a long time. I actually have quite a bit to do before I leave, but it's not nearly enough to use up all the hours of the day.

Oh well.

I got a CELL PHONE. Yes, me...cell phone. Shoot me in the f*cking face.

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What does the baby Jesus think of you? - Mood:Good
Friday February 27 20044:40:35 AM |
You make him cry.
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You`re the one that I adore, you will always be my whore. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 26 200410:04:56 PM |
So, I still have not won the lottery. I'm starting to think it's all a big bust.

I'm done with work. I AM DONE. I have to go in there at 10AM tomorrow morning to pick up my severence, though, so that kind of sucks, but then I'll be done.

They even did my tuition reimbursement stuff finally. Score.

Journal whoring: So I need sex, badly. Do you think it would tarnish my chances of one day being President if I start using prostitutes?

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I`m waiting for the man. Twenty-six dollars in my hand. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 26 20044:37:25 AM |
Tomorrow is my *LAST DAY* working for the man.

Well, I guess you can't really ever stop 'working for the man', but you know what I mean.

Speaking of the man, i stuck it to the man and got my check from the music anti trust suit today: $13.86. Boo-yeah.

Also speaking of the man, I'm writing a manifesto that I firmly believe is going to change the entire world. It will be more important than The Communist Manifesto & Wealth of Nations combined.

And, yes, that is saying a lot.

On Friday I'll receive my severence check of about $500. I'll receive a paycheck for $2700 or so next friday, and at that point I'll be making my way towards Phoenix.

I'm so excited now, but I'm also kind of freaking out a little. Ha, it's pretty much just balls to the wall at this point. I love it.

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Suck me dry. - Mood:Good
Sunday February 22 20043:38:08 PM |
I haven't won the lottery yet, and I'm pretty upset about that fact.

I've been getting really short-tempered with people lately. That's really not like me at all. I think I've just grown sick of everyone being so stupid. I even yelled at my poor dog.

Oh well, I'll be out of here in less than 2 weeks, and that means...well, shut up, it doesn't mean anything, but it means I won't live in Toledo anymore, and you will!

Well, maybe not most of you, since most of you don't live in Toledo...but it means that chickern will still be stuck here so I guess I still win.


I really really really really really really think they need to develop more beverages that aren't sweet, but still taste good. I'm sick of drinking water all the damned time.

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Figures that my courage would choose to sell out now. - Mood:Good
Wednesday February 18 20049:18:05 PM |
I am probably the world's biggest tard.

I went to steak & shake to get some food. I had $20 with me, and the bill came to $6.85.

After getting the food, I headed over to the gas station to pick up some lottery tickets (not because I think I'm going to's just a stupid superstition I have).

I normally get 5 mega millions tickets once a month, which is only $5.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I accidentally marked "5" in the "number of draws" thing. Yeah, that made it a $25 ticket. I didn't have $25 on me, and you can't charge lottery tickets on a check card (i don't know why).


So I ask the guy if it's ok if I run over to the grocery store and use the ATM. He gives me this look that says, "you're not coming back, non-nice individual", but says it's ok.

I go and get another $10 out of the ATM, then pay the guy with the change from my dinner + some quarters that were in my car.

I'd better win something now, ha.

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I took her word, I took it all, beneath the sign that said, "U-haul". She left angels hangin` `round for more. - Mood:Good
Monday February 16 20046:59:05 PM |
I got to leave work 2 hours early today. That rocks pretty hardcore. I'm using the extra time to catch up on all the sitting on my ass I haven't done over the last few days.


Ok I seriously should clean my bedroom before I leave. It's pretty disgusting, if you ask me, but I've been too busy with sitting in front of the computer and sleeping to have possibly had the time to take care of it. I'm sure my parents will understand.

I'm having a hard time wringing my transcript from UT now. F*cking tards. I'm so happy that I should (theoretically) never have to deal with them again in about a month.

Apparently I have a life time subscription to Rolling Stone. I don't know how I got it, and I certainly never paid for it, but I have it. It's fairly useless though since most of their features suck and their reviews are terrible. It's good for pictures on occasion though.

Oh well.

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We`re so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty! - Mood:Good
Sunday February 15 200410:12:28 PM |
At work today I only had to take 5 calls. It was almost enough to make me actually enjoy my job...ok, lets not go that far.

I'm such a loser that I'm watching Hercules at 1 am on a Sunday night. I know, I know. Bite my swanz.

I really want to try bison meat. Does anyone know if there are any resturaunt chains that serve it in the northwest ohio area?

I also decided that I need a new wardrobe...I wish I could afford nice clothes.

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