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Female, 29 years old
Beaverton, Oregon, Western US

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when you do a ridiculous thing just to get a discount. rag_doll will appreciate this. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 08 20173:28:41 AM |
i may not have typed your sn right. oh well, i'm tired.

i signed up for an amazon credit card so i could get a $70 gift card to put towards a $93 purchase of the full series of Queer as Folk. I used to have the series but I'm missing a couple dvds, and watching this show on netflix is a poo show bc the music's different.

but i only had to spend $23 on it, so whatever. and i have absolutely no plans to use the amazon CC, really. i hate having more than 1 credit card anyway

work's gonna suck the next couple weeks. i'm working 12pm-10pm tomorrow. then 7-7 friday and saturday, and 8-630 sunday. i'm gonna die. we lost a supervisor who i have no love for so meh.


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do you care that LeFou is gay? - Mood:Good
Friday March 03 20176:46:20 PM |
people on my facebook (only a couple) seem to be uncomfortable with it. a good chunk of people commenting on articles about it think it sucks. people suck.

i'm in Kelso, WA. chilling in my friend's house while she works. we're going to Seattle tomorrow super excited

i needed this break from work. i'm gone for like, 6 days. i wish i could be off for a month

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not gonna be a yt new kersey, but - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday January 14 201712:23:30 AM |
i'm going to a convention for my favorite tv show in june, and i'm freaking excited. might cost me an arm and a leg, half of the reason being it's f-cking expensive to fly from pdx to new jersey in june, but whatever. it's also the last one for said tv show, so it'll be a nice experience to meet the people i've been fond of watching for 5-6 seasons.

i've never been there before, and knowing that it's in summer i'm gonna die bc of the heat, but meh. hopefully our AC doesn't crap out on us. nice to know i can add another state to my list, though!

furreal though at some point i might add a yt portland thread bc i miss those.

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How does your work handle snow? - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 11 20178:31:48 PM |
last night

this morning:

i was surprised. work actually closed today. every other snow storm we've had this winter (there's been at least 2 other events) they've EXPECTED people to show up. even got people in trouble for not feeling safe enough to come in

luckily it's been on my days off, or i've been able to make it using Lyft at non-surge prices.

oh i also did yoga while sick and i think coughed wrong? so i either bruised or cracked a rib or strained a muscle bc my side hurts and i have to sit very carefully. ibuprofen's been helping, but not erasing the pain meh

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Idec man I`m tipsy - Mood:Good
Friday January 06 201710:51:19 PM |
This place has its pluses and minuses and I don't like some people but for the most part I can't imagine my life without it.

so if you want positive words come here

I'm tipsy at my dads Christmas party

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sweet/vicious is such a good show - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 03 201710:45:01 PM |
spoilers ahead if you watch it

if you guys aren't watching you should. like, they literally just had the most POWERFUL scene where the main girl jules finally confronted her rapist and it was SO EMOTIONAL and so f-cking beautiful

the emotional distress behind behind raped. i dont cry often and i got so emotional.

to make this a journal, work's been fine. i'm super productive and getting more tasks and more money as of yesterday. this week's check is gonna be BOMB

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well this is gonna be fun - Mood:Good
Thursday October 06 20167:31:59 PM |
vacation in orlando florida, and now i get to experience my first hurricane.

anyone ever been in one?

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Feeling super satisfied with myself and my health right now. - Mood:Good
Thursday September 15 201612:29:50 PM |
Today will be day 11 of me doing some kind of workout in a row. That's more consistent than I've EVER been with exercise. The workout that was super hard and made me sore for days last week? A lot easier last night and today I'm barely sore at all. I feel super good.

Just need some kind of trick to make myself workout while on my period. Working out tends to trigger my cramps, and not help them but I have to power through.

Also been very healthy (for the most part) eating wise too. I feel like I can get my life together if I conquer this one part of it.

That and I should be getting a raise soon with my review. Plus if I make it to december and want to leave, I have a potential job at another company that will pay me the same as right now with many more opportunities to grow.

Basically - very good mood today.

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happy birthday to me - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 10 20162:03:55 AM |
the best part was honestly going to olive garden, eating good food, having good drinks, and not having to pay for a single cent of it. great company too! and got a couple gift cards

slept in way too late but hey, that's fine. still got tomorrow off which'll be nice.

hi yt!

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Book the movie adaptations are so weird to me now. - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 05 20168:25:16 PM |
i actually make myself watch the movie before reading the book at every opportunity now. Makes it easier to accept changes. Currently? It's the maze runner series.

Sometimes the adaptations are better.

I liked how they did divergent as a movie.

Not 100% sure how I like the changes for the maze runner thoughh. Thoughts?

I leave for a road trip to Cali either Thursday or Friday mornings. Dad's pushing for Friday now. I guess it doesn't bother me too much. I love road trips regardless.

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Resurgence. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 26 201612:21:57 PM |
Too cheesy. Lots of action, which was great, but...I feel like the first Independence Day movie did a lot more for me than this one.

Maybe it's because of the lack of Will Smith.
Maybe it's because his son didn't get a big enough role.

I didn't NOT enjoy it, but at the same time, I wasn't immersed into it at the time.

And it's sad bc it looks like it's not making much money.

I get the next 2 days off, work 3, then off another 2. I got my vacation to go see my niece on her birthday, so it'll be off to california we go! So excited.

I'm exhausted today. I wanna go back to bed.

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Monday May 23 20161:26:39 AM |
Thanks Buddy, you rock

and to make this a journal - i'm watching the billboard music awards

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Wanna know why GS and LiJas are some of the best people ever? - Mood:Good
Monday May 02 20162:22:55 PM |
They sent me ALL OF THIS.

And now I must figure out how to slowly consume it so I don't gain weight and ruin my diet challenge lmfao.

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i am not good at this dating thing. - Mood:Good
Monday April 25 20163:48:36 PM |
i'm talking to a guy on okc. we've been texting and he seems really nice. but i'm not - - i'm scared to meet him? i'm kinda enjoying just texting right now and am not completely ready to go out for a drink. he asked though, and i'm not sure how to say that.

and i'm also thinking maybe i should just kick my own ass and agree to go out with him, bc why not? what am i so scared of?

emotional intimacy kinda scares me and i usually get with people i was already close friends with so opening up to someone i barely know is still so weird.

plus dating rules suck and i don't like the dating game.

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I officially know what it`s like to be truly stoned. - Mood:Good
Friday April 22 20163:46:31 PM |
And I don't like it very much lol. I think I'm still kinda high? And I'm working. That and I'm just tired bc I woke up every few hours last night.

I just want a clear head again

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So I`m finally kicking my own ass and doing a diet / weight loss challenge. - Mood:Good
Sunday April 17 201610:56:55 PM |
Here it is if you wanna join!

Must lose 4% of my current weight (7.8 pounds ish) in 4 weeks. Put $30 into the pot, and it's up to $54k? Ish?

But omg I'm so excited. If some people don't reach the goal, but I do, I'll make back some money If everyone reaches their goal, we at least make our money back.

Hopefully this actually makes me start the long haul toward my goal weight. That's the plan, anyway.

So I'm making a healthy baked ziti for dinner tonight, and I've gone on a few walks. Yay to being healthy!

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Tell me what you think about me, and I`ll return the favor. - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 13 20168:28:30 PM |
It's my best friend's last night here. Sad and relieved all at once tbh. Kinda over so much social interactions. Gonna be a little busy tonight but I'll try to do these as much as I can and kept it an ongoing thing.
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My laptop forced me to download windows 10 without my permission - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 13 20161:51:52 PM |
So far it's okay. Just the principle of the thing pisses me off.

Friend leaves back to Florida tomorrow. Relieved and sad at the same time.

I'm at work and have to pee. Hi YT.

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Anyone want a dachsund? - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 06 20163:10:10 PM |
This entire process sucks. Figuring out what to do to settle someone's estate when they passed suddenly. ESPECIALLY when there are animals involved
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Wanna know what I think of you? / ask me anything. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 31 20165:52:34 PM |
I'm bored at work and have so much energy I need to let it out SOMEBOW AND THIS IS THE BEST PLACE RIGHT NOW.

Wtf my phone just capitolized all of that. Don't feel like fixing it either. Probably time to get a new phone.

Just give me things to respond to

Oh and I just recently passed the year mark of losing my dog Rita so that was sad.

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mispelled inspired me to start a yoga challenge - Mood:Good
Monday March 14 20161:49:10 AM |
and i feel REALLY GOOD. that + healthy eating today, and i feel like it's been a successful day. i took a walk with my dog earlier, too, and spent more than $80 on groceries i desperately needed.

gimme netflix instant streaming recs.
i'm about to watch another episode of Cooked. It's a netflix documentary series and it's really, really good.

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the curse is over for leo. ragdoll should be happy - Mood:Good
Monday February 29 201612:04:58 AM |
i have an awful, uncomfortable headache but i watched the oscars
glad he won
i had no interest in that movie though

is it usual for the best actor's movie not to win for best film?

i have work tomorrow and i'm already regretting having to go

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The ice makes it really hard for me to keep my New Years resolution - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 06 201611:55:51 AM |
it was to stop using Uber unless an emergency.

Well, bc of traffic (probably more than ice) my bus was 23 minutes late. My connection time between was 24. So now I'm back in my house, waiting for Uber to show up and my fingers to defrost.

it's cold.

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What did you get for Christmas? - Mood:Good
Friday December 25 20157:02:44 PM |
My load this year was actually pretty good! And now I get to go shopping at some point xD

Picture in next post.

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Life is so precious and you realize it when it`s gone - Mood:Good
Monday November 30 20156:30:28 PM |
One of my best friends lost her mom, her grandparents and an uncle to a car crash last night. The driver that hit their car is dead too. They're speculating the other driver was drunk.

So devastating

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