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Male, 37 years old
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia/NZ

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6 months later and I'm back to slacking off at work. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 18 200812:22:12 AM |
It's quite amazing really. I go from a dead end job where my services are barely required yet still essential, getting paid a pittance, to doing half of what I used to do, getting paid much more, in a workplace where my boss tells me to watch downloaded videos when things get quiet.

The world is a strange place, indeed. Where have you guys been and gone in the last 6 months? I shall sit back thoughtfully and pretend to listen.

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Into the ATOMIC AGE! - Mood:Retro
Tuesday October 23 20077:46:01 PM |
I love 1950s retro-futurism.

At the old factory I worked in we had this magnetic press from the 1950s. Rounded dome like shapes with wicked dials and switches and a big ol lightning bolt painted on the side. I didn't care that the machine itself was pretty boring (It could bend sheetmetal to any angle you wanted. 40 degrees, 42 degrees, you name it)

It just looked so awesome.

Post pictures of retro-futuristic or atomic age stuff. I love that sh*t.

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Those bastards whored out the connection! - Mood:Shocked
Saturday October 20 200712:16:02 AM |
Last month it was about 2-3 days before I was asked what the download limit of the connection at this place is, since it was suspected maybe we'd blown it.
I dont' download movies or games or copious amounts of music or anything. I never have. I'm well aware that stuff is out there, but I'm frugal with hard drive space.
The curious creature living in the bungalow has about 120 DVDs he's downloaded and burned. I don't know if he's seen them all. I don't know if he can even give a plot synopsis of half of them. But he slowed down somewhat this month after last months' scare.
The OTHER new guy, however, just blew 12gb in 2 days, and the connection has been throttled. Why? Who the hell downloads so much crap? What's the appeal? I can't find a medium interesting enough to sift through that much data, ffs.
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What qualities of another YTer would you like to have? - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 16 200711:09:57 PM |
Not just the qualities you like about another YTer. The qualities you wish you had. Like if you made a frankenstein you out of parts of YTers (personality or physical).

Have a frankenstein YT baby to inspire you:


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Quit making us both look like retards and do your f*cking job - Mood:Enraged
Tuesday October 16 20078:38:06 PM |
There's a procedure to follow when a new employee starts. We have to be given their full name, their department, any network drives and printers required, their database access requirements, sh*t like that.

Now, we can cut a few corners, since I can usually just be given a full name, where they're sitting, and whose job they're doing, and since I probably set up that person as well, I can get it from there. Saves my bosses a bit of time when they don't need to try to define technical details that they barely understand themselves. But f*ck me if I'm not running into some lazy ass sods lately.

Out of the last 8 users I have added I would estimate 6 have had their names spelled incorrectly on the information sheet (read: Post it note) given to me. 4 have had incorrect start dates, 5 I have been given less than 48 hours notice, and most recently, I was given -30 minutes notice.

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Building Ikea stuff sucks. - Mood:Confused
Monday October 15 20078:23:37 PM |
I always come at it the same way. Determined that I will read the instructions, separate the pieces, position everything as it says, put it all together normally.

And the it just f*cks up. I put in one of those screw holder jangas upside down. Damnit! But that was easily fixed once I worked it out. The REAL confusing part was when the instructions started showing how you can put multiple storage units in all sorts of configurations using brackets and screws provided.

So I don't need those. I only have the one. But since the instructions have no actual text on them, to save 12 cents on printing in languages, now I don't know what parts are necessary and what parts will cause the thing to fall apart once I start chucking stuff on it.

Then I remembered I have a drawer add on that I have to include. So I took a well earned break.

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I like to create awkward moments. - Mood:Good
Sunday October 14 20078:48:52 PM |
Like, when I get married, I want to have the wedding kiss, then just make out for about half a minute, so everyone in the congregation is kind of thinking "Whoa, get a room." but they can't really say anything, or do anything.

They're just stuck there. Watching.

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I don`t care what you say, skinny milk is disgusting - Mood:Bored
Thursday October 11 20079:31:07 PM |
I hate working around perpetually dieting stick figures. Not only can they sometimes be ultra bitchy because they haven't eaten in days, but the fridge gets loaded up with skinny milk. I had a scare just now where out of 4 cartons in there, only one was real milk.
I can't stand coffee with skinny milk. Chalky water is all it is.

And one of them ate all the cookies, despite all of them claiming to be staying off the cookies.

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Rabbits change colour in the winter for camouflage - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 10 200712:15:30 AM |
A girl at work thought that white rabbits were normal rabbits, but they changed colour in the winter for camouflage.

We figure she must have heard it in a fairy tale, but she's believed it all her life.
Do you have childhood beliefs that have been squashed randomly as you've grown up?

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Writing up job tasks is difficult - Mood:Confused
Monday October 08 20077:06:48 PM |
Since I'm a bit of a go-to guy and work fairly autonomously, my boss has asked me to write up a bunch of documentation on my job. It's not so much justifying my position or what I do all day (which isn't actually too much). Basically it's like "Dude, how do you like... Do all this stuff?"

But trying to write what amounts to an instruction manual that covers all the tips and tricks and little things you have to remember is proving a daunting challenge. I start writing something, then I think "But wait, if they need to install Illustrator, it's a bitch and you have to do this to get around that." or sometimes there's some discrepancy that happens now and then, but the explanation is so longwinded and convoluted you might as well just say "Occasionally a gremlin f*cks with sh*t. Don't worry about that."

How hard would it be for you to write a manual so someone could pick up some of the stuff you do?

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My life is flashing before my eyes and it is condensed awesomeness - Mood:Good
Monday September 17 20076:52:13 PM |
MAybe this belongs in games, but no. This is my childhood. So many classics, so many memories.

If you haven't clicked the link yet, it is 100 Commodore 64 games in 10 minutes. Those crazy Germans have even done remixes of C64 themes to play over the top.

I am nerd. Hear me roar.

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Today I learned that teen girls are afraid of getting weird looks when they shop for baby clothes for cousins/nieces/nephews - Mood:Good
Monday September 17 20071:46:45 AM |
Or at least that teen girl on the train talking to her friends about it is.

Do you think anyone is safe from getting weird looks for doing everyday stuff? Now nosey folk have the national security hotline to dob you in for ordering a pizza at an odd hour, as opposed to the previous stigma that was focused purely on those rowdy teens, or tradesmen who were attempting to rip you off, is there anything you do that makes you feel like maybe people are getting the wrong idea about you?

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Nature`s way of kicking you when you`re down - Mood:Depressed
Wednesday September 12 20074:51:33 AM |
This week has been a grinder so far. I started Monday fresh and eager to tackle the project we have going at work. We're getting a major upgrade to our systems. Was originally a new file server with 2tb (2000gb) of storage space, a tape backup drive, and a software suite that would allow instantaneous restores of files that were deleted or lost or corrupted.
The consultant was a no-show for our meeting, and had apparently told one of our I.T. guys something completely different to what he'd told us, so we looked like a confused group of barking dogs in front of the director who was ready to give final approval for the project. We were set to reconvene the next day.

I requoted and presented my revised solution to the rest of the I.T. staff, and we were all on the same page going into the next meeting. The consultant shows, and when he catches wind of the revised solution, promptly talks himself out of the job.

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Help with party theme (1950s) - Mood:Confused
Wednesday September 05 200712:49:25 AM |
I've been invited to a 1950s/Grease theme birthday party in about a month's time. The host and her friends are going as the Pink Ladies, and the T-Birds are already taken by their respective partners, of course.

So I need a bit part 1950s character type person to go as. Any 1950s style will do, I guess. Post me pictures of 1950s fashion and your recommendations.

And feel free to regale me with tales of costume party embarrassment and woes, just to make me feel fantastic about this.

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The Trivial Complaints Department is now open - Mood:Happy
Thursday August 23 20077:33:35 PM |
I have an 8 page report to get through and I want to finish updating a few spreadsheets, but other than that I'm feeling it might be a slow morning. I'm mostly looking forward to the lunch we're going on today. The pub is across the street and nobody will say boo to having a beer or two with lunch, which will naturally flow to a relaxed afternoon at the office.

So what do I do for you lovely munchkins of YT? I'll invite you to rant on those little things that are bugging the crap out of you, and randomly decide whether to back your cause with all the fervor of a religious zealot, or tell you to quit being a fag about it and move on. Yay!

Take a number, I'll be with you in a moment.

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Hottest YT Mom Competition (Paint/Photoshop Challenge) - Mood:Naughty
Tuesday August 21 200711:57:45 PM |
Okay, so we've all slept with your mum on numerous occasions (I'd rate her a low 7. It's a compliment, take it.) but how does she compare to everyone else's in the looks department?

Feel free to post your mother, or someone else's mother. Artist conceptions also accepted.

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Ride the company car rollercoaster, doo-doo doo-doo yeah. - Mood:Good
Monday August 20 200712:59:40 AM |
Maybe I'm jinxing myself here.
Remember last time I got a company car?
That was on a Thursday. The very next Monday it was apparently sold.

Just now, my boss informs me it is slated for sale on the 15th of September, but is just sitting in a garage right now. So he's springing it out of lockup for me tomorrow and I will have company car once more.

This time guaranteed for 3 weeks. I am sensing win in the air.

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Modern Day Hero - Mood:Heroic
Thursday August 16 20079:47:29 PM |
I change trains in the city to get to work, and this morning I dashed onto the train and set my eyes upon the scene of a middle aged woman clearly exasperated yet putting on a brave face to two befuddled German tourists. When I approached she said:
"Do you speak English?"
"Do you have a dollar? I need to get to the Alfred Hospital and my purse has just been stolen. I just need one dollar for the train ticket. I can take a pensioners so a dollar will be enough."
At this point I noticed she had a small amount of dried blood around the rim of her nose. I fished in my wallet intent on finding the dollar I knew I had.
"Nice hair, mate."
"Thanks, I washed it last night but I didn't really brush it too well."
I handed her a dollar fifty and she stressed she only needed the dollar. I guess she didn't want to be taken for a beggar.
Then she was off.

Feel free to embellish this story to make me seem more heroi

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Methinks someone`s trying to pull the wool over my eyes. - Mood:Suspicious
Tuesday August 14 20077:20:05 AM |
We have suspicious mood but not the smiley for Journals. Odd.

But the story of this journal is much more sinister than just that. Remember wormy roomate? Well, I don't know if the annelids are moving to control his mind, but apparently he told our other roommate that he wanted him to move out. In fact, that he would prefer it if he vacated whichever room Mr. Worm happened to reside in at any point in time.

I received a phone call from my cousin (who is the other roommate) calmly updating me on these events. He said he didn't really think it was Worm's place to make these kinds of calls, and informed me though he'd said he would start looking elsewhere in order to diffuse the situation, he wasn't really keen on shipping off at his say so. Too f*cking right.

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Okay okay, Dilemma time. - Mood:Confused
Saturday August 11 20074:45:09 AM |
Roommate who has pre-existing long term relationship with girl who has child. He mentioned they would likely visit now and then if that's okay. I'm cool with that.

I'm also not a bean counter. Yes, they all have showers here now and then and some days she'll be home watching TV and taking care of the 6 year old boy while we're all out.

Myself, Roommate 1 and Roommate 2 split rent and bills down the middle. Roommate 2 is new, the previous roommate had a few problems with the amount of time the girlfriend and son were hanging around, and they graciously reduced the number of visits until said roommate had moved out. Now they're back regularly. I don't have a problem there, really.

Now comes the dilemma. The boy has worms. According to the Docs, it's wise if everyone in the house takes worm tablets to prevent it spreading, which is apparently likely. Roommate and girlfriend have them, and he breaks the news to me suggesting I go out and get some myself.

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Has Brock made an alter I don`t know about? - Mood:Confused
Thursday August 09 20072:12:36 AM |
Because it's unheard of that she'd be away from YT this long without an excuse. Who will care for the afternoon's ridicularity factor?
Where's EEG, Poppin, and crazy people that the aforementioned YTers would poke fun at?

I demand answers!

Photoshop YTers onto Candy packaging if you feel like it.

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So I`m going to start reading Harry Potter - Mood:Good
Monday August 06 200710:38:47 PM |
And I will justify it if I feel like it. But I really don't need to. Speaks for itself, really. In 10 years time it'd be like the guy who's never seen Star Wars. You can be stubborn about it, but just f*cking see it, buddy. I'm not asking you to know who was the Admiral Darth Vader kills before promoting Captain Piet (12 internets to the first person to correctly answer that one).

Anyway, work is busy yet boring. I have little inspiration to continue, yet I must. It's almost lunchtime though.

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We should try to enjoy life for the next 10 seconds, but it`s really just enjoying life for 1 second over and over and then we get to the 7th second and here we are. - Mood:Good
Sunday July 29 20078:43:01 PM |
Do you spoil your own fun and good times? Like, there's that moment when you're having a great time and then suddenly you realise it's not going to last. Tomorrow you have to work, or maybe you spent too much money and you're going to have to scrimp to make rent, or you've just gone out when you should have been doing homework, and now you're out having a good time but the axe will fall come tomorrow when you totally haven't done what you were supposed to do.

How hard is it to stop those thoughts from spoiling your mood? I know some people who just can't let go. They'll be mopey for the rest of the evening when that mood strikes them. I try to fight it off, and usually I do a good job, but I know some people who don't give a crap whatsoever.


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If I were an eccentric billionaire... - Mood:Good
Saturday July 28 20074:10:00 AM |
I'd have a skyscraper built with a PA system inside and outside the building from the 20th floor up hooked up to the emergency power, playing this track on constant loop, just in case there was ever a terrorist attack or disaster and people were fighting for survival up there.

I think that would make the world a better place.
Put some thought into some of the subtle ways you'd express your insanity with a blank check to do what you liked.

18.7 internets to the person who can correctly identify where that music is from.

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A Company Car is mine! - Mood:Happity
Thursday July 26 20071:12:22 AM |
So I decide to make Engrish speaking Journal! Celebrate me also!

Super Boss Man selling company car in uncertain time, company car Boss Man useless to be current. So as train I take for working is long time, company car super fast for me it is! Sensible!

So much more weekend I can have driving pleasure, and no fuel costing! Most useful for shopping and things.

All is such until uncertain time selling company car. Then to long time trains I return.

Many comments please for my new life story!

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