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Male, 37 years old
the forest city, Ontario, Canada

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Runaways Sage Francis

Interests: Cooking / Drinking / Philosophy / Gardening / Computers
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productive use of office resources - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 12 201312:42:18 PM |
Planning for my trip to the US.
Ordering books from amazon.
Texting/facebooking/trolling twitter.
Clipping my nails (yes, i did this)

Now I'm on lunch and I'm really enjoying this turkey sandwich i made last night.

What's up, YT?

Haven't seen you bitches in a while.

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home sick and on a smartphone - Mood:Spent
Tuesday March 20 20129:11:43 AM |
So I wake up feeling like poo and I figure its probably one of those half hour things and it'll go away. Not so.

So here I am laying on the couch with my backberry just browsing YT and IAU hoping I fall asleep at some point any maybe start feeling better.

What are you doing today? Its supposed to get up to 29 degrees so maybe I'll feel better later and can enjoy some of that sun.

P.S. I didn't think YT would look this good on a mobile browser.

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if i like da jugs on her then im probly druggin` her - Mood:Bored
Thursday October 13 20112:58:58 PM |
Now before you get all over my poo, its a song. I dont roll that way.

drating sending resumes out of the ass and nothing. Im not sure how much longer I can do this freelance/consulting thing. Leading an illegitimate life of crime is sounding really appealing right now. Just think of the kinds of benefits that comes with.

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty awesome. So much food. And drink. My goodness that was good. Id love to eat like it was thanksgiving every day and not gain a pound. Wouldnt that be awesome or what?

C is still a cxnt but I think thats her destiny or fate or whatever. I tried hard to be her friend but whatever. She wants to be a loser for the rest of her life and keep picking the low hanging fruit then thats on her but Im done putting in any kind of effort.

P.S. Nacho Picasso

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What the poo do ya do when you`re lying d*ck first on the ground staring at your reflection in a pool of your own blood - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 07 20118:25:17 PM |
Call Falcon.

Well its been a LONG time since Ive been here, let alone made a journal.

drating cold ass day today. Had to put a sweater on today. At least its warming up for the weekend. Good thing we get at least one last decent weekend before it stays this cold.

I was hoping it wouldnt come to it but it looks like I have to format my computer and reinstall everything. drat. Hate doing it but every day there seems to be something wrong with my computer.

Was worried I wouldnt have any tree for the weekend but buddy finally came through and called me up today. You know something is wrong when your dope dealer has better customer service then most businesses out there.

Is the best revenge really living well? Anyone have any experience with revenge? Im debating it but Im still on the fence.

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Anyone with a taste for adult entertainment, come a little closer... - Mood:Mischievous
Thursday February 17 20113:37:37 PM |
Ok, I lied. Theres nothing about the adult entertainment industry here but there could be...? Im sure the people of YT will make it happen if they want to.

You know what I drating hate? People who try to add you to facebook to be "facebook friends". What the drat is that? Seriously. Get the drat out of here with that poo.

House sitting for my folks in a few weeks. Should be pretty awesome. Im going to eat all their food and drink all their booze. Maybe Ill even throw a party. That'll learn them.

My ex is a mean person. A drating mean person. Not much more to say there. Whoever said the best revenge is living well is a drating moron. Period.

It feels strange studying for exams again. I havent written an exam in over 5 years and now I have to study for 2. Its refreshing though.

Looking over my music library, I realized that I need more and newer music.

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24 hours and Ill be leaving - Mood:Cautious
Thursday September 23 20104:13:45 PM |
But Im having second thoughts about the whole thing. I guess thats normal?

Im excited but a bit apprehensive at the same time. Im going to man up and just go and get it over with but what the drat was I thinking and what the drat did I get myself into...

P.S. Hi YT, its been so long.

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Peace. - Mood:Happy
Wednesday January 09 20081:06:55 AM |
Im finished with this place.

This new layout is so drating terrible, its making my eyes bleed.

Ill be closing my account after I tie up loose ends. Unlike others, I wont be coming back. Not to this eyesore.

Good luck!

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g-spot rocks the g-spot - Mood:Good
Thursday November 08 200712:38:07 PM |
Finally heard back from a company that I sent my resume to almost 3 months ago. Looks like they're only hiring 1 person but Im pretty confident I can hustle them into picking me.

Ive been keeping poo on the d/l lately since my brother managed to get himself caught smoking dope. Last thing I need is for people to think I scored drugs for my brother. I gave him a good smack in the head for being stupid and getting caught.

This week feels like a good week for drinking, but what to drink? In other news it snowed the other day it wasnt much but it was enough, so I figured it was time to dust off the ol' flask and start stocking up on liquor. Im thinking of switching to either vodka or gin for this winter. Decisions, Decisions.

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interplanetary deals, interstellar appeal, universal ideal... - Mood:Good
Thursday September 20 200712:18:22 AM | feel.

Trying to save money to move to a different part of the country is a bitch. Especially if you're just getting by to begin with. If I knew enough people who were into it, Id totally hustle coke for money. Thats how bad I want to get the drat out of here.

I want to get together with some old friends but they're off work on different days. I want to get 'em all together and just get drating blasted. I should at least get something going, I miss them. I miss those days getting wasted with my friends, although my body sure doesnt. I still remember when orange juice didnt taste right for me unless it had vodka in it .

I keep getting emails from saying that 4 people have searched my name. Bullpoo. drating hustlers trying to get me to sign up for their site. Now that I think about it, I get too much junkmail in general. Id set up filters, but then sometimes actual important emails get filtered. drat that.

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Its in that place I put that thing that time. - Mood:Good
Monday August 13 20071:03:42 AM |
Ive been feeling great lately and I dont know why. Its just a general feeling of awesomeness Ive had the last couple of days or so. Im starting to save up more money for when I visit my buddies out west. They keep telling me to come out there to party and I dont want to let them down. They also want me to go to panama city beach with them again and I just cant say no to that.

Ive been thinking about Amanda a lot lately. No particular reason either. But no matter how hard I try, I keep coming up empty when I try to look her up. And here I thought I could find anyone on the internets.

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Young People F*cking - Mood:Good
Thursday July 26 20077:39:49 PM |
"a smart and fast-paced comedy that intertwines the stories of 5 couples over the course of one sexual encounter. As the couples attempt to have some seemingly straight forward sex, they run into all sorts of problems."

Works for me. Cant wait for it. Thought about hitting up the TIFF just to see it.

Ate BBQ chicken for dinner today and im stuffed. Stuffed to the point where I could probably vomit whole pices of chicken. I shouldnt have eaten so much, but it was so good.

Hung out with an old buddy the other day. Good times, just sat around playing video games and smoking dope. Sure does take me back. ]

Work has been drating stupid lately.

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Im downloading the Harry Potter boook - Mood:Good
Friday July 20 200712:41:14 PM |
Ill ruin it for you all shortly, please be patient.
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Swallow or it goes in your eye - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 26 200712:41:42 PM |
drat its hot out today. Feels like 38*C with humidity. drat that. I was going to go out for a while and relax, not anymore.

I wish it would rain. It hasnt rained here for more than 40mins in weeks. The grass is drated. Luckily my tomatoes and the rest of my vegetables are growing nicely and I should get a nice crop this year. Anyone know what I can do to keep animals out of my vegetables? Electrified fence does not count.

Building a database and entering test data is so mundane. But its something I guess.

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Snape dies so Harry can kill Voldemort! - Mood:Good
Thursday June 21 200712:49:30 PM |
True story.

I dont know what to have for lunch. Ive been thinking about it for the last 40 mins and I cant seem to make up my mind.

I feel like drinking gin. I havent done any drinking in a while, but just the other night I had a craving for gin so I think Ill do that sometime this weekend. What does gin go well with? Its been so long for me, Im out of the loop.

Looking for a job still drating blows. I might just get some piece of poo job for the meantime and just move out west when Ive saved up enough.

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Robots talking with a southern accent - Mood:Good
Monday June 18 200712:55:51 AM |
Finally got the trash bin finished up. Spent more than $200 on materials. Lets see those drating raccoons get into the garbage now. draters.

Theres something weird about not getting trashed on your birthday. Maybe Im past that phase in my life? drat I hope not. Im supposed to go chill with a buddy, but I dont know whats going on now. He said he'd give me a shout, but he didnt. drater.

I want to just wake up one day, pack my poo up and get the drat out of here and not look back. But I doubt ill ever do that.

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coo-roo-coo-coo-coo-coo-coo-coo - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 22 200712:36:05 PM |
Had a pretty decent two-four weekend even if the weather wasnt as nice as I would have liked it to be.

Looking for a new job is drating stupid, but I need it if I plan on moving out west or down south (havent decided yet).

Ive been completely sober for the last three weeks which has to be some sort of record for me. But my mind is so much clearer and I feel a bit healthier. I could get used to this.

PS. 100 points to the first person who tells me where the title of this journal comes from.

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Lets play a game - Mood:Indifferent
Tuesday May 15 20072:16:00 PM |
Here's how it goes.

You say something serious and finish off the sentence with 'LOL'.

Ill get the ball rolling.

My dad came home drunk and now he's beating my mom LOL

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what the drat - Mood:Good
Friday May 11 20071:14:01 AM |
Ive seen some drated up poo on this site (usually posts in some jerk's journal) but this joke is something else.

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should i stay or should i go? - Mood:Good
Monday May 07 200711:51:58 AM |
A good friend living out west came home for the weekend. Saturday night we went to a pub and got ripped. He told me that him and another good friend are moving in together. He said I should come out there and move in with them. All I would need is a means of getting there and the rest my buddies are going to take care of.

Im very tempted to just pick up and leave. Dont have anything thats really keeping me here and Im sure Id have a blast living with those guys.

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happy new year bitches - Mood:Good
Monday January 01 20074:45:34 AM |
awesome night, considering i was exhausted the whole time. time to sleep.
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car full of bitches and a brand new bong - Mood:Good
Wednesday September 27 20062:06:25 PM |
been a while. no real news to report other than the fact that i still hate my job.

took a picture with my phone and just wanted some place to post it.

whats shakin'?

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turn up the good, turn down the suck - Mood:Good
Monday September 04 200612:12:23 AM |
my laptop keyboard is still fricked up. i should probably send it out to get fixed but ill be crippled without my laptop for however long its gone for. id hate to start having to use one of the desktops.

its been a while since ive been here. cant say ive missed it. well ok maybe a bit.

looking for a new job is a bitch but i cant stand it there anymore. i should just move away from this town and start up somewhere else.

lately everything has been pretty wack, but the dope is great and so is the grey album and that makes it ok.

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Its weird being on YT at this hour - Mood:Good
Saturday July 15 20065:28:44 AM |
Ive never been on at this hour. Well..I probably have, just never posted anything.
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I faced my fears with beers and got wasted - Mood:Good
Monday July 10 200612:49:22 AM |
Overall a good week. Recovered from last week by only going out drinking once. It was a buddy's birthday. I couldnt show up & not drink. What kind of a friend would i be then?? Havent had a chance to talk to this friend in a while since he's been busy with work and the girlfriend, so we're getting fricked up and hitting the town next week. Going to cause some ruckus all up in this motherfricker of a town.

Ive told myself never to get involved with someone at work. Too much drama (as I can see with my current friends at work), but theres this one fine ass girl there who I want to do naughty things to.

Italy won the world cup. I dont mind much but the italians around here sure now how to be roosters about it. Id tell those goombas what I think of them if their women werent so hot. Maybe Ill still tell them what i think...

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Which one of you mother****ers got into my sack of dope? - Mood:Cautious
Tuesday June 06 20067:48:40 PM |
My brother no doubt. Son of a bitch knows where I keep it. So much for being Mr. Nice Guy.

So Im celebrating my birthday on friday but I still have no clue what Im doing. Im supposed to meet up with friends at a bar and then go from there. But I get a call from another buddy who wants me to come out friday (most likely because he knows its my bday too). Im thinking Ill go with some folks first then with the others later that night. Thoughts?

My buddy at work got promoted. Id be jealous if there were reason to be. But minimal wage increase & huge workload increase doesnt seem like a reason to be jealous to me.

I need a beer but Id have to go to the LCBO or beer store and quite frankly, I dont feel like getting off my ass. Not even to drink alcohol. Whats this world coming to...

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