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., ., Midwest US

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Things to do in Toronto? - Mood:Good
Thursday August 03 20177:27:59 PM |
I'm tagging along with the Mr. in September since he has to present at a conference. Niagara Falls is on the list. What is Toronto known for? Any good outdoorsy/hiking things nearby? I'm excited to visit our neighbors to the north.
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I`m going to San Diego in a few weeks! - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 22 20173:34:19 PM |
Tell me what I must do, see, and most importantly, eat.
I want the best seafood around.
The only downside is that I won't be able to play Breath of the Wild for 6 full days. :(
To keep this journal-y, my 1 year work-aversay was yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good about it.
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There is a cricket in my vents - Mood:Good
Monday August 25 201411:38:17 PM |
And it won't shut the f*ck up. Third night in a row it's chirping its heart out. I have no idea where it is other than inside the ceiling/walls of the kitchen area, so I have no idea where to direct bug spray. I live in a studio apartment so it's just echoing everywhere. My cat is useless.
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Funny pseudonyms--hlp! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 19 20046:44:45 PM |
I'm writing a skit for a parody award ceremony thing, and I need fake funny names for these people:

girl and boy for "Public Foyer Break-up during A-lunch"

girl for "'This test grade will ruin my perfect GPA!' Biology Outburst"


boy for "After School Lettuce Mishap"

Any names anyone?

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It`s snowing! - Mood:Happy
Friday February 13 200410:39:46 PM |
hehe I know no one cares but this is the first time it's really snowed here in 19 years. yay! ::looks out window::
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w00t w00t!! - Mood:Ecstatic
Monday April 07 20039:45:31 PM |
Been a long time since I made one of these things now that I got LJ...but I got 1st place in Latin Oratory Level II at the JCL Latin Convention on Saturday; which is a category I've never done in my life and just picked up 2 weeks anyways that means nothing to anybody here but I'm so happy about that. Peace!
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Yay!! We got the day off because of bad weather! - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 25 20036:55:59 PM |
Haha, gotta love San Antonio. There was some ice on the roads last night, so they cancelled all classes for today. I spent half the day working on my Eco project, and the other half working on catching up on sleep. It's supposed to get even colder and rain again today, so maybe school will even be canceled tomorrow. I can only hope.
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Which Kevin Smith movie are you? - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 04 20038:17:31 PM |
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So, who else is sick? - Mood:Exhausted
Saturday January 25 20036:10:32 PM |
Ugh I feel absolutely horrible!! I had to miss school Friday and I slept the whole time. I've had a fever for a while and I just can't seem to get better. My head is pounding and every time I cough (which is a lot), it just makes it hurt worse. I can't miss any more school!! I have to be better by Monday.
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I guess "egging" one`s house is old news--now it`s "lettucing" - Mood:Surprised
Friday January 17 20039:44:58 PM |
Well some idiots decided they'd rather spend their money on some nice peppers and crisp lettuce to decorate my yard, instead of the old TP and eggs. I don't get it. They put lettuce on my car, then in a nice little path on our sidewalk up to our front porch, and left one big smiling yellow bell pepper (hell it looks in good condition, I bet we'll eat it), and two little read peppers of some sort.

I don't get it. I don't even know anyone who's awake to do it. What raally surprises me is that I was here the whole time, right upstairs with a clear view of outside and didn't see a thing. My dogs didn't even bark either. They must have done it at 11 or earlier. Grr...

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Stupid Trivial Pursuit 20th Edition - Mood:Indifferent
Monday December 30 20025:08:50 PM |
So I was looking through the questions in this new game, and I saw one of the questions said "Which future first lady wrote a book, "Rasing PG kids in an X rated world," and the answer was Tipper Gore.

Future first lady? Wasn't that a bit presumptuous? Or is it just me?

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blah blah blah - Mood:Hopeful
Wednesday December 25 20022:51:04 PM |
We got a PS2! Yay! We also got a 16mb memory card, but unfortunately, before and after every game you have to use a boot disc to be able to save the next's EXTEMELY irritating. And I got FF8 (yay!) but since it was made for ps1, I need a ps1 memory card in addition to a better ps2 memory card. It's disapointing because I can play for a while, but then I can't save. So I'll have to start all over. Oh well, is anything open today that would sell those? K-mart was last year but it's all out of business here.

My sister got me one of those paraffin wax dipper thingies, and it's fun to play with. I got wax all over though. And that was my Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy holidays, or have a relaxing vacation time (depending on what you believe in, and yes, I know Hanuka is way past).

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Holiday Fruitcake - Mood:Good
Tuesday December 17 200210:59:01 AM |
With the holidays coming, here's a fruitcake recipe that will help take
the stress out of this normally stressful time.
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
4 large eggs
2 cups dried fruit
1 tsp salt
1 cup brown sugar
3 oz lemon juice
1 cup nuts
1 gallon Absolut Vodka

First, sample the vodka to check for freshness.
Take a large bowl. Check the vodka again to be sure it is of the
highest quality.
Pour 1 level cup of the vodka and drink it.
Repeat again.
Turn on the electric mixer; beat 1 cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.
Add water, eggs and 1 tsp sugar and beat again. Make surr the vodca is still
Cry another tup. Turn off mixers.
Chuck in the cup of dried fruitt or something. Mix on the turner.
If the fried druit gets struck on the beaterers, pry it loose with
a drewsciver.
Sample the vodka to check for tonsistancity.
Next, sniff two cups of salt. Or something.
Who cares?
Check the vodka.
Now sniff the lemon juice and strain yo

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Grammer Question real fast... - Mood:Good
Sunday December 15 200210:04:16 PM |
Does this sentence sound ackward?:

While not a very nice thing for me to do, it still doesn’t make up for what she did next.

I'm trying to eliminate be verbs, so I'm trying to steer away from saying "While it was not a very..."etc

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YARG I hate my printer more than life itself - Mood:Enraged
Sunday December 15 20029:37:33 PM |
My stupid fricking printer never fricking works when I need it too. It never accepts the paper I put in it, or it take through 10 sheets at a time, leaving horrible ink smears. It prints jibberish on 3 lines, then discards that sheet and begins printing jibberish on a different sheet. I hate it and think it is possessed. I wish oh wish I could throw it out the window.
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Anna Nicole Smith among other things - Mood:Bored
Sunday December 15 20027:22:13 PM |
I'm watching the Anna Nicole Smith Show (please don't ask why, I don't know), and woah, it's just sad. I'm hoping all these people are severely drunk because man, I didn' tknow it was possible for people to act so dumb and incoherent. Although from what I hear she's pretty incoherent on a regular basis. Now they're beating each other up. Quality entertainment.

Today was me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary. This week we have finals. If I manage to survive, then it's "winter" break from there! I can't wait. All my finals will be hell unfortunately. Physics, Latin2, Diag test and practical, English 3 (will be hardest), Pre-cal...woah I need a body double to take them for me.

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Egads! The worst pain ever! - Mood:Bad
Saturday December 14 20029:02:13 PM |
It's been really super dry out, and I had a swim meet this morning. Well, a couple minutes ago I noticed my face was really red, like I had gotten severe windburn. So, thinking it would feel soothing, I put unscented, rich, moisturizing lotion on my face. Holy tap-dancing christ did that burn. I just about screamed if it weren't for the fact everyone is asleep. I want to cry. It still burns. I don't know what to do! Lotion has failed me in my time of need.
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Gag gift suggestions - Mood:Good
Friday December 13 20022:35:02 PM |
I have to go to a swim team party tonight with people grades 9-12, and we have to bring a gag gift to exchange for laughs. Our price limit is $5 (or in that general area). I want to bring something funny, but thongs and condems are so cliche (everyone brings one every year). So, what can you guys think of?
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When they come for me I`ll be sittin at my desk... - Mood:Good
Friday December 06 20029:43:34 PM |
...with a gun in my hand and a bullet proof vest singin "my my my how the time does fly when you know you're gonna die at the end of the night..."

Yay! It's Friday! Finally time to relax and get some quality video game time in. I'm playing FFIII and gettin ready for bed.
Ahhh, I love when the week is over. Don't you?

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You know what sucks? - Mood:Bad
Wednesday December 04 20024:47:30 PM |
Stupid Fords, they are all POS. My sisters Focus won't start (so what if it's just the battery, it's been in the shop more than my car which is 4 years older than hers), and she just had to leave to work the night shift, 7pm-7am. So, she has to take my car, leaving me car-less for school and swim practice. Ugh, I don't know what I'm going to do, the bus doesn't come to our neighborhood anymore, because I no longer needed a bus (besides I have to get to the pool at 7 am, not school). Not to mention how I'm going to get home.
Poo, I hate not having my car.

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Hey, computer nerds! Yeah, you. - Mood:Good
Sunday December 01 20022:46:46 PM |
For Christmas, I want to ask for a Final Fantasy Game for PC. The only one for PC I have is FFVII, which I loved. Have any of the others been made for PC? If so, where could I get them, and which one would you recommend?
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Come on Foo Fighters... - Mood:Hopeful
Saturday November 30 200210:23:18 PM |
My friend's mom plays tennis with this lady who's son works in the music bizz. (sounds like a long chain but it's not that far) He has gotten me and my friend tickets to see blink182 and meet them, and tickets for my friend's sister to see and meet Green Day and Blink182 (and she got to go to dinner with them, we're so insanely jealous) and now he's working on the Foo Fighters new tour. So he might just hook us up with tickets again! I'm so happy, I hope he comes through for us again! I mean, I've never actually met the guy, but he's gotta be nice if he gives us tickets just on his mother's word.
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Bored out of my FRICKIN mind!!! - Mood:Bored
Friday November 29 20024:52:36 PM |
IM GOING CRAZY!! Arg so bored. Me and my friends can't even figure out where to go or what to do. And one of my friends can't even go because her mom is retarded and said "If Allison can't go, then you can't go." Which makes no sense at all. You think in a city with over 1 mil people, there'd be something to do. But nooo, NOTHIGN! grrr
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Uh-oh, spaghetti-o! - Mood:Anxious
Thursday November 28 20026:35:17 PM |
Hmm, I got this invitation in the mail for a Youth Forum on Medicine (or something) this summer. It was all formal and really fancy and I felt kinda special. Of course, as juniors and seniors, you can never tell whether the things you get in the mail are scams or genuinely beneficial to you.
So anyways, I was gonna show it to my dad to see what he thought about it now that he's in town for the holidays, and when I went to look for it, I discovered I had lost it.
I mean, it would've been $1,000 for 10 days but it sounded interesting, and two valedictorians from my school have gone to it in the past, so I was thinking it wasn't all a scam.
Well anyways, I need to go rummage around again to see if I can find before it's too late...
There are 5 comments on this journal entry. View/Add Comments is at it again! - Mood:Good
Sunday November 24 20022:00:44 PM |
This is just funny
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