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Male, 30 years old
Santa Clara, California, Western US

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I`m attracted to drama. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 01 200911:36:59 PM |
I think the world revolves around me. Not due to my weight, but due to drama and other factors. I'm way off for sure, but that doesn't stop me from thinking I'm important. And for some reason I enjoy reading my old crappy story I wrote in 2001-2002. It isn't very good, but it's my life, and I enjoy reading it. But I don't think I would publish it because it just isn't good enough for that. Colby and Adrian on the other hand I want to publish/
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I saw yet another movie. - Mood:Good
Wednesday July 01 20091:44:29 AM |
This time it was Year One. It was better than I expected, but mostly because I had really low expectations going in. Michael Cera seems to play the same character in every movie he acts in. Jack Black has a little more range and depth to him. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is funny too... he was in here and also McLovin in Superbad. I'm glad they didn't fit Jonah Hill into this film too. That kid is hardly funny at all.

Of course, I shouldn't complain. My attempts at acting usually scare you YT folk though they amuse a few. Anyway, Cetin is still over, probably will be until Thursday. We had dinner at Johnny Rockets and I ate way too much.

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Death to the non-believers! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 30 20098:09:53 PM |
Okay, not really. Shunning perhaps, but not death, because murder is bad and wrong and illegal and such. Anyway, I transferred money to my dad for the new car. More than I needed to pay. He gave me some of it back so I can pay off my latest credit card bill. I could surely use a job... sorely need a job.

I haven't had a job (except for the pyramid scheme one) since last September. I've been looking heavily for about two weeks. I click on every lead my mom shows me and look all over sites myself. I just want a steady salary with decent benefits. Someday I'll do better. I think.

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YT conspiracies. They really exist, and you`re all connected to them in one way or another! - Mood:Good
Monday June 29 20099:55:01 PM |
There is one person who used to go on YT who wishes I were dead. He called the hospital when I was there and asked the nurse to kill me because I knew the truth about him and all his lies.

But I digress!

The real reason I made this journal was to get more editors for my novel/story/crap. It's about 265 pages double spaced in Word, around 77.5k words as well. I think it's decent but it can always use some editing.

And yeah. I know this won't get the same number of posts as the original YT Conspiracy thread, but feel free to make up some conspiracies for fun.

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Stinks is dead. :-( - Mood:Good
Monday June 29 20095:43:00 PM |
Stinks, aka Lucy (her real name that her previous owners had given her) died about 15 minutes ago. I was lucky enough to have visited her last night. She wasn't doing well. She couldn't even sit up like she usually does. I pet her a little and let her sniffed me, but I knew the end was near. My mom thinks it was the heat that killed her. I've known Lucy since I was just 8 (almost 9.) She lived 15 and a half years, a long time for a dog.

I should probably change my avatar or maybe I'll keep it up in dedication. That was two years ago, when she could still walk and everything.

Anyway, besides that I got up at 2 today. I need to see Itchy aka Cetin. He's probably downstairs hacking into something.

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It`s always too hot upstairs. - Mood:Good
Monday June 29 200912:13:13 AM |
Hot air rises. So it's always hottest upstairs. And the fan is downstairs, not where it belongs, which is up here.

Today I got my new (older than my old) car. It drives okay but smells a bit like old cigarettes. It needs car deodorant or whatever they sell for stinky cars.

But the AC works better and doesn't smell like my old car's AC used to smell, and it has a 10-CD changer in the trunk. So I can get out my CDs and switch between various alternative rock bands or make some new mixes.

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It`s just a couple of hours and a couple thousand dollars away. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 28 20091:52:08 PM |
My new car, that is. A 1993 Toyota Corolla. 5 years older than Old Blue. But in better shape since it wasn't crashed by an R-Card. Anyway, I'm excited about driving again. I had to take the bus four days for my sh*tty job. I'm glad I quit that. I should have looked more into it before I got the job, but at least I got $156, I guess.
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Well, that`s over. - Mood:Good
Friday June 26 200911:14:26 PM |
I'm $156 richer and 5 days wiser. Sales is not for me. I made a couple of friends at my job, but I need something that utilizes my level of education a little more. I keep applying for any job that fits that, but most of those seem to require (or at least prefer) experience.

And hopefully I'm getting another car on Sunday. Well, a car. Since mine is no longer working,

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It`s not really random but it seems like it. - Mood:Good
Friday June 26 200912:33:45 AM |
My first day, I sold 3 coupon books in 15 minutes of work. Yesterday I sold out all 5 of them in a couple of hours. Today I only managed to sell one. It's random but not really. Maybe I didn't talk to enough people today, but oh well. I do enjoy walking around.

Tomorrow it's the same deal. I'm feeling very comfortable approaching people and stuff, so that's not a big deal. My dad and I got me a little file folder which looks a little more professional than stuffing everything in a notebook.

I also want to apply for a job at Google if there are any that work with my skills.

How are you guys?

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Why do I always listen to the same songs? - Mood:Good
Thursday June 25 200912:09:30 AM |
I always find myself listening to Sweet Child O Mine, then Knights of Cydonia, I want you to want me (cheap trick), then control and drift and die by puddle of mudd. then I usually repeat those songs again on Itunes, I'd like to get some new music. Maybe a guns n roses cd, maybe simple plan's latest CD. Yesterday, my trainer for the day showed me their latest CD in her car when they drove home. She said they had some hip hop beats in it. At first I was skeptical, but it's really good, better than the simple plan songs I've heard. Lyrics haven't changed much though.

The one girl I trained with yesterday seems interesting. she knows a lot about music, used to be in choir like me, and offered to burn an eastern european music CD for me and my mom. I said I'd burn her some songs too. So it seems like she's awesome, but I don't want to jesse it up by being creepy.

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Flying solo. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 23 200910:33:16 PM |
So tomorrow, I'll be out there by myself entirely selling stuff. I thought it would take a bit longer, but I guess I impressed my trainer with how I did (different girl than Monday.)

I think I have everything down, so I am pretty excited, but as usual, a little nervous. There are still a few tiny things I haven't done yet, but we'll practice them tomorrow morning. But I'm still not sure if this job is long term for me or not. If I can't find anything in 6 months or so and become a manager, it probably will be, but if I find some city planning/market research job this summer it may not be.

So I don't confuse you, I'm selling stuff for Global Marketing Inc... in a couple weeks I could be training other people. Probably will be. That'll be good on the old resume!

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Good news, everyone! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 23 20091:16:46 AM |
Didn't Dr. Nick say that once?

I hear it in his voice. Well, the good news is it turns out that I can leave (walking from my house) at 6:46 AM to make the 6:56 bus and get to work at 7:51. Which is better than I thought, by about 15 minutes.

And I found a potential new car. 1994 Honda Civic at some auto dealer. Kelly Blue book!

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Here I am, rock you like a hurricane. - Mood:Good
Monday June 22 200910:18:12 PM |
I probably butchered that, but yeah oh yeah anyway.

I had my first day of work today. I had to fill out my paperwork first though. I thought it would take a long time, but it was only about five minutes worth. Since I'm not officially an employee of anyone, there's a lot of paperwork that I'd normally fill out that I didn't have to do this time.

After that we had the morning meeting, and I practiced making conversation with my trainer. I think I've got it down pretty well. Then we drove to Redwood City and did our thing. Selling cruise tickets... good deals. Not something I'd personally go for, but the Oakland A's deal they have is something I might go in for with Lard Lad.

It was hard work, but I think I'm doing well. By the end I was actually presenting the offer myself, which is what I'll be practicing tomorrow.


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8 horas. - Mood:Good
Monday June 22 20092:55:16 AM |
In just 8 hours, I will be in Santa Clara, filling out paperwork for my first day on the job. Then hopefully I'll be out selling with my trainer Julie and actually get some money.

I think this job could have more advancement than I've experienced at my previous jobs. I know I'll *probably* make more money here than I would at Great America or AMC Theaters. But I'm nervous that I could be a bad salesperson, though overall I think I can get the hang of it quickly. I'm good at reading people, and that's what sales is all about.

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Your head asplode. - Mood:Good
Sunday June 21 20093:36:42 PM |
*cough* *cough*

My stepmom wants me to see the doctor for my cough. It's getting a little better though, but sadly cough drops don't do their jobs. It's similar to the cough I had last July, and visiting the doctor helped that one. He prescribed something or other that I breathed in, and it worked really well.

I rose at the butt crack of noon today. How are you?

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So I got my dad`s graduation/birthday present! - Mood:Good
Sunday June 21 20093:44:47 AM |
A Nintendo DS lite with Final Fantasy IV DS. I already got to the point where Cecil becomes a Paladin and I killed the imposter king of Baron. Now I have my airship. I think this is my favorite point of the game, where you can travel around the world for the very first time. Not that any of you, except that kid turdboy, care.

In other news, I hung out with Brian today. He bought 512 megs of ram for $8 from some shady-looking guy at the Palo Alto library. Probably was stolen or something. Then we went to Taco Bell.

And I work in... um 32 hours?


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More than 200 questions. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 20 20097:16:56 PM |
I just applied for a job at AT&T and it had more than 200 questions on the secondary application. Groan. I hate those personality tests jobs make you fill out these days. I also did one for AMC, though I do have my job now.

It's commission only which might suck depending on how well or badly I sell. What's your advice on such a job? Should I try it out? I saw Julie and Sarah doing it yesterday and it looked like it could be a lot of fun, and you get to meet a lot of people.

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The good, the great, and the fugly. - Mood:Good
Saturday June 20 20091:54:17 AM |
The good: My second interview went really well and I got the Global Marketing entry level sales job, and it quickly becomes a management position.

The great: My grades came back today.


GPA: 3.829

Overall GPA: 3.442

Up from a 3.21 overall!

The fugly: I rear-ended another guy this morning on the way to my interview, and old Blue may be out for good pending a quote from whoever gives the quote on the damage.

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You`re suffering from delusions of adequacy. - Mood:Good
Friday June 19 20091:41:28 AM |
You're pitiful! You're pitiful! You're pitiful; it's true.

Never had a date you couldn't inflate, and you smell repulsive too. What a bummer being you.

Much better than that crappy-ass James Marijuana song.

Anyway, I'm coughing more than I'd like. Which is a lot, but ideally I wouldn't be coughing at all. For a long time, I've always had some kind of cough. It goes in and out. The doctor gave me something for it last summer and it got a lot better. I might be allergic to something up here. The cough wasn't as bad sometimes in Irvine.

Oh well. I have to go to bed soon.

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YTers invading my dreams. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 18 20099:29:10 PM |
I had one YT dream where I was doing another freakout/flipout on YT and FiveSeven noticed and sent me a strangely worded message asking me if I was losing my mind.

I had another dream that involved a YTer but only barely. Ailesh was sending me text messages that were either blank just said Help. She sent some to my dad too. This dream resulted in me getting kidnapped and forced to watch some weird play about environmentalism, which was really simplistic and all the stuff I've known for years. I escaped the not-very-well-tied rope though. Then I woke up.

Some nights, my dreams are more memorable than others. Last night, it wasn't worth remembering, because I've already forgotten it..

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Sex Cauldron! I thought they closed that place down. - Mood:Good
Thursday June 18 20093:28:28 PM |
I had a job interview today, and the woman interviewing me decided to get me to the second round right away, so I have ANOTHER interview tomorrow from 9 am to 6 pm. I'm pretty excited. This job looks like it has lots of opportunities, though there's the chance it isn't all it's cracked up to be, and I'll be working hard for a pittance. But I choose to look on the bright side, and there are things to look forward to.
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Pretty lame, Milhouse. - Mood:Good
Wednesday June 17 20099:40:44 PM |
This quote popped in my head today or yesterday. I looked it up, and it was when Milhouse had a science fair project involving a slinky and a 2-by-4, and it only went down a little bit. Poor blue-haired geek. Like me, but not awesome. I haven't heard from you-know-who since Monday, which kind of sucks. I don't know if I will again, but oh well. It's still all a mystery to me.

I'm probably seeing Pelham 123 tonight. It doesn't look that good but my brother wants to see it.

And I am back home from school. Have been since Sunday night.

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Hungry hungry homer. - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 16 200910:25:03 PM |
Hungry hungry homer on strike!

Anyway, what are you doing tonight? I'll start off with the question.

I've been coughing, but coughing less than before, which is good. I won a game of Wii Monopoly with my dad and Cetin and a crappy computer player. Cetin was taking advantage of the crappy AI and trading it 2 worthless properties for $800 and stuff like that. We put it on the medium setting, but it didn't seem very bright.

I wish there were a way to have 8 players though. Old school NES monopoly allows for 8.

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No more fever! - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 16 20093:16:23 PM |
But I am a believer in Giants fever.

Go Giants. Pablo Sandoval! Aka P-Sand. The best hitter we've got, which makes us a not very good team. Though he really is better than you'd expect. He's living up to the expectations he set for himself in his playtime last season, except he's exceeding them. And Rowand isn't sucking either.

And how are YOu

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Hella sick, dawg. - Mood:Good
Monday June 15 200911:09:34 PM |
Maybe not hella, but kind of sick.

I have a temperature of 100.1. Down from 100.3 last night. I napped today and rescheduled my doctor's appointment. I hope I'm better soon, because there are some events that will probably be occuring that I want to enjoy without being sick.

Anyway, how are you doing?

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