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Male, 16 years old
Coronado, CA, Western US

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Goodbye Mama cat - Mood:Sad
Monday July 16 20189:32:17 AM |
Mama cat passed away in her sleep on Thursday. She was the best cat and I'm going to miss her. I wish I could have been there for her but I couldn't.

I've been heartbroken for days.

Post pictures of your cats. The ones that are here and the ones that are gone.

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That time when Oreo meet EhFahQ. - Mood:Lovestruck
Monday July 02 20188:08:10 AM |
So this is going to be my favorite journal ever.

Oreo is on the road right now. On her way to Winnipeg. She gets on a plane in 3 hours to Calgary and then on another plane to Los Angeles.

I'm off to work for the only day this week. Then I get to pick her up at LAX after work.

I'm excited. And nervous and also really excited and nervous.

I did so much preparing this weekend! So did she.

I still can't believe this is happening.

We are going to be posting in this thread all week long. So if you want to puke due to cuteness, then you are in the right place.

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Scumbag - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday June 27 20187:34:51 PM |
Thanks dude who rear ended me on the freeway and ran.

Really appreciate it.

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CA to CA - Mood:Ecstatic
Saturday June 23 20181:03:12 AM |
So the best thing ever just happened:

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Crazy dog lady. Mean art teacher and stuff. - Mood:Good
Monday June 04 20183:19:37 PM |
Do you have a case on the Mondays?

I had a good weekend. I started going through my storage and got rid of a bunch of stuff. I was able to widdle it down and empty out 3 storage bins. I have 3 large storage bins of just video game stuff. I am pretty much going to sell or get rid of almost everything else in my storage now.

I found a bunch of pictures and I hooked up my scanner. Gonna start uploading pictures soon to a flickr page or something.

I missed Oreo all weekend cause she was road trip'n. I can't wait to road trip with her one day. We decided she can drive on the highways, and I get to do the crazy city driving.

Also I found my birth certificate. One step closer to a passport!

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It`s showtime! - Mood:Excited
Friday May 25 201810:33:31 AM |
I got a show tonight. I love playing shows and getting out there and releasing everything. Public therapy as I call it.

Doing a show for Bridge the Gap to Recovery. It's a good foundation. I played on their first show a few years ago in an All-Star jam. We played Vasoline by STP. I was the only guy that really knew the song because I pracitced like hell for it.

It was started by Wesley Geer. Hed PE guitarist show was in Korn for awhile. Really cool dude and totally down to earth. 

As somebody who deals with addiction problems this is an important show to me. 

Oreo is an amazing woman. I've never felt so much support from somebody, and I am not afraid to open up and at times feel totally weak when we talk. I am excited for our future. We are gonna make so much music. Just need these damn passports!

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Tonight we pay tribute to Chris. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 19 20181:39:52 AM |
We remember all the words and all the notes that made us feel. Those fleeting moments we are lucky enough to hear and experience.

Chris Cornell
July 20, 1964 - May 18, 2017

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All the things you own, they own you. - Mood:Anxious
Monday May 14 201810:48:24 AM |
How was your mothers day? I got my mom flowers and made her hard boiled eggs. We went out to dinner the night before and I had some swordfish and it was amazing.

I should have done more this weekend but I still took care of a lot of things.

I have to start going through all of my stuff and throwing it away and giving it away. I want to get rid of 90% of my things and only keep my bass gear, video game stuff and personal items that mean something to me. I still didn't make it to my storage to get more. It's hard doing this. But I got it.

I threw away a bunch of old animal toys. You can't really donate them. It was really hard to do remember when the dogs I don't have anymore would play with them. I can't hold onto those things.

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I`m going to meet Mick Foley tonight. Your Weekend plans? - Mood:Lovestruck
Friday May 04 20189:59:21 AM |
The weekend is almost here.

I get to meet Mick Foley tonight and I am so f&cking stoked. I also get to hang out with some of my closet friends and heckle the sh&t out of the bad guys. Going to a PCW wrestling show.

Tomorrow I am picking up my cats from my Aunts house and taking them to their new forever home. It's going to be hard to loose them again. But I work with the lady who is taking them and she loves animals. I am so glad I found them a good place. And I can go see them when I want. She lives so close. I know I'm going to cry again over this like I have so many times before. But that's OK.

Now I have everything arranged to move in with my Pops and get him back on top of his money issues.

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I will wait for Oreo - Mood:Ecstatic
Sunday April 22 20183:27:45 AM |
Best thing ever. See the next post.

I did a lot today. I woke up early and had a veggie and fruit breakfast. Bought myself a new computer and ran some errands. Cleaned up around the house.

Watched my step dad back his classic truck into the garage because the spring on the throttle broke. Bummer.

Took a break and watched Thor Ragnarok again. Best Marvel movie so far.

Prepared and played a bunch of bass.

Saw my brother and his fiance and had a good chat. I am so happy by brother found a good lady.

I found a good lady too.

And I wanted her to have the best smile today so I did this for her:

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Did you know? - Mood:Lovestruck
Tuesday April 17 201810:33:56 AM |
I Oreo.
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Your weekend plans? - Mood:Happy
Friday April 13 20181:09:30 PM |
It's Friday the 13th, but I'm not that worried. I'm not superstitious, I'm just a little stitious. /dadjoke

Not doing much tonight. Going to stay home and play some Resident Evil. Maybe watch a movie and get some rest. I've been up really late the last few nights.

Probably go to the dog beach on Saturday. Going to a show on Saturday night to support a band that supports us. I'm not really into their music. They use to wear make up and now they don't. This is their first non-make-up show.

Sunday I want to go geocaching.

Band stuff is going great. Recording on May 12th and 13th. Have a video shoot coming up in June. Doing a benifit show for Korn's old touring guitar player. It's for a charity that helps people with addicion. A few more shows coming.

I really like fettuccine alfredo.

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Wrestle-f*cking-mania - Mood:Excited
Sunday April 08 201812:40:56 PM |
This is seriously one of the my favorite days of the year.

Asuka is gonna kick some ass today. Danial Bryan gets to wrestle for the first time in 3 years. AJ/Nakamura is gonna blow the house up.

My buddy is having a party. I'm getting picked up and ubered home so I can get really drunk.

Are you excited to see guys get oiled up and play fight too?

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Decisions made. I went Geocaching. Girls are weird. - Mood:Bored
Tuesday April 03 201810:47:28 AM |
I'm going to blabber about a lot of things.

So I talked to my pops and I am moving in with him in September to help take care of him and pay the mortgage. I have a lot of work to do over there before I can move. I also have to get rid of more stuff.

I have to start the process of finding a new home for my cats this week. It's not something I want to do.

My ex-ex girlfriend is in trouble up north. She told her ex-live-in-girlfriend that she is moving and she hit her. Now she is homeless. I wish I could help but I really can't. That poor girl has dealt with so much since she moved up there in the early 2000's. I loaned her 300 dollars in December to fly to see her son because her girlfriend stole her money from her safe. F*cking drug addicts.

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GMYT - 3/20/18 - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 20 201810:22:03 AM |
Hello to the 10 people who are left on YT.

I had a killer show on Saturday. Not that many of my friends came though. That's what happens when you don't have that many friends.

We have another show lined up for the 25th of May. Which is good because I don't like that day anymore.

I've been feeling much better lately. I wasn't doing good for the last month or so. Being a depressed person isn't fun or something I want to be. I've been keeping it to myself because well I'm sick of people dealing with my emotions.

I really like this lady. We have gone out on a few dates but she is super busy and works opposite schedule than me. We talk all the time over text and phone though. I haven't seen her in over a month.

I am going to her house after work for a few hours, then she has to go to work. I don't mind if it's only for a few hours.

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Stuff and thangs - Mood:Bad
Wednesday March 14 20182:59:42 PM |
I some stuff.
And somethings.
I'll post pictures.

I have a show this weekend and I'm pretty stoked about it. We are putting the entire thing on and making money.

My company finally moved buildings. I had to design and set up a two story building and shop. It went really well. Too bad I really don't want to work here, but it's easy.

My old job wants me back. I'm not ready to.

I haven't slept good in probably 2 months. It's getting old. I'm always tired.

I just ordered a Tuna Melt and the guy asked me if I want it hot or cold.

The guy who played Walter White Jr made a movie with Wesley Snipes. It looks so bad and I want to see it.

I might have to move in with my dad and take care of him. Which would mean I would lose my cats permanently. It's really f&cking with me.

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I`m going to see my cats. - Mood:Depressed
Friday February 16 20185:04:30 PM |
I don't know if I am going to leave tonight or the morning. It's only a 2 hour drive. I spending the weekend there.

I miss those little f&ckers.

Thinking about them made me look at pictures of Lister (my white cat that lives elsewhere). I miss that huge f&cker. I wonder what he is doing. He's such a weird cat.
I found a cool picture of him in a file on my work computer. I have a bunch of personal stuff on the work server that was still here when I came back to this job.

I'm not being sad about any of this. Just thinking.

What I am sad about is that my co-worker passed away last night. He was a good dude. I would Mija to mess with him. He actually almost died a few years ago at work but my other co-worker did CPR and saved his life.

RIP Manny. You will be missed.

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I`m going to Iceland. - Mood:Cautious
Tuesday February 06 20183:00:12 PM |
Or that's what I am telling myself.

I've never been on a real vacation. Always trapped in a bad financial spot. Or had too many animals or spending/wasting my money on my relationship.

So in May I'm going to Iceland. The round trip will be less than 500 dollars. I'm going to spend most my time hiking so that's cheap. I don't eat much and I'm going alone so hotels won't kill me either.

I think I need to do it. I've never been on a plane or spent more than 5 minutes in a different country.

I need to get my passport.

Life is odd. I closed all my online dating accounts again. It just got annoying. I was dating this lady about 50 mins from my house. She was kind of abusive so I stopped talking to her.

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Crowd surf of a cliff. - Mood:Spent
Thursday January 25 20183:00:41 PM |
I kinda of had a bad day yesterday. Wasn't feeling good because I didn't sleep well. Work was annoying and I got frustrated. Almost died on the freeway on the way home because people are so dumb on the road. I was angry.

So I went home, grabbed my dog and a few beers and went to the dog beach. I walked for 3 miles or so until it was really dark.

Then I went to the record store and got 4 CD's. The lady gave me back too much change and I gave it back so she wouldn't get in trouble, and because I'm not a thief.

Then I went to the brewery and had dinner with my dog.
On the way there I saw the tattoo artist that ignored me for 3 weeks. So I just kept on walking. I didn't want to deal with talking to her.

That reminds me I need to make an appointment with the new guy that I was refereed too.

I have a show on St Patty's day. We are headlining and booking the show. I can't wait.

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I ordered the CD`s - Mood:Good
Wednesday January 17 201811:09:06 AM |
I am actually excited. I have 150 cd's of our new EP coming in the next 2 weeks. They look pretty cool.

The artwork we got made doesn't quite fit so I had to do some heavy editing to make it work. It's a good learning experience.

We are going back into the studio in the next few weeks to record 3 more songs. Going to release those as another EP. Then 3 more songs after that. Compiling all of those together for a full album.

As a kid that spent so many hours in record stores, I am really looking forward to having a physical CD of my music.

Just booked a show for March. I can't wait to play again.

I cleaned up my acoustic bass last night with the cleaning kit I have. It looks really good. Now I just need new strings and it's going to be in good shape. I am trying to fix and clean all my guitars right now. 3 more to go.

I have 2 dates this weekend with very different people.

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What is the worsIt part about getting older to you? - Mood:Bored
Friday January 12 201810:54:30 PM |
For me it would have to be the amount of funerals.

A friend from high school passed away. He was sick but hid it from most people and he passed away last week. Tomorrow is his funeral.

I just saw him at my 20 year reunion. He seemed fine. He just had a kid last year and has another kid. It's all really sad.

I have been talking to this lady from OKC. We are supposed to meet this weekend but sadly she has a funeral to go to tomorrow too. Sad coincidence.

I got a hair and beard trim today. She went a little crazy. All my gray hair is was cut off. Which I don't really like because i like those gray hairs. It will grow back though.

I haven't been to work since Wednesday. I went in for an hour and went home to work so I wouldn't spread it. Finally feeling better today.

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Be silent - Mood:Confident
Tuesday January 09 201810:33:20 AM |
Silence is golden.

It's raining in SoCal. That means people are being dumb because theres a chemical that releases from the concrete when rain water hits it. People's IQ's drop 20 to 30 points.

I started DDP Yoga last weekend. I am really liking it a lot and I already have more flexibility. It's pretty awesome.

I've been playing Star Wars Battlefront II for the Xbox One. It's OK but I wanted to play the PS2 version. I thought I owned it but I don't.

So I ordered that sh*t from amazon. It comes tomorrow. Time to f*ck some clones up w/ a droideka.

OK Cupid is turning into OK Stupid. Stopped seeing the last girl because she was a bit odd. Might have a date this weekend though.

I could just message all the soccer moms with kids that like my profile.

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America - Mood:Good
Friday January 05 20189:35:11 AM |
Sick of the media echo?

So are we. We made this lyric video because we haven't made an actual music video yet.

This song contains a large dose of sarcasm. Take it the way you want. Link in the next post because.

It's Friday. I'm ready for the weekend. I have a lot to do at my new place. Need to put my bathroom together and finish a ton of laundry to put it into storage.

Life is weird right now. Trying to adjust is not fun. My mood is swinging widly. I downloaded an app to track it to see what makes me feel good and bad. Also noting unhealthy things that make me feel good, like being drunk. Ill post a screen shot.

Anyways what are your plans?

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I can finally relax - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 02 201810:28:40 AM |
I finished my move. I did almost all of it myself, and I am so exhausted. I went for 2 days straight, including a drive to San Diego and back.

But I'm done. Time to rebuild.

My cats are so happy in their new home. It's so clean and they have a huge cat tree next to a window. Suds has a tub to lay in because he loves that. My Aunt and her wife so the kindest people on earth and they will love them like they were their own.

But I miss them terribly. Especially Mama cat.

I have a sad story. Ill post it in a spoiler below.

Also I have NEW MUSIC.

So listen.

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Ascending Decent. - Mood:Spent
Thursday December 28 201710:56:46 AM |
Up and down.

Moved all last night. Went up and down the stairs for hours.

It's like my mood. I've been using this mood app for a week. I'm all over the place.

Just a few more days here. Starting to get stressed out because I can't afford to pay to move my dressers and wall unit. I need to find a friend with a truck and put them in storage or something.

Ill figure it out.

I went on a date on Tuesday. We went to the dog beach. I made PB&J sandwiches, brought some fruit and chips/guac.

Her dog had never been. That little guy was so excited. She's really nice. It was a pretty awesome day. We have a date on Friday in Korea Town. Getting some pho.

Life is so weird right now.

Our new album is out. I am conflicted by it. I love it and hate it at the same time. This is my favorite track:

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