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Male, 16 years old
Coronado, CA, Western US

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So yeah. I have a date. - Mood:Happy
Friday August 11 20171:59:54 PM |
Not use to saying that.

Really hard time at work recently. Some my fault, some the fault of the company but I just have to deal with it like it's all my fault. But I am not going to lose my job. It just makes things kinda stressful.

I'm not as emotionally strong as I was in the past, so things like that get to me. I really care about my job and the quality of my work. I hate myself when I pass off sh&t work.

Finally got paid. I've been living off of 100 dollars for the last 3 weeks. I barely made it. So sick of eating pasta and hard boiled eggs every night.

Since my ex got removed from my health insurance, my check went way up. Like 250 bucks a month up.

I'm going to go buy Mama cat a new cat house with some of that.

My phone is dying. I think I might go get a new one this weekend. After I spend 4 hours at the laundry mat. I have like 2 months of laundry to do.

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I elbow dropped the gutter. - Mood:Good
Saturday July 29 20179:16:13 PM |
I didn't get a chance to point to the sky like Macho does.

Had a really bad day at work. I'm on thin ice. But whatever I will handle that.

I had a gold ticket to a wrestling show. So my friends came over to my apartment and we drank and smoked a bit. We called an uber to take us to the show. We were walking to the corner and this guy starts backing out of the drive way, and he was going to hit me.

So I sped up and went down the drive way and it was wet and I elbow dropped the sh*t out of that gutter.

So we get to our friends and we go to the show. And while parking we say a dead guy on the street. The ambulance came and picked him up. And these junkies came out and started talking to us. We moved the car.

The show was awesome. My elbow really hurts but f*ck it. I didn't let it ruin my night.

Playing Fallout 3. Been a long time. Love this game.

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So I guess I`m going to stay. - Mood:Depressed
Monday July 24 20171:01:10 PM |
Had to decide to move to my moms or stay at my apartment. I was supposed to be out on July 7th. Worked out a deal for another month with an option to just stay until my lease is up.

PJ is really out of it. She can't handle moving to a new place. Somehow she pushed herself behind one of my wall units and was yipping like crazy when I was cleaning. I have no clue how she did it. So I cleaned that thing out and thew it away.

If I move I have to give up my cats. I can't handle losing more animals. So I am just going to stay in this sh&t apartment.

Rented a carpet cleaner (mine broke of course). Cleaned my carpets all Sunday and pretty much finishing cleaning everything else I could.

I actually had a friend over Sunday night to watch the PPV. It's been years since somebody came into my apartment.

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Taking a 1/2 a Valium and drinking coffee is counter productive. - Mood:Confused
Friday July 21 201711:43:16 AM |
Odd week is almost over. Finally getting some work done. I will probably draw a bunch of stuff this weekend on my own time. Got pulled into the office twice today to talk about my work performance. Then about my attitude. Guess I have to pretend to be happy.

Fake it till you make it.

Have you watched this before?
It's amazing.

I slept for 12 hours yesterday. It was really nice. Dreams were not nice though. Stupid lucid dreaming.

I don't know what im doing this weekend. I downloaded Mass Effect 4 a week ago. I still haven't played it. Or any games for the last 2 months.

Probably gonna work on cleaning my couches and my carpet with my hoover carpet cleaner that I bought years ago.

I've been talking to a woman on OKStupid. She's nice. I don't think anything is going to happen though. I like the attention though. Those dating sites are odd.

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I miss them - Mood:Depressed
Sunday July 16 20173:06:49 AM |
They should be here.
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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 04 20171:30:04 PM |

Yo guys.

I'm working today. I'm the only one here and it's awesome.

Actually Cassie is with me. I couldn't leave her at home because of the stupid fireworks.

PJ is at home though. But she is deaf now so it doesn't matter.

Life is really odd. Not really use to living in an apartment by myself. Or sleeping in a California king bed with only 2 of my animals.

I said goodbye to Peanut, Iggy and Lister yesterday.

It was honestly the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I pretty much cried all day yesterday at my desk.

We went to the park the night before, all 4 of the dogs.They ran and played. Old blind PJ wandered around and followed the younger ones.

We watched the sunset and I listened to Sigur Ros. It was beautiful and I will never forget that day.

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I found a turtle. - Mood:Good
Monday June 19 201710:35:13 AM |
I like turtles.

Went on a walk yesterday with person I have been staying with and we found a turtle in front of my old high school. Nobody is claiming it on farskbook so it will most likely be going into the pond at this big park.

I got to see my pops yesterday. We watched Tombstone.

I found a live video of my band I have never seen. And now I can't find it again. It's not in my history on the youtubes.

I miss my animals.

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Just got some new band art back from a guy in Brazil. - Mood:Good
Friday June 09 20172:00:02 PM |
I wish I could share it. It's very 80's metal looking. The 3 song EP is almost done. Our new engineer has steered us a different way. Songs are a bit more catchier.

We have always been an odd ball band, not a lot of hooks. So we are kinda going down the middle so our music can connect with more people.

This weekend is my office beach party. I am going to sneak my Cassie dog into the beach in my papoose. I love that little bitch.

Then I'm going to see my friends Devo cover band on Saturday night.

I might go walking on Sunday down by the shore. I gotta save money to get a car.

Also if anybody cares or is wondering, I'm doing ok. I'm not the best I can be. But I will be one day.

Did I tell you I'm afraid of elevators? I take steps to avoid them.

Tell me a dad joke.

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Facebook is now real life - Mood:Good
Tuesday May 16 201712:18:54 PM |
Link in the next post.

People are now starting to act like how they do on Facebook. Over emotional rant, followed by dickish trolling, followed by even more emotions to the point where people think they are assaulted.

Note that I think everybody in this situation is an a-hole.

Sooooo I went to the movies. It's been awhile. They had those reclining chairs and they served beer. That made it easier, since I didn't need to sneak in beer like I normally do.

I saw Guardians 2. And of course the people behind me brought a f*cking monster with them. I can't stand kids.

Kid starts crying right in an emotional scene. Instead of taking the kid out they do nothing. Kids should not be allowed in public.

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Are there any smart people left on YT? - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 10 20171:42:59 PM |
Why is everybody so f&cking dumb on this website.

I remember when there were plenty of smart people around. Most of them were pretentious, but at least they had an ounce of intelligence.

Journal: Finished recording last night. Currently playing Smash Brothers 3Ds and ignoring my Xbox.

Also I want to go see the new Alien film, and the new Guardians film. But I will never go and wait until redbox.

Also my hair is getting pretty long. I haven't trimmed my beard or hair in over 6 months.

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Favorite Mario Kart game and Stupid Facebook nonsense - Mood:Good
Thursday April 27 20174:15:53 PM |
What's your favorite Mario Kart game. I'm gonna try to rank them in my next post.

So somebody created a facebook group for my high school. And it was decent fun for about a week. Then somebody posted a meme about a trans person (I never saw it), and the entire group imploded. One guy was so up on his high horse that he didn't realize he was being a scumbag to everybody else. Remind me of some YTers.

I was told I defend hate speech because I said people should ignore trolls.

So I left that group. They were all talking about their ugly children anyways.

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Do you hate yourself? - Mood:Good
Friday April 14 20171:33:19 PM |
Be honest. You don't have to tell us why.

Actually I would rather not know why.

I've been catcing up on The Walking Dead. I just finished season 6. I liked it way better than season 5. Coral isn't as annoying as he used to be. Now I gotta get Sling TV to watch the new season. I can't wait to see Glenn and Abraham die.

Just started recording 3 new songs with a new engineer. They sound great so far. This guy has a lot of connections. We might start playing shows down in Mexico. You can get huge crowds down there. Too bad it's a sh*thole down there.

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Are these Antifa people for real? - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 29 20173:07:46 PM |
Oh hey, if you are here for the title see the next post.


I have a show this weekend. Been 8 months. We are playing with Korn's drummers new band. This is the 2nd show where we opened for a famous drummer. We played with Dave Lombardo last year,

So if you are in Costa Mesa this Saturday, come out and see us.

I've been playing my 3DS lately. SNES games really. I am almost done with Super Metroid and I just started f-Zero a few days ago. And I remember every single track like I never stopped playing it.

Also I hate you.

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I know several people who are legit scared of being deported. - Mood:Good
Thursday February 23 201711:55:48 AM |
I'm not talking about crazy white virtue signalers who never have a chance of being deported. I'm talking about hard working people who are afraid they are going to be deported this year. It's pretty sad.

Hopefully they are only going after the real criminals, and not normal working people who don't break the law.

So.....I had to call the cops because a naked dude was walking down the middle of a busy street. He was screaming his head off and he laid on the ground and had a tantrum. Then he walked into a residential area that is kinda low class. I was afraid he was going to get shot.

So I waited for the cop and directed him to where he was.

Also I almost got stuck in that retarded protest in Anaheim last night. F&cking morons are never going to get police reform if they keep on acting like this.

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Bummed about friends fighting. - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 14 20172:08:35 PM |
So there are these two guys that have been friends for awhile now. But last night they got into a major fight and I really don't know whos side I am. One of the guys went all out of his way to do something special for the other. He even got him several gifts, and it wan't his birthday. But the other guy just blew up at him and basically ended the relationship right then and there.

I just don't know the reason why. So I can't really pick a side until I find out. It's just really hard to deal with because I really love Jericho, but Kevin Owens is my favorite wrestler on the roster right now.


Band practice tonight. Getting ready for our next show. Our friends band just recruited Korn's drummer. They are having a show on April 1st and we are on the bill.

Only three bands on the bill, that is amazing. It's gonna be such a relaxing show compared to other shows.

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Cops are dicks. - Mood:Good
Tuesday February 07 201712:34:22 PM |
Shocking right. I mean they are not dicks to me, cause I'm a whitey, and cops never mess with white people. /s

See link in next post.

We booked our next show on April 1st. Opening for Korn's drummer's new band.

I think we should start he show with 30 second cover of something really bad as a fools joke. I just can't think of what song.

So give me suggestions.

I went to a Superbowl part on Sunday, and everytime I go to places with people I just want to leave because I can't stand people. And I can't hear them very well because I am going deaf.

I am also having a hard time talking and I am twitching a lot. I'm basically retarded. I hope I can get on government assistance.

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This journal is for Nazi`s only - Mood:Good
Friday February 03 20172:38:11 PM |
But since it's 2017, we are all Nazi's so everybody is welcome.


I had a show this weekend. We are not doing the show because of some major bullsh*t. And I am bummed because I haven't played a show since August.

We have decided to change the way we book our shows this year because our fan base has kind of dwindled. We focused on major shows with national acts last year. Which is great for the band's image. And we sold a decent amount of tickets.

But we ignored the local smaller places. Places where you get fans who go to shows all the time. So this year is dive bars and smaller venues. I am actually looking forward to it.


I work too much.

Anyways. If you think Nazi's actually exist in 2017, you have serious mental problems.

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Get rated. - Mood:Good
Thursday November 17 20163:00:47 PM |
Come join me and I will rate you as a person on a 1-10 scale.

Don't expect much more than that though.

Journal: Paperdoll was gonna be in the do-da parade, but it fell through. She was going to be a bearded lady and she made a cool green beard out of yarn.

Oldberg vs Lesner is this weekend. I am mildly intrigued.

On a side note, Chris Jerhico is by far the most entertaining wrestler on the planet right now.

All right, i'm gonna take a nap. Be back in 35 minutes.

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Tomorrow on the series finale of the United States of America. - Mood:Good
Monday November 07 20161:10:20 PM |
I went on a boat party tour yesterday. And it just made me realize that I really don't like being around people anymore. I feel no need to socialize with people, and when I do I just want the conversation to end ASAP.

Before I just hated being around kids, because they are monsters and I can't stand them. But now it's pretty much everybody. I would rather stay home than go anywhere. Travel has always been one of my least favorite things to do.

We were talking about Guinness and somebody asked me if I had been to Ireland. I told him I am not a fan of traveling. He seemed confused.

I guess it's a good thing, since tomorrow the world is going to end.

I worked on Saturday morning, came home and went to sleep at around 3pm. I woke up the next day at 7 am. I really don't know how long that was because of day light saving.

Non-voters, what are you going to do tomorrow?

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Pitch a movie. - Mood:Good
Friday October 07 201611:23:26 AM |
Since the only two things that can kill us this week are hurricanes and clowns, I decided to pitch a movie to SyFy:


You'll laugh until your drown.

Pitch a movie.

Journal: Finally beat RE4 on pro last night. F&ck that last level. It looks like I am taking 2 full days off this weekend. I really need it.

PJ has been feeling under the weather lately. She felt better yesterday. It always scares me because she is going to be 18 next month.

My dog can vote in the election. She's voting for Harambe. She has her dick out and ready.

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I have decided that I am in favor of more gun control - Mood:Good
Thursday October 06 20162:41:37 PM |
Gun control is not a big issue to me. Never has because I dont own guns and I think people who collect them are lame.

But after this week I am in total favor of major gun control changes.

Just one question: Are you afraid of clowns.

If you respond "yes" no gun for you.

I don't want pussies with guns running around shooting their own shadows.

Anyways. Journal:

My new pronoun is Galvatron. I am on the last chapter of Resident Evil 4 on professional mode. I love that game. I am taking an actualy weekend off. I work too much.

Back to guns.
I decided how the election should end. In a duel at sundown, and they both have to use this gun:

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YT Member picture connection. - Mood:Good
Friday September 30 20164:28:57 PM |

My life is awesome. Yours isn't.

Playing Resident Evil 4 right now. Working 7 days a week. Almost done writing a new song. Paperdoll is not pregnant. I watched Batman vs Superman and it was horrible, expect for Wonder Woman. Eva Green is hot.

Anyways. Post picture that you connect with a YTer.

And go.

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You want to see something disgraceful? - Mood:Good
Thursday September 08 201611:06:56 PM |
Journal: it's been a tough couple weeks at work. I haven't been playing my Xbox lately because I've been watching Jessica Jones. The show is amazing.


Go to Facebook and type this into your search.

marine corps recruit depot parris island hazing abuse

Scroll past all the new stories and read the comments from actual Marines talking about the story. You wouldn't believe how many people are just OK with this poor guy killing himself. It's one of the sickest things I've seen on the internet lately.

I'm trying to figure out where I see more stupidity. The freeway or the internet.


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Patriotic butt hurt. - Mood:Good
Monday August 29 201611:54:17 AM |
You hear some foozball player won't stand during a song and people are all butt hurt about it?

It makes me laugh.

Or when somebody gets offended when somebody burns a American flag.

It makes me laugh.

Journal: My sister came to my show on Satruday. It was nice to see her. She drove from Fresno. It's quite the drive. It was nice to see her happy with her new boyfriend.

Anyways.... back to the butt hurt.

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Hugh Mungus is my hero. - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 23 201610:14:02 AM |
The most triggered triggering ever.

This insane lady can't handle a little joke? Screams and makes a scene, wants somebody arrested for a crime that never happened.

Oh the victim-hood, the entitlement, the insanity. Why are there so many people like this nut?


I have a show this weekend. I am almost through the Far Harbor DLC on Fallout 4. And I like turtles.

Before I forget, let me remind you that BLM are scum.

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