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Female, 27 years old
Richmond, Virginia, Eastern US

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Well, its a good thing I`m trying to lose weight. LOL - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 01 200911:25:58 AM |
Since my dad doesn't feeling like abiding by his legal obligations.. all of my grocery and fun money is going to rent for the month.


The zoo was fun yesterday.
Too bad the $20 I spent for parking and gas is what I'm short for the Comcast check I just wrote so now I get to borrow money from my mom!

I'd have been totally fine with money had AnnE cashed the fxcking check I owed her when I thought she did.
Nope. She needed it ASAP but waited two weeks before cashing it.. and since I thought she already did I basically fxcked myself over.

I woke up in an awesome mood this morning.

And now I'm just angry.

Fxck being an adult.
Or anything remotely close.

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Sorry, I didn`t realize I only looked 16. - Mood:Good
Monday March 30 200910:05:05 AM |
Maybe I should carry my ID around with me more??

Yesterday was the second time Game Stop tried to card me for a video game.
Are you fxcking kidding me?

Anyway.. I bought GTAIV and, after enjoying a delicious meal at my friend's girlfriend's house, got home at 11 last night to find it didn't work.

I've never had a problem with Game Stop's used games. Don't they have a fecking machine that makes sure a disc is in good condition?

In other news... I took a nap at breaktime at the mall yesterday.
My co-worker decided to take a picture of me.

I want to enjoy the weather today.

Happy Monday.

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Bad moods never last that long with me. - Mood:Good
Friday March 27 200910:57:38 AM |
It's nice.

I went to hang out with Bryan last night at Chris and Emily's.
Adam and Rachel came.
We played Mario Kart on the DS together.

Emily and I had our normal chit chatter while the boys played the games.

We've decided its 100% necessary to buy Storm Trooper costumes and show up at a Star Trek convention.

Funny story here:
Last weekend I told Adam that I didn't want John at his party at my house.
Tactlessly, Adam says to everyone within Ear Shot, "John can't come to Caitlin's tomorrow 'cause she doesn't want him there and neither do I."

John hears, of course.
But, he called me two days ago 'cause he wanted to hang out.
Take a hint, dude.
How many times does a guy need to get beat up by his friends to realize we're just tolerating him, we don't really like him.

Happy Friday.
I'm at Work till 9. Then its Drinky Time.

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Being angry makes me sleepy. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 26 20097:43:54 PM |
I feel so drained.
I still have another hour and a half at the mall, though.

I was really upset when I got home from work, for those of you that read my last journal.
Bryan asked why.
I told him.

Now he thinks I have some deeply embedded feelings for Jake.
Feelings that aren't disdain and resentment.
And now he's feeling cautious and apprehensive about 'moving forward.'

Fxck me.

I'm not even mad that Jake might have a ton of money.
I'm pissed because no matter how much I give and how selfless I am, wanting nothing in return.. I somehow still manage to get delivered shxt and everyone else ends up on top.

I'm a Passive Aggressive Doormat.
Those words will not find their way out of my brain.

I have this pestering feeling of worthlessness right now.
Like, the inability to do anything right.

/end emo.

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NEIGHBOR WARS. Round 2. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 26 20092:05:03 PM |
So.... two days after a fire that left 9 people homeless in our neighborhood.. our next door neighbors are grilling on their front porch.
Yeah um.. I'm pretty sure you learn in, like.. 4th grade not to put the grill next to your house.. let alone on your front porch, 3 feet away from a couch.

My Landlord tells them they can't do that anymore.
Bros: But, the girls have lights on their Balcony.
LL: Yeah, um... that's uh.. not the same. The girls are fine. No grilling.

Hillary left one of their girlfriend's a nasty note on her car last night.

She had previously confronted her about parking in the cul-de-sac as we pay rent here and don't want to park a block away from our house after working two jobs and going to school.

Last night.. dumb bitch parked so fxcked she eliminated two extra parking spaces.
Hence the note.

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Pants off Dance off. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 25 200910:39:57 AM |
So maybe its because I'm an overly, avid thinker.
Or I'm struggling with some sort of paranoia that manifests itself in unsatisfied neediness...
But, it bugs me that Bryan doesn't call me to hang out.
I'm usually calling him.

I worry too much in general, though.. and I take simple, reasonably explained things to heart.

My solution. Don't call. Wait. See what happens.

I'm at the mall tonight.
Check it:

Also, I think the Baby Cat looks like a Bunny.

Happy Hump Day.

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Craunchy Bath Time. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 24 20099:42:39 PM |
lol wut?

Selected Ambient Works Volume II by Aphex Twin is perfect Submerge Yourself In Water Music.

I did loverly on my test.

I cleaned my kitchen. And Living Room.
And I'm in the process of finishing up my laundry. Minus that whole.. folding part.

I'm eating Ramen. (Totally forgot I had Sghetti -and- sauce)
Makes me think of that time my friend's dad died 2 and a half years ago from choking on Ramen.
I went over to his house the next day in an attempt to 'console' him.

He requested I make him Ramen.
I made 4 packages that day for him.

His dad was a waste of life.

Speaking of.. My friend Matt's dad died a month ago.
The last time he tried to talk to him was Father's Day last year.. he called him up but his dad refused to speak to him.

Dads ftw.

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I need a loooong, hoootttt bath. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 24 20091:01:47 PM |
I have a head ache. My body hurts.

To Do:
Buy dish soap.
Buy paper towels.
Do dishes.
Straighten up kitchen.
Clean living room.

I just got a phone call from an ex boyfriend. Last time I saw him we were burrying our Love Gecko he had bought for my 18th birthday that I gave back to him when my dad kicked me out for fear it would die.

My friend Thomas also called me yesterday. I haven't hung out with him in, like.. 6 months.
Mainly because he hangs out with James.. who wants to rip my face off for vandalism I may or may not have done to his car on New Years.

Tell me about your day.

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Shxt. Vomit. Broken Glass. Moldy Wine. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 24 200911:03:15 AM |
So it was a lovely morning today, right?

I woke up to Ethan vomitting in Hillary's room.
Hillary came in to my room to write a check for the water due today.
I accidently knocked over a glass that had 3 week old wine in it. It broke.
There was mold. It splashed on Hillary's freshly clean foot.
And then Hobo decides to take a shxt and drag her ass along the linoleum like a dog, smearing shxt everywhere, like a fxcking psych ward.

On a less chaotic note, I went to the park after class yesterday to feed Duckehz with Adam and Rachel.
Bryan came.. but he ran into Kevin and Corky and ditched us to play Basketball.

1000 Ways to Die is a hillarious show.

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Cocaine, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Marijuana you say? - Mood:Good
Monday March 23 200911:07:03 AM |
Yeah.. I think I'll do just fine on this test.
Multiple choice, too.

Psychology tomorrow night I'm completely unprepared for. So... no Bryan time tonight.

lol mixed matched outfit.

It was worse. I had a teal flannel 3/4 length button up on before the solid sweater.

I need to grow up.

I've decided I'm never leaving Richmond.
I'm going to magically stumble across 50 grand and open a cute little clothing store in Cary Town.

The End.

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Ow my body. - Mood:Good
Sunday March 22 20099:10:05 PM |
So I had super awesome, drunk, kinky sexy time last night.
lol black weiner.

I recently discovered FML.. and its hilarious to me.

My toilet is clogged, I think.

I want to poop but I can't.

I saw my friend TJ today.
We discussed my awesomeness.

My good friend Mike is sleepin' with super hot blond chick.

Also, sweet shirt amirite?

I feel pretty and thin today.

I want to hang out with Bryan, as usual.. but I'm leaving him to his Boiz Time.

The End.

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One Hundred and Twenty Two point word in Scrabble you say? - Mood:Good
Friday March 20 200912:24:34 PM |
Why am I so awesome?

So.. a list of things I feel compelled to bitch about on YT.

- I hate my freaking hair color. Oh em gee. Because I dyed over a bleach job a few months ago, the bleach is showing more and more and its this gross, light color that looks awful with my complexion.
There's so much of it that dying it myself is a complete pain in the ass and I'm not paying a professional to do it.

- For some reason beyond me, my face has been redder recently and I'm getting a lot of dry patches.. near my eyebrows, on my right cheek and my chin.

- The next three and a half weeks are going to be painfully awkward, I think. Unless Watch Boy goes out of his way to avoid walking by the Easter Set (Right in the middle of the freaking mall). I know I'll be avoiding the Food Court.


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830 AM say what?? - Mood:Good
Friday March 20 200910:02:31 AM |
My alarm went off for 15 minutes this morning before it woke me up.
I set it at 7:45.
I finally managed to crawl out of bed at 8:30.

Our landlord seriously needs to do something about the lack of hot water time we have in the shower. I have one and a half legs shaved. Ugh.

Also, wanted to make coffee at home and forot I didn't have any milk or cream.

I'm at work until 3.
Then I have to go to my house to pick up Bryan and take him to his house before I go to the mall at 4. And stay there until 930.

Super sweet long day.

My friend's B-day is tomorrow. I need to get him a cake. Half of it is for his girlfriend, though... I didn't get her anything for her birthday and she got me an industrial bar for mine.

What are YOUR weekend plans?

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Thursday March 19 200911:30:08 AM |
Maybe if I scream at you about more interesting things, you'll care.

So there's this kid.
His name is Dylan. He's the Reddest kid I've ever met.
We have mutual friends so we've seen each other a few times at parties.

Well, on New Years.. I was totally shxt faced.. and you know what.. If you're going to sit down and listen to me babble incoherently.. albeit, I'm going to keep talking.
So that person on that particular night was Dylan.

Ever since then he's been blowin' up my phone to hang out.
I don't want to hang out.

I've made it very clear that I have a boyfriend and I've come up with some excuse not to hang out with him.

Good thing I'm at work. I have an excuse to ignore him IMing me.

How do YOU get rid of people pestering you to be friends/something else without being a bitch?

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So I feel pretty -Meh- today. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 19 200910:57:42 AM |
I'm becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my body.
And I feel ugly in teh face.

/end whining.

Today I need to buy a cute pair of khakis for my seasonal job.
I'll also have to buy some good concealer.. 'cause the crap I have now is just that; crap.

Bryan played in some 3 on 3 basketball game at our CC yesterday. I wanted to go watch.. but I had work and I assumed it was boy time.
Plus, his other friends are way too conservative for me and I always feel like I'm being judged.

New episode of Xavier tonight.
Yay for Thursday.

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Trying to make myself vomit is as fruitless as trying to get myself off. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 18 200910:57:02 AM |
My head hurts. I spent 20 minutes going back and forth to the bathroom last night thinking I was going to throw up.
I finally got tired of feeling nauseous and tried to make myself throw up...
Yeah.. totally doesn't work. I just gag and spit a lot.

Anyway, my dear friends Dority and Troy are moving to Pennsylvania.

Here they are clearly getting gay:

This basically means a lot more people hanging out at my house until they decide to come back to VA.
Which, hopefully they do.
You can't have Dorities without Dority.

Also, I've lost 10 pounds. My mom thinks I stopped eating.

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Man, I loooooooovvveeee spending moneyyyyy. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 17 20092:24:18 PM |
So I owe AnnE, like.. 150ish dollars.

I just got a collection call for my Gym Membership that stopped billing me 'cause I got a new bank card...
I owe 200 something.. but, I can close my account completely by paying $150.

I owe my mom $100.

I owe Comcast 40 something dollars.

I owe 40 something dollars for my water bill.

And another $150 miscellaneous bill.

So basically my Tax Return just got RAPED.
Hard Core.

Thankfully I start my seasonal job on Friday.. and after three weeks of working my ass off I'll have about a grand to show for that.
Plus my average $700 a month at my normal job.


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I really am a passive aggressive doormat. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 17 200911:01:14 AM |
In certain situations, anyway.
I'm not even that passive aggressive.
Just more of a doormat.

Also, I'm too nice and don't stand up for myself.

Regardless of that.. Funny Store here:

I texted AnnE around 1030 yesterday morning.

"What's your address?"

No response.. I text my brother.. no response either.

5.5 hours later I get a "Why?"

"So I can drop off a check for the money I owe you."

6 hours later she responds with "Can I just come by tomorrow?? I need to drop off the last water bill anyway."

I wait an hour before getting rude and saying,
"Sure dude. But, I probably won't be here. And if I am feel free to leave my brother in the car."

She still doesn't know my brother's math was off by a few dollars.

And I'm going to be a meticulous little bitch about it because my brother doesn't need to be doing math for OUR bills, anyway.

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Monday March 16 20092:44:39 PM |
So that burger on Ethan's car turned out to actually be fish.
He went over last night to talk to our neighbor himself.
Dude said he didn't know wtf he was talking about.
Ethan said, "Whatever.. can you just tell your friend's not to be dicks?"

Well, on my 7am drunken walk I found some miscellaneous bill of mine addressed to our old address, laying on the ground in front of our old house. In the rain. And the dirt.

Is it that fecking hard to walk 5 steps and place it in my mail box??

I haven't said anything to them yet 'cause I haven't seen them. But, I was pretty irate about it.

I feel like Hillary and I need to retaliate.

She was rude to one of their girlfriend's the other day because we're sick of not having parking because they have 19 friends over.



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I like to get completely obliterated and walk around my neighborhood at 7 in the morning to do absolutely retarded things. - Mood:Good
Monday March 16 200910:48:26 AM |
Like.. walk into the charred remains of the building that caught on fire.
Wtf am I doing?

Lucky for Bryan and I the ceiling didn't fall on us nor the floor collapse in.
I'm a moron. But, it was neat, nonetheless.

They raised $5,000 at the benefit show they had Saturday night.
Rumor has it Mad Dog (the neighborhood bum) may have accidently started the fire.

Further more, I officially am someone's girlfriend.

Also, Jake deleted Bryan from his My Space friends. Whatta fag.

It's been rainy for days.. I'm tired of it.

I bought Mirrors Edge last night.
Pretty effin' sweet. Really hard, though.
And there's always something intense going on.

The End.

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Hope it gives you hellllllll - Mood:Good
Friday March 13 200911:05:49 AM |
Why, oh why do I like horrible pop music.

I am now the proud owner of an Xbox 360 Pro and Halo 3.
Bryan laughed at me and asked if I suddenly grew a dick.
I did not.
I didn't get to play much last night 'cause I bought it around 2 in the morning and by the time I got home I was exhausted.

I really want to look into what part of my brain controls my dreams.. and I want to carve it out and put it in a meat grinder.

I won't go into detail but the dream I remember from last night and the one I remember from Wednesday night were fecking stupid and I want to erase them from memory.

It's Friday. Typically, I'd go get shxtty at Dority's.. buuuttttttttt I kinda want to play on -my- Xbox 'cause I know Chris will be there hogging all of the Halos.
I also do not want to ever spend any money again.

Happy Rainy Friday.

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Oh shxt I forgot about her nipple. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 12 200912:53:19 PM |
Words I'd never thought I'd hear in general, let alone out of my mother's mouth.

Speaking of nipples, though.. I want to get mine pierced.

Other things on my list of things I want but really don't want to pay for:

Charger/USB for my digital camera.
Fixing whatever is wrong with my fancy digital camera.
Shelfing-thing for the bathroom.
Black and white striped tights for H, 'cause I accidently ripped a hole in hers.
A Razor plus blades. (Holy shxt is it expensive to not be a Hairy Beast)
Cute khaki's for my seasonal job/Easter Jewerly to look cute.

I'm sure theres more I'm leaving out.

Also, I drank too much coffee and I'm anxious now.

I'm supposed to get my tax return tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.

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Ya`ll niggaz best not be throwin` burgerz. - Mood:Good
Thursday March 12 200912:25:44 AM |
So I'm laying in my bed trying to sleep..
I turned the TV off to try and eavesdrop on my neighbors who were partying on what used to be MY party porch..
All of I sudden I hear my front door open and hear Hillary ask them to not throw burgers on her boyfriend's car.
The actual neighbor was cool about it an apologized but some drunk bitch was, like.. "omuhfawd it walkas justglkv sumflavn assdvjksnfhoeecvle"
I lol'd.

So, I'm reconsidering buying an Xbox 360.
I'd have to pay for the actual console, and if lucky get a bundle pack with a controller and a headset.
But, then I need an extra controller and Halo 3.
Plus, I can't -not- buy GTA IV.
Meh, I dunno.

I also should invest in some new clothing..

Anyway, my Easter Job starts in less than 2 weeks. I'm excited.


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I still have yet to poop. - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 11 200911:14:57 AM |
So I drove by the remains of the houses that were on fire this morning.
Fxcking gutted, dude.
I wanted to take pictures, but kind of felt like an ass.

Nine people are now homeless and have no belongings.
A German Sheppard died.
It started from a couch on the porch.

Anyway, there was also a shooting Monday morning... I was on the way to class around 2pm and looked over at 95 South to see about 15 cop cars parked in the off ramp.
I assumed accident, but I saw no accident.
Turns out 20 minutes after some guy shot two men he was caught in the car witnesses saw him get into.

To make this more like a journal, I woke up to banging on my door 'cause I'm getting new windows today!!
I'm excited, 'cause the ones we have let sooooo much cold air in.
Which would worry me more letting AC out in the summer.

The End.

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I`m hung like Plantet Pluto hard to see with the naked eye. But, if I crashed into Uranus I would stick it where the sun don`t shine. - Mood:Good
Tuesday March 10 20098:49:13 PM |
The roof really IS on fire.

So I was hearing all of these damn sirens thing OMG WHY?!?! WHO GOT SHOT IN SOUTH SIDE?!?

Well, I decided to go to 7ereven to get some foodsies and I couldn't get out of my cul-de-sac 'cause cop cars and fire trucks were blocking it.
So I parked and got out to see THIS:

And I got a different view HERE.

You can't see any flames. But, I saw them.

In other news, TMI:
Fxck my butt pussy, too.

'Cause I'm cramping and I'm constipated and I can't poop 'cause its causing SHOOTING PAINS everywhere.
Basically, I'm not having a good time.


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