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Female, 21 years old
Wherever I am, Hell, Southern US

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I dyed all of my hair. - Mood:Good
Monday June 25 201212:25:03 PM |
It's all blue now.
(Pics to come)
I like how it looks.
Aside from that, I've been a bit confused the past few days.

I'm going to Cali Wednesday.
It's gonna be nice to go on vacation.

What's up YT?

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My parents want a horse - Mood:Happy
Sunday February 05 20122:28:04 PM |
So yesterday Nonny said she'd like to look at another horse, one that she could ride, and she wants to look at an Arabian Mare.

Well today, Poppy agreed we should look at that mare.

She is gorgeous, but I almost feel bad that we might get another horse,

On another note, Jade is already fattening up, and I finally got a saddle :)

How's everyone doing?

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I got a horse - Mood:Good
Sunday January 15 20127:52:47 PM |
The first horse I went to see was wild.
I went to see another today, and she worked out perfectly! :)

She's a Tennessee Walker, and is palamino.

I named her Jade.

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I might be getting a horse. - Mood:Anxious
Monday January 09 20123:28:40 PM |
My Poppy was on Craigslist, and he found a couple of horses.
Where I ride, I could board a horse for $200 a month.
I'm going to call on Wednesday evening.

I'll be looking at a 17.2hh 14 year old thoroughbred for $600
And a 16hh 16 year old Gelding Quarter Horse for $1,000 with tack, grooming supplies ect included.

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Merry Christmas everyone! - Mood:Good
Sunday December 25 20117:26:37 AM |
What did you get?

I got a coca cola mini fridge
4 Breyer horses
a curling iron
some band tees
a bracelet
4 CDs
and a MacBook Pro 15.4" with a custom skin XD

Hope everyone has a great day :)

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I got my hair cut! - Mood:Good
Thursday December 08 20113:44:18 PM |
It's still long, but it has choppy layers.
I'm thinking about dying part of it blue tonight...

What's up YT?

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I`m rather late on this but....... - Mood:Good
Tuesday November 22 201111:39:57 PM |
Actually I'm really late, this happened in January........
R.I.P. Hank the Chimpanzee from Chattanooga zoo.
He died at age 42...
When I was little, I'd go to the Chattanooga zoo every weekend.
Hank had to be kept alone because he was kinda mean.
Once, a lady was there taking notes about what he would do and blah blah blah.
I'd put my hand on the glass, and Hank walked up, and put his hand on the glass where mine was.
They lady (almost?) cried, saying she'd never seen him do that, ever.
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I got a bass - Mood:Happy
Friday October 07 20114:27:41 PM |
I got a bass today!
I can already play all of Gorgeous Nightmare by Escape the fate on it.

My friend Hannah is coming over Sunday.
She'll wanna hear me play it..

Um OH!
Gacier is doing really good!
He's getting really big.

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Hah I think he hats me. - Mood:Bored
Sunday October 02 20113:25:14 PM |
I've liked Dwayne since last December.
He's anold friend since we've known each other for years..
Yeserday, I saw him at the mall.
He smiled, almost blushed and stared at me.
He's shown lots of signs of liking me.
My friend said I should tell him.
So...Last night I sent him a message telling him I like him.
This morning, I found out he blocked me.
Oh well.
On the bright side, I can get a Bass sometime....
Not sure when, But I can.
I've been playing my guitar a little bit again.
It's the acoustic. I don't plan on getting an electric guitar. Just a Bass.

One more thing, I'm living in Florida again!

How's everyone doing here on YT?

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Been living in Tennessee for a Year today - Mood:Good
Monday September 05 20117:18:46 PM |
It's also my Poppy's 67th birthday! :D
The weather was nice and cool for once and moving is just days away,
It's also Hannah R's birthday.

Anyway, I think I have insomnia but the again maybe it's the stress keepin me up until 5 am -.-

How ya doing YT?

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Moving sucks. We`ll probably have to kick D.J. out of our old home. But hat houd be th fun part :| - Mood:Bored
Friday August 19 20113:10:09 PM |
Yep. We're moving back to our old home.
Some time in September though.

On another note off the moving subject,
My books came the other day.
Violin sheet music books.
One of which is Metallica for Violin.
I've learned the top line of The Unforgiven almost instantly.

Also, after we move, I'll be going back to Mrs. Cori. My violin teacher. :)
I'm also gonna look into getting a laptop after my social security gets set up.

Poppy promised to take me to an ETF or BVB concert if they come near. He hates that music. And his left side is paralyzed from his stroke.

I hate moving :/ but I'm excited to see my friends again.

What's up YT?

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I have purple hair now. - Mood:Excited
Thursday August 04 20118:48:24 PM |
It's still got some blue in it though.

Tomorrow I have another horseback lesson.
I have 2 per week now. Yesterday, Alina gave me the Smarty Jones Breyer.

Tomorrow night I have 5 horror movies to watch.
Scream 1 2 and 3, Sleepy Hollow and Paranormal Activity.
I know Sleepy Hollow is good. I've seen it but faintly remember it.
I'll probably laugh at them...

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This has been one of the most confusing days of this summer... - Mood:Bored
Tuesday August 02 20117:42:25 PM |
So I woke up in a good mood and then he internet goes out. So I decide to get in the pool.The pool was hot and rather shallow -.-
Nonny's been yelling at Poppy to shut up which makes me wanna b*tch slap her... She hates him. he took care of her when I as little aftershe shot herself (Don't ask!) and back in Sept. lst yearhe had a stroke. Now his left side is pralyzed. e jst told me that I am his ONLY reason so be alive now. If I wasn't around, he would've let himself go. He doesn't trust nonny tocare forme because she yells at me JUST for having a band-tee on the couch in MY ROOM. Poppy said he'd do anything for me because I'm like his life.
Also I FINALLY have a horseback lesson tomorow :D And my hair looks good but I need to straighten what I call my bangs XD
How are all you people?
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My so called bestfriend`s parents think I`m bad. - Mood:Disgusted
Monday August 01 20119:37:07 PM |
So, she had made a fake-facebook but I'd helped her a little and now we can only talk once a month.
We just got off the phone and now Nonny is being the normal b*tch she is and said I can't EVER talk to her. I will call her but Poppy said she'll never be my friend.
See, her parents think I'm a bad influence on her.
They haven't seen me in 2 YEARS.
She never tells them about me.
But her paretns are the type of people who are FREAKS like seriously, Her dad would beat her older sisters bums till they whre blistered jut because there was a drop of milk on the counter.
But I guess maybe her mom found out that I Dye my hair, wear black, I listen to metal and not Christian music and weara lot of dark make-up.
WELL Hannah has a frien who is a total SLUT. I just want a friend who doesnt judg me Hannah never did but her parents are weird I feel hated
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I just need a little help... so I won`t be killed by my Nonny tomorrow. - Mood:Shocked
Wednesday July 27 201112:05:48 AM |
Okay so my ja of hair dye fell on the floor an some of the dye got on the carpet.
It's red Semi-permanent Manic Panic I've got to durn a ightershade of red by using some nail polish remover.
it helped a little but I need to ge it almost all out or else tomorrow Nonny'll go ape- sh*t on me.
Tips on how to remove it please?
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There`s nothing better than this weekend I`m having. - Mood:Happy
Saturday July 16 201111:38:12 AM |
So last night at Waverly was great and I really wanna go there again.
On the fourth floor I got lucky enough to walk down the hall way alone and slowly come back. The lady said I had the biggest shadow person follow me.
Afterwards we went to hooters XD The crab legs where good.. really good.
ANd later today I'll head back to BreyerFest.
I entered for today's raffle model Muse and tomorrow's raffle model. I'd prefer Muse but either one works XD
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Day 1 of BreyerFest-Over (We left early). - Mood:Ecstatic
Friday July 15 20112:27:57 PM |
So today at BreyerFest I got
Susecion and Le Fire.
Buckskin Grazing Mare and buckskin laying foal.
2002 Christmas foal set.
Sunday (The last day of BF) I'll get the most models.
Tomorrow I'll probably only get the long horn bull (IF he's there) and one SR (Special Run) model.
I saw Kripton Seni II, He's georgeous!

Tonight it Waverly Hills Sanatorium. :D
How've you people been? o.o

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Most epic weeked ever. Or, should I say MY greatest weekend ever is soon to come. - Mood:Excited
Tuesday July 12 20115:20:43 PM |
Tomorrow, I'll be headed to Lexington, Kentucky again with DJ to BreyerFest. This Friday, (July 15th) Is not only day 1 of BreyerFest but I will also be going to Waverly Hills Sanatorium 10pm-midnight. I set it up tody :)
Has anybody here been to Waverly? If so, what was it like? If not, Would you wanna go there?
Well, I'm gonna go pack up my stuff and my model horses I plan on showing.
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So about yeterday and the car crash.. - Mood:Bored
Thursday July 07 20118:45:53 PM |
So, for all you out there that heard about Laura and anyone who didn't bleive me, Read this! :
Lendin is her married name. Not her Maiden name.
That's the story.
I'm still wondering abot my Baby sister and what's going on for her and stuff.......
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Ummmmmm Wow..... this is just.... wow..... - Mood:Confused
Wednesday July 06 20117:00:00 PM |
Laura (The person who gave birth to me) just NOW died in acar crash. She was avoiding the law and hit a tree.
No. I am not tearing up or anything.
She was an achohalic, Drug-attict and was always having operations (Kidny stones ect.)
Well.. she's at peace now....
I wonder what's gonna happen to my baby sister Sam.....
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My fingers are hurting beause of the guitar but it`s too fun to stop.... - Mood:Good
Tuesday July 05 201112:58:25 AM |
So today I was talking with my Poppy (Grandfather) and he said if I learn guitar this sumer then I can get an eletric guitar for Chistmas... so I have been practicing guitar for about 3 or 4 hours now. I've tried playing Onto The next one by Escape The Fate but it's hard for me... so I've been working on Mailyn Manson songs, the easiest for me have been I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) and Coma White. :)
It's fun and I am apparently doing it right because my fingers are starting to hurt.

I tuned My/Poppy's guitar and it sounds so pretty.
Oh and one more thing, Poppy built the guitar and a few other guitars and he also built my violin and 2 other violins.

Well, I'm gonna get back to plying/practicing my guitar. :)

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My Uncle`s a dimwit, It`s his birthday, Breyerfest is coming up an all kinds of other crap... - Mood:Anxious
Sunday July 03 20115:19:52 PM |
Yeah... DJ's a dimwit and he's gonna be taking me to KY again for BreyerFest and we'll possibly go to Waverly Hills Sanatorium if I can sceduele a tour date.
Last night I re-styled my hair and my make-up and took a picture. I thought I looked a litte bit like Lexus Amanda (Max Green-ETF's Bassist's old Girlfriend) and later showed the picture to a friend here... she said I looked a little bit like Lexus...
Well.... I'm excited for BreyerFest and the possibility of going to Wavely Hills.

And Glacier is doing great. :)

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A perfect hot sunny day means have to get hurt somehow >.< - Mood:Bad
Wednesday June 29 20114:25:25 PM |
So Nonny old me to close the storm door (That has the slidey ting to kee it open and stuff) so then my left hand slipped somhow and of course my right hand-middle finger had to get caught in it.... so I just stopped whatI was doingand ran to the kitchen sink and it was bleeding... a lot so I got out a bowl and flled it withcrushed ice washed my finger again and then put a ban-aid on it bt it caused more pain so I got another band-aid and it ade it hurt a little less.... oh and I hav to help put our new pool together... it wouldn't be so bad if it was my left hand because I'm right handed......
What does my Poppy tell me? 'Well maybeyou shouldn't be such a dumb butt.' IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. Everybody has accidnts... EVIL DOOR!
Well.... that's all :/

My finger still hurts x.x

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What I am dertermand to learn this summer. - Mood:Confident
Thursday June 23 20115:47:00 PM |
Well, today when it was just me and Poppy at home, I started talking about violin (Which I play) and then how I want to learn the guitar, he told me to go get the guitar out of his room, but it was in the spare room and see if it's in tune, which it isn't really. We also have no picks but I told him tonight I'll try and lern to tune it.... He said, Of course I'd be able to learn it and he also stated the fact that playing Violin is about 10x harder than guitar and that How good I am at it (Which I am, I've been playing since I was 6) I can play by ear and read notes perfectly I don't even have to watch where my fingers go. Anyway I'm pretty excited to learn the guitar (Teach my-self or whatever). It's a good guitar.
After I lern the basics, I REALLY wanna learn 'The Flood' By Escape The Fate. I know it won't be super easy but it'll be fun. :)
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Updates on Glacier :) - Mood:Happy
Monday June 20 20117:47:44 PM |
Okay so, the reason Glacier was throwing up was the dog food. We tried 2 differnt brands and finally Poppy asked me to get the dog food so he could read the ingrediants in both. Turns out the dog food wasn't even fit to be firtalizer (Just barely would be).
So now we are making white rice for him and he hasn't had any problemes what-so-ever since then and he has been playing and also barking way more :)
Nothing to worrie about!
He's a nice healthy pup.
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