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Female, 20 years old
New York, Eastern US

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quarantine summer - Mood:Bored
Thursday July 30 20201:53:29 AM |
This summer has been pretty uneventful. Aside from video games & sometimes hanging out with my friends, I haven't done much.
I've been home for so long that I'm starting to feel apathetic & indifferent toward everything, including all my classes for this fall being online. Except for one that I'm gonna drop because my parents don't trust my college's reopening plan. All the activities are gonna be virtual, so they don't wanna spend thousands of dollars for me to sit in a dorm for 3 months. My school also encouraged everyone to not go home on the weekends, which made me kinda anxious because I like going home on occasion. I have mixed feelings about being home for several more months, but hey, they said there might be a second wave, so better safe than sorry. At least the food here is better, plus I won't have to live in fear of random fire drills or people trashing the bathroom.
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Thursday June 11 20202:29:50 AM |
Classes ended a few weeks ago, so now it's officially summer!
On Monday I met up with a few of my friends for a socially distanced picnic where we ate lunch while sitting super far away from each other. It was much needed, because I've been kinda sad at home.
All the internships I applied for got cancelled, so I was planning on getting a job this summer. However, with the current world situation, I don't know if/when that's gonna happen. I wasn't planning on working at camp again because it was a bad experience. I know someone who's still working at camp this summer, but I don't know how that's gonna happen. This week I realized that this summer is probably gonna be pretty boring. I'm itching to go to the pool or the beach, but everything is closed.
At least this weekend I'm gonna hang out with my boyfriend, who I haven't seen in 3 months. We're planning on baking brownies & playing PS3.
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it`s corona time again - Mood:Anxious
Thursday April 16 202012:04:11 AM |
you know it'll ALWAYS win

In all seriousness, I didn't expect my second year of college to go like this, but here we are. My school switched to online classes & made everyone go home unless they have no internet access at home or something.
With that being said, I've been home for the past month. As an introvert, I wasn't super bored stuck at home. In fact, I was kind of excited. I played video games with my friends over Discord, cleaned my room, spent time with my brother, and followed yoga videos. I still missed all my friends, but I wasn't miserable.
It was all going great until spring break ended & classes resumed. Everyone I know hates online learning. I'm lucky enough to only have one class that actually meets, but I'm still not really motivated. Of course I get everything done because I want a good GPA, but all I wanna do is sleep and FaceTime my friends. :\

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snazzy sophomore year - Mood:Overwhelmed
Thursday October 10 20191:28:54 AM |
I started my sophomore year of college over a month ago, & it's been pretty nice so far. It's actually even better than freshman year because there's no weird transition period, as I'm not new to the whole college game anymore.
I wanna continue to thrive academically this year. I'm almost done with my GEs & started taking classes for my major, & I absolutely love them. They're way more interesting to me than philosophy, math, or anything like that.
This week is midterm week, but I don't have any tests since most of my classes are project-based. So I've mostly been doing homework & working on some projects.
The good news is we're getting a 4-day weekend. I can't wait to go home after my classes end on Friday. This is the longest I've ever gone without seeing my family in person - my parents didn't go to family weekend because when they came last year, every place in town was packed.
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time 4 summer - Mood:Excited
Wednesday June 12 201910:59:07 PM |
It feels pretty great to be done with my freshman year of college. A year ago I was terrified because I had no idea how I'd do living independently, but hey, I did it. I've been home for almost a month now, and I've spent most of that time sleeping, watching Netflix (I finally finished Bojack Horseman this week), and hanging out with my friends from high school. And by hanging out, I mostly mean playing Smash Ultimate and exchanging fun college stories.
I'm starting my first ever real job in a couple of weeks as a counselor at a day camp, which I'm really excited for. I've been to a couple of the staff orientations, but I won't find out what age group I'm with for a few days. So far, all I know is that I'm gonna be working with elementary age kids, probably girls. I'm glad that I'm not with the middle schoolers - when I went to camp at that age, the other kids in my group were animals.
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college life - Mood:Hopeful
Wednesday February 13 20192:29:17 PM |
Wow, it's been a while. I guess I should do a little life update.
I started college in the fall & my whole experience has been amazing so far. I chose a school a couple of hours from home, so I can live there while also being able to come home when I need to (which surprisingly isn't that often! like once a month).
I'm joining a sorority this semester because it's something I've always wanted to do. It looks really fun! I want to meet new friends while also helping the community.
My roommate is moving out today, so I'm gonna have my own room for a while. My old roommate actually moved out a few weeks before break without even telling me. I came back from dinner one night & all her stuff was gone. But I was actually kinda happy because she was so inconsiderate & rude that my friends were scared to come visit me. So when she moved out, my friends and I celebrated for 3 days.
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almost done with senior year :o - Mood:Shocked
Wednesday May 09 20189:32:34 PM |
I have less than a month of high school left, & I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I can't wait for college, but I'm also kinda scared because I have no idea what I'm about to get myself into.
I thought I had senioritis last year, but now I'm really feeling it. There are people in my classes who haven't cared since day one, but for me it started after spring break. And now that it's AP week (I actually took my English lit one this morning, and it was awful), I'm really starting to put my feet up. After APs, you're excused from those classes for the rest of the year, so now I'm gonna be off for most of the day. For the first time in years, I can eat lunch with my friends! Maybe we'll order in once a week or something.
I've loved senior year. When they said it would fly by, they weren't kidding! I've made so many new friends, had fun new experiences, & learned a lot about myself. :)
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so senior - Mood:Excited
Wednesday August 30 20179:25:17 PM |
Today was my first day of senior year. It was really nice. To start my day, me and a bunch of other seniors woke up ridiculously early and came to the school for Senior Sunrise, a cute tradition we have where on the first day of senior year, kids gather at the school and watch the sun come up together.
The cool thing about senior year is that because most of your requirements are done, you can take classes that are actually interesting. In the past we all were required to take history (ew), but for our government requirement this year we have all these options, like sociology (I chose that), criminal justice, and man's inhumanity to man. The same goes for science; I didn't want to take physics, so instead I chose forensics and astronomy, which sounded much more interesting to me. I'm also taking AP psych, which I've been looking forward to forever.
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It`s about time! - Mood:Happy
Friday June 23 20177:48:36 PM |
My junior year is finally over, so now I'm officially a senior! I'm SO happy that I made it through this year. It was extremely stressful, but I guess that in hindsight, it wasn't terrible. I had so many new experiences, learned some important life lessons, & accomplished a lot (I won a community service award, & did really well on all my regents!).
Last night I attended the senior graduation & congratulated my graduating friends. It's going to be kind of weird not seeing them in the hallways anymore, but I know they're all going to do great things one day.
This summer I might be getting a job nearby. I'm also going to do a little volunteering, because I do that every summer. But more importantly, I'm going to look at colleges. I want to go away because I want the opportunity to stay in a dorm, but I don't want to go super far away. I want to be at most 3 or 4 hours from home.
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Junior year... :| - Mood:Anxious
Wednesday May 10 201710:20:46 PM |
Remember last year when all those people told me that junior year is a biggie? They weren't lying. For the past month, I've been spending more time than I ever imagined on schoolwork. I took SAT classes, and started needing help with chemistry. I don't know what happened. I was doing fine for the first half of the year, and then...well.
I took my last AP (English Lang & Comp) this morning. It was way easier than the U.S. History exam on Friday. I didn't study for that one at all because with the SAT, I didn't have time. I actually took my SAT the next day, and it was really easy. I can't wait to see how I did.
So, yeah. This year has been a bit crazy for me. But the good thing is that it's almost over. Next year I'll be a senior. Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday when I was a dorky freshman hanging in the cafeteria with my friends and playing Sims on my phone.
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2017`s coming - Mood:Excited
Friday December 30 20161:00:21 AM |
This year is (finally!) almost over. I didn't like 2016 at all. It was crazy. Sure, I had a lot of good times this year - I attended a wedding, discovered the magic of Dairy Queen, went to New York Comic Con, & saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert - but there were also a lot of bad things. For example, my phone broke, then was stolen less than two months later, & my friend got a puppy who, two months after he was adopted, died when he got hit by a car.
I feel like something good will happen next year. I might get accepted into a college, since I'll be a senior in the fall. Or maybe I'll do really good on my SAT or ACT at the end of this year (I'm taking both :c).
I guess I'll try to make the most of the remainder of 2016. I'm seeing Moana with my friend later today, & on Saturday my family and I are welcoming the new year by eating yummy hors d'oeuvres, like spanakopita and mini pizzas!
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Summer`s almost over. - Mood:Bored
Sunday September 04 20169:20:09 PM |
I go back to school on Tuesday. It usually starts two days after Labor Day, but I guess that's not happening this year.
But yeah, I'll be in 11th grade. Wow.
Pretty much all I did this summer was volunteer, spend time at my summerhouse, & even get my learners permit so I can take drivers ed during the school year.
Everyone I've spoken to, from the cashier at Target to my friends who are older than me, has told me about how junior year is a big year, because there'll be lots of tests and looking at colleges. I know this means I'll have to take extra good care of myself during this school year, because I get stressed very easily.
I'm taking two AP classes (American history and English), continuing with Italian, & even taking another TV production class. I just hope my math teacher is good; I squeaked by in geometry last year, so I don't think trig will be any easier...
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happy chrismuss - Mood:Happy
Friday December 25 201511:59:03 PM |
Yep, it's that magical time of year again: Christmas!
This morning my family sat in our living room opening the gifts that were under our beautiful six-foot-tall Christmas tree. I received clothes, candy, books, stuffed animals, things from Bath and Bodyworks, and Rhythm Heaven (which I've wanted for a year now). I got a lot of the items that were on my wish list.
Later in the day, we drove to my cousins' house for their annual Christmas party. I got to hang out with my cousins, and we played Street Fighter on the PS3 and ate a lot of food.
So, yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!~
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it`s a marshmallow world in the winter - Mood:Exhausted
Friday December 11 20155:01:11 PM |
Ah, man. This week was crazy.
My birthday on Sunday was lovely. I saw the Peanuts Movie with my family and ate dinner at a sushi restaurant. It was also the start of Hanukkah. I've gotten some pretty cool stuff this week, including a Baymax plush, some cozy pajama pants, a Bath and Bodyworks gift card, and some gourmet candy.
Homework took a lot out of me this week, so it's a good thing that it's finally Friday, and I can relax; tomorrow I can finish a paper that's due next week, and maybe set up my Christmas tree (I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah).
I can't believe that there's two weeks until Christmas. Our last day of school before the break is the 23rd, and we might have a party in TV production that week!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go light my menorah, then film something with my TV production buddies. :D
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oh oh oh it`s thanksgiving - Mood:Happy
Thursday November 26 201511:53:18 PM |
we we we are gonna have a good time

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrated it today! I spent the morning eating cinnamon rolls and watching the Macy's parade on TV, then stayed to watch the Westminster Dog Show.
For dinner this year, we went to a buffet at a catering hall instead of going to my grandparents' house (nobody felt like cooking, haha). There was a lot of food, including but not limited to salad, pasta, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and of course turkey. Then for dessert they had a beautiful station with a bunch of cakes and pies, ice cream with toppings, and creme puffs.
All in all, it was a pleasant day. Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch with my aunt and then having dinner at my grandparents' house, and on Saturday I may be seeing the Peanuts Movie with a friend.
I hope everybody had a great day today and spent time with their loved ones. This is Catbug signing off!

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Thursday October 01 20155:56:46 PM |
Huzzah for nonsensical titles!
I've been in school for a few weeks now, and it's going pretty well. I like most of my classes. My science teacher is still out, and so the sub is a teacher who's retiring after this year, and is kind of bad at teaching stuff. Like, he gives us homework on stuff we don't even learn until the next day. The only great thing about him is that he doesn't give weekend homework.
Aside from him, all my teachers are really great. My Italian teacher last year was awful (he'd make a federal case out of one missed homework!), but this year I have one who's way better.
In other news, in my TV production class we're making horror films for Halloween! I hope I get to do some camerawork because I love that stuff.
I don't know how to end this entry. I'm praying that the hurricane misses us, because I don't want a replay of Sandy; we lost power for three days!
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My first day of tenth grade was today. - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday September 02 20158:31:04 PM |
I don't have classes with any of my friends, but there are kids I'm friendly with in some of them. And all my teachers seem very nice.
I was actually excited for the first day of school because I'm a big dork. I was also glad to do something each day instead of going on the internet all day.
I had this weird dream on Sunday night that my earth science teacher was absent on the first day, and guess what? It actually happened. I'm questioning if I'm psychic. Although I don't know what kind of teacher doesn't show up on the first day of school.
There was also a mistake in my schedule, so I ended up spending second period sitting in the cafeteria playing Candy Crush. It's only my second year of high school, but I'm willing to bet that the schedule-makers screw something up every year; last year, some kids didn't have lunch when they asked for it. :S
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School starts a week from today. - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 26 20155:12:21 PM |
I got my class schedule yesterday, and aside from only having lunch for one semester (I'm taking advertising design), I'm pretty satisfied with it. We're usually allowed to eat in class, so it's no big deal.
I have new school supplies including gel pens, a mini purple stapler, and a folder with a pile of puppies on it, and tomorrow morning I'm going to go set up my locker and walk my schedule. I'm just going to try to have a low-key week until then. I've been waking up earlier so that I'll be able to wake up at 6 am for school next week (we start at 7:30 am! x_x), and I'm going to try to paint my nails.
I wish we didn't go back before Labor Day... -.-
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what a swell party this is - Mood:Bored
Wednesday August 12 20154:45:30 PM |
Frank Sinatra for the win.

So I've attended two volunteer parties two days in a row (I volunteered at a hospital & a library this summer), and they were both different from what I was expecting.
Last night I went to the library party & I thought it would just involve getting my community service letter & eating food. Boy, was I wrong. We did get community service letters, and we had food (cookies, grapes, juice/water, even a Batman cake), but then we sat through a PRESENTATION on the history of superheroes (the summer reading program I helped with was superhero-themed). Nobody cared. At one point I was just so done that I excused myself, saying I had to go home for dinner.
A few hours ago I went to the party at the hospital. It wasn't a letdown because it was a pizza party! :D However, thirteen people showed up. :| But again, there was pizza, & I got a free bag, so it wasn't so bad. c:

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random thoughts - Mood:Disgusted
Monday August 03 20159:23:09 AM |
Okay, I've never had V8 vegetable juice, so yesterday my parents got it at the grocery store so I could try it.
I tried it this morning, and I spit it out because it tasted like vomit.
How do people even like this stuff?
Yeah, also, I've never written a journal entry before, so I decided to do that. :P
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