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The Cleanest My Kitchen Has Ever Been - Mood:Spent
Wednesday November 22 20171:37:57 PM |
Spent most of the day yesterday and part of the morning today cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING! Mainly the fridge...I hoard condiments and ended up throwing away too many jars.

Now I just want to cook for Thanksgiving! Too bad I have to work until 9 tonight. And tomorrow. But only from 9-2, plus the two hours on the road. Still, I'm thankful to have a job and tomorrow I should remember that.

It's been a cozy morning. Stayed in bed late with the dogs watching a Hallmark Channel movie, went to Starbucks in my pajamas and house shoes for iced gingerbread latte, and I'm about to read in front of the fireplace.

What holiday coziness is everyone else getting into?!

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In Need of a Sick day - Mood:Good
Monday November 13 201711:18:07 AM |
I truly love my job but today is one of those days when it’s going to be so hard to make the hour drive to work. It would be the perfect day to just call out sick...

The fire is going, cooking shows are on tv, and the dogs are extra cuddly. Not to mention I finally broke down and got the Nintendo Switch and Zelda is always extra cozy when the weather is chilly outside.

What is everyone up to today? Anyone staying home from work to be cozy?

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Pseudo-Weekend - Mood:Good
Monday November 06 20177:46:55 PM |
I'm off work until Wednesday afternoon! After working 15 hours Friday, 9 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday, and 6 total hours of driving, I need a weekend.

Work has been crazy busy with everyone getting sick and/or craving their pain meds but I survived another busy stretch. I made it home, fed the puppers, opened a beer, and got straight into an epsom salt bath.

I should be avoiding all things medicine at all cost, but I have to complete a CE on opioid overdose and naloxone administration, so I'm getting that out of the way so I can fully enjoy tomorrow away from work.

The finance is on his way home from class...about to get out of the tub and start on dinner. We've been doing Blue Apron and I think I'm going to try my hand at their burgers tonight. After a few more beers...

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Halloween Party Time! - Mood:Good
Wednesday October 25 201712:15:21 PM |
Who all is coming to my Halloween party this Friday? It's going to have it all...costume contest, scary movies on the projector outside, bar with keg of Oktoberfest, our puppy growling at's going to be awesome.

I've spent so much time decorating and finding stuff for my costume that I have kind of neglected the food aspect of things, but we are going to finally start cooking tomorrow and Friday. Too bad I have to work tonight and 15 HOURS TOMORROW! At least I'm off all weekend...

What is everyone else planning for Halloween?

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That Feeling in the Air... - Mood:Good
Thursday September 07 201711:42:44 AM |
As far as I'm concerned, it's fall. It was 56 when I woke up this morning, and it still feels great at almost 11am. Also, pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks...

No better way to spend a cool September day off than Legos, iced pumpkin spice, windows up, and the dogs chilling in the back yard....

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Being Broke/Three Days Off - Mood:Good
Friday July 21 201711:04:37 AM |
The last few weeks have been rough..I stress too much over stuff that doesn't matter (like money) but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, at least.

I passed my boards, and I got my pharmacist license, AND I got a store to work in full-time! As of this passed Sunday, no more intern training pay. It couldn't have come at a better time...being a homeowner is expensive and I have literally been counting change to buy food and gas the past few weeks.

Only two more weeks to go until the big bucks (relative to what I'm used to living off of) come rolling in. I'm excited about being able to eat, but also excited about being able to pay off credit cards! Its going to be a huge relief.

It's been a great first week at work on my own; I'm loving the store I got put in even if I have an hour commute each way. Totally worth it. Now..time to enjoy three days off!

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Chores Day! - Mood:Good
Sunday July 09 201710:11:49 AM |
I feel totally free.

For the first time since I've bought my house, I have little to no obligations.

In order to get licensed as a pharmacist, we have to pass two different law exam for the state we want to practice in, and one clinical exam which is the same no matter where you practice.

I passed the MPJE (law exam) back in June, and I took the NAPLEX (clinical) this past Wednesday. I still haven't gotten my score back, but I feel pretty decent about it. So, for the first time in four years, I don't have a single thing to do for school!

I don't know what to do with myself! So I'm finally going to get some projects done around the house. Expect frequent updates and maybe even some pictures along the way!

P.S. What is everyone else doing on this awesome Sunday?

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Bronchitis + MPJE = Long, Stressful Night - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 20 20171:38:42 PM |
I'm still sick. Or sick again...I got a lot worse near the middle of last week and started having shortness of breath and started making tons of multi-colored sputums. It's been fun.

I've finally turned the corner on this, I longer coughing up that much, but still coughing so much that I get lighted-headed.

And it couldn't have come at a worse time - tonight I have to take the MPJE (pharmacy law) portion of my licensing exam. Part 1 of the 2 part licensing process in order for me to get licensed to do my thang. I haven't felt like studying very much but I feel pretty confident with MOST of the material. Still, going into this feeling like junk and jacked up on Sudafed and getting all light-headed is not ideal. And the stakes are high.

If I fail, I have to pay about $300 to take it again. If I fail the second time, I lose my job. No pressure...

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Thankful I Have A Job, But... - Mood:Good
Monday June 12 20178:55:51 AM |
I'd rather stay at home and chill out in the yard with my dogs, or study for the NAPLEX, or go see my niece and nephew, or chat with you guys all day.

Oh well...I only have a 9-hour shift today. And my raise goes into effect today, so I'm making almost twice as much as I was making as an undergrad intern!

But still, I'm in summer mode. And I feel like I'm reverting to a younger frame of mind, when summer meant drinking Mountains Dew and playing Final Fantasy VII and watching Sailor Moon or some Toonami cartoon literally all day long. Those were the days....

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The Sickness - Mood:Good
Tuesday June 06 20177:48:30 PM |
I've had this sinus infection for over a week now, but I THINK it's finally starting to clear up. Currently making a pseudo hot toddy with what I had...Fireball. Hopefully this gets me in the mood Togo skating tonight, because that's the plan!

What are your secret get well soon concoctions?

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Moving Day - Mood:Good
Saturday May 20 20175:51:56 AM |
I did it! I'm a homeowner! We closed on our house yesterday and my fiancé and dad started moving stuff in while I worked. (In hindsight, I probably should have just called out sick)

For the past 10 months, I've lived in my dad's 400 square foot guest house with the majority of my possessions in storage. My fiancé stayed over a lot, but also had an apartment with belongings and a storage unit. Needless to say, we have too much junk...

But, the majority of it is actually IN the house! With the help of my brother-in-law, we got a lot done yesterday. The apartment and both storage sheds are empty, and all the big furniture is out of the guesthouse. I just have to move clothes, dishes, books, Legos, electronics, etc.

The fiancé has drill this weekend so he's getting up to go off and frolic with his army buddies, so I'm up at it. Pics to follow!

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Morning Rounds - Mood:Good
Wednesday March 01 20179:58:18 AM |
Only 7 more days on this rotation...and I'm already checking out. Getting up at 4am to work up patients when it is raining out is not ideal.

After this, I move on to Walgreen's. That'll be more my speed...and after that, graduation! I can see the light at the end of this Doctorate tunnel!

How is everyone doing this morning?

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A Day To Be Alone - Mood:Good
Friday January 27 20178:10:22 AM |
And a great day it shall be.

Normally I would spend the day in patient visits, checking INRs and A1Cs, adjusting warfarin and insulin and whatnot. But I have the day off from my internship!

The original plan was to go to Auburn with my dad to do some more remodeling on my place down there before putting it up for sale but he decided to go without me.

And my boyfriend has drill this it's just me. And the puppies. And I get to sit in bed and drink coffee. Then, finish Lego Assembly Square. Then maybe go to the steam room at the gym. Then clean. And read. And I am realizing I no longer know what to do with my leisure time like I used to.

What should I do today, YT?

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Snow Day! - Mood:Good
Friday January 06 20179:30:27 PM |
Alabama was supposed to receive a tiny bit of snow today, so naturally, the hospital cancelled all my patients' appointments and I got a day off!

Even better, it was student loan dispersal day! I got up early, paid some credit cards off, cleaned my entire place, took my Christmas decorations to storage, dropped some paper work off at the store I'm going to be working at, and went shopping.

Considering we were supposed to get snowed in, I bought some Legos to occupy myself. The boyfriend came over and we've been taking urns putting together the Ghostbusters fire house.

And it actually snowed! Probably not even an inch, but it looks nice. He is snoozing with the puppy, I'm enjoying some beer, and the rest is cozy history.

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Sick As A Dog - Mood:Horny
Saturday December 31 201611:32:04 AM | I'm in bed with my dogs. I was awake most of the night last night due to this sinus infection. I'd get relief from taking a long, hot shower and then crawling back into bed and sitting propped up on pillows. I even wrapped my heating pad around my face for a bit and that helped.

Just braved the cold to make a Starbucks and CVS run; got an iced toffee nut latte, saline nasal spray, and a steroid nasal spray. I should be up in running order in no time...

Which is good, because my first shift of on-the-job pharmacy training is Monday. Can't wait!

Due to the sickness, and just a general dislike of large gatherings, the boyfriend and I are skipping the typical NYE celebrations tonight. We are going to stay in, relax, decide on our resolutions, and pretty much just get our minds straight for the new year. I call it 'Febreezing my life'. And it is much-needed...

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Hustle and Work Flow - Mood:Good
Thursday December 29 20161:09:11 PM |
I have a job! I still can't get over it...

My first orientation session was Tuesday; it was a short four hours, but I was assigned 23 online modules to complete before the next session which will be tomorrow. I'm almost done with them...

Then on-the-job training starts on Monday, and my next internship I have to complete for school starts on Tuesday. This one should be interesting...working at the VA Hospital. I'm not looking forward to the hour drive to get there though. I just want to work and make money!

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Greenglass House - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 14 20165:33:02 PM |
How am I just finding out about this book? As a fan of all things cozy, I'm surprised I haven't been recommended this one before. It's a kid's book, but I'm having a hard time putting it down.

Which is unfortunate, because I need to be writing my last SOAP note for this internship; it's due tomorrow, and then my last day is Friday. So looking forward to two weeks off before the next internship...

Getting settled in at Starbucks to hopefully get some work done. This iced gingerbread latte is hitting the spot.

So, distract me. What are you favorite 'cozy' books?

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Job Interview - Mood:Anxious
Thursday December 08 20169:11:31 PM |
Sweet baby Jesus, I have an interview for pharmacist in the morning...

I'm trying to prepare as best I can...I've updated my CV, read reviews of other interviews on glassdoor, and I'm drinking beer. So that should do it.

What is the most stressful job interview you've ever been to? What questions have caught you off guard? What's your favorite beer?

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Procrastination - Mood:Good
Sunday November 27 20167:03:10 PM |
It's been a great five days off from the internship...and of course, I've put all my assignments off until the very last minute. Tomorrow morning, I have to turn in my patient cases and journal scan from this week, and present my journal club. None of which are completely done yet...

But I spent my time off enjoying myself and friends and family. Thanksgiving festivities, coziness with the bf and his new puppy, baking, taking my dogs to the park, decorating my Lego city for Christmas (yes, I'm a dork), napping, Black Friday shopping, you name it.

I did it all...except for study.

In a last minute effort to get things done, I've brewed coffee, put on my Cozy Mix playlist, lit some incense, and curled up at my desk. Here goes nothing.

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Getting in the Thanksgiving Spirit - Mood:Good
Monday November 21 20168:33:23 PM |
It's Thanksgiving week...already. Last week was my first week back on internships after a five-week off-block, and it flew I'm not quite ready for Thanksgiving yet, but I'm getting there.

Exhibit 1: Legos

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Cozy/Lazy - Mood:Good
Friday November 18 20166:34:44 PM |
Tonight is full of hard choices...go out or stay in? Beer or cinnamon roll White Russian? Second Life or Fallout 4? Bath or shower?
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Garage Remodel Almost Done! - Mood:Good
Monday August 08 201612:42:36 PM |
It's been a pretty hectic month or so...

Finished up my first internship of my final year of pharmacy school in June, and moved to Birmingham to finish my other seven internships.

I moved into my dad's guest house which had an attached one-car garage, and got the ok to remodel the garage into a kitchen and living room. So, amidst moving, driving an hour to and from my second internship, and attempting a social life, I began the renovation. It has been fun and stressful, but it is finally coming to an end!

Stay tuned for boring progress pictures...

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Bucket List Progress - Mood:Good
Wednesday May 11 201612:36:26 PM |
One of the main items on my bucket list has always been to flip a house; a more specific item has been to buy the house I grew up in and fix it up.

Today, I am putting an offer in on that house...fingers crossed that everything works out!

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Guess What I`m Doing - Mood:Good
Monday April 11 20166:49:10 PM |
Well, I'm currently procrastinating by catching up on YT. But guess what I SHOULD be doing?
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Time For Movin` On... - Mood:Good
Tuesday January 12 201611:34:16 AM |
I guess it's time to finally face the fact that this is my last semester at Auburn...

I moved here nine years ago. Now, after a Bacehlor's, several semesters off, and 5/8 of a Doctorate, I need to prepare to move to Birmingham for my final year of college. Ever.

I need to start decluttering. More importantly, I need to take pictures of my place in order to try to sell it.

Time to get in a cleaning mood.

Which means...time to have a 'Hoarders' marathon!

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