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Female, 61 years old
Funky Town, Michigan, Midwest US

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Interests: Books / Cats / Computers / TV / Poetry
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:9/7/1959 (61 Years Old)
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Occupation: Coke fan
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Other
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: Rob Roy, Dramatic Comedies & Disaster Movies!
Fav. TV Show: Frasier-Monk-Medium
Fav. Book: Robert Frost Poetry, biographies, ref materials
Fav. Song: Christmas Carols
Fav. Food: pizza, diet coke
Fav. Car: Chevy`s
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Anybody here not an idiot? - Mood:Disgusted
Wednesday November 13 201312:01:56 PM |
I thought after a while the membership here would improve but the looks of some of the members down in OS, I guess nothing has changed for any good.

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They say I am blunt so here I am to be blunt - Mood:Good
Monday December 12 20113:20:58 PM |
This is the only site you can be who you are!

What are you??

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Kind of dead in here - Mood:Good
Thursday March 24 201111:09:15 AM |
What's up with that??
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I just love this place - Mood:Good
Sunday February 06 20115:20:08 PM |
Where else can you go to get insulted at every turn of a post?

At least there is not too much censoring going on!

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I figured you people have very creative minds and may be able to help me! I have one of these. (insert picture) Now what shall I do with it creatively? I seem not to be creative enough to figure it out except for maybe sticking some oversize Christm- - Mood:Spent
Sunday July 25 201011:26:17 AM |
as sized ornaments and ribbons on it.

It is about 10-12 inches tall with a diameter of about 14 inches at the top tapering down to about 9 inches at the bottom.

It is an antique but has no handle like in the picture.

What does everyone think??

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Ok question for you female 13 year olds and anyone else that can help - Mood:Exhausted
Saturday May 22 20105:34:40 PM |
What exactly would a girl who is turning 13 in a few days like to have for their birthday that is about 20 bucks or less??

I figured who but a 13 year old would know!

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I hate having dirty hands! I have to wash them all the time, I think I obssess - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday May 19 20104:57:51 PM |
I think I might get some rubber gloves for when I eat.

Don't know why I don't like them dirty, never bothered me before.

Maybe because clean hands are the only thing in my life I can control.

Life is dealing me too much sheet over and over and over, when is it going to stop?

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Good at reading handwriting? - Mood:Enraged
Friday May 07 20107:53:45 PM |
I have a death certificate that I can't read where the burial is

Its very light copying too!

Anyone want to try?

if those aren't big enough I will make them bigger and re post!

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Been reading death certificates - Mood:Excited
Thursday April 15 20103:26:01 PM |
The one today said the person died of

softness to the brain

WHAT? This was at the turn of the century, the 20th that is!

Yesterdays highlight was that the patient died of an

accidental gun shot to the left side

um like the left side of what?

I think I will look at old death certificates more often! They are hilarious!

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There are not enough drugs in the world to control me from killing my SIL - Mood:Disgusted
Thursday January 14 20102:39:27 PM |
She has no fu*king sense of humor.

Up and down go her moods.

Its her day off and all she can be is sour.

and here I thought I was a sour puss.

We might be getting out of here soon. Maybe. There's always a chance. But then, there is always the chance of it not happening.

Some days it is just hard to tolerate her.

It's like its all her world. There is a package at the post office and just because it says postal customer on the alert card it is naturally for her

All phone calls are naturally for her.

She also thinks that she is the only one that does anything around here.

What kind of personality is that?

I am hoping she wastes the time to go to the post office and it turns out to be for me and they won't let her take it!

IDK. I guess I can work on my trivia game for tomorrow. I need new subjects in the Hodge Podge category

Do your relatives suck?

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OMG, OOOOMG....OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! My sister is coming for a visit..... - Mood:Cautious
Saturday January 02 20101:21:46 PM |
She never comes here. She came once and I don't remember why but they ran over the dog the last time they were here! They paid for the vet bill!

I asked her why she was coming and she replied they were bored!

I is still suspicious!

OH! Maybe something good is out in the mail box for us! Probably not since the Christmas card giving season is over.

Not much on tv to watch today until Frasier (one of my favorite shows) is on at 530. For an hour too!

I've found that when the husband is not watching TV or out of the room he is frustrating me while I try to think of things to say in threads here.

I think he has disturbed my sleep too since the 14th when he went to the hospital

Normally he works nights and I can sleep, I guess. He goes back on Monday night so we will see if my sleep patterns get better!

How is your world this weekend??

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There are plenty of people online on the online list so why is this place so freakin dead?? OR what are you having for dinner on this day after Christmas?? - Mood:Enraged
Saturday December 26 20094:18:52 PM |
Damn boring around here, you lurkers should contribute more!

We are having pizza for dinner!

How about you?

I've got "Friends" on the tv
It's snowing today but only flurries
We did not get ANY mail today
I forgot to ask Pantsy if she got my Christmas card yet
I got my mom a John Wayne calendar and a Michigan calendar since she now lives in Florida, I wanted her to see many many snow scenes of Michigan!

I guess that's all for today but hey, what's for your dinner today?

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Christmas dinner is over and SO IS CHRISTMAS! - Mood:Exhausted
Friday December 25 20093:49:34 PM |
Pie will be imbibed later.

Did Santa bring you everything you ever wanted?

I received a few gift cards so I will have to spend those on something I really want! I guess I could buy underwear and socks, I really need those, not the socks so much

I got something I did not want, SIL was confused about it so I will or I might not exchange those!

I got two toothbrushes!

I got a few things for myself in the past month but the above was from family and that was it!

How about you?

Also, what was your Christmas dinner made of?

We had ham!

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OH FUDGE! fudge fudge fudge! - Mood:Ecstatic
Sunday December 20 20093:07:45 PM |
I just made 2 batches/fudge! I sure don't remember it being so hard 2 stir@the end!

I really probably should change the recipe 2 read 2 full boil while stirring constantly 4- 4 min NOT 5 mins
1batch has nuts & the other /plain, both chocolate

I may or may not make the peanut butter kind

In other news
The laundry is done, 2 loads, nice. Husband was in hospital all week so no dirty clothes there from work!

I'm making the pumpkin pie 4 Xmas dinner, finally a pie I can ingest & not worry about food poisoning!

It snowed again last night but only around an inch

No coupons in the paper today & I know there will be none next Sunday either, because of the holiday

OH and I have 21 Christmas cards received so far! I have two more to send out tomorrow. One is going to Florida and one to a town in Michigan, the Florida one may not make it!

How many cards have you received thus far?

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Is there anyone out there these days? Maybe it is still too early.....a questions for you! - Mood:Indifferent
Friday December 18 200910:07:19 AM |
Have you ever bought a DVD movie that did not have the title on the disc?

I bought a 4 movie set of Steven Seagull and it has 2 DVD's in the case with no marking on them


In other news, hoping hubby comes home from the hospital today!

Just getting ready to go up there again.

We had planned to get groceries early this morning to beat the rush, no way did we want to go there tomorrow on the final weekend of shopping before Christmas!

Might get a few inches of SNOW tomorrow and it is suppose to be in the 30's. Been a lot colder all this week! And windy so that made it worse.

I guess I am ready to go, just have to brush ma teeth!

Until I return


Bee sure to make lots of posts on here so I have something to read!

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WOOHOO!!! Today, just now, I hit 40k, just amazing. Just in time for the jolly holly holidays! - Mood:Excited
Monday December 24 20071:21:22 PM |
I dedicate this 40k journal to all my buddies out there who put up with me day to day here at YT, they are the following..... I lurves all my buddies though. I have to weed them out again because there is at least one that has been banned!

Good luck figuring out the initials! You know who you are!




to mention just a few!

I am currently #55 on the leader board! Charging up behind and soon passing FUS! Just trying to get my 4th star out of the way!

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What is everyone having for dinner on Christmas Day? - Mood:Cautious
Sunday December 23 20075:13:12 PM |
We are having ham, potatos, yams, pies, fudge, jello, the list goes on and on.

How about your household?

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Oh it is such a beautiful day out there today! - Mood:Excited
Sunday December 23 20074:34:52 PM |
It's a blizzard! They predicted rain all day but it has been snowing since this morning!

I would love to be out shopping in this mess but not on the road!

How is the weather where you are at??

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The arrows are gray on mine! - Mood:Excited
Saturday December 22 20074:26:19 PM |
Finally I see the arrows!

Neat feature!

Like anyone wants to see the ads!!

I went shopping today, was not too busy out there, I am sure it will be worse tomorrow and the next day.

I got me some Nestle chocolate bells!

I love bells!

Did you do any last minute shopping?

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To all the Yters that are leaving today and won`t be here over the holidays! - Mood:Excited
Friday December 21 200711:15:20 AM |
I want to wish you a very Merry Merry Christmas to you. I hope all your hopes and dreams arrive during the holidays.

Enjoy your family times and behave!

We will miss you!

And remember Santa is still watching to see if you are naughty or nice

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Guess what the hubby found at work last night - Mood:Excited
Wednesday December 19 200710:15:51 AM |
He was sweeping up in the gym and looked down in the trash can and saw what looked like a dollar bill.

Upon further investigation it was in reality a hundred dollar bill!!!!!!

Now who would lose that much money??

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Sunday breakfast will consist of pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage, anyone want to join us? - Mood:Spent
Saturday December 15 20077:12:07 PM |
Really, I like cooking for friends! Not my damn relatives though!

What is your favorite cold cereal?

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Funny Pictures from an email - Mood:Excited
Tuesday December 11 200710:47:23 AM |
Have you gotten any new ones lately to share?

One I got was of a childs penis so naturally I couldn't share that one with you!! He had it hanging over a bowl of cereal.

Here are the rest.

reason to wear pajamas

new grilling instrument

tattoo of the year

The Ass family

Undies thru the ages

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Edumacate me, what is blue ray? - Mood:Embarrassed
Monday December 10 20074:29:14 PM |
I thought I knew but they just had a commercial about it and it looked like a DVR or something
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Wild turkey sex in the newbie section - Mood:Enraged
Sunday December 09 20077:13:49 PM |
I really don't think that kind of thing belongs there

It was somewhat shocking

Thanksgiving thread

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