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Female, 36 years old
Reykjavik, Capital City Area, Europe

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Interests: Clubbing / Sci-Fi / Philosophy / History / Socializing
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Birthday:8/18/1983 (36 Years Old)
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Occupation: Tech Support
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Atheist
Politics: Moderate
Fav. Movie: Anything with a clever twist, or an engaging plot.
Fav. TV Show: Star Trek, 90s Simpsons, Rick and Morty
Fav. Book: Hitch Hikers Guide, A Song of Ice and Fire
Fav. Song: Bunch of old stuff, mostly rock, also 80`s stuff
Fav. Food: Steak, pizza, burgers, anything grilled
Fav. Car: Hmmm.. Lamborghinis are cool, so are Porsches
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A new age category - Mood:Good
Friday August 30 20135:42:07 AM |
I've finally reached a new YT age category, I hope there are good stat bonuses.
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I`m back baby! - Mood:Good
Thursday February 09 20125:24:27 AM |
Well, not that I really left, I just stopped posting for a while...and reading I guess I did leave huh?

New job, new game to play, and for some reason an active social life can do that to you I guess.

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Rats, lost the lawsuit. - Mood:Bad
Sunday December 04 20114:45:26 PM |
So, the district court decided I should pay this woman $2500 in damages, and an additional $5500 in legal fees. (I'm rounding the numbers but it's pretty close)

Even though they agreed that most of what I said wasn't a lie, and she was definitely guilty of bullying, I wasn't precise enough in who I said did what.

We're appealing to the supreme court, since there's no way I'm giving that family a red cent.

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Horoscope - Mood:Bored
Tuesday November 15 20118:52:53 AM |
Ram: Depending on where you live, you've probably been brought inside for the winter. You should be ok, but there's a chance you could get eaten.
Bull: You taste good with bernaise sauce, so beware men with tall white hats.
Twins: (Today you will do stuff, depending on your personality and your position, maybe something interesting will happen, maybe not)x2
Crab: Today you will walk sideways.
Aquarius: If you make a living carrying water, you probably live in a third world country and don't have internet, so you're probably not reading this. If you are, kudos.
Fish: You will swim and breathe water. Beware suspicious bugs or worms bobbing in the water, if you see a large net, avoid at all cost.
Lion: Today you will mostly sleep if you're a guy or hunt if you're a girl. Sex will depend on your social position
Virgin: Hey, wanna chat sometime?
Great Eagle: How did you get on this list?
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A non-confrontational question for the christians. - Mood:Embarrassed
Wednesday November 02 20113:31:33 PM |
I have a friend (who lives abroad) who is considering baptism, into the Baptist church even.

She was never baptized as a child, and only came to her faith in her early teens. She's considering many sides of it, such as whether it has real meaning or is just an empty ritual, does it do anything for God, or is it just for her? Or is it too showy and that something of such personal significance should just be kept private (as the Amish believe apparently)

I'm one of the people she asked, and find myself as probably not the right person to ask.

I basically told her that while I'm against baptizing infants, if an adult believes in God and feels like a baptism would make them more complete or closer to God, then there's no reason they shouldn't go for it.

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Sitting on a Friday, fixing holes in a Batman costume - Mood:Excited
Friday October 28 20112:53:33 PM |
Now I know how Alfred feels
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Ok, I swear this isn`t bragging - Mood:Good
Tuesday October 04 20117:50:24 PM |
Ok, maybe bragging a tiny bit, but I realize what I did isn't any huge accomplishment really.

But it is very funny to me that I've been working out for about a month now, and only last week started using the bench press again.

Anyway, I was doing my usual set of 70kgs, decided to try it with 80. (which is the max I've been able to do lately)

We couldn't find the proper weights to get 80 though, so I say 'screw it, I've got my friend to spot me, I'll just go for 90'. So I did, and managed to do it a couple of times.

Only after we were done, did we realize we'd used the wrong weights and I was actually doing 100kgs,(which is just over 220 lbs) which is the most I've been able to lift since I was like, 18 and at the peak of my strength.

So I'm very happy right now.

p.s. I very much realize that this isn't any great feat, and lots of people who work out regularly can do better.

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YT meetups - Mood:Happy
Thursday September 29 20118:36:52 PM |
If you guys ever want to have a YT-Iceland, I'll be happy to play host.

It seems like I'm missing out on all the good meet-ups.

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Todays purchases - Mood:Good
Thursday September 01 201111:03:00 AM |
Today I have spent tons of money on
protein supplements and meal replacement

Today I will also buy:
Gym membership
Karate lessons
RAM upgrade for my computer.

Hopefully, me and my computer will both be less sluggish in the coming months.

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Irony - Mood:Bored
Tuesday August 30 20114:14:05 PM |

Which of these is the best examples of irony?

a) An adult man finishes a brainteaser meant for 5 year olds, his wife tells him "You're so smart."

b) A Vampire buys a used car, the salesman really overcharges, so the vampire calls him 'a damn bloodsucker'

c) Needing a knife, but only having access to 10.000 spoons.

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Just read the exerpt from Penn Jillette`s latest book - Mood:Good
Friday August 19 20118:09:43 PM |
And seriously, it basically sums up my view on atheism.

If I could just post this link in every stupid little faith/atheism thread, every evolution/creationism thread, I know it wouldn't answer every possible line of debate (by a longshot) but I'd still feel pretty good about it.

I recommend reading it if the subject is at all interesting to you.

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I`m going out into the country to work. - Mood:Surprised
Tuesday July 05 20118:50:53 PM |
So I can earn some money. It's basically monkey-work at a hotel. But I'll save on upkeep and stuff, so I'll be better off than if I'd gotten most of the other jobs I've applied for.

Summer jobs that start in July are weird, half the summer is over.

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About Banks. - Mood:Enraged
Saturday July 02 20111:54:05 AM |
Assuming you owe a bank a lot of money, how insane is it to just stop doing business with them. Start an account at a rival bank, have your wages/benefits/any income inserted there and deal with any fallout from the original bank as it comes?

I owe them money, and while I don't want to 'cheat' them out of anything that I do owe them, I feel that living on their whim has become unlivable, the cancel or reduce my credit seemingly at random and don't give me the time of day when I call in to try to discuss this.

I've got all sorts of things tied into my original account, from student loans and part time wages, to social benefits and the occasional helping hand from my parents.

After tonight, I want to be as mean to my current bank as I am able, how mean can I get without starving myself to death?

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How emo can a journal be? - Mood:Good
Saturday June 25 20111:26:23 AM |
Without it becoming too obvious/painful/stupid?
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Cheer up Harold Camping - Mood:Good
Monday May 23 20117:44:40 PM |
We all make mistakes. It's not the end of the world.

(I saw this somewhere and just had to steal it)

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Það er djamm í kvöld. - Mood:Happy
Friday April 22 201110:08:10 PM |
Which means party tonight. I'm at a pretty awesome party, dunno why posting that on YT via smartphone seems like a good idea, but the host has been pretty providing drinks rather generously, so maybe my state of enebriation has something to do with it. What about you YT? You having fun?
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Considering the nordic countries for study or work - Mood:Good
Sunday April 10 201110:57:12 AM |
Anybody have any inputs on which of the scandinavian countries would make sense for an Icelander to go to for work or study?

Any other countries that have considerations for foreign students? ( we are part of the EEA, so scandinavian and EU countries automatically make more sense than others)

I'm starting to lose hope for my countries near and mid-term future.

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So, I met a nice girl last night - Mood:Happy
Friday March 18 20115:26:34 AM |
..actually I met two, at the same party, and the three of us talked into the night. It was weird. Cause I'm not used to having a lot of luck meeting women, but there I was having the darndest time deciding how focus on one without feeling like I was being a bastard to the other one.

I wound up taking a walk with one of them when she had to go home. Maybe something more will happen later.

Anyway, it was a good night.

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I dreamt there was a nuclear war. - Mood:Good
Wednesday December 01 20106:18:07 AM |
And some tactical nukes were raining down all over the place. So me and my brother didn't dare go out, but we were hungry, so we were phoning all over the place, trying to find a pizza place that still delivered.

When the bombs stopped, I was worried that I'd have to go outside to go to work. It did not occur to me that maybe work wasn't open during the nuclear apocalypse, but I thought that since I had pretty severe radiation burn at the time, I might be able to get a sick day.

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What should I eat? - Mood:Cautious
Tuesday November 30 20101:01:34 PM |
Assuming I don't want to cook, don't have a car available, and I feel delivered food is too expensive?

I'm thinking

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Why do I draw silly comics when I can`t sleep? - Mood:Bored
Wednesday November 24 201011:16:12 PM |
This is like, the third time this has happened.
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Election coming on saturday. - Mood:Hopeful
Monday November 22 201011:26:12 PM |
We're having an election to pick our constitutional congress this Saturday.

Technically, it will only be an 'advisory' congress, since according to the current constitution, any changes to the constitution must be approved by the current legislature, then again following an election.

523 people are in the running, among them my dad and my younger brother. (everyone in my family has strong opinions, I was thinking of running myself, but decided not to).

It's supposed to be non partisan, and taking out ads is frowned upon by the electorate. And the media are frankly panicking over how they are supposed to fairly represent 523 people, none of whom are bound in any sort of party or otherwise able to speak for anyone running other than themselves.

It's hectic, but I have high hopes.

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The definition of bored. - Mood:Good
Saturday May 22 20101:10:28 AM |
I am, no joke, drunk and at a club downtown at 5 AM. I am so bored that the best I could think of doing is go online on my phone and express said apathy online.

How lame is that, seriously? I sit here at a table, with a beer, and this is the best I can think of.
(the music is the theme from Beverly Hills cop)

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I need comedy critique. - Mood:Good
Thursday May 20 201010:07:17 AM |
In honor of "Everybody draw Mohammed"-day, I've made this cartoon.

The title translates as "Is this cheating?" and the exchange goes:

"Oh no! Mohammed?? Drawing you is absolutely forbidden...we're in deep trouble now!"

"Don't worry, it's ok."


"You see, I'm not actually Mohammed, I'm just some guy who looks just like him."

"...and besides, I don't care whether people draw me."


And I was wondering if the last two lines were confusing and muddled the basic joke too much. Comments?

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HAhaha, drunk journaling! - Mood:Good
Friday April 30 20106:54:41 PM |
It's been said I come off as too formal and uptight on YT.

I thought I'd allow a bit more of a crossover between my normal (crazy) life and my YT existence. So I'm making this journal to tell you people I'm gonna go sing karaoke with my friends.

I'll probably do Hakuna Matata, Always look on the bright side of life, or something with REM.

Any ideas, before I leave?

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