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Female, 30 years old
Wales, Europe

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Corrine Baily Rae-Munich Unknown Artist

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I Need To Know! What Is It Bloody Called!? - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 20069:43:29 AM |
On the way to work the other day i heard a song by some guy who is apperently from the old band Aqua.

He talks through most of it, and it is about drugs, homeless people, jobs, everything.

It is called something like "Dont wear your pants over your trousers"
Something like that.
Any ideas what it is?
I really want to download it

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Good Morning/Afternoon YT | Monday Edition - Mood:Good
Monday August 21 20068:36:46 AM |
I did not see one so here...enjoy.

I need to eat

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Should I Worry? Yes...No...Argh! - Mood:Confused
Monday August 21 20067:39:14 AM |
So where shall i start.
First...i dont like any other drug that Cannabis.Just so you know that (it will make sense soon).

So, the other night, i got to my mates house and he pulls out a bag of coke. Makes a few lines and a good few people take some. Then they get pills(ecstasy) and a couple of people do that. Now i dont like it, but i dont want to judge people because of it, so i let it go over my head.

But then last night, they finish it off, and all the people who were doing it stand in a little circle and start talking really quietly. I knew something was going on. Then my best mate says to her dude "6 yeh?". Now she is USUALLY against pills so i thought, right this is strange.

I write a message on my phone sayin "Are you taking pills tonight?"
She replies with "No! We are getting more coke"
Now im not stupid, 1 gram of coke costs a LOT of money, so 6 is going to be a lot!! So i reply with
"6 what then?" She replies with

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What Is His Problem!!! I Am So Wound Up Right Now I Could Break Something - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday August 16 20064:14:39 PM |

Heres the story:

I come in early (stupid idea) and come online and decide to eat a mars delight. Then my dick o a dad comes in
"What have i told you about eating in here you fat cow?!
"Your eating doritos in your room so cant talk"
"Do as i say not as i do"
How contradictive is that??!!
"You have been on the computer all day, you dont need to be on now"
"Dont whatever me"

He does my bloody head in...then:
"Where have you been tonight?"
"Phills house"
"Does he smoke? You STINK of it! You need to stop going there"
Like F*CK i am going to change my mates just because he does not like a SMELL! He already ruins my social life by making me come in latest 11pm. ARgh!

Does anyone else think he is acting pathetic?
*Rant over*

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No More Nicotine In My System Until Tomorrow Morning! - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 16 200612:13:31 PM |
Nobody is out tonight so there is not much chance of me smoking at home.

I just hope my dad is in a good mood.

Looks like i will be spending my night on YT!
Im never on at night time so it will be good to see those nocturnal youthinkers

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Argh, My Insides! - Mood:Exhausted
Wednesday August 16 20069:47:28 AM |
Man, i HATE being a girl.
I knew i should of had a break between my pill packets...owwweee.

I actually COOKED my dinner today!
Im a rubbish im really proud of myself.
I made savoury rice and meatballs. Rice was a bit stodgy but it tasted ok.

So my fellow youthinkers, any exciting news?
Im going to go smoke a cig while you tell me lots of things that will make my day worthwhile!

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Situation Sorted...Mostly | Never Attempt To Bath A Guinea Pig - Mood:Confident
Tuesday August 15 20069:19:05 AM |
I text the people last night saying that we think the stuff she sold us might be fake.

They text back sayin it is not too bad, and you can not get fake weed (which is not true) and that they were "clutching at straws to get it, and its easy to hand over money when your desperate" Im not sure what that meant, any ideas?

Anyway i text her back apologising if i offended them and she said dont worry it's fine, so i have not fell out with her, thank god

My guinea pigs have got something wrong with their skin, so i had to bath them with some special shampoo. God it was hard! I have scratches all over my arms where they were trying to jump out of the sink using me.

How is everybody on this miserable looking Tuesday?

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I Got GrrlyGirl`s CD!! | I`ve Been Had...Need Some Advice - Mood:Bad
Monday August 14 20069:51:37 AM |
I got her CD! It came in the post this morning.

I actually really like it. It's mostly my find of thing. Especialy The White Stripes...ch00n!

So thankyou grrlygirl!!!

Now for the bad bit...i get weed of my mate in work's boyfriend, and he sold me n my mate some fake weed. I dont know what to do. I feel like it's all my fault even though i did not know either.

I dont know whether to say anything to her in work or not. Coz i get on really well with her.
I dont wat to fall out with her over something like this.

I really do not know what to do.
You can call me a "junkie" and all that boll*cks, but i really could do with some advice here.

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Woo! I Got The Job...Well Almost - Mood:Good
Friday August 11 20069:57:22 AM |
I meant to announce this last week but it totally slipped my mind.

The pet shop girl Lisa is leaving at the end of September. Whenever she is not in i have been in there covering for her. Then Sammi started learning how to, and starting doing it on a Sunday.

So i have been worried about Sammi getting the weekend pet shop job. Well...Lisa told me that Sammi can not handle the pressure of the Pet Shop and does not want to be in there anymore!

So this weekend, Lisa is not in so i need to make a good impression to the manager.

Woo! I will update about this when i know i definately have the job!
I have been looking for a job with animals to help my second year of my college course...and this is it!
Wish me luck!

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:-O The Cheek Of It - Mood:Confused
Friday August 11 20068:53:27 AM |
Im lying in bed watching Shipwrecked this morning when the phone rang.
Our answerphone kicks in to quick so i leap out of bed and leg it down the hall to answer the phone.

A foreign guy is there and ask for my mum
"Sorry she is not here at the moment"
"Who are you?"
"Their daughter"
"Hello, how are you"
"Fine thanks"
Then the line goes weird

"Sorry what was that you said"
"Do you use mobile?"
"Excuse me?"
"OK...brmmmmmm (dial tone)"
He hung up on me the cheeky bugger! That is MY job!

MmMmM Squirty cream is the nicest thing EVER!

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Im A Computer Genius...Well I Feel It. | I WILL Do Exercise Today - Mood:Hopeful
Thursday August 10 20069:25:34 AM |
Ok, im not really a genius. But i just figured out how to use torrent files so i feel rather clever

I just hope the file actually works when it is finished downloading.

So...i have realised i really really do need to loose some weight, so i am going to do an hour on our exercise machine. You put your feet on two things and your hands on levers and pretend to run.
That was a bad explanation.

MMM im eating noodles and cheese. YUM!

Any ideas on keeping up my exercise routines and persevere?

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Good Morning/Afternoon YT | Wednesday Edition - Mood:Good
Wednesday August 09 20067:43:00 AM |
Could not see one so here you go!

YT seems a bit dead this afternoon so come on...LIVEN THINGS UP!

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I Had A TERRIFYING Dream Last Night - Mood:Confused
Wednesday August 09 20067:28:53 AM |
It went like this:

I was at my mates house (but it was nothing like his house) and we were all staying over and having a party. One of my mates Lou asked me to go outside because she wanted a word with me. So off we went. She told me that everybody hated me because i was lazy and took things out of peoples cupboards all the time :-\

I asked her to explain what she meant and she called another of my mates AJ in, she told me she hated me too. Then Laura came in and walked over to an outside toilet with Lou and Aj.. As i was walking past i heard "Thats what happens when you spend a year with Kelly"

So i walked in and confronted them. Laura came up to me and tried to punch me but i pushed her away, then she came at me with a knife and tried to stab me, i felt it go across my neck...then i woke up!

It felt so really i was truly scared and felt suicidal in my dream because everyone hated me so much!

I woke up scared sh*tless

Ever had a truly disturbing dream?

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Who`s A Deleter Whore? - Mood:Good
Tuesday August 08 200612:59:10 PM |
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Good Afternoon/Morning YT | Tuesday! - Mood:Happy
Tuesday August 08 20069:21:59 AM |
I could not see one for today so here we go!

If there is one somewhere i will delete this.

I have been a busy bee this morning. I cleaned out the rabbit, tried to make the guinea pig better (it's hairs falling out) He has mites i think so i sprayed him until he bit me.
Brought the rabbit inside for a run around and then hoovered the WHOLE house. are you all on this sunny day?

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Woo! I Can Go Back To College! || 2nd YT Dream! - Mood:Happy
Monday August 07 20068:37:28 AM |
Following from my last journal, i rang up the college to find out what the HELL was going on. My idiotic tutor said i can come back, but will have to finish off old work before starting anymore.

But at least i can go back, finish college, and get a DREAM career!

I had another YT dream last night, kind of. I was back in Amsterdam and i saw Arcadium sitting on some steps, so i went to go say hi and he starting walking off. So i followed and Lyntess appeared! I went over and said "Hi, erm, i dont think you know who i am"
Then Lyntess goes "Yes i do! Your 4evame off YT!"

And she ran off and got someone to take a photo of us! That was it!

I have started to price Xmas stock at work over the weekend! How exciting!!?!
All you could hear from us was "Ew look at THAT"
"Now who on EARTH would buy this?"
"That is NOT christmassey"
"OoOo now i LIKE that one!"

How is everybody at the beginning of a new week?

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FUMING! I Swear I Can See Smoke Coming Out Of My Ears - Mood:Enraged
Thursday August 03 20067:45:10 AM |
I am so ANGRY!!!!!

I got a certificate from college this morning and it said.
Animal Science = Merit
Industry Experience = Pass
Aquatics Management = Merit

So i rang Sian because i thought it was strange to only have 3 instead of 8 subjects on it. She has 8!

At the start of the holidays i took my work in and left a note saying "If i have any referrals please call me so i can complete the assignment"
No phone call at ALL!
So i rang answer!

If they have failed me because i did not finish all the work i am going to kick off bigtime. I made the effort to sort it, so it is not my problem!
I dont think i have ever felt this angry!

I have been screwed over by my last college. If it happens again...f*ck my dream career...i will work in a corner shop for the rest of my life

I need some calming methods

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What Are You Listening To Right Now - Mood:Bored
Tuesday August 01 20069:24:35 AM |
I am extremly bored.
What music are you listening to right now?
Or what are you watching on the TV?

I have my winamp on random, at the moment it is
Trapt-These walls

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6 Weeks Of Nothing To Do....Great - Mood:Bored
Tuesday August 01 20067:39:06 AM |
Im not needed on the farm anymore so i now have 6 weeks of nothing to do until i start back at college.

Im going to call the local pet shop, see if they have any work for the holidays and at the weekends when i start back at college. My normal job is starting to annoy me.

2 of the people im closest to are leaving
Everyone else is starting to get stupidly bitchy and im starting to hate the new manager.

I used to wake up and think "Work"
But now it's "Oh ffs, work today!!"

I need to get myself a job which is going to help me college course i think.
Wish me luck ringing this place!

What is your dream career? If you are not already doing it

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My Brain Is Broken - Mood:Cautious
Monday July 31 200612:02:54 PM |
I woke up early this morning, got dressed and waited for my driving instructor, thinking i had a lesson at 10:00am...wel i didnt, i had looked at the wrong thing.

So the right one was at 3:50pm
So it gets to that time and i start getting ready for my lesson. I wait outside and it gets to 4:15pm, then i realise...he changed the lesson before we went away.

Im a tard.
I have made a slideshow of some pictures of Amsterdam...take a look Slide show

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Question For Parents...And Anyone Else Who Wants To Give Moral Support :-P - Mood:Exhausted
Monday July 31 20069:38:37 AM |
The question is...why dont parents understand?

I dont want this to be a moany journal so im sorry if it is. Heres what happened:

My dad was WATCHING me eat my dinner so i turned around because it was really annoying me. Then he has a fit and goes "Im going back to work" So my mum then has a big fit at me saying i need to be respectful...i get this lecture at least once a day and it is really wrecking my head. I dont think they understand how much it is wrecking my head. I hate being at home with them...that can not be right surely?

Im 18 and they treat me like a 10 year old, making me come in at 10:30pm when all my other mates come in whenever they like...i think the fact they treat me like this is not helping my attitude towards them. No other of my mates fight with their parents like i do!

So what is your opinion on this?

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Amsterdam Diary! (Quite Long But A Good Read) Pictures Also...AMAZING HOLIDAY! - Mood:Happy
Thursday July 27 20069:50:49 AM |
I wrote a diary of the holiday to Amsterdam...from my mates before we went and up to the mini bus home

There is some pictures i dont think i can have on here, of joints and stuff...if you want to see them, PM me and i will show you.
Funny pictures!


Sunday 23rd July

We are sittin the "da garage". This is how everyone feels (all the people who came with us))
Sammy= In one word-"smashing"
Lou-excited, scared, worried, happy to be with everyone
Nomi-is k so far
Phill-(he came on Tueaday when he got his passport) I will see you on Tuesday, and that is when the fun begins!
Kev-Todays date 23/7/06 a week after my 20th birthday.We are all in annas garage chilling before going to Amsterdam. Phill is a silly boy for not checking is passport.
Anna-tired, happy and excited!
Me- I should get some sleep.Im really excited and in an ace mood, cant wait!
Laura=Im worried but i have rang my mum lots coz i forgot stuff. Im scared but i will be fine

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Going At 3am...I Will Miss You All - Mood:Good
Sunday July 23 200612:49:39 PM |
I am goingto Amsterdam at 3am tomorrow morning.
I will miss you all...even if it is only 4 days
I will update everything (going to write a journal so i will type it up.)

Had another passport panick this morning. Phill decided to check if his passport wasin date thi morning at 10am and i was not.
So he can not come until Tuesday...the idiot.
So we had a panic, i had to change the rooms and everything.

So you all and wish me luck
Sorry if there is lots of mistakes, im in a rush but had to say goodbye

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3 Days. I Have Written My List Of Things To Take...Have I Missed Anything? - Mood:Excited
Friday July 21 200610:21:11 AM |
So yeah...3 days until i go to Amsterdam!
I have written my list of things i need to take...have i missed anything?

*Make up
*Toothbrush + toothpaste
*Girly Things
*Pill(maybe hand luggage)
*Bobbles and clips
*Alram Clock
*Phone Charger
*Camera Charger

Hand Luggage

*MP3 player
*Insurance confirmation
*Money(euros and pounds)

Ahh, i have the big fan on me...i feel so cool.

My mates surprise paty tonight for her 18th which was on Monday. She really has no idea...i can't wait!

Any advice on going on holiday without mature adults?

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Im That Angry Im Going To Make A Journal - Mood:Disgusted
Thursday July 20 20069:56:15 AM |
Can you believe this?!
I ordered some trousers out of a "Choice" catalogue.
They said they would be here by Wednesday, still not turned up.
So my mum rang the catalogue people and asked why they had not come.

The people on the phone said they came on Tuesday and were left in the garage. BULLSH*T! Our garage is always closed when no-one is here...its electric so thats impossible. So they have been stolen!! Now we have to re-order them, and they wont come until Monday, which when im IN Amsterdam...which means i now have to go shopping AGAIN because the trousers i ordered are for my holiday!

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