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Female, 18-29
Tampichoe City , Western US

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:/ - Mood:Good
Friday February 05 202112:50:00 AM |
My little cousins didn't know what a DS or Gameboy was. Currently have earrings in. Hydrogen Peroxide in your ears feels nice and I do it when I'm really sad. Ice in lemonade. There is a security guard at work who throws up a peace sign instead of waving or nodding his head at me. Baby Boy by Beyonce.
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Bought stuffed frogs at Walmart - Mood:Good
Saturday January 23 20214:46:42 AM |
Apple talk and the question of weather genetically modifying fruit/plants is morally acceptable and if we're "allowed" to do so to certain plants because we depend on them and they on us via our domestication. And whether that domestication (particular to apples) is a symbiotic relationship between us and the plant or if we as humans are just forcing our own grandiosity onto our surroundings. If we let the apple or the corn or whatever else we touch, grow free, without our grafting, our modern chemicals, our fences, it would lose its desire for us and us to them. They wouldn't need us to fend of their enemies they would die and adapt. No inhibitations just the natural will to survive. Each crop of the plant would be different.
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Refined (kinda) Peanut Butter - Mood:Enraged
Thursday January 21 20215:15:25 PM |
I would love easier
If I was a jar of peanut butter
Discern my quick to bite demise
Check the expiration date
Thered be no place for blades
For any mess to come that I wouldn't be
Hard to get out of sheets, underneath fingertips
Purpose labeled on my plastic heart and skin
I wouldn't have to ask if I looked good in bed
I'd be so sticky smooth
You'd eat me through the morning and the afternoon
I'd be atop the apples, in between the bread
You'd spread me through the knife
Guess if its my hands, my eyes, my lips, my thighs
To dine, to feast
For you to have me is my dream

ITS NOT DONE AND I CANT WRITE ANYTHING ELSE I LIKE UNTIL I GET THIS PEANUT BUTTER S H I T OUT OF MY SYSTEM. Current listening is aint too proud to beg by the temptations, got more gel pens, have been eating beef jerky for breakfast, desperately need to beat someone up, got a cute case for my switch lite.

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Wednesday January 06 20212:21:59 AM |
I bought this game for my switch lights. Monkey in ball. And it makes me dizzy if I play for too long. Monkey in a ball. This game reminds me of summer when I was younger and would watch tv with my siblings in the afternoons. Monkey in a ball. And in the morning we would go down to the creek or play in the backyard eating rhubarb. Monkey in a ball. Generally speaking I don't like monkeys. Monkey in a ball. But if the monkey is in a ball?
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Quotes from a synastry chart between me and Pauly D - Mood:Suspicious
Tuesday December 15 20209:20:35 PM |
"rivalry, overflowing energy, and a battle of egos"

"the Ascendant person embodies the Venus' person ideal of what the partner should look like"

"this aspect gives the relationship a very strong sexual tension, and also a particular emotional rashness"

"there is a strong connection between both partners in this relationship, but both parties may carry emotional baggage from their past with them, which may lead to an atmosphere of unease"

"competition and friction may be significant themes in this relationship"

"the Mercury person enjoys the care and emotional nourishment of the Moon person"

"this aspect creates a very passionate but unstable relationship that usually does not last long"

"this is usually a delicate psychological relationship in which the partners are attuned to each other´s thoughts and feelings. The Ascendant person is fascinated by the Neptune individual"

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Are these two in love? - Mood:Overwhelmed
Saturday December 12 20205:56:59 PM |

I think the Racoon knows the cat doesn't love them back. But doesnt have the will to move on or live without the cat. I think the cat has no clue. Opinions?

Also I have a headache and ate hot Cheetos and microwaved tea for breakfast for the third time this week.

I miss all my friends. I wish we could lay in a field together and play DS games, and read comics, and make flower crowns and nap together.

"I'm going back to Minnesota where sadness makes sense" was a good read today.

I want to make those "polcos" but with basketball cards instead. Maybe throw in some of those NASCAR guys drinking milk for fun.


Got a poo ton of Christmas shopping left.

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In case of emergency , plunging kit on premises - Mood:Enraged
Wednesday November 18 20201:04:29 AM |
The other night I started hearing music like in my body. I could feel it the most when I was laying down. Songs are like really long strings of metal. Not a bad metal, like really thin cold metal that you want to touch. The strings starts on the right side and then spreads to the rest of me. And every part of the song has a different shape inside of me, but it's all connected to the string. Some sounds would make different parts of my body twitch. If my right hand felt a sound before my left the sound would bounce to my left hand. My legs and arms would sometimes move on their own. All the shapes have different feelings, and some songs had textures. That was two days ago? And every time I lay down I can do it, but it takes awhile, I have to lay down and relax for it to be as intense as that first time.
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Waiting for the pasta to cook - Mood:Exhausted
Friday November 06 202012:29:35 PM |
Haven't been able to write anything of note the past two weeks. Been trying to roller-skate. Don't have the will to keep up on my animal crossing towns and style savvy boutique. I can always just hop back to the last day I played on the DS though. I do have enough will and energy to enjoy Dr.Sudoku and filling out some sudoku pages. Tumblr was fun last night. Wish I could go to a NBA game. I have also been thinking about being in the car with my mom and the radio was always on, and if me and my siblings would start to bicker she would turn the radio up all the way and roll the windows down. Had a dream last night, wasn't me at all, was a 16 year old boy and I killed my teacher in a river. Gotta get ready for work.
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Good Reads Beef - Mood:Mischievous
Friday October 30 20202:40:20 AM |
I kiss concrete as if I am saying goodbye
As if I am Ryan gosling
As if I could ever have the gull to forget
2000s NBA uniforms vs Victorian ball gown diagrams
Cake in hand day cake
Favorite type of bottled water
What mall job do you work at
Dance with the beast
Cake baseball and kiddie pool full of watersnakes
I would do anything to save you from what you become
Yellow polka dot bikini
Fear no man feel no pain
"Oooooh my God you have a pierced penis I love it "
7:31pm raspberry
Buy pack of 500, gut cartridg
Hands dreams and vomit
I can't stop thinking about my old doctor's office
Go buy snacks and bring something white
Boy I will eat you a-drating-live
God made no sacrifices when he made me
That bastard Huxley was never wrong huh
Third floor lights are triggered by door
Sandy not a dog but a red head
Did that guy have a dog?
No but he had a clipboard
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Goonies - Mood:Naughty
Wednesday October 28 20204:32:01 AM |
I wish my body was peanut inside a jar. All my limbs would only be limbs to me, no one else would be able to look at my body and recognize it as such. I would be easy and spreadable, also I would be peanut butter so you could put me on sandwiches. And I would have such a clear, simple, easy, defined purpose. To be eaten. SMOOTH PEANUT BUTTER. Smooth limbs. No brushing my teeth, or putting coco butter on in the winter. Just mounds of peanut butter carved like mountains by the knife and spoon.
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I miss Leonard Cohen - Mood:Enraged
Saturday October 17 20204:47:59 AM |
I miss Cohen. I wish there was more poems for me to read. More interviews to listen to. Simple as that.
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Scott Summers - Mood:Cautious
Tuesday October 06 202011:08:24 PM |
I have mixed feelings about Scott Summers. I loathe him in that "why did they write him that way?" , "why, god, why is he so attached to Jean" and "can't he just drating drop it"

But at the same time? I have to say he's hot? Why does he drink from straws so much? I remember a panel were he drank from a paper cup with a lid WITH a straw.

He has soup when he's sad. And he loves his gay little son. I think he has the best like "day glasses" if you will in Evolution. I also like his character dynamics in Evolution a lot, despite the show being "dated".

But god he just like, I'd bake him inside a pineapple upside down cake, slice it up and eat it, it would be both hate filled and somehow fanciful.

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Would Edward Cullen like my thoughts? - Mood:Hysterical
Tuesday September 15 20202:36:29 AM |
If I am going to preform some sort seance on a full moon does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I'll just make some tea and lavender syrup, hope for the best that way. The obvious question is "what good is the seance" and the answer is the seance is not for me.

In other news I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich. A treat I have not had in years. This sandwich will make a fool of me. But oh was it ever so worth it. Colby jack cheese is special.

I think its safe to say Colby jack cheese is my favorite. Has been since I was 10, where I would trade my Nutella sandwich for a Colby jack cheese sandwich. The girl who had the Colby sandwiches was blonde, she ate strawberries by biting them in half, then sticking one half to her forehead.

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Ive been thinking - Mood:Good
Tuesday September 01 202010:46:07 PM |
If I had the capability I would want to travel back in time to mid 2000 to capture Justin Timberlakes essence in a mason jar. This way I would have the energy and power of 18 year old Justin Timberlake.

I'm not attracted to him (but I am jealous of his curl definition, like is it a gel? a cream?), but I want to be able to have a little jar of him laying around, I feel like people would do whatever I say if showed them the jar or offered to let them touch it.

I also don't care about current Justin Timberlake, his charm seems to have burrowed further into his soul. Or perhaps someone has done what I am speaking about.

When he sings I see big rectangular 3D animated chunks of ice, but they aren't stable chunks. These shapes will slide different directions and such. I don't think this part of him will fit in the jar.

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