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Female, 70 & Over
havana, cooba, Eastern US

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Supernatural explanations for ordinary things - Mood:Good
Thursday April 17 20145:12:57 AM |
This week, I am having a lot of lightbulbs burn out or flicker in various rooms and closets in my apartment. They have been replaced at different times, so they shouldn't all be going at once.

Even one I just replaced last week has burnt out already.

I've got ghosts, m8.

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Lonely hoarder? Serial killer? - Mood:Good
Thursday April 10 20149:52:19 PM |
I like looking at various sections of craigslist. I usually check missed connections, rants and raves, jobs, and "free".

Now, to the "free" section:

for at least the last year or so, someone has been advertising one small item a day. It's always something kind of dumb, like one frozen entrée, or a collection of three ugly Christmas ornaments, or a spool of ribbon.

Just random things and spaced out.

I wonder what this person's house looks like.
Or if they just want company every day.
Or if they are a serial killer.
Or if they are reluctantly, slowly getting rid of their hoard.
Or if you get there and then they try to sell you things.

I'm not going to test it out, but it does make me wonder....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I see I have a sickish patient coming in (heart troubles, will need urinal in bed). I am trying not to prejudge, but I betcha he won't have a ride home in the a.m.

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Experiment: what shall I dream about? - Mood:Good
Wednesday April 09 20148:52:09 AM |
It's getting close to bedtime.
Getting luxuriously sleepy and enjoying the feeling of staying up a little too long and feeling comfortably drowsy.

Your task: tell me a place, scenario, person, etc. and we will see if it lodges in my brain and manifests in my dreams today. I will report back later.

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just dreams - Mood:Good
Saturday April 05 20148:24:53 PM |
not too exciting, plot wise.

adopted 2 dogs. One tall black and white mutt and his little friend, a squat bulldog.

gas station where you had to smash rotten lettuce into your car.

running. Oh, how I can run in my dreams. so fast and easy.

house where old friend (we'll call him Nick) lived. Oh, and Mystery Man is his roommate, how about that! Tension. Had some sex with Nick,then he was out of the way and I was hanging out with MM. I let him follow me a bit inside and outside the house. Tense. but light and fun. Finally, he appeared in 1980s workout clothes and we decided to go to the gym.


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Convince me to move to your state - Mood:Good
Friday April 04 20149:33:52 PM |
sorry, not willing to move countries at this time. U.S. states only. Well, if you make a very convincing case, maybe countries. maybe.

I live in a northern city and it's STILL WINTER HERE. Like gloves, hats, bitter winds, no plants growing, nothing. I am sick of it.

Make a case for your state or city.

- - - -

Also accepting:
"Make Mispelled do Exercises Tonight!"

must be able to do without equipment (chair only)
should be 10-15 minute exercise programs
written out or videos acceptable.

Thank you.

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Cat chat - Mood:Good
Tuesday April 01 201411:50:23 PM |
Does your cat say something before he or she leaps onto the bed? Mine sort of chirps, like. "Erp!" (here I come)

what does your animal ( i guess dogs count) do that is unique to them?

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Hangover City: Population 1 - Mood:Good
Monday March 31 20145:48:19 PM |
I had five beers last night. over the course of 10 hours and I feel like crumby butt today.
maybe because I didn't eat anything yesterday. forgot to.

I have to go buy a new mailbox lock thingy by tomorrow. my mailman buddy is going to help me install it. I think I'll go tomorrow morning.
I don't know what time he's coming over, forgot to ask.
What time do mail carriers usually finish their routes?

I feel like swimming in a pool or lake or ocean. doesn't that sound nice?

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dream - Mood:Good
Sunday March 30 20142:14:02 PM |
but I only remember the end of it.

I was on the phone with hylian and he was hula hooping to early 80s thrash metal.

I was wondering how fast he was hooping.

- - - - - - -
I am watching this terrific series called Rectify.
and cleaned out my car.
and have to go to the store.
to buy vegetables and such.

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Ready to go. - Mood:Good
Saturday March 29 20144:28:29 AM |
couple more hours.

busy night, which is fine.

to do list:
-drop off late library books
-stop at store for
- - cat treats or my cat might murder me in my sleep
- - coffee
- - something to eat for a meal or two. plan to do the Big Grocery Shop some other time this weekend.

That's about it.

Trying to decide whether to power through the day and stay up or go to bed early and wake up at night.

My Saturday nights have been lame lately. No one going out or going out where I am not invited. Might as well turn in early.

What's new?

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dead guy dreams - Mood:Good
Saturday March 22 20146:08:44 PM |
working backwards:
concert in Canada. You couldn't drink until 11, but 10:30 if you were in the band. My friend C. was drumming for the band and called me "Amy". Forgot my name, that bastard. A. played a piano ballad duet, sounded pretty good. D. was going to be the singer for C.'s band.
Driving in D.'s old truck. She drove, I sat on the console, hump, and my old dead boyfriend N. was in the passenger seat. He was flirting with her. uncomfortable.
driving home from work. swerved to miss giant icy snowbank, sportscar next to me wasn't so lucky. watched the car hit and flip several times. Called an ambulance and I crawled in to help the guy. Seemed dead at first, but reanimated when I gave him back his broken glasses. The little crushed car became more of a cave and we sat and talked.

significance, I think: this is N.'s death date and I really hadn't thought about him lately.

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kittens, rainbows, and curb stomping - Mood:Good
Saturday March 08 20143:45:10 PM |
dream fragments, backwards:
interesting effect where the house was freezing, but walk into patches of sunlight and it was summer. so many rainbows in the sky. told T. it looked psychedelic. walked through grass and almost stepped on a frog. The frog made a noise that sounded like "not on me. not on me. not on me" It had long spider legs.
Man walking through large washing washine, spinning the blades by kicking his feet. time goes faster that way.
What is the appropriate color to wear after mustard yellow? Bright white, followed by navy. I put on a white skirt because it was white day.
walking theough houses, left curbstomper's when I realized. walked out with a young woman who won an oscar award for most following on social media. Back to the car, time to head back to Houston, Texas. Raining.
In a bar...
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