You don't need to be a loner to take the quiz. I just think that the outcome will be more accurate if you are a loner. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are you a loner by choice? (Loners only please.)
You don't need to be a loner to take the quiz. I just think that the outcome will be more accurate if you are a loner.
personality test

1Do you like people?
Yes, but that doesn't mean that I have friends...
Yes, I love them. I have loads of friends too.
No, but I have friends.
I hate them.
2Do you enjoy being by yourself?
Not at all. Yet, I am.
I hate it, I almost always have someone by my side.
Yes. It's the only time that I am happy.
3How long have you been a loner?
Since I realized that people don't get along with people.
I am only a loner sometimes.
Since I realized that I hate people.
4How many friends do you have?
Hmm, about 10+?
None, I wish I had some though.
None, and god damn proud.
5What do people seem to think of you?
I don't know, nor do I care.
All I know is that they hate me.
Why would a give a crap on what those pathetic humans think?
Probably nothing.
6What does your average day consist of?
School, hanging out with friends. You know, stuff like that.
Wishing to make at least one friend.
Talking to friends, then going home and reading.
Reading, writing, stuff to do alone.
7What do you wish for?
Nothing much, I am happy with the few friends and amount of solitude I have.
Nothing, I am happy with my friends, and everything I have.
8Well, end of quiz. Scream and yell. Now gone again, never to meet. Until you die, will you truly know what people thought.
Okay then...
True, though no one will come to my funeral.
Death brings solitude...

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