Ill ask you questions, then you answer them. When your done you'll find out what your real name should be. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What should your real name be?
Ill ask you questions, then you answer them. When your done you`ll find out what your real name should be.
personality test

1What is your favorite color?
Girl: Like, pink of course. OMG.Duh!!!
Boy: Sooooo, blue
Girl/Boy: All of them of course. I mean you can`t spray paint walls with just one color.
Girl/Boy: ummmm. Are you just talking about the colors on the spectrum?
Girl/ boy: the island trees.
2What is your favorite number?
Girl/Boy: Totally 7!!!!
Girl/Boy: 9! Fifty Cent got shot 9 times and lived man.
3.14 Pi ha ha ha ha (snort)
3,123. Because that`s how far the next island is. I wanna go!!!
3What color is your hair?
Girl/Boy: Blond..Totally
Girl/Boy: Bright ass red
ummmm...i guesse you could call it brown.
4What is your favorite drink?
Girl/ Boy: Smoothies are the best!!!
Girl/Boy: Hard Liquor Boy!!!
Girl/Boy: I`d have to say water, just because its what everyone should be drinking.
Girl/Boy: Coconut juice.
5What is your normal grades like?
Girl/Boy: D+ But thats ok. My mom still gets me watever I want.
Girl/Boy: D+. yo I`m not dumb dog, I just skip everyday!
Girl/Boy: A++++++++
Girl/Boy: B

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