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Which Silent Hill Hero are you?
Which main character of the Silent Hill game series are you most like?
personality test

1What brings you to Silent Hill?
Saw a little girl in the road!
I got a letter from my dead wife saying she was here!
I just happened here upon chance
I was lured here by my past
2What's your favorite hang out spot?
The Hotel across the lake
The amusement park
My own Apartment
Riverside Motel
3Who's your hero?
A sick loved one
My dad
My daughter
I don't have a hero!
4What does Silent Hill mean to you?
A very disturbing place that keeps me away from the one I love
It's just a hole in the wall
It's a horrible place from my past
A place that I tried to forget but found I couldn't
5Who are you most intimidated by?
Pyramid head aka The Butcher
The cult's "god"
A gigantic worm
6What's your weapon of choice?
Anything I can find lying around
My firearm
My own two hands
7What would be your farewell to Silent Hill?
I leave with the person I was looking for and a new girlfriend to boot
Silent Hill is a part of me, I can't leave
An accomplished and semi-bittersweet goodbye!
I don't have any problem saying "see ya!" to that place

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