It kind of depends on your emotions. So if you where expecting something else you might not like the quiz. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What do you really need right now?
It kind of depends on your emotions. So if you where expecting something else you might not like the quiz.
personality test

1What color do you like most?
black. it suits me. and the way i feel.
red it is so pretty and reminds me of blood and a love that i will never have.
i enjoy bright colors they always lighten the mood.
i don't like colors.
blue like the ocean it gives me something to do and talk to.
2what emotion are you feeling right now?
lonely, and depressed. i might kill my self.
like no one cares and no one will ever love me.
happy. also like helping anyone that does feel sad.
nothing. i never feel emotion.
talkative. not many have the time or the will to talk to me.
3what do you feel like doing?
dieing or being happy again.
like falling in love with someone but on one would ever love someone like me.
like helping someone in need and working on my garden.
like finding someone to talk to.
4What can you relate to most out of what is listed?
a dead rose. not many care for what is already a lost cause and will need to be saved.
a vampire. something that can't be loved by the living. like me i will never find love.
a bumble bee. happy. i am always trying to help other people out and love working on my garden.
nothing. i like nothing. i relate to nothing.
a deadly flower. no one goes near it. unless they really want to talk.
5where can you be found?
just sitting in my room listening to music crying trying not to think that death is the only way.
just sitting on a swing set in the park thinking about what it would be like to have love.
working on my garden, walking my dog, or helping any of my friends that seem depressed.
trying to call friends wishing they wouldn't randomly hang up on me.
6What kind of music do you like?
i like emo, screamo, metal. stuff like that. stuff i can relate to.
rock, screamo, emo, and other stuff too. some love songs to make me think that i am in love.
rock, and kind of happy stuff.
i don't like music.
anything really.
7What kind of flower do you like?
a dead rose.
a red rose.
a daisy.
i don't like flowers.
any flower as long as i can talk to it.
8Are you okay?
i don't think i am.
yeah i guess.
yes i am.
i don't like to be okay. i also don't like to be not okay.
yeah. just longing for friends. or maybe i am not okay after all.
9Well I hope you enjoyed the quiz, that you like your outcome and it is right and you have a nice day.
i will try thank you by the way and i enjoyed the quiz
you quiz was okay and thank you.
i enjoyed you quiz and thanks i will!
i didn't like your quiz. and no thank you i don't like nice or bad days.
thanks. i thought it was fine and i guess i will try.

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