Are you resistant to the curse of a succubus or will you go head over heels for a murderous demon? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Can you resist the succubus charm?
Are you resistant to the curse of a succubus or will you go head over heels for a murderous demon?
personality test

1If you saw some girl/guy sitting alone on a park bench, would you sit next to them?
No, i have places to go and people to see.
Maybe see what's up and see if they are feeling ok. But that's about it.
Of course i would. I'm not some cold hearted demon.
If they want my attention they would flag me down and say hi.
2The day of the big prom night is here, and your friends got you a blind date to it whom is amazingly beautiful/handsome, But at the last minute your older brother/sister can't find they're kid when they wandered off. You:
Cancel the date and go to help them. There are plenty of dances in the world.
Pretend you got drunk and forgot they called and just head for the dance.
Think really hard on it but you've been planning on this moment for so long to let it go.
Go to help them but at the same time plan to leave them early to get to the dance.
3You go to the bank to cash in your paycheck and when the teller goes to check the computer you see a check for half a million without a name to whom it is written laying there. You:
Stare....Stare.....then quickly write your name on it. Free money. : )
Think about it for awhile..but decide to write your near poor uncle/aunts names on it. Your innocent
Blow the check onto the floor, it was either that or put your name on it.
Leave it there. Your not a petty thief, you have a good job anyway.
4You bump into the 'creepiest' person in town. Do you respond?
No, i just kinda move around them and keep walking.
I'd talk to them but i surely wouldn't be caught stopping by they're home for tea.
Of course I'd befriend them. Gossip mongers can go die.
I'd be more than happy to stop and chat. But the first hint of flirtation I'm gone.
5You get a letter from the national government stating they are proud to have you in they're country and want to know if you would like to accept a 50 grand reward for good citizenship. You:
Take it...then maybe spread it around your relatives. That's too much money for one person.
Accept it of course. What moron would turn down such a reward?
Tell them to donate to something use full, like the search for a cure to breast cancer.
Consider it for a few days but eventually accept it and only keep about a quarter of it.
6There is a local contest going on and you could win 30 grand and since you are the best at this contest you can easily take it. However your boy/girlfriend tells you not to and to let someone else who needs it win it. It's either the money your gf/bf
Drop the girl/guy, money is your true lover.
Tell her you'll donate it toward a good cause and enter it.
Tell you are too good to enter such an easy thing. Money can't buy true love.
You go see what happens at the contest but take no part in it what so ever.
7You encounter a demon of beauty and terror in an abandoned house you just had to see. She promises you wealth beyond your imagination the power to rule the world if you will give her your heart so she be free to restart her life.
You argue with her that you want fame and glory or there's no deal of any kind.
You actually consider her bargain for a second but know it is a deadly trick and kill her. No deal.
You of course join her for the power, you always wanted your own country.
Sigh at her pathetic attempt to seduce you and leave the home. But seal the doors and windows.

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