If you had a super power which would it be? (Super emo-ness is NOT a super power.)  (e) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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The 15 Question "What`s Your Super Power?" Quiz
If you had a super power which would it be? (Super emo-ness is NOT a super power.) (e)
personality test

1How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Under 20 minutes
Over 20 minutes
2At parties do you blend into the crowd?
yes, i`m the perfect wallflower
no, i stand out like a sore thumb
3Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Not really
All the time
4Do people find you bossy?
yeah i suppose i`m bossy
not really
5Do you ever have dreams which come true?
not that I can remember
6Do you consider yourself athletic?
yes, i`m very sporty
no, i`d rather relax
7Do you ever feel alone or ignored?
yes, usually
no, my friends and family are always around to talk to
8Are you a good leader?
yes, I like to organize others
no, I`d rather follow the crowd
9Do you have deja-vu?
Yes, it`s common to me
Not really
10Do you like yourself?
yes, I`m great
no, i`d like to change a lot about myself
11Are you usually done assignments and projects before other people?
yes i am, as a matter of fact
no, it takes me a bit longer
12Are you healthy?
yes, i eat well, and exercise regularily
No, I prefer Doritos and the couch
13Are you responsible?
yes, you can depend on me!
no, i`m kinda flakey
14Do you consider yourself powerful?
powerful and respected!
not really
15If you were "super", would you be a hero or a villain?
a good-hearted hero
an evil-spirited villain

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