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17,090 hits 2.8 (10 votes) Share Favorite | Flag 12 years ago by stanislav123

are you a whore?
take this quiz and see how big of a whore u are...
personality test

1if you met me yesterday and thought i was hot what would we do
sit 3 feet away from eachother with lil eye contact
wrestle each other for the last caprisun, naked.
have had core sex on the kitchen counter.
suck my dick 3 times in a row
take it in the ass..
2does size matter?
yeah its really important to me
yea because i like em big and thick
size of what exacly
my motto
3if were dating for 2 months and u loved me would we have sex
no ur sick i hate you like i hate tacos
i love u.. id love to do that
ill tell u i love u cuz i wanna fuck you
i love u so it doenst matter besides im horny and ur naked lets go
no shit..
4do you think its sexy when a guy bites on ur nipples and sucks them
yea damn right its the only way
i will go down on u if u suck them no problem
i love it... suck please
ahhh yess yess yesss yesssss
5a guy that can twist his tounge is
probly better than the rest
hmh... :D
naughtyyy with it
6"i want to fuck" you say...
right now? here?
hold on i cant get this zipper to work
lets go in the kitchen
7will you go down on your man
i always do
3 times a day seven times a week
white is my favorite color ;]
ahh yeahh he goes down i go down duh
8sex is
amazing especially in the ass
bend me over, 69`ll be the next thing
is good good gooodd gooddd
9favorite thing to scream
ahhh harderrrrrrrr
ok deepperrr deeeeper ahhh deeeper
ohhhhh damn babyyyy
10i say "i hate this position" you say....
ok well i hated the other one
ok baby how ever u want
ahhhh holldd onnn
11i cum... you...
spit it out as fast as i can
hmm swirl it around my mouth lick my fingers put it back in my mouth and then swallow
need a warning ahead of time
love it

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