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What Do You Want For Christmas? (a very Christmassy quiz)
the christmassiest. (e)
personality test

1What`s your favorite part of Christmas Eve?
driving around to look at christmas lights
watching A Charlie Brown Christmas
inviting your friends to a little christmas get-together
watching the glowing tree and trying to stay up as late as possible
the one present you`re allowed to open before christmas
2This Christmas would you rather...
stay with your family
go on vacation
be with your boyfriend/girlfriend
be by yourself
3Your favorite Christmas treat?
pumpkin pie
christmas cookies
the whole gingerbread house
4What did you get for your mom this year?
whatever your dad bought
a gift certificate
a book, cd, or movie
something fancy you know she`ll love
something you made yourself
5How early do you get up on Christmas morning?
REALLY early. and then you clang around trying to wake people up
around 7 after someone else has gotten up
around 9 or 10 with everyone else
oh... around 12 or so
6If you didn`t celebrate Christmas you`d be...
celebrating Hannukah (c`mon, a present each day?)
catching up on sleep
sledding with your siblings
shopping with your best friend
wishing you were clebrating christmas
7What is your favorite Christmas song?
Feliz Navidad
Silent Night
Carol of the Bells
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (because they mention figgy pudding)
Rockin` Around The Christmas Tree
8How decorated is your house (parent`s house)?
just the tree and lights
the tree, a wreath, lights, and a few snowmen
tree, wreath, lights, snowman, and a few lawn reindeers
tree wreath, lights, snowmen, reindeers, tassels, bells... even your toilet has some tinsel
9What`s your favorite snowy activity?
snowball fights
snow angels
snowman making
igloo making
crazy carpetting
10Lastly, what`s your favorite Christmas movie/show?
Frosty the Snowman (the cartoon)
The Grinch (cartoon)
It`s a Wonderful Life
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the super old school one)
The Nightmare Before Christmas

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