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Are you bisexual? (Girls only)
if you`re straight but like a girl and think you might be bi take this quiz (e)
personality test

1Have you ever felt a massive urge towards a girl?
yes it was strange i just wanted to be near her
nope i thought a girl was hot but thats it
umm i think i might`ve but dont know exactly what urge your on about
2If you have kissed a girl you may like what was it like?
you enjoyed it, but didnt want to admit it because u dont know how she feels
NEVER kissed a girl (well if you think u might be bi u shud just to see how it is)
it was wierd, i liked it but i durno
3Have you ever wished to do anything with a girl?
i wanted to snog this girl
nope never wished owt
yer but it was only like a kiss on lips or summut
4Do you think that gays are wrong?
no theres nothing wrong with it
it freaks me out sometimes but no
yer gay is just wrong
5ok why did you take this quiz?
ive had some sort of feeling towards a girl and just want to know if i might be bi
cos im bored and dont really care what outcome is
i durno im confused atm

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