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Which warrior cat are you?
Find out which kind of brave warrior cat you are! (e)
personality test

1You are on a hunting patrol and pick up scents of your best friend who is in Shadowclan!
Pretend you didnt notice it and tell them to split up and wait for another cat to notice.
Find them, give them some warning injuries and tell them to go back to their clan.
Wound them a little then say that it is all part of your plan to take over the forest.
Snarl at them and warn them, Chasing them off your territory
Tell them to clear off and see them at the gathering. Cuff their ear.
2You are hungry but the elders havent eaten yet! What to do?
Go to offer the elders food and then get some yourself.
Eat it anyway
Drop some food down at the elders den and eat before anybody else
Join the elders to eat
Wait for everybody to eat then go to get some
3Riverclan has invaded!
Fight for your clan and pray to starclan for help
Just fight and fight with your warriors at your side
Fight those who have done wrong and only those who have done wrong
Kill all you can see with the best and sneakiest moves
Fight with all your might until you collapse
4You have a wounded shoulder but the medicine cat den is full with ill cats...
Tell the medicine cat to heal your NOW
Say its not a big deal then find yourself collapsing in the warriors den and getting an infection
Say that if she can give you the herbs you will heal it.
Asking if she needs any help with the herbs and saying she can treat yours later
5Your best friend has a relationship with a cat from another clan!
Sell them out instantly and demand they be exiled
Tell them that their path isnt what the warrior code states but you keep it a secret.
Keep it a secret but make sure they dont get to obsessed
Say that all cats make mistakes but this may not be one of them
Tell them that do not really agree with it but will not tell.

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