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Are you cool or do you suck?
Be affraid.
personality test

1Somebody you hate lost their job.
*shrug* I dont care. I dont think about them.
Time to rub it in their faces!
2Would you ever eat out alone or go to the movies alone?
Yeah .. why wouldnt I?
NO! I feel sorry for people who do.
Depends on if I`m desperate enough.
3Your S.O. cheats on you
I`ll forgive it once .. after a good long yelling at um
They`re dumped and I`ll harass them for a while
They`re dumped. The end.
4How long have you gone without a S.O. ?
To long sometimes! To long!
I dont know. I dont pay attention. It doenst matter to me really
I almost alwyas have one cause I rule
5People around you are annoying you
Time to get pissed off
Hold in the rage. Hold in the rage.
Yeah not much bothers me really. If it did I`d leave
6What`s the best kind of music?
Britney and bubble gum catchy tunes.
Stuff like Bob Dylan or Tom Petty
7You just won the award for the smartest human on the planet
I wont tell anybody. Unless they ask ... I hate to act better than other people.
Cool. I cant wait to rub it in my x`s face
8Somebody you hate just made a funny joke
Laugh! Funny is funny whoever said it.
It`s not funny because THEY said it.
How dare they speak in front of me!
9Jenny is telling lies about you to everybody!
Jenny will die.
Jenny who? Oh well.
I will tell everybody the truth.
10You just walked into a wall while daydreaming and people are laughing at you.
Get pissed
Get embarassed
Laugh too. It WAS funny.

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