turn out the lights, close the door, and the find out if your smart enough for your own good. (e) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Can you survive a night with a serial killer in your house?
turn out the lights, close the door, and the find out if your smart enough for your own good. (e)
personality test

1you are all alone one night. suddenly, you hear some one at the back-door. your musics on, what do you do?
lower it, stay as quiet as possible, and go get your cell-phone.
lower it, and listen reeeeeeeal closely
its nothing, just a really loud wind gust
2hes in the basement, i guess hes looking for something to steal. what do you do?
QUIETLY go downstairs and get a kitchen-knife or something.
answer "is someone there?"
go down and look around
3hes making his way towards you.keep in mind that if he sees, you, chances are hes gonna kill you. what do you do?
keep my knife, and hide behind something large and shadowy.
get ready, old-boy`s a-comin`.
panic, and dial 9-1-1, completely unaware how much sound you make.
4phew, hes out side. however, you see him cut the phone line. now what?
rely on only my stealth and sence of sight and hearing.
quietly try to go towards and unlock the front door.
(your cell-phone didn`t have enogh battery life) sream your lungs off instinctively.
5QUICK, he sees you! time is quick, what do you do?
open a window, jump, and run like a b**** on crack.
go for the door he broke into.
fight him. theres no time for something stupid.
6a couple minutes later, the cops come ( a nieghbor reported unusual activities) and search the house.
great. they`ll get him now!thank god i`m already outside..
phew! that was close.
im still inside! hurry the hell up!

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